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Lauren Katherine "Kiki" Jerome was a fictional character from the ABC soap opera General Hospital. She was the daughter of the late, Dr. Silas Clay and his ex-mistress, mobster turned gallery owner Ava Jerome.

She was conceived during an affair her parents had while her father was married. She was formerly believed to be the daughter of Franco, due to Ava's lies.

The character was originated by actress Kristen Alderson, who held the role from May 2013 to February 2015. It was announced, on January 23, 2015, that actress Hayley Erin would be Alderson's replacement and she debuted on February 26, 2015. She made her last appearance on November 28, 2018, although returned in Ava's dream on August 23, 2019.


Alderson was originally on One Life to Live as Starr Manning from 1996 until the shows cancellation in 2012.

Alderson had previously appeared on the series as her One Life to Live (OLTL) character Starr Manning from 2012-13, when Alderson and several co-stars carried their roles over to General Hospital upon One Life's cancellation.[7]

When OLTL was relaunched as a web series, the production company Prospect Park reacquired the rights to the character. Instead of waiting to re-introduce the character, the producers of General Hospital created a new role for Alderson.[8]

Alderson first appeared, in her new role as Kiki Jerome, on May 13, 2013, as a series regular.[9]

Like Alderson's former character, Starr Manning, Kiki was eventually paired with her then-boyfriend, Chad's character, Michael Quartermaine.

On January 10, 2015, Soap Opera Digest reported that Alderson would be leaving the series and her role as Kiki to pursue other interests.[10][11] On that same day, Alderson's then-boyfriend, Chad Duell took to Twitter stating it was her decision to leave.[12] On January 13, 2015, Alderson confirms her departure in a video, stating it was a spur of the moment decision.[13]

Alderson's last scene, on February 16, 2015, was with her former OLTL co-star, Roger Howarth, who currently plays Franco on GH, but who also played Alderson's on-screen father, Todd Manning.

Alderson won her first Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Younger Actress in 2013 and was nominated for two more Daytime Emmy's for Outstanding Younger Actress in 2014 and 2015.

According to Alderson, Lauren is very different from Starr, but said the two still had some similarities.

Alderson had been posting several pictures via social media but intentionally hiding her hair leading to speculation that her appearance would be very different.[9] A SOAPnet promo confirmed Alderson's change in appearance in early May.[14] Alderson revealed to Soap Opera Digest that Kiki is reminiscent of a younger Starr who is quite the trouble maker.[15]

Alderson said she "channeled the sassy, spunky bad girl that Starr used to be before she matured." She continued, "Kiki's also a little more seductive."[16] Alderson described Kiki as being "darker and edgier" then her former alter ego. Kiki is "risqué" when compared to Starr who is a "one man kind of girl."[17]

On January 23, 2015, actress Hayley Erin, formerly known for her role on The Young and the Restless as Abby Newman (2008-10), was announced as Alderson's replacement.[18][19][20][21]

The network released a statement to wish Alderson well on her career and to confirm Hayley Erin's casting. Alderson herself also congratulated Erin on her casting on Twitter.[22]

Erin received a callback after her initial audition to read opposite head writer Ron Carlivati. "It was between me and one other girl" though she was unaware that it was for a recast. After the audition, Erin left the studio and was quickly contacted by her agent and manager instructing her to return to the studio for a wardrobe fitting. "I started crying a little bit" she revealed. Up until a few days before her audition, Erin revealed that a return to daytime after five years was the last thing on her mind. Erin had just expressed her interest in appearing on another soap and she booked the role of Kiki later that week.[23]

Erin made her first appearance on February 26, 2015.

In the summer of 2015, rumors circulated that Erin would be replaced by a returning Kristen Alderson. Network executive Nathan Varni denied the rumors and said "I have a lot of faith in the role of Kiki moving forward. Varni also praised the actress and said "I think Hayley [Erin] is doing a fantastic, admirable job as Kiki."[24]

I walked in here having to work with things that had already been established. Now I have things that are mine, that I've created... It just keeps getting better and I am so happy to be here.

Erin on being a recast; Mara Levinsky, Soap Opera Digest[25]

On October 2, 2018, after weeks of speculation comes confirmation from Daytime Confidential, that the actress is taking a bow from the role she began playing in 2015. A final airdate for the actress is forthcoming but fans are encouraged to watch 'GH' weekdays on ABC to see how to she exits. Erin is already set as a series regular for Pretty Little Liars spin-off, The Perfectionists.[26][27][28]

She made her last appearance on November 28, 2018.

On August 20, 2019, Entertainment Weekly announced that Erin will return to GH for a brief appearance.[29] She returned on August 23, 2019 in Ava's dream.

When Erin started the audition process, the producers told her, "Yeah she's a bad girl. We're gonna make her edgier." While those were the intentions for the character, during Alderson's tenure, the writing strayed from that path.[25]

Hayley Erin found it easy to get a handle on the character describing Kiki as being "so relatable." She continued and compared Kiki to her former role as Abby Newman on The Young and the Restless: "Abby was very one-dimensional... . Kiki's got layers" Erin said. The actress described the character as "kind of tough" yet "sensitive."[23] Of the writings bringing back the character's edge, Erin said "Now, it's fun" and "they made a character that a little foggy seem clearer."[25]


In November 2009, actor James Franco began appearing on General Hospital as a guest star as the crazed artist turned serial killer, Robert Frank, aka Franco.[30]

The character of Lauren was first written into the series on December 21, 2009, when Franco mentions to Carly Jacks. Lauren was apparently taken away by her "bitch" of a mother. In April 2012, Franco is revealed to be the alleged fraternal twin brother of Jason Morgan making him, and Lauren by extension members of the iconic Quartermaine family.

