Dr. Lainey Winters
Lainey winters
General Hospital
Portrayed by Kent King
Duration 2005-10
First appearance April 1, 2005 (on GH)
Last appearance March 8, 2010 (on GH)
Created by Robert Guza, Jr.
Charles Pratt, Jr.
Introduced by Jill Farren Phelps
Spin-off appearances GH: Night Shift
Ethnicity African-American
Gender Female
Occupation Psychiatrist
Title Doctor
Residence Port Charles, New York

Dr. Louise Elaine "Lainey" Winters, MD was a fictional character on the ABC soap opera General Hospital and its short-lived prime-time General Hospital: Night Shift.

She was portrayed by actress Kent King from 2005-10.


One of Lainey's first cases was helping Carly Corinthos recover from her breakdown. Since that time, she's been the resident therapist for anyone needing her help.

Lainey began dating Justus Ward, but when she started breaking dates with him, he assumed she was seeing someone else. When he followed her one night, he discovered it was her father. Lainey confided that her dad had Alzheimer's and she was his caretaker. Justus was supportive and they continued dating. Unfortunately, before their romance fully blossomed, Justus' association with Sonny Corinthos put Justice in harm's way and he was killed by Manny Ruiz.

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