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Kevin Collins
Jon Lindstrom as Dr. Kevin Collins
General Hospital
Portrayed by Jon Lindstrom
Anthony Starke (temp; 2015)
Current status Recurring
Duration 1993-04, 2013-present
First appearance December 3, 1993 (on GH)
Created by Claire Labine
Introduced by Wendy Riche (1993)
Jill Farren Phelps (2004)
Frank Valentini (2013)
Book appearances Robin's Diary
Spin-off appearances Port Charles
Alias(es) Norma Singen Power[1]
Patient 3
Ryan Chamberlain[2]
Nickname(s) Doc (by Lucy)
Gender Male
Born August 23
  • Psychiatrist at GH and Ferncliff
  • Author of General Homicide
  • Ordained minister[3]
  • Title Doctor
    Residence Collins House
    Port Charles, New York
    Tony Starke as Dr. Kevin Collins

    Dr. Kevin Collins, MD is a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital and its former spin-off Port Charles. He is the identical twin of serial killer Ryan Chamberlain.


    He was portrayed by actor Jon Lindstrom on General Hospital from 1993 to May 1997.

    On June 1, 1997, Lindstrom brought the character to spin-off, Port Charles, where he remained until the final episode on October 3, 2003.

    Lindstrom made a special appearance on General Hospital on July 16, 2004, when Kevin and Lucy returned to attend the funeral of beloved Lila Quartermaine.

    He also had an identical twin brother Ryan Chamberlain, who was also played by Lindstrom from 1992-95. Jon Lindstrom also played Craig Montgomery on As the World Turns from 2008-10.

    Kevin returned to General Hospital on January 30, 2013

    The role was temporarily recast by Anthony Starke in January 2015 because Lindstrom was not available to film.[6]

    Lindstrom returned in October 2015.[7][8]

    On August 10, 2018, Lindstrom reprised the role of Ryan Chamberlain when he was revealed to be alive. He pulled double duty by playing Kevin and Ryan until March 8, 2019 when Ryan was presumed dead. However, Ryan was revealed to be alive two months later and Lindstrom continued to portray both parts of Kevin and Ryan.


    Dr. Kevin Collins, a psychiatrist, arrives in Port Charles in early 1994 (though he appeared onscreen as early as December 6, 1993) in the hopes of rehabilitating his identical twin brother Ryan Chamberlain. Ryan is a serial killer, and Kevin believes that Ryan is also a victim. Kevin meets Lucy Coe and befriends and counsels her. Eventually, they start dating. However, Kevin needs to deal with his history before moving forward. In 1995, Kevin helps a man named Stone Cates with Stone's dyslexia, and eventual diagnosis of AIDS.  Stone is romantically involved with Robin Scorpio.  Kevin is devastated when Stone dies.

    Kevin also has a rivalry with Mac Scorpio, but they bury the rivalry in 1996.  Kevin is convinced by Lucy to tell her about his and Ryan's childhood.  Their mother was molesting Ryan, and Kevin found out.  Kevin decided that he would pretend that he was Ryan to learn what their mother was doing to his twin brother.  Lucy sticks by Kevin when Felicia Jones brings charges of stalking and kidnapping against him.  She later drops the charges when she finds out that he didn't intentionally try to hurt her.  Kevin begins treatment, and his medical license is suspended.


    Kevin, Lucy and Scott

    In June 1997, he figures he will write a fictional murder mystery called General Homicide.  The book becomes a bestseller, and the characters are based on people who work at General Hospital.  Though the book is successful, a real psychotic killer decides to model murders from Kevin's book to real-life homicides of GH's nurses and doctors. Kevin and Mac Scorpio team up to solve the mystery.  Kevin is stabbed when he is getting close to an answer.  The murderer is later found out to be Greg Cooper, a disgruntled former doctor who the Quartermaines had let go from his internship when they found out that Greg was found to be unstable. He recovers, and life goes back to normal and he later proposes to Lucy.  Lucy accepts, and she is also happy when she learns that she is pregnant.  However, she miscarries a few months into the pregnancy. They decide to have a double wedding with friends Felicia and Mac. 

    However, their plans fall apart when Kevin learns that Lucy lied to him about her involvement in the car accident that left Lucy's surrogate daughter Serena Baldwin blind. Kevin breaks off the wedding, but then relents and goes to find Lucy. He is devastated when he finds Lucy in a Florida hotel room with Serena's father Scott Baldwin.