Ava looks at pictures of young Kiki (2018)

It is not until the May 20, 2013, that viewers learn that Alderson is actually Lauren. A student at Vassar College, Lauren is raised by a single mother, later revealed to be Ava Jerome, who tells Luke she was once enamored by Franco, but later realized he was delusional and took her daughter away to protect her from Franco's insanity. As a child, Ava gives Lauren the nickname Kiki and it sticks. Kiki grows up believing her father is dead.

In July 2013, is it revealed that a 21 year old Kiki is actually the daughter of Dr. Silas Clay. On May 20, Kiki's mother came back from her business trip and called her by full name: Lauren Katherine Jerome.

In 2015, her father was killed by Madeline Reeves.

She and her mom have since started mending their relationship. Kiki is a Nurse's Aide at GH and is currently in med school.

She shares a close father/daughter bond with Franco despite not being his daughter.

In 2013, her mother, Ava had an affair with her now late ex-husband, Morgan and on the night of the Nurses Ball of 2018, Kiki slept with her mother's sort of boyfriend, Griffin Munro.

Kiki's half-sister Nelle and her nephew Wiley.

On November 27, 2018, Kiki was found dead by newlyweds Curtis and Jordan Ashford, after being murdered by Ryan Chamberlain.

On April 9, 2020, it's revealed that Kiki's sister is Nelle Benson and she has a nephew named Wiley Quartermaine-Corinthos.


Kiki's first scene

Michael comes to Manhattan looking for his brother, Morgan Corinthos. He finds him beaten up and takes him to the hospital. Morgan runs from the hospital, and Michael goes after him. There, he finds Kiki, Morgan's girlfriend, who tells Michael that the apartment is her mother's house. He insists on bringing Morgan back to their home, but Morgan refuses. In order to help Morgan pay off gambling debts, Kiki invites some college classmates over to play a game of poker rigged in Morgan's favor. When the other boys catch on and accuse Morgan and Kiki of cheating, Michael breaks up the game and gets them to leave. Soon after, though, the loan sharks Morgan owes money to show up at the apartment and get into a fight with both Morgan and Michael, however, Morgan's father, Sonny Corinthos, shows up with his associate Shawn Butler and pay off Morgan's debt, ordering the loan sharks to leave.

Kiki with her mother, Ava

Sonny insists on bringing Morgan back to Port Charles, their home, but Morgan doesn't want to leave Kiki, however, Sonny will not back down and Morgan complies, leaving with Sonny and Michael. When Ava comes back, Kiki reveals that she's been upset since Morgan had to leave with his father, telling Ava that the loan sharks came to their door, and then Sonny showed up. Ava later encourages Kiki to go after Morgan to Port Charles. Kiki ends up on Michael's doorstep where Morgan is staying, and the two force Michael to let her stay at his apartment. She continues to rub Michael the wrong way as well as Morgan's mother, Carly. While Michael is out and subsequently goes to the Mystery Man's Party, Ava arrives and states that they could go out for dinner. Ava and Kiki leave and go to the pier where Ava informs Kiki about her father, Franco, her lineage to the Quartermaine family and her inheritance from her deceased great-grandfather Edward Quartermaine. Ava states that Kiki can have her inheritance by signing the proxy document and pleads her to sign it soon. Ava is forced to reveal that she has a big lump sum of money riding on Kiki signing the document, which infuriates Kiki.

Kiki and Morgan kissing

A She gets into another fight with Michael, during which he reveals in anger that he was sent to prison for killing his former step-mother (Claudia Zacchara in 2009) while protecting his half-sister Josslyn. Michael leaves and Morgan starts continuously complaining and about Michael and Kiki stops him because she is getting annoyed. Morgan starts wondering why Kiki is now suddenly in Michael's corner. There is a point where Michael and Kiki is potentially about to kiss, but Morgan comes through the door and nothing is made out of it. Kiki and Morgan get into another argument with Michael, and Morgan asks about ways to get their own apartment. Kiki says that she has recently found about her paternal side is a wealthy family in Port Charles, not knowing they're also Michael's biological family. She decides to go over to the Quartermaine's mansion and she meets her great aunt Tracy, uncle AJ, step-grandmother Monica Quartermaine and her estranged father, serial killer Franco. He has just got posted bail and went to the mansion to have a "family meeting." Tracy and AJ both try to suck up to Lauren (who informs them that she goes by Kiki).

