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Leo Falconeri
Aaron Bradshaw as Leo Falconeri
General Hospital
Portrayed by Unknown twins (2015)
Verity Jann (1 episode, 2015)
Unknown twins (2015)
Silas and Ezra (2015)
Unknown twins (2016)
Leo and Luca (2016-17)
Pressly James Crosby (2017)
Max Matenko (2018)
Aaron Bradshaw
Current status Recurring
Duration 2015-present
First appearance October 8, 2015
Created by Ron Carlivati
Introduced by Frank Valentini
Alias(es) Mateo Falconeri
Baby Boy Jerome[1]
Namesake(s) Leonardo da Vinci
Leonardo DiCaprio
Ethnicity Italian-American
Gender Male
Born May 2, 2015[2]
Metro Court Hotel
Port Charles, New York
Age 5
Residence Quartermaine Mansion
66 Harbor View Road
Port Charles, New York
Pressly James Crosby as Leo Falconeri
Leo and Luca as Leo Falconeri

Leonardo "Leo" Francisco Falconeri is a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital. He is the son of mob boss, Julian Jerome and Olivia Quartermaine.

He is also the product of a one night stand between two people who strongly dislike each other. He was conceived and born at the Metro Court Hotel. Julian and Olivia have since put aside their dislike for each other and are raising their son together. However on July 18, 2016, after finding out that he murdered Carlos and tried to murder Alexis, Olivia told Julian that he will no longer be a part of Leo's life. As of 2018, Julian is a part of Leo's life.

He was born onscreen on May 8, 2015.

Lisa LoCicero, who portrays Olivia, was pregnant with a little girl during this time so her pregnancy was written into the show. She went on maternity leave on June 4, 2015 and returned on August 14, 2015.



Leo was portrayed by a set of unknown twins on October 8-9, 2015.[12] They are pictured to the left.


Lisa also confirmed on Twitter that her daughter, Verity Jann, portrayed Leo for a few seconds on October 9, 2015.[13][14] Verity is pictured to the left.


He was portrayed by second set of unknown twins on October 13, 2015.[15] They are pictured to the left.


He was portrayed by twins Silas and Ezra during a few episodes from October 19 & 21 & 27, 2015.[16][17] They are pictured to the left.


He was portrayed by Unknown twins during two episodes January 19-20, 2016.[18][19] They are pictured to the left.

He was portrayed by twins Leo and Luca during a few episodes from March 17, 2016 to July 7, 2017.[20][21][22]

In a promo for December on the General Hospital twitter page, Leo is seen being portrayed by a different actor. On December 6, the role of Leo was recast with Pressly James Crosby.[23][24][25][26] The character has also been slightly aged, but it is unknown to how old.


Max Matenko took over the role of Leo in 2018.[27][28] Matenko appeared only once on August 24, 2018.

On October 24, 2018, Aaron Bradshaw made his debut as Leo.[29]



Leo's parents, Julian and Olivia

Leo was conceived just after midnight on New Year's Eve 2015 at the Metro Court Hotel. Julian and Olivia were both very upset about Ned Quartermaine and Alexis Davis being together on New Years instead of with them that they get a room and play cards. Then, they end up sleeping together. When Olivia woke up the next morning, she is mortified that she slept with Julian and leaves his room as fast as she can.

On February 13, (Valentine's Day on the show), Olivia finds out from the doctor that she is pregnant after initially believing she had the flu. She tells Ned right after. A few days later, Olivia tries to convince Ned that she was lying, but she eventually tells him that she wasn't, she just doesn't want Julian to know because she doesn't want her kid to grow up in his world. Ned tells her that he will do anything he can to help her.


When Olivia and Ned go to the hospital for an appointment when they run into Julian and Alexis and Julian finds out that she is pregnant and asks if he is the father. Before Julian can get answer, Ned steps in and says that he's Leo's father. Julian believes Ned's story but Alexis is a little skeptical because Ned did the same thing for her with Kristina. Eventually Alexis decides to let it go for now. On March 23, Olivia feels Leo kick.

