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Julian Jerome and Dr. Kim Nero are fictional characters and former lovers on the ABC daytime soap opera, General Hospital.



On March 14, Kim revealed to Julian that she still has feelings for Drew, though she has begun to fall for him.

On New Years Eve, 2018, Kim kissed Drew but things did not go much further, as Kim is committed to her relationship with Julian. Julian later broke up with Kim and claimed he slept with someone else which broke Kim's heart, so Drew berated Julian for breaking Kim's heart. However, in February, Kim told Drew that she and Julian were giving their relationship another shot.

On March 22, 2019, Terry told Oscar and parents that he has 6 weeks to a month left to live but on April 4, Oscar has a severe seizure that caused him to fall on the bridge and rushed to General Hospital where parents and Josslyn get news he's in a coma and Terry said if he wakes up he won't the same again.

On April 29, (shown on May 1), Kim's son Oscar died in his sleep.

On June 17, Kim returns home from mountain Kilimanjaro and it turned out Kim is not really pregnant, she just hallucinating and wants a baby. She told Julian to give her a baby but he turns her down by saying Oscar is gone and no baby is going to replace him. Kim invites Drew to her apartment and she kisses him and she proposes that they have a baby together. He tells her no and she tries to convince him and he still refuses the offer. Drew leaves and Kim calls Shiloh to help her convince Drew to want to have a baby with her. Julian interrupts the conversation and he tells Kim why she needs to stay away from Shiloh.

On July 8, Kim cuts the power to the Haunted Star at Franco and Elizabeth's wedding reception, gets Drew alone, and injects him with a sedative. She then takes him to a nearby bedroom and begins to undress him while undressing herself as well. Before she can rape Drew, Kim is stopped by Julian and he helps comfort her about Oscar never being able to be recreated. Meanwhile, after waking up, Drew decides not to press any charges against Kim.

On August 14, Kim ran into Franco at the hospital who started talking about her past with Drew in 1st person as if he lived in those moments with her and he kissed her with Elizabeth and the real Drew watching. Kim was shocked and wanted answers about what was going on. She soon learned that Franco has Drew's memories from a procedure done by Dr. Arthur Cabot. She becomes conflicted over her feelings over Julian and "Drew".

In September, "Drew" (Franco) told Kim that the real Drew never made it to Afghanistan and is presumed dead. Kim was devastated and "Drew" comforted her about Drew's presumed death and they end up sleeping together. When Julian later finds out that Kim slept with "Drew", he breaks up with her.

On November 19, Kim decides to leave town.

On December 11, 2020, Julian finds Kim's apartment in New York City and attempts to meet with her. He instead meets her nanny and learns she has an infant son Andy - named after Oscar's presumed deceased father. With the threat of Sonny and Jason close upon him, Julian leaves, and the nanny calls Kim at the hospital where she works, telling her that Julian was there and doesn't know Andy is his son.

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