Kiki and Michael's first kiss

She has the maid, Alice, go get her boyfriend Morgan while she talks to her newly connected father Franco.  Alice and Morgan arrive at the Quartermaine Mansion and Morgan is thrilled that he is in the Quartermaine Mansion because his weariness of the potential of a budding romance between Michael and Kiki. She goes to Michael's apartment for some comfort after a confusing conversation with her father. Kiki and Michael end up making out, but Kiki stops it due to her relationship with Morgan. She leaves for the Quartermaine Mansion and Michael eventually goes to as well. AJ reveals that he wants Kiki to meet her cousin. Michael and Kiki meet for the first time as cousins. Kiki is changing in the boat house when Michael comes in, looking for Morgan and sees Kiki undressed. Morgan wonders what is happening and Michael yells at him for gambling again, this time with Michael's credit card. Later, Morgan is eavesdropping on Kiki's parents Ava and Franco while Michael and Kiki are talking about staying away from each other. Michael and Kiki get tested for being bone marrow donors for their cousin Danny Morgan where they kiss again. The sleazy lab manager Brad Cooper tries to use this to blackmail Michael into sleeping with him. However, Michael overhears Brad and Dr. Britt Westbourne conspiring, and uses this to make Brad back off. Morgan decides to whine about the Michael-Kiki situation and punches Michael.

Kiki with her mom, Ava and Franco

Meanwhile, Michael lets Kiki know that he told Morgan about their first kiss and Morgan got angry, and left to find Kiki. Kiki leaves to find Morgan. Morgan has found out that Kiki's real father is Dr. Silas Clay, and Ava convinces him to keep it a secret from Kiki because he might lose her to Michael, as a result. Kiki eventually finds Morgan at the Quartermaine house, where he promptly gets down on one knee and proposes to her. She accepts, wanting to fight to stay away from Michael. Kiki goes to tell Michael herself the next morning and finds out AJ called him and let him know. When Penny, a girl Michael picked up at a bar, comes out of Michael's bedroom partially dressed, Kiki realizes what happened. Kiki leaves in a hurry and though she told Michael to move on, she is visibly hurt by Michael sleeping with someone else. Franco is hospitalized after being beaten up, then suffering a seizure. The doctors determine that he has a brain tumor and needs to have surgery to remove it. Kiki stays by his side, wanting him to get better to know him and so he can walk her down the aisle. Tracy stages a coup with Ava's assistance, planning to get enough shares to take over ELQ. Kiki, however, is furious with her mother for staging a coup while "her father" is in surgery. She sides with AJ, and Alice also switches sides to join AJ, giving him the majority & retaining his spot as CEO.

Kiki is NOT a Q

Morgan sets up a romantic dinner for him and Kiki, where he gives her an engagement ring. Morgan later declares he loves Kiki, but she's hesitant to respond. Morgan confronts her about it during dinner and Kiki declares she loves Morgan. However, the next morning, Kiki calls Michael showing some reservations about telling Morgan she loves him. Morgan goes to the main house, and finds out that Kiki's true paternity has been published in the paper. He goes back to the boathouse, and insists he and Kiki go get their marriage license that day itself. Kiki is reluctant, but agrees. Unbeknownst to her, Morgan slips her phone out of her purse and leaves it in the boathouse so no one will inform Kiki about the story. At the courthouse, they run into Mac Scorpio and Felicia Jones, who are also applying for a marriage license. Morgan deflects any talk of the newspaper article by getting Kiki to borrow Felicia's phone so she can check up on Franco. Though Morgan insists he's trying to protect Kiki, Mac and Felicia later suspect that Morgan has an ulterior motive. Michael finally figures out the truth about Kiki's paternity and where Morgan and Kiki are and tries to stop them from getting married.

Michael and Kiki

Kiki learns of the truth, but says that she can not be with Michael. Morgan tells Michael that they're married and he should congratulate them. Morgan covers his manipulation by saying that he doesn't care who is Kiki's father and herds her out of the courtroom. Kiki looks really sad. Kiki and Morgan are later evicted from the Quartermaine premises. She brushes off the notion that Morgan could have manipluated her into a quickie wedding and they sleep together several times. Her mother, Ava, plans a wedding reception and persuades Morgan's father Sonny to co-host. Kiki is initially hesitant on the idea, but Morgan convinces her to accept it. She is able to get her father Silas Clay (to punish Ava) and brother-in-law Michael (to try to get over him) to come along. At the reception, Sonny reveals that Morgan knew Michael and Kiki weren't cousins before the wedding.

Kiki and her father, Silas

Though Morgan claims Sonny is upset and lying, Kiki finally gets him to admit the truth. Kiki tells Morgan that she can not stay married to him which causes Morgan to storm out of the ballroom. After he leaves, Kiki and Michael finally admit that they love each other, and have for a long time. They finally decide to give their relationship a chance. Kiki decides that though she does want to be with Michael, she won't move in with him because of the trouble she's cause for his family. She decides to move in with her mother. However, the next morning, she comes to her mother's room and finds her in bed with Morgan. Even though Morgan rubs his affair with Ava in Kiki and Michael's face, Ava is mortified at being found. Kiki decides she's had enough, and tells Morgan & Ava that she's done with them, writing her mother off once and for all. She leaves with Michael to find another place. She and Michael are trying to find jobs. Kiki tries to get Silas to get her a job at General Hospital.