Sam eventually finds out that the baby is Julian's when she overhears Olivia and Ned talking. At the Nurses' Ball, Sam confronts Olivia and she begs Sam not to tell Julian but in the end she has know choice but to tell the truth.

On October 27, it is revealed that Julian and Olivia have agreed to share custody of Leo as he's out of the mob.


Olivia tells Julian that he will no longer be a part of Leo's life

However on July 18, 2016, after finding out that he murdered Carlos and tried to murder Alexis, Olivia told Julian that he will no longer be a part of Leo's life.

It was revealed that Julian was forced to do everything mob related that he did by his not so dead sister, Olivia Jerome.

In April 2017, when Julian was arrested and jailed again, Olivia tried to get him to sign over his rights to Leo and let Ned be his legal father but he said no. In June 2017, Olivia asked him to sign over his rights again but he refused again so she told him she would see him in court. Ned eventually talked Olivia out of going to court and to just let it play out. As of 2018, Julian is a part of Leo's life.

Through his mother's marriage, he gained Ned Quartermaine as a stepfather and father figure.



Arriving at the hospital with his mom

Leo was born onscreen May 8, 2015 to Olivia Falconeri with the help of Dr. Patrick Drake and Sam Morgan and the support of Ned Quartermaine. At the Metro Court Hotel, after the Nurses' Ball, Sam and Patrick confront Ned and Olivia about Julian being the father of her baby and Olivia begs her not to tell Julian right as he and Alexis walk in. Julian asks Sam what's going on and she has no choice but tell him the truth. Right after Julian finds out, Olivia's goes into labor and soon after her water breaks. Patrick checks her and finds out that she is too far along to deliver at the hospital, so she must deliver at the Metro Court. Julian is forced to leave the room with Alexis because he is starts stressing Olivia out. Olivia pushes a few times and when the baby is born, Sam announces that it's a boy.

After giving birth, Olivia and the baby are taken to the hospital with Ned (Patrick and Sam) by their side and Julian and Alexis not far behind. When they arrive, Olivia and the baby are taken into a room and examined. He is then taken to the NICU where he stays until his mom and Ned with the help of Dr. Obrecht, fake his death. Ned takes him out of town and Olivia follows shortly after.

When Olivia returns in August, she reveals that she named her son Leonardo, Leo for short and that he is with Ned and Brook Lynn in Bensonhurst. Olivia also starts having thoughts about keeping Leo from his father when she finds out that he might not be in the mob anymore but decides against telling him when Julian is arrested.


Olivia gets caught with Leo

On October 8, Olivia tells Dante that she has his little brother in town at the Metro Court with a nanny to which Dante replys "Is that a good idea?". Olivia states that she wants her whole family together. Later on, while at the Metro Court, Olivia is walking around with Leo when they run into Julian, who asks her who the baby is. Olivia lies to Julian and tells him that she adopted Leo and that his name is Mateo. Later on, Olivia takes Leo to meet his big brother, Dante, who is surprised to him. They talk for while and Dante mentions that Olivia can't keep this a secret forever because Leo will start to resemble his parents eventually and for Olivia and Leo's sakes, he better take after his mom. Then he meets Alexis at the Metro Court and she holds him and after they leave Alexis takes the pacifier that Olivia forgot, presumably to run his DNA against Julian's.


Leo with his mom and Morgan

Days later, Alexis tells Julian the results of the DNA test she ran on Mateo and tells him Leo is alive and that Olivia lied to him. Julian asked Alexis if she was sure, to which she says she's positive "I tested the baby's pacifier and your toothbrush." Julian starts freaking out and says "I'm taking my baby home". Alexis tells him he will have to get a court order since she did not legally get the DNA for the test and his name is not on Leo's birth certificate. Meanwhile, Leo meets Morgan. Later on, Julian shows up at the Metro Court to confront Olivia and demands he take his son home but Olivia refuses saying he has no right to be Leo's father.


Julian, again, threatens to take Leo but Olivia calls security, who threatened to throw him out. Soon after, Alexis arrives and calms Julian down and they talk, while Olivia takes a step back with Leo. After calming down, Julian and Olivia have a civil conversation, where he reassures her that he is out of the mob and they agree to settle custody out of court and raise their son together. Julian then holds Leo and properly introduces himself to his son.


