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Lethe Unlimited is a multinational company which was the parent company of the Crichton-Clark Clinic.


In Greek mythology, the Lethe (meaning "oblivion", "forgetfulness", or "concealment") was one of Hades' five underworld rivers. If a person drank from this river which flowed around the cave of Hypnos, they would experience complete forgetfulness.


On August 31, 2021, at the Metro Court, Anna Devane, Dante Falconeri, and Sam McCall discuss the new information on Drew Cain's plane crash that was just revealed. Anna says that Drew's plane was a chartered flight that went down over the Gulf of Aden. There was someone else onboard who had a ticket purchased by Lethe Unlimited.

Sam wants to know how long the W.S.B. been holding this information. Dante says he thought there was supposed to be a thorough investigation back in 2019. He asks why they are just hearing about Lethe Unlimited now. Anna says there must be a reason that there is more to this crash than they have been told.

Sam suggests Drew is still alive. Anna says the W.S.B. had full control of the investigation. Omitting the passenger's name was done deliberately. Sam wonders if this passenger is connected to the W.S.B. but Anna can't say as she has clearance issues. The W.S.B. blocked her because of being compromised by Peter August.

Dante wonders if this information is even accurate. Anna says she has talked to the W.S.B. and can only redeem herself by taking down Peter. Dante says that it is presumed that Peter brought down Drew's plane and Anna may have alerted the person who is trying to cover this up by requesting Drew's files. Anna suggests the request for the file would have been denied.

Sam says that the W.S.B. may have only given Anna what they want her to see. Anna says it is a major coverup if the file has been altered. Dante suggests the Cassadines used Crichton-Clark. They discuss the various prisoners including Drew. Sam thinks the W.S.B. took down Drew's plane. Anna says it is a reach but Sam says there is a big gap in the file. Dante wonders why the W.S.B. wouldn't just wipe Lethe Unlimited and the anonymous passenger from the record.

Sam thinks someone within the bureau did it. Dante suggests the W.S.B. may have missed all of Victor Cassadine's allies after his death. Anna says this person had the authority to conceal the identity of the anonymous passenger but wouldn't have enough reach to eliminate the records. This person would have to be working at the bureau in 2019.

Anna says that Lethe Unlimited is a multinational company with varied interests which has employees all around the globe. This anonymous passenger could just be a coincidence. Since Drew's flight was leaving from Addis Ababa, Dante reveals that Lethe Unlimited do have an office in that city. He asks Anna if she thinks this passenger was a Lethe Unlimited executive who just happened to grab a seat on the chartered flight that Peter was sabotaging and got caught up in it.

Sam wonders why they would conceal the passenger's name if that was the case. Anna concludes that the passenger was significant and that's why their identity was omitted. Dante says they just need to find out who the passenger is. Anna wonders if there is a connection to Victor's tenure at the W.S.B. Sam thinks it may be simpler and the passenger was connected to Drew.

On September 3, Sam tells Curtis Ashford about Lethe Unlimited being involved in Drew's plane crash. Curtis wonders why the name sounds familiar and Sam says it was the parent company for the Crichton-Clark Clinic. Sam says that Drew and Nina were there. Curtis remembers that he ran into that name when searching for Nina's daughter. He might know someone who worked at the clinic.

On September 6, Curtis updates Portia Robinson and tells Sam that he asked Phyllis Caulfield who worked as a nurse for Nina Reeves at Crichton-Clark. Phyllis gave Curtis the contact information for a man she worked with in the records department. He dealt with both patients, and the parent company.

Victor is revealed to be the owner of Lethe Unlimited and he hires a man to kill the records department employee Roger Barstow before Curtis, Portia, and Jordan all end up at Roger's house together. Jordan finds Roger's body and Curtis knocks out the killer who locked Jordan and Portia in the basement with a broken gas pipe.

On February 21, 2022 in a Swiss W.S.B. facility, Agent Muller searches for Peter, who is on the run with Maxie Jones, under various company names including Lethe Unlimited, which is suggested by Drew. Dante doesn't think Peter would be connected to one of Victor's properties. Muller searches her computer for properties that have been acquired in the area and finds a hit.