Kiki comforts her cousin Rafe

When Carly goes missing, Franco is the main suspect because Heather Webber was framing him. Kiki helps Franco escape custody because she is the only one that believes he is innocent. Franco manages to save Carly, but Michael still blames Franco and Kiki. As of February 2014, Kiki is temporarily living with her father. In March of 2014, Luke Spencer starts hitting on Kiki, but telling Tracy that she is hitting on him. Kiki tells Morgan what Luke has been doing because she tell Michael because of A.J. being in the hospital. When Kiki finally tells Michael he is furious and he ousts Tracy as CEO to prevent Luke from getting his hands on ELQ. During the next few weeks, Kiki visits Michael at ELQ. On June 23, Franco calls Kiki to help with Josslyn. A little while later, she shows up with a book of stickers from the movie Frozen, which Josslyn loves.

Kiki says goodbye to Rafe

On June 26, Kiki notices that something is bothering her cousin, Rafe. The two have a long discussion and get to know one another better. Rafe fills Kiki in on his past and some of the recent things going on in his life and she comforts him. On July 16, Kiki must say goodbye to her cousin, Rafe before he is taken off of life support. Kiki and Ava slowly start to reconcile, and Ava turns to her and Morgan when Sonny continues to threaten her life. Ava tells Morgan and Kiki that Sonny killed A.J., but they both agree they shouldn't tell Michael. Kiki also becomes openly hostile to Rosalie Martinez she starts getting closer to Michael. Rosalie released Kiki and Morgan have a secret and tells Michael. Kiki and Morgan cover and say they are planning a surprise party for Michael. Kiki also overhears Sonny and Carly talk about how she cheated on Franco.

Kiki and her father, Silas

At Franco and Carly's Halloween wedding, Franco reveals he knew about Carly cheating on him, and outs Sonny as A.J.'s shooter. When she sees how much Michael is hurting, Kiki admits she knew about Sonny shooting A.J. and he breaks up with her. When Ava is hospitalized after Nina drugs her and takes her newborn baby, Kiki confronts Ava about lying to her about killing Connie. Ava tried to lie her way out if it, but Kiki stands firm in her convictions, and is adamant that Ava pays for her crimes. Ava asks Kiki to get a status update on her baby. When Kiki leaves, Ava escapes from the hospital, and Michael is furious that Kiki allowed Ava to trick her and escape.

Kiki finds Silas dead

Franco comforts Kiki

In 2016, she met Dillon Quartermaine, while she was about to the leave the hospital after she recovered from a gunshot wound and they eventually start falling for each other. They performed together at the 2016 Nurses' Ball and share their first kiss.

Dillon and Kiki make love

In 2017, Kiki and Dillon become a couple. In May, they performed together at the 2017 Nurses' Ball. Kiki was Dillon's date to his brother and Olivia's wedding.

Dillon and Kiki broke up when he left town.

On May 21, following the Nurses' Ball, Kiki and her mother's on/off boyfriend Griffin go up to a room at the Metro Court Hotel, where they drink, dance, and end up having sex. They vow afterword to never tell Ava.

On June 13, Kiki reveals to Port Charles that she has been experiencing sexual harassment. Lulu writes an article on her story and titles it #GHTOO. Alexis is representing Kiki as her legal counsel. Meanwhile, people around Port Charles are reacting to the story. Ava is upset and furious that Kiki didn't tell her this beforehand and thinks that she's a horrible mother. When Kiki shows up she asks her to explain why she didn't tell her this was happening. Kiki says she is dealing with it in her own way and doesn't want her mother involved. Ava doesn't want to accept this and assures her that if she gives her a name that her and her Uncle Julian will take care of it. Kiki refuses and asks her mother to leave her alone. Franco also finds out, and since he treats Kiki like a daughter, he is outraged. He is looking at the article when Dr. Bensch walks into the room and Franco immediately has his suspicions and pins him to the door, threatening him all the while. Elizabeth walks in and tells him to reconsider what he's doing. He reluctantly lets him go and relays his suspicions about the doctor being Kiki's superior and the one who is sexually harassing her.

In August, Kiki sues Bensch for harassment. They go to trial, and Bensch wants his lawyer, Scott Baldwin, to use an incriminating photo of Griffin and Kiki in his defence. Scott, acting against his client Bensch's interests, tells his son Franco that he overheard Griffin and Kiki talking about their one night stand. Franco attempts to tell Alexis, accidentally tells Ava instead, and is run out of court for being disruptive. A furious Ava confronts Scott, who reluctantly gets Griffin to admit under oath that he and Kiki had sex.

This admission doesn't derail the case, and Kiki wins her suit against Bensch, who is then fired from GH.

In September, Griffin has to move into the studio at Kiki's apartment after Ava got him fired from GH. When the heat breaks, he and Kiki find themselves hot, sweaty, and scantily clad in her apartment. They grow closer, share stories about films and their annoyance over Ava, and their attraction grows deeper.

On September 28, Maxie invites Kiki to be in the next issue of Crimson in a fashion spread, to continue sharing her story, empowering women to own their beauty and strength, and show other girls they don't have to put up with harassment.

Griffin encourages her to do the article, and they go to lunch at the Rib, a way of Kiki saying thank you.

On October 4, Kiki runs into Griffin at the gym. She admits that she wanted to sleep with him the night of the Ball, and that she still wants to be with him. He wants the same, and the kiss, beginning a new relationship. They agree they want something more than revenge against Ava or uncontrollable lust - but rather something they could make last. They agree to a first real date at the upcoming Port Charles Film Festival at the Metro Court.