Family photo in ugly Christmas sweaters

Olivia ask Dante and Lulu to be his Godparents and later she lets Julian see him at his and Alexis' house there he meets his two older half siblings Sam and Lucas. On October 29 (Halloween on the show), Dante told Sonny that he and Lulu took Leo and Rocco trick or treating. Olivia tell's Julian and Alexis that she is pretty sure that while Leo was babbling he said mama. Later, Alexis invites him and his mother, Oilvia to her and Julian's house for Thanksgiving. Olivia says that she doesn't know what Dante and Rocco's plans are but that they will definitely stop by. He and his mother go to his father, Julian and Alexis' house for Thanksgiving. Olivia tells Julian that she got the three of them (her, him and Leo) matching Christmas sweaters. Later on, she tells Alexis that Julian already invited her and Leo over to their house for Christmas.


Leo at the PCPD with his mom and Alexis

On January 6, 2016, Olivia gives Julian a framed picture of the three of them (him, her and Leo) in their Christmas sweaters for him to put up in his and Alexis' house. A few days later, Olivia takes Leo to mommy and me yoga, the same class that his cousin, Avery and aunt Ava are in. Afterwards, while meeting with the Mayor, Olivia tries to breastfeed Leo and the Mayor becomes disgusted and Olivia gets aggressive. Then Olivia, along with Leo, are escorted out of the hotel by the Mayor's security. It is later revealed that Olivia was arrested and she and Leo were taken to the PCPD. Later on, Olivia calls Julian to come get Leo from the police station. While at the station, Olivia breastfeeds Leo and the Mayor drops the charges and Leo goes home with his parents and Alexis.

On February 10, we find out the Leo is in the pictures with his mother that will be in Crimson to showcase breastfeeding. On February 18, his babysitter drops him off at the Metro Court to be with his mother.



On March 17, Olivia arrives at GH with Leo to get her hives treated, when they run into Dr. Obrecht, who offers to that Leo to the hospital daycare but instead she gives him to Franco so he can practice having a child. Leo ends in a hospital laundry cart after being put there by Franco after he gets a phone call. Later on, he is found by a nurse and taken to the daycare. He is then reunited with his mother, who was none the wiser to what happened.

On April 21, Olivia shows Julian a video of Leo standing and they agree that Leo will be walking soon. On April 27, 2016, Leo is seen with his father and Alexis.

On January 27, 2017, Leo had to get his stomach pumped after he was given sugar pills that was thought to be aspirin by his aunt Olivia Jerome.

On April 28, 2017, during Tracy Quartermaine's "judgement day" dream sequence, the dream version of Scott Baldwin mentions that when Lorenzo Alcazar died, he was reincarnated as Leo Falconeri rather than a poodle.


Nephew Rocco


Nephew Danny and niece Scout

On June 28, Olivia revealed that Leo and Rocco will be co-ring bearers at her and Ned's wedding.

On July 7, Leo is seen walking down the aisle with Rocco and Charlotte at his mom and Ned's wedding.

On December 6, Leo heard calling Ned "dad" and then he went to see santa with his mom, dad, Ned and his biological father, Julian.


On August 24, 2018, Leo is seen at the park bonding with Julian and Ava. Later on, he fell out of a tree and got the wind knocked out of him.

On October 24, Leo is seen at Charlie's with his parents.

Health and Vitals

  • Born severely premature [May 2, 2015; shown on May 8, 2015; conceived on New Year's Eve]
  • Wasn't breathing when he was born (was placed on a ventilator) [May 2, 2015; shown on May 8, 2015]
  • Presumed dead (His mother and Ned faked his death to keep him away from his father's business) [May 19-Oct 20, 2015]
  • Had a cold [revealed Dec 10, 2015]
  • Had to get his stomach pumped as a precaution after Ned found him with an open bottle of aspirin and was admitted to the hospital for observation (were actually sugar pills given to him by his aunt Olivia Jerome, as a way to scare his father, Julian) [revealed Jan 17, 2017; revealed Jan 19, 2017]
  • Fell out of a tree and got the wind knocked out of him [Aug 24, 2018]

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