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Dr. Kevin Collins and Mayor Laura Collins are fictional characters and a popular married couple on the ABC daytime soap opera, General Hospital.


In April 2016, Kevin Collins started helping Laura Webber uncover the clues that Helena left her. In July, Kevin joined Laura, Lulu, and Dante in finding Nikolas on Cassadine Island, but after they did, they were all taken hostage by Valentin Cassadine alongside 'Jason', Sam, and Ava. After Valentin shot Nikolas and caused him to fall off a balcony to his death, Laura lashed out at Valentin, prompting him to draw his gun. Kevin took the bullet instead and eventually, the hostages overpowered their captors to successfully escape the island. Kevin was then treated for his wound.m

As of 2017, Kevin and Laura are pretty serious. They officially became engaged on November 1, 2017.

On December 22, 2017, Laura and Kevin are at a church waiting to get married with Dante, Lulu, Maxie, and Nathan in attendance. The minister couldn’t make it due to his wife giving birth.

Lulu spots Laura's mom Lesley coming in. Dante asks how Lesley got to the church as the roads are closed and there are no flights. Lesley explains that she has a close friend who is a storm chaser. He flew her to the city but they had to rent an all terrain vehicle to get to the church from the airport. Lulu asks who this person is and Lesley clarifies he is the pilot, her boyfriend Marcello.

Marcello comes in and introduces himself to everyone in Italian. Lulu wants Lesley to marry Laura and Kevin but Kevin says that since Lesley married Laura and Scott, they want to start fresh.

Marcello talks to Lesley and she translates that he has married American couples in Italy before and can officiate the wedding. Nathan checks Marcello’s license and says it is in order. Maxie says the wedding is a go. But as Marcello doesn’t speak a word of English, Lesley will have to translate.

After they are married, Dante is alerted that the roads are closed so they will all have to stay in the church overnight.

On August 10, 2018, it was revealed that Kevin's thought-to-be-dead twin, Ryan Chamberlain, was alive and is being held captive at Ferncliff by Kevin himself. Ryan escaped from his restraints on August 28 and attacked Kevin, rendering him unconscious. Ryan switched clothes with Kevin and took his place, leaving his twin locked up in Ferncliff. Ryan went on to 'divorce' Laura to pursue a relationship with Ava, but also murdered Ferncliff nurse Mary Pat Ingles, Ava's daughter Kiki Jerome, and film producer Peyton Mills. Ryan also stabbed Lulu, but fell blind before he could finish her and eventually tricked her into believing that Franco was her attacker after regaining his sight, thus framing Franco for the murders as well. Kevin also became blind, but was still stuck at Ferncliff.

On February 20, 2019, Kevin and Laura finally reunite after she finds him locked up in Ferncliff. Once she does find him, she is drugged by Ryan and they are both brought down to the basement. On March 4, Kevin and Laura escaped from Ferncliff and made it to GH to confirm Franco's claims of Ryan being alive and the true killer. Franco had uttered this earlier after escaping Ferncliff from Ryan, who had non-fatally stabbed him. At GH, Kevin was confronted by Jason for keeping the secret of his brother being alive at Ferncliff while Carly was a patient there. In fact, Carly had been kidnapped by Ryan, who fled PC with his new fiancee Ava. As Jason and Laura left to save Carly, Kevin soon began treatment for the blinding virus which mainly affects twins. Meanwhile, Carly is successfully rescued, after Ryan was shot by Jason and then tossed himself and Ava off a bridge to avoid police capture, even though Jason caught Ava while Ryan fell to his presumed death. Laura then told Ava the whole truth, leaving her devastated.

After Kevin regains his sight, Laura has some questions for him about Ryan. She wants to know why he didn't tell her that he knew Ryan was alive and when did he figure out that that he was alive. Kevin tells her that he didn't tell anyone because he had hoped that he would be able to treat him and make him better. He knew Ryan was alive in May of 2018. This makes Laura upset and she tells her she needs time to think all of this over. After Kevin comforts Ava by telling her he is the real Kevin, Laura tells him that it isn't the best idea if they go home together.

Kevin is arrested due to withholding a fugitive and is brought to to a hearing. Because no one in Port Charles wants to represent him, He has to call Nora Buchanan from Llanview to represent him. Kevin tells her and Lucy that he is going to plead guilty. He changes his mind to not plead guilty at the last minute. With the help of Lucy, he is able to be released on bail. His bail was already paid and he thought Lucy did it, but it was actually Laura. Kevin is later summoned to appeal in court. When he and Nora show up, she tells him she's going to get all the charges dropped on his case. Margaux shows up and after. Nora's argument was that you cant aid and embed a fugitive if said fugitive was already declared legally dead. The judge rules in favor of Kevin and all the charges are dropped.

Ryan stealing Kevin's identity also causes him to be suspended from being a psychiatrist at GH. As he is gathering his things prepares to leave, Franco asks him to let him know if he is going to be working anywhere else, because he wants to work with him again, despite everything that happened between them. He also sees Laura because she heard that he was leaving. They go to talk and they both say that they still love each other. Laura suggests that they start over, and they kiss. Shortly after, Kevin gets a package and when he asks who it is from the delivery man scans it and says "Chamberlain." he opens it to find Ryan's frozen hand. He realizes that the Canadian authorities sent it to him and not Ryan, but him and Laura still don't believe he is dead. Shortly after, Laura invites Kevin to move back in with her. At first he says no, because he needs to work on himself. Laura convinces him to move in with her anyway, then he agrees.

Kevin, Laura, Ava, Mac, and Felicia decide that they need to lure Ryan out of hiding and to do this they make it look like Kevin and Ava are now together. They go public by doing a memorial for Ryan that Lulu puts on The Invader. During this, it is also revealed that Kevin is a match for Jordan Ashford's needed kidney transplant. However, due to being held captive by Ryan for six months, he became pre-diabetic and was ruled out as a potential donor.

On May 21, Kevin is knocked out by Ryan who puts him in a straitjacket and hangs him from the roof of the stage at the Nurses' Ball. Everyone gets Kevin down from the roof while Ryan is arrested before being stabbed in the back by Ava. Ryan survives at the hospital though, but is forced into donating his kidney to Jordan and is sent to Pentonville.

On June 12, it was revealed that Kevin conspired with Franco, Elizabeth, Curtis, Valerie, and Finn to steal Ryan's kidney and have it donated to Jordan, who did not pursue the matter any further. In October, Kevin joined Laura in the search for a codicil to Mikkos Cassadine's will which would prove that Valentin is not the rightful Cassadine heir.