On October 16, after attending the festival, they go back to Kiki's apartment where they watch a musical, then make love.

On October 26, Kiki meets Sasha Gilmore, who at the time was believed to be Silas Clay's long-lost daughter with Nina, and thus, Kiki's paternal half-sister. They get along immediately, though Sasha's attraction to Griffin does not go unnoticed. When Sasha decides to stay in PC, Kiki immediately invites her to move in, which she does on November 2. The "sisters" enjoy bonding with each other.

On November 9, after studying and making love, Kiki witnesses Sasha hit on a dumbfounded Griffin; leaving the couple disturbed.

A few days later Kiki goes to Crimson while Sasha is working and tells her that her relationship with Griffin more than casual and that t is best that she moves out. She tells her that they moved to fast with the whole sisters thing and that it was best for both of them.

Franco tells Kiki and she goes to the Metro Court Hotel where she sees them together. She gets mad and leaves. Griffin is able to see that Sasha was drugged and he goes and tells Kiki. She and Griffin quickly realize Ava set it up in revenge. Kiki goes after her mother, finding her at Kelly's with "Kevin", confronting her over the situation. Kiki tells her mom that she never knew how to be a mom, and that she hurts everyone she claims to care about.

On November 26, while getting ready for Curtis and Jordan's wedding, they discuss Ava's extreme revenge strategy, then make love on Kiki's couch. Griffin has to go to GH and sign documents from the board - before he leaves, they make plans to get away somewhere warm for the holidays. They kiss, he leaves, and Ryan Chamberlain shows up shortly after, and murders Kiki.

On November 27, 2018, Kiki was found dead by newly weds Curtis and Jordan Ashford, after being murdered by Ryan Chamberlain. Griffin, then Franco, are both initially accused, before Ryan is found out.

After Ava's despair and devstation over losing her daughter and discovering her new lover was actually the serial killer who murdered her, she seeks out a psychic connection to Kiki. She asks psychic Sibley Gamble to make contact with the other side. During Franco and Elizabeth's wedding reception on The Haunted Star, Sibley is able to make contact with her, but Kiki does not want to see Ava, being bitter about her being in love with her killer. Sibley says she leaves, but the last thing she says to Sibley is that she loves Avery. Sibley channels Kiki, who is still furious with her. Ava later hires a different psychic named Chelsea. They go to a park that Kiki liked, and Chelsea getts messages from Helena, Connie and Kiki. Ava wants to know if she liked the magazine cover, and Kiki did not. Chelsea also tells her that she cant forgive Ava because her killer still has her heart. This causes Ava to go to Pentonville to talk to Ryan. She tells him that he needs to let her go so that Kiki can finally rest.

Ghost Kiki confronts her mother Ava

On August 23, 2019, while Ava reads the negative comments on the Crimson article, Kiki appears and asks her mother if she really thought a magazine cover was her shot at redemption, and wonders what Ava truly regrets. Ava regrets that they were mad at one another when she died and that she believed Ryan’s lies. Kiki accuses Ava of choosing Ryan, the only man to understand her, over her own daughter. Ava denies this, and asks for her help, or she'll never find peace. Kiki tells her, “Because of you, neither will I.” They argue about their relationship, Kiki accuses her mother of using her death and making it all about her, but now the world sees her for who she really is. Ava asks Kiki what she has to do to gain her forgiveness. Kiki can’t help her because she’s dead and vanishes before Ava’s eyes. Ava wakes up from her dream and cries that Kiki got her wish and she’s alone.

On April 9, 2020, it's revealed that Nelle Benson is her long-lost sister and she has a nephew named Wiley Quartermaine-Corinthos from her ex-boyfriend Michael.

Crimes Committed

  • Rigged a poker game in Morgan's favor [May 2013]
  • Slapped her mother, Ava [Sep 26, 2013]
  • Hid Franco from the police [Jan 2014]
  • Lied about her paternity so she could visit Heather Webber at Miscavige [Jan 31, 2014]
  • Helped Franco escape from police custody [Feb 3, 2014; arrested and released in Feb 2014; was charged as an accessory but the charges were dropped]
  • Assaulted Luke Spencer in self-defense [Apr 18, 2014]
  • Obstruction of justice; knew that Sonny had murdered A.J. Quartermaine but withheld the information [Oct-Nov 2014]
  • Plotted (along with Morgan) to make Michael look like an unfit "parent" (they drugged him) [Mar 17-Apr 24, 2015; arrested and released in Apr 2015]
  • Attacked Nina Reeves, after being provoked [Apr 10, 2015]
  • Threatened Nina [Apr 10, 2015]
  • Slapped Franco [Aug 5, 2015]
  • Assaulted a bartender (broke a glass and it cut the bartender's hand) [Oct 12, 2015; arrested and released in Oct 2015; was charged with assault until Nina paid off the bartender to have him drop the charges against her]
  • Texted Darby from Morgan's phone pretending to be him [Oct 28, 2015]
  • Theft; stole someone's car keys [Oct 30, 2015]
  • Drove drunk and caused Carly Corinthos to crash her car and didn't stop to help her [Nov 2015]
  • Breaking and entering; unknowingly broke into a cabin that Morgan told her was Sonny's [Nov 20, 2015]
  • Fought with Darby Collette [Feb 17, 2016]
  • Slapped Dillon [Dec 12, 2016]
  • Set up Tom Baker so Franco can attack him once he took the bait (she called him pretending to be interested in a photo shoot) [Dec 12, 2016]
  • Slapped Ava Jerome [Sep 19, 2018]