    He goes to Dr. Eve Lambert for comfort.  Kevin and Eve start dating.  They eventually get married.  However, this marriage is not long-lasting. When a new doctor, Ian Thornhart, comes to town, he gets Eve's attention. It is later believed that Eve and Ian are presumed dead in a car accident that was caused by a club explosion. Again, he has to deal with the past when his ex-lover Grace Locke's sister Rachel Locke comes to town. Rachel is taking a position at the hospital as a psychiatrist.  Rachel's plan is to ruin Kevin.  Kevin is treating a woman named Livvie.  Livvie is having numerous nightmares of her drowning, and Kevin makes connections between Livvie's dreams and his past with Rachel's sister Grace. With a couple tests, they learn that Livvie is the daughter of Grace (not Rachel) and Kevin is her father.

    In a storyline involving vampires, Kevin is suspicious that his daughter Livvie is dating a vampire named Caleb Morley.  Kevin realizes that he still loves Lucy, but Caleb plants the idea of doubts of infidelity in Lucy's mind.  Lucy has a one-night stand with Ian Thornhart. Kevin and Lucy are once again married, but Lucy is suspicious when a woman named Paige Smith moves in with them in the lighthouse that they were staying in.  It turned out that Paige is an angel returning to Earth to finish unfinished business.  His former wife Eve is killed in a car accident.  Soon after, Kevin is presumed dead. In another fantasy/religious-inspired storyline, Lucy decides to strive for Kevin's return.  Lucy's angel cousin Rafe helped her to rescue Kevin from the other world. In July 2004, Kevin, alongside Lucy, returns to town to attend the funeral of Lila Quartermaine.

    In January 2013, Kevin returns to Port Charles at the behest of Alexis Davis, after Lucy had been remanded to Ferncliff Sanitarium following an attack on John McBain. Lucy, having believed McBain to be the vampire Caleb Morley, attempted to stake him with a broken chair leg. Kevin reveals that Lucy's involvement with vampires during her years on Port Charles was little more than a delusion, and that he never had a daughter named Livvie. Around this time, Alison Barrington returns to town, with a teenage son, Rafe, in tow. Seemingly corroborating Lucy's claims about Caleb, it is revealed that not only have Alison and Rafe been on the run for years, but that Caleb is Rafe's biological father. Alison also mistakes McBain for Caleb, and after contacting McBain to meet her on the Pier, she is found dead, having been stabbed to death with a silver arrow that she had given Rafe to defend himself.

    Kevin also is in contact with Felicia Jones and Mac Scorpio and they convince Kevin to be there for Lucy.  Kevin goes to Ferncliff to help Lucy.  Kevin spots Lucy and Heather/Todd trying to sneak out during a worker strike. Lucy blows their cover, but tells them that they need to bring Kevin along.  Heather knocks Kevin out. Todd grabs the keys and the three escapees head out.

    On February 5, he appears again in the interrogation room of PCPD to talk to Lucy Coe with Anna Devane present.

    On February 13, he goes to The Floating Rib and talks to Mac Scorpio about their relationships.  In late March, Kevin comes to tell Lucy Coe that he is heading to Seattle to take care of an patient and will not be present at the 2013 Nurses' Ball. Kevin appears again in The Floating Rib where he sees his wife Lucy Coe hugging her ex-husband, Scott Baldwin. Lucy inquires what Kevin's medical trip to Seattle entailed.

    In May 2013, he uses his psychiatric skills to aid Lulu Spencer-Falconeri when she has amnesia after being kidnapped by Stavros Cassadine.

    In December 2013, Lucy refuses to wed Patrick Drake and Sabrina Santiago due to the fact that she and Kevin's marriage could be over. He was mentioned to be too busy with patients to spend any quality time with Lucy. Felix Dubois, Elizabeth Webber and Sabrina convince her to go through with the wedding.

    In May 2014, Kevin finds out that Lucy has been having an affair with Scott Baldwin at the Nurses' Ball and breaks up with her.

    In January 2015, Kevin (temporarily portrayed by Anthony Starke) attempts to help Jason Morgan, believing his name to be Jake Doe, remember his true identity. Although, Jason disappears and does not go through with his appointment with Kevin.

    In October 2015, Kevin (again portrayed by Jon Lindstrom) returns to Port Charles for an appointment with Anna Devane. Kevin states that he has been out of the country with his patients and reveals that he and Lucy divorced.

    He returned again on November 6, when he introduced Anna to a new psychiatrist.

    On January 20, 2016, He and Elizabeth talk about her son, Jake Spencer and he asks her if she is ok with the failed wedding and now the break in. Later on, he agrees that Jake should do art therapy.

