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The Lavery mob family (formerly the McKay mob family) is a fictional mob organization on the ABC soap opera General Hospital first headed by Angus McKay, and later by his son Duke Lavery.


The McKay mob family first arrived in Port Charles in 1986. Duke Lavery was working for the mob, which was headed by Angus McKay. Angus and Duke both spent some time in prison because of their illegal activities. While in prison, it was revealed that Angus was actually Duke's father. Later, a man by the name of Jonathan Lawrence was arrested as the suspect of a hit and run. However, Jonathan was actually out for revenge against Duke and Angus for the murder of his look-alike cousin, Evan Jerome. When Angus committed suicide to end the McKay/Jerome feud once and for all, Angus's daughter Camellia and Duke were put on trial for Evan's murder. They were forced to reveal that Camellia had in fact killed Evan as he attempted to rape her. They were acquitted and Camellia left town, which didn't sit well with Evan's widow, Veronica, who later put a hit out on Camellia. Evan's father, Victor, however was able call off the hit.

By 1988, Duke was out of the mob, but his wife Anna Devane was kidnapped by Grant Putnam and Duke turned to the one person he knew had the contacts to find her, his rival Victor Jerome. Duke joined the Jerome mob, but Anna's ex-husband Robert Scorpio found her before Duke did. Duke was then trapped in the Jerome mob. Duke later faked his death in a warehouse explosion and entered the witness protection program. But, soon later a man named Jonathan Paget came to town and claimed to actually be Duke, even though he didn't look or sound like Duke. This man was caught in a shoot out with Julian Jerome in 1990 and died.

In 2012, Jerry Jacks blackmailed Dr. Ewen Keenan into kidnapping Duke's stepdaughter, Robin Scorpio-Drake, and faking her death. It was later revealed that a man appearing to be Duke, with his original face, was holding Robin and had been responsible for her kidnapping. Unbeknownst to most, this man was Cesar Faison who had taken Duke's identity. Faison then returned to Port Charles under the guise of Duke and explained that Jonathan Paget, was an imposter.

It was then revealed that Faison had been in Port Charles the previous December 2011, when Sonny Corinthos' accountant, Bernie Abrahms, was shot. Faison was working with Joe Scully, Jr., who wanted Sonny's assets. Faison had Bernie transfer all of Sonny's assets into his daughter Kristina's name. Joe in turn had his son Trey Mitchell marry Kristina, with the intent to kill her so that Trey would inherit everything.

When Bernie tried to tell Sonny's enforcer, Jason Morgan, about Faison in October of 2012, Joe shoots Bernie. Jason attempts to rescue Bernie and shoots Joe in self-defense. However Faison arrives shoots Jason, later kicking his body into the harbor. Bernie died from his gunshot wounds and Jason was presumed dead after divers were unable to recover his body from the water. Joe also died the next day from his injuries.

In November 2012, it was revealed that the real Duke, was actually alive, and being held hostage by Faison. Faison was only posing as Duke to get close to Duke's wife, Anna, with whom he has always been obsessed.

After being rescued and returning to Port Charles in 2013, Duke joins the Corinthos organization to help take down the Jeromes.

On May 1, 2015, Duke was shot in the stomach by Carlos Rivera under the orders of Julian Jerome. On May 2, Duke died of blood loss as a result of being shot.


  • Bruce (deceased) - Duke’s bodyguard
  • Bernie Abrahms (deceased) - Threatened by Faison into helping him
  • Jerry Jacks - Had Robin kidnapped for Faison with the help from Ewen Keenan
  • Ewen Keenan (deceased) - Had Robin kidnapped for Faison with the help from Jerry Jacks
  • Dr. Liesl Obrecht - Worked for Faison
  • Jonathan Paget (deceased) - Stole Duke's identity and posed as him
  • Cesar Faison (deceased) - Stole Duke's identity and posed as him
  • Joe Scully, Jr. (deceased) - Partnered with Faison
  • Angel Moran - Duke’s right hand man in the mid eighties during operation "tumble dry".

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