Health and Vitals

  • Jumped into freezing water to save her then-boyfriend, Michael, from drowning [Nov 12, 2013]
  • Sexually harassed by Luke Spencer many times [Feb-Apr 2014]
  • Assaulted by Luke [Apr 18, 2014]
  • An organ donor [revealed Jul 11, 2014]
  • Unknowingly held at gunpoint by Heather Webber [Nov 5, 2014]
  • Became an emotional wreck when she found her father, Silas, stabbed to death [Aug 4, 2015]
  • Manhandled by Finn [Oct 5, 2015]
  • Shot in the abdomen by Landon Dixon and required surgery to remove a bullet lodged near her spine [Feb 19, 2016; shown on Feb 23, 2016]
  • Stopped breathing [Feb 19, 2016; shown on Feb 23, 2016]
  • Had panic attacks when she heard loud noises as they sounded like gunshots [Mar-Apr 2016]
  • Had a cold [revealed Jun 21, 2016]
  • Contracted Mycoplasma Genitalium from Morgan Corinthos (through Darby Collette) [revealed Aug 8, 2016]
  • Manhandled by a man who kept making passes at her (he grabbed her wrist and harassed her) until Morgan intervened and assaulted him [Aug 22, 2016]
  • Was sexually harassed by Dr. David Bensch [Fall 2017-Aug 2018]
  • Died after being stabbed by Ryan Chamberlain [Nov 26, 2018; revealed Nov 29, 2018]