    In April, Kevin started helping Laura Spencer uncover the clues that Helena left her. In July, Kevin joined Laura, Lulu, and Dante in finding Nikolas on Cassadine Island, but after they did, they were all taken hostage by Valentin Cassadine alongside 'Jason', Sam, and Ava. After Valentin shot Nikolas and caused him to fall off a balcony to his death, Laura lashed out at Valentin, prompting him to draw his gun. Kevin took the bullet instead and eventually, the hostages overpowered their captors to successfully escape the island. Kevin was then treated for his wound.


    As of 2017, Kevin and Laura are pretty serious. They officially became engaged on November 1, 2017.


    On August 10, 2018, it was revealed that Kevin's thought-to-be-dead twin, Ryan Chamberlain, was alive and is being held captive at Ferncliff by Kevin himself. Ryan escaped from his restraints on August 28 and attacked Kevin, rendering him unconscious. Ryan switched clothes with Kevin and took his place, leaving his twin locked up in Ferncliff. Ryan went on to 'divorce' Laura to pursue a relationship with Ava, but also murdered Ferncliff nurse Mary Pat Ingles, Ava's daughter Kiki Jerome, and film producer Peyton Mills. Ryan also stabbed Lulu, but fell blind before he could finish her and eventually tricked her into believing that Franco was her attacker after regaining his sight, thus framing Franco for the murders as well. Kevin also became blind, but was still stuck at Ferncliff.

    On February 20, 2019, Kevin and Laura finally reunite after she finds him locked up in Ferncliff. Once she does find him, she is drugged by Ryan and they are both brought down to the basement. On March 4, Kevin and Laura escaped from Ferncliff and made it to GH to confirm Franco's claims of Ryan being alive and the true killer. Franco had uttered this earlier after escaping Ferncliff from Ryan, who had non-fatally stabbed him. At GH, Kevin was confronted by Jason for keeping the secret of his brother being alive at Ferncliff while Carly was a patient there. In fact, Carly had been kidnapped by Ryan, who fled PC with his new fiancee Ava. As Jason and Laura left to save Carly, Kevin soon began treatment for the blinding virus which mainly affects twins. Meanwhile, Carly is successfully rescued, after Ryan was shot by Jason and then tossed himself and Ava off a bridge to avoid police capture, even though Jason caught Ava while Ryan fell to his presumed death. Laura then told Ava the whole truth, leaving her devastated.

    After Kevin regains his sight, Laura has some questions for him about Ryan. She wants to know why he didn't tell her that he knew Ryan was alive and when did he figure out that that he was alive. Kevin tells her that he didn't tell anyone because he had hoped that he would be able to treat him and make him better. He knew Ryan was alive in May of 2018. This makes Laura upset and she tells her she needs time to think all of this over. After Kevin comforts Ava by telling her he is the real Kevin, Laura tells him that it isn't the best idea if they go home together.

    Kevin is arrested due to with holding a fugitive and is brought to to a hearing. Because no one in Port Charles wants to represent him, He has to call Nora Buchanan from Llanview to represent him. Kevin tells her and Lucy that he is going to plead guilty. He changes his mind to not plead guilty at the last minute. With the help of Lucy, he is able to be released on bail. His bail was already paid and he thought Lucy did it, but it was actually Laura. Kevin is later summoned to appeal in court. When he and Nora show up, she tells him she's going toget all the charges dropped on his case. Margaux shows up and after. Nora's arguement was that you cant aid and embed a fugitive if said fugitive was already declared legally dead. The judge rules in favor of Kevin and all the charges are dropped.

    Ryan stealing Kevin's identity also causes him to be suspended from being a psychiatrist at GH. As he is gathering his things prepares to leave, Franco asks him to let him know if he is going to be working anywhere else, because he wants to work with him again, despite everything that happened between them. He also sees Laura because she heard that he was leaving. They go to talk and they both say that they still love each other. Laura suggests that they start over, and they kiss. Shortly after, Kevin gets a package and when he asks who it is from the delivery man scans it and says "Chamberlain." he opens it to find Ryan's frozen hand. He realizes that the Canadian authorities sent it to him and not Ryan, but him and Laura still don't believe he is dead. Shortly after, Laura invaites Kevin to move back in with her. At first he says no, because he needs to work on himself. Laura convinces him to move in with her anyway, then he agrees.

