Ken Morgan
General Hospital
Portrayed by Lloyd Haynes
Duration 1984-87
Cause/reason Retired from office
Created by Anne Howard Bailey
Introduced by Gloria Monty
Ethnicity African American
Gender Male

Ken Morgan was a fictional character on the ABC soap opera General Hospital.  He was portrayed by Lloyd Haynes from 1984-1987.


Ken Morgan served as District Attorney from 1984 until late 1985, when he was elected Mayor of Port Charles, a post he held until 1987.  Mr. Morgan originally had a very positive relationship with Port Charles Police Commissioner Robert Scorpio, which turned sour within a few months of his assuming the post of D.A., as he began to try and manipulate cases so that he could run for higher office. 

In early 1985, he was openly planning a run for the New York State Senate, and then changed his mind at the last minute and ran against Lee Baldwin, the incumbent (but un-elected) Mayor of Port Charles. He made promises such as cutting the police budget by eliminating the pricey town home utilized by Commissioner Scorpio, which helped him beat Lee.

As Mayor-Elect, Morgan agreed with the decision by Lee not to appoint Burt Ramsey the Police Commissioner to replace the outgoing Commissioner Scorpio; he did, though, agree to Scorpio's proposal to appoint Anna Devane and Burt co-Chiefs of Police, thinking that he would, at some point, appoint one of them to the post of Commissioner.  This decision by Morgan actually had the opposite effect of embittering Burt and helping him make the decision to join the mob, a scandal which eventually engulfed the department, causing the PCPD to eventually be taken over by the State of New York and overseen by the State Police Commissioner for a time in the late 1980's. 

Morgan was also quite heavily involved as Mayor with the waterfront redevelopment, another scheme that was exposed as a mob front.  Compared to the quiet, but relatively scandal-free Baldwin administration, Morgan's tenure as Mayor was quite unsuccessful. Last seen on-screen in early December of 1986, it is assumed that, due to his performance as Mayor, Ken Morgan did not run for re-election and quietly retired from office.

Positions held

Predecessor District Attorney Successor
Mick Boyer
Ken Morgan
Brett Madison

Predecessor Mayor Successor
Lee Baldwin
Ken Morgan

Earl Richmond

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