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Curtis Ashford · Cmmr. Jordan Ashford · Marshall Ashford · Dr. T.J. Ashford · Cody Bell · Officer Rory Cabrera · Chief Drew Cain · Ava Cassadine · Prince Nikolas Cassadine · Spencer Cassadine · Dr. Victor Cassadine · Gregory Chase · Det. Harrison Chase · Mayor Laura Collins · Brando Corbin · Sasha Corbin · Carly Corinthos · Michael Corinthos · Sonny Corinthos · Alexis Davis · Agent Anna Devane · Det. Dante Falconeri · Dr. Hamilton Finn · Dr. Austin Gatlin-Holt · Josslyn Jacks · Maxie Jones · Sam McCall · Esme Prince · Brook Lynn Quartermaine · Nina Reeves · Dr. Portia Robinson · Trina Robinson · Felicia Scorpio · Willow Tait · Nurse Elizabeth Webber-Baldwin · Dr. Britt Westbourne
Current Recurring Characters
A.D.A. Jennifer Arden · Deputy Mayor Eileen Ashby · Scott Baldwin · Johann Bauer · Brick · Valentin Cassadine · Nurse Phyllis Caulfield · Dr. Ryan Chamberlain · Lucy Coe · Dr. Kevin Collins · Brad Cooper · Gladys Corbin · Kristina Corinthos-Davis · Nurse Amy Driscoll · Chet Driscoll · Nurse Felix DuBois · Martin Grey · Stella Henry · Nurse Epiphany Johnson · A.D.A. Molly Lansing-Davis · Diane Miller · Dr. Liesl Obrecht · Dr. Monica Quartermaine · Ned Quartermaine · Olivia Quartermaine · Dr. Terry Randolph · Cyrus Renault · Chief Mac Scorpio · D.A. Robert Scorpio · Nurse Deanna Sirtis · Jennifer Smith · Grant Smoltz · Nurse Bobbie Spencer · Damian Spinelli · Lt. Marcus Taggert · Cameron Webber · Selina Wu
Current Child Characters
Scout Cain · Donna Corinthos · Wiley Corinthos · Rocco Falconeri · Violet Finn · Avery Jerome-Corinthos · Bailey Jones · Danny Morgan · Leo Quartermaine · Aiden Spencer · Jake Spencer · Georgie Spinelli · James West
Deceased and Presumed Dead Characters
Benny Abrahms · Bernie Abrahms · Dr. Rachel Adair · Diego Alcazar · Lorenzo Alcazar · Luís Alcazar · Sage Alcazar · Ruby Anderson · Peter August · Dr. Andy Archer · Hank Archer · Dominique Baldwin · Franco Baldwin · Dr. Gail Baldwin · Lee Baldwin · Cadet Cooper Barrett · Harlan Barrett · Kiefer Bauer · Det. Jesse Beaudry · Officer Brian Beck · Katherine Bell · Nelle Benson-Jerome · Virginia Benson · Nurse Jessie Brewer · Dr. Phil Brewer · D.L. Brock · Nurse Marge Brown · Brendon Byrne · Dr. Neil Byrne · Det. Andy Capelli · Helena Cassadine · Irina Cassadine · Kristina Cassadine · Mikkos Cassadine · Stavros Cassadine · Stefan Cassadine · Tony Cassadine · Stone Cates · Lenny Caulfield · Dev Cerci · Melanie Chamberlain · Dr. Silas Clay · Eddie Coe · Victor Collins · Ray Conway · Wiley Cooper-Jones · Liam Corbin · Mike Corbin · Lily Corinthos · Morgan Corinthos · Phil Cusack · Dr. Alex Devane · Dr. Ian Devlin · Lt. Ronnie Dimestico · Sean Donely · Dr. Pierce Dorman · D.A. John Durant · Beatrice Eckert · Bill Eckert · Nancy Eckert · Cesar Faison · Connie Falconeri · Stella Fields · Dr. Russell Ford · Alice Grant · Brent Green · David Grey · Gordon Grey · Summer Halloway · David Hamilton · Anthony Hand · Jon Hanley · Dr. Steve Hardy · Peter Harrell, Jr. · Peter Harrell, Sr. · Abby Haver · Logan Hayes · Theo Hoffman · Jimmy Lee Holt · Nurse Marie Hopkins · Lady Jane Jacks · John Jacks · Edge Jackson · Aleksander Janáček · Evan Jerome · Julian Jerome · Kiki Jerome · Veronica Jerome · Victor Jerome · Stan Johnson · B.J. Jones · Georgie Jones · Tania Jones · Dr. Tony Jones · Dr. Ewen Keenan · Paddy Kelly · Dr. Warren Kirk · Rafe Kovich, Jr. · Trevor Lansing · Duke Lavery · Beatrice LeSeur · Dr. Cameron Lewis · Nurse Lucille March-Weeks · Wendy Masters · Courtney Matthews · Danny McCall · Angus McKay · Harmony Miller · Nurse Leyla Mir · Trey Mitchell · Susan Moore · Chloe Morgan · Jason Morgan · Oscar Nero-Quartermaine · Dr. Lisa Niles · Johnny O'Brien · Dr. Kevin O'Connor · Brighton O'Reilly · Raj Patel · Dustin Phillips · Eddie Phillips · A.J. Quartermaine · Dr. Alan Quartermaine · Alex Quartermaine · Edward Quartermaine · Dr. Emily Quartermaine · Lila Quartermaine · Quentin Quartermaine · Mariah Ramirez · Madeline Reeves · Carlos Rivera · Hernando Rivera · Faith Rosco · Nurse Sabrina Santiago-Rivera · Joe Scully · Jack Slater · Damian Smith · Frank Smith · Zander Smith · Joseph Sorel · Luke Spencer · Siobhan Spencer · Cheryl Stansbury · Jennifer Talbot · Leopold Taub · Nurse Diana Taylor · Dr. Peter Taylor · Nurse Amy Vining · Barbara Vining · Jason Vining · Reverend Dr. Bradley Ward · Justus Ward · Mary Mae Ward · Dr. Rick Webber · Al Weeks · Det. Nathan West · Dr. Karen Wexler · Dawn Winthrop · Dr. Maggie Wurth · Anthony Zacchara · Claudia Zacchara-Corinthos
Off-screen and Former Characters
Lila Rae Alcazar · Dr. Grant Andrews · Jennifer Arden · Terri Arnett · Jordan Ashford · Arielle Ashton · Lord Larry Ashton · Larry Joe Baker · Christina Baldwin · Serena Baldwin · Dr. Tom Baldwin · Alec Barrett · Brenda Barrett · Julia Barrett · Derek Barrington · Hayden Barnes · Claudette Beaulieu · Dr. David Bensch · Ginny Blake · Jack Boland · Nora Buchanan · Shawn Butler · Edward Caldwell · Florence Campbell · Gia Campbell · Nurse Sheila Cantillion · Judge Naomi Carson · Charlotte Cassadine · Lt. Eric Cates · Jagger Cates · Carmine Cerullo · Gloria Cerullo · Lois Cerullo · Skye Chandler-Quartermaine · Judge Amber Chau · Dr. Linda Chu · Nurse Judy Clampett · Nurse Beverly Cleveland-Fairchild · Angie Collins · Elijah Crowe · Nurse Jolene Crowell · Nurse Nadine Crowell · Dr. Rae Cummings · Marco Dane · Dr. Harrison Davis · Howie Dawson · Margaux Dawson · Katherine Delafield · Téa Delgado · Roy DiLucca · Tiffany Donely · Senator Martin Drake · Dr. Noah Drake · Dr. Patrick Drake · Toussaint Dubois · Algernon Durban · George Durnely · Jenny Eckert · Sly Eckert · John Everett · Nurse Iris Fairchild · Mary Finnegan · Florence Grey · Pres Floyd · Parker Forsyth · Nurse Betsy Frank · Det. Alex Garcia · Charity Gatlin · Jonah Gatlin · Max Giambetti · Milo Giambetti · Marcus Godfrey · Yvonne Godfrey · Carla Greco · Frankie Greco · Alice Gunderson · Nurse Audrey Hardy · Dr. Simone Hardy · Dr. Tom Hardy · Dr. Tommy Hardy · Nurse Jane Harland · Det. David Harper · Sgt. Jim Harper · Elton Herbert · Dr. Jim Hobart · Paul Hornsby · Greg Howard · Dr. Matt Hunter · Hutch Hutchins · Jasper Jacks · Jerry Jacks · Miranda Jameson · Reginald Jennings · Olivia Jerome · Amelia Joffe · Claudia Johnston-Phillips · Frisco Jones · Dr. Lucas Jones · Slick Jones · Dr. Leo Julian · Joe Kelly · Rose Kelly · Jack Kensington · Dr. Gary Lansing · Howard Lansing · Ric Lansing · Roy Lansing · Dr. Steven Lansing · Judge Rachel Lasser · Nurse Meg Lawson · Dr. Kelly Lee · Winifred Leeds · Guy Lewis · Nurse Rita Lloyd · Carol Lockhart · Nurse Anne Logan · Janice Lomax · Priscilla Longworth · Ethan Lovett · Judge Richard Lowe · Charlie Lutz · Emma Lutz · Huxley Lynch · Dr. Andre Maddox · Starr Manning · Todd Manning · Nurse Rosalie Martinez · Pete Marquez · Dr. Francince Massey · Det. John McBain · Camellia McKay · Martha McKee · Nurse Melissa McKee · Skeeter McKee · Nurse Augusta McLeod · Maggie McMorris · James Meadows · Jake Meyer · Nurse Lorraine Miller · Martina Morales · Angel Moran · Miguel Morez · ‎Hope Morgan · Ken Morgan · Sam Morgan · Johnny Morrissey · Joey Moscini · Decker Moss · Dr. Griffin Munro · Det. Byron Murphy · Kent Murray · Dr. Kim Nero · Dr. Patrick O'Connor · Jimmy O'Herlihy · Finian O'Toole · Officer Delores Padilla · Blackie Parrish · Paloma Perez · Bryan Phillips · Judge Henry Pierce · Nurse Georgia Price · Grant Putnam · Celia Quartermaine · Dillon Quartermaine · Tracy Quartermaine · Cpt. Burt Ramsey · Ranelle Rance · Dr. Lak Rashi · Coleman Ratcliffe · Tom Rayner · Guy Richardson · Dr. Joe Rivera · Teddy Rivera · Tony Robinson · Det. Cruz Rodriguez · Casey Rogers · Dan Rooney · Winston Rudge · Father Mateo Ruiz · Delia Ryan Coleridge · Juan Santiago · Emma Scorpio-Drake · Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake · Hannah Scott · Jeffrey Scribner · Rebecca Shaw · Colton Shore · Harry Silver · Charlene Simpson · Dr. Eric Simpson · Det. Lucky Spencer · Lulu Spencer · Valerie Spencer · Rex Stanton · Suzanne Stanwyck · Nurse Mischa Stephens · Holly Sutton · Jackie Templeton · Nurse Regina Thompson · Ellie Trout · Dusty Walker · Claire Walsh · Judge David Walters · Faith Ward · Isobel Ward · Keesha Ward · Dr. Maya Ward · Randy Washburn · Rupert Watson · Heather Webber · Dr. Jeff Webber · Dr. Lesley Webber · Mike Webber · Rick Webber, Jr. · Dr. Sarah Webber · Dr. Steve Webber · Cpt. Samantha Welles · Rhonda Wexler · Agnes Whitaker · Whit Whitaker · Mitch Williams · Dr. Lainey Winters · Prunella Witherspoon · Grace Yang · Johnny Zacchara
Current Crew
Dan O'Connor (Head writer, 2019-present) · Frank Valentini (Executive producer, 2012-present) · Chris Van Etten (Head writer, 2017-present)
Former Crew
Shelly Altman (Head writer, 2011-2012, 2015-2019) · Ron Carlivati (Head writer, 2012-2015) · Jill Farren Phelps (Executive producer, 2001-2012) · Robert Guza, Jr. (Head writer, 1996, 1997-2000, 2002-2008, 2008-2011) · H. Wesley Kenney (Executive producer, 1987-1989; Head writer, 1988) · Gloria Monty (Executive producer, 1978-1987, 1991-1992; Head writer, 1981) · Jean Passanante (Head writer, 2015-2017) · Wendy Riche (Executive producer, 1992-2001) · Garin Wolf (Head writer, 2008, 2011-2012)
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Clay family