    Kevin, Laura, Ava, Mac, and Felicia decide that they need to lure Ryan out of hiding and to do this they make it look like Kevin and Ava are now together. They go public by doing a memorial for Ryan that Lulu puts on The Invader. During this, it is also revealed that Kevin is a match for Jordan Ashford's needed kidney transplant. However, due to being held captive by Ryan for six months, he became pre-diabetic and was ruled out as a potential donor.

    On May 21, Kevin is knocked out by Ryan who puts him in a straitjacket and hangs him from the roof of the stage at the Nurse's Ball. Everyone gets Kevin down from the roof while Ryan is arrested before being stabbed in the back by Ava. Ryan survives at the hospital though, but is forced into donating his kidney to Jordan and is sent to Pentonville.

    On June 12, it was revealed that Kevin conspired with Franco, Elizabeth, Curtis, Valerie, and Finn to steal Ryan's kidney and have it donated to Jordan, who did not pursue the matter any further.

    In October, Kevin joined Laura in the search for a codicil to Mikkos Cassadine's will which would prove that Valentin is not the rightful Cassadine heir.

    Crimes Committed

    • Fought with his brother, Dr. Ryan Chamberlain, and then blew him up in a funhouse [Mar 24, 1995; Ryan was revealed to be alive 23 years later]
    • Stalked and kidnapped Felicia Jones after suffering a mental breakdown due to mental illness [pre-2004]
    • With Eve Lambert, broke into a freezer where dead bodies were kept in Rome; charges were dropped [pre-2004]
    • Tried to strangle Lucy Coe [pre-2004]
    • Beat up a prostitute [pre-2004]
    • Arrested for kidnapping Lucy [pre-2004]
    • Blackmailed Lucy into reuniting with him [pre-2004]
    • Kidnapped Ian Thornhart and tried to bury him behind a brick wall [pre-2004]
    • Punched Scott Baldwin [May 14, 2014]
    • Got into a fist fight with Mac Scorpio [May 14, 2014]
    • Imprisoned Ryan at Ferncliff and hid him from the authorities [May-Aug 28, 2018; revealed Aug 28, 2018; Kevin was arrested for hiding him on Mar 22, 2019 and released on bail on Apr 1, 2019; charges were dropped on April 12, 2019]
    • Impersonated Ryan as part of a conspiracy to steal his kidney [Jun 4, 2019; revealed June 12, 2019]
    • Conspired with Curtis Ashford, Franco Baldwin, Hamilton Finn, Elizabeth Webber, and Valerie Spencer to steal Ryan's kidney and donate it to Jordan Ashford [revealed Jun 12, 2019]

    Health and Vitals

    • Sexually assaulted by his mother as a child after being mistaken for his brother, Ryan Chamberlain [prior to PC arrival; revealed 1995]
    • Hit by a light fixture that was rigged by Livvie Locke and was paralyzed (it was meant for Alison) [pre-2004]
    • Held hostage at gunpoint in a roomful of people on Cassadine Island by Valentin Cassadine who was using the alias, Theo Hart [Jul 15-26, 2016]
    • Shot in the shoulder by Valentin [Jul 22, 2016]
    • Was exposed to malaria (the test confirmed that he didn't have it) [revealed Aug 9, 2016[9]; revealed Aug 11, 2016]
    • Attacked by Ryan and held captive in Ferncliff by him [Aug 28, 2018-Mar 4, 2019]
    • Infected by a latent virus and rendered temporarily blind [Feb-Mar 6, 2019]
    • Held hostage by Ryan in the basement of Ferncliff along with Laura [Feb 20-Mar 4, 2019]
    • Assaulted and threatened by Ava Jerome after being mistaken for Ryan [Mar 14, 2019]
    • Assaulted by Griffin Munro and rejected medical attention [Mar 22, 2019]
    • Assaulted by Julian Jerome [May 14, 2019]
    • Knocked unconscious and left hanging from the ceiling of the Nurse's Ball auditorium by Ryan [May 21-22, 2019]
    • Threatened by Stella Henry [Jun 4, 2019; Kevin was impersonating Ryan as part of the kidney conspiracy so Stella thought she was talking to Ryan]
    • Punched in the face by Scott Baldwin [Oct 28, 2019]

    Family tree



    2. On June 4, 2019, Kevin briefly impersonated Ryan to forge his signature as part of a conspiracy to steal Ryan's kidney and give it to Jordan.
    3. He officiated Dante and Lulu's second wedding and was ordained by the Universal Life Church.
    4. On October 20, 2014, Kevin stated that Lucy and Duke were together after he and Lucy were divorced.
    5. Part of a Port Charles storyline.
    9. Everyone on the island with Jason and Sam were exposed.

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