Katherine Delafield is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera, General Hospital. 


Katherine was a world renowned concert pianist. Her parents Gilbert and Merle Delafield both died in a mysterious plane crash in 1984. Her sister Janice Delafield died of pneumonia in Buffalo in 1987


Katherine returned to Port Charles on December 16, 1988 from a concert tour to her cabin. She found a passed out Robert Scorpio sleeping there much to her surprise. Her accountant had rented out the cabin in her absence.

She wanted to kick him out the cabin as it was her retreat where she went to practice. Eventually they worked out a deal, where she would practice there in the day, and he would sleep there at night insuring they would never run into each other.

She left town on November 11/26/1990 with King, after Robert said no to her wedding proposal. Katherine and Robert spoke and decided to take her engagement ring and have it cut into a pair of diamond earrings for Robin.

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