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Kyle Julian
General Hospital: Night Shift
Portrayed by Adam Grimes
First appearance July 22, 2008
Last appearance October 21, 2008
Created by Sri Rao
Introduced by Lisa de Cazotte
Spin-off appearances NS: Claire & Kyle
Gender Male
Occupation Medical intern
Title Doctor
Residence Port Charles, New York

Dr. Kyle Julian, MD was a fictional character on the second season of the SOAPnet prime-time soap opera General Hospital: Night Shift.

He was portrayed by actor Adam Grimes.



Kyle and Eric

Dr. Kyle Julian is an intern at Port Charles General Hospital. In the episode "Crash" it is revealed that Kyle is the younger brother of Dr. Leo Julian, and that the two do not get along. Kyle also tells fellow intern Dr. Claire Simpson that he is gay. The July 29, 2008 episode "Other People's Children" establishes that Leo had been adopted around the age of 4 or 5.

In "Brothers & Sisters" (9/23/08), their mother Patricia notes that she and her husband adopted Leo because they believed she was unable to have children, and she had subsequently become pregnant with Kyle. Kyle becomes romantically involved with a liver transplant patient named Eric Whitlow, played by Chad Allen.

Kyle and Claire are the main characters of the online series of webisodes Night Shift: Claire & Kyle.

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