Clay Profile 2020.jpg
Unnamed parents
Silas Clay
Stephen Clay
(widowed from Livvie Locke)
Kiki Jerome
Nelle Benson
(married to Julian Jerome)
(widowed from Hank Archer)
Willow Tait
Rafe Kovich, Jr.
Sam McCall, Lucas Jones, Leo Quartermaine
Wiley Cooper-Jones, Andy Nero (Nelle's stepchildren)
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Grey family

Grey Profile 2022.jpg
Gordon Grey (married to Florence Chamberlain)
Martin Grey
Cyrus Renault
Laura Webber (married to Kevin Collins)
Nikolas Cassadine
(married to Ava Jerome)
Lucky Spencer
(widowed from Siobhan McKenna)
Lulu Spencer
Spencer Cassadine
Cameron Webber
Jake Spencer
Aiden Spencer
Charlotte Cassadine
Rocco Falconeri
Livvie Locke (Laura's stepchild)
Kiki Jerome, Avery Jerome-Corinthos (Nikolas' stepchildren)
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Jerome family

Victor Jerome
Evan Jerome
(married to Veronica Jerome)
Julian Jerome
(widowed from Nelle Benson)
Ava Jerome
(married to Nikolas Cassadine)
Evan Jerome, Jr.
Sam McCall
Lucas Jones
Andy Nero
Wiley Quartermaine-Corinthos (Julian's stepchild)
Spencer Cassadine (Ava's stepchild)