Lila McCall
Baby Lila in her mother's dream
General Hospital
Created by Robert Guza, Jr.
Charles Pratt, Jr.
Introduced by Jill Farren Phelps
Alias(es) Lila Morgan
Lila McCall
Namesake(s) Lila Quartermaine
  • Cuban-American
  • Greek-American
  • Irish-American
  • Russian-American
  • Swedish-American
  • Gender Female
    Born November 8, 2004
    General Hospital
    Port Charles, New York
    Died November 8, 2004
    General Hospital
    Port Charles, New York
    Cause of death Stillbirth
    Title Russian royalty

    Baby Girl McCall was the stillborn daughter of mob boss, Sonny Corinthos and his ex-mistress, Sam McCall. Her intended legal father was former mob boss, Jason Morgan, and she was going to be named Lila Morgan after Jason's late grandmother, Lila Quartermaine.



    Sam pregnant of Lila

    Sam discovers she is pregnant while she is dating Sonny Corinthos. However, she is unsure of who the father is, because she also slept with Jasper Jacks the night of Port Charles hotel fire.

    During the pregnancy, Sonny breaks up with Sam, and returns to his wife, Carly, and their family. Jason Morgan offers to help raise the little girl after learning that Sam is pregnant. Jason and Sam plan to marry before the little girl arrives but don't.


    Jason, Sam and Lila in Sam's fantasy

    When Kristina Corinthos-Davis was suffering from leukemia and required a bone marrow transplant, the little girl was found to be a match, and doctors said that Kristina would need the stem cells from the little girl's umbilical cord. Sam needed to induce an early labor to give the stem cells, but she refused, afraid for her daughter's life. However, Alexis Davis, Kristina's mother, confronted Sam, and yelled at her until she agrees to induce labor.

    Sam, though, collapsed during the confrontation from abruptio placentae, where the placenta suddenly detached, cutting off the little girl's blood and oxygen.[2] Doctors immediately performed a C-section on Sam, but her daughter was stillborn. Sonny allows them to take the little girl's umbilical cord for the stem cells needed to save Kristina's life.


    Lila's tombstone

    On her headstone, it says says "Baby Girl McCall." She died before her parents made her name official. The name "Lila" had been decided on after Jason’s grandmother, Lila Quartermaine, died while Sam was pregnant. Sam asked Jason if she could name her daughter Lila in honor of her, especially since Lila's maiden name was Morgan; Sam said there'd be another Lila Morgan, and Jason told her that his grandmother would love it, if they gave the baby her name.

    Jason, her surrogate father, was the only person out of all of Lila's family members that ever got to see or hold her before she was buried. He described her as having dark, curly hair and a face shaped like Sam's.

    Jason also planned her memorial service, since Sam was in no position to do it herself. After the funeral, Jason and Sam grieved for Lila together and helped each other heal.

    On September 20, 2005, an amnesiac Jason ended up at Lila's tombstone and then Sam showed up.

    In 2006, Mother Sam had a nightmare that Manny kidnapped alive Lila but also had dream that she was with her adopted brother Danny was taken care of her daughter Lila in heaven.

    On November 8, 2006, Mother Sam visited her daughter's gravesite on what would've been her second birthday.

    2006,Sam and Jason got into a fight when he gave her Lila pink blanket intended for Lila if she was still alive results in Sam and Jason break up.

    May 2007,Sam got drunk after finding out Jason’s is the father of Liz’s son Jake she mentioned Lila.

    June 2007,Her father Sonny Mentions Lila as he found out about her mother Sam aliases and addresses Jason as he said Sam tried to trap him with a baby (referring to their stillborn daughter Lila).

    2007,Lucky mention Sam’s daughter Lila as a “miscarriage”when they had a fight about Liz and Jason son Jake Spencer being kidnapped her mother Sam.

    On June 25, 2007, Mother Sam visited her daughter's gravesite and talked to her about Jason having a son Jake with Liz.

    During Lila younger brother Danny birth her mother Sam mentioned Lila birth on June 1,2012.

    2012,When younger Danny was presumed dead Lila was mentioned by mother Sam in the hospital after fighting with Jason over Danny “death”.

    2017,When her mother Sam was pregnant with her younger sister Scout Dr.Lee mention Sam had a “miscarriage“in the past referring to stillborn Lila.

    On November 10, 2017, Jason tells Scout Cain about her older sister.


    I would’ve given up if I didn’t have you to hold on too.

    On August 21, 2018, the day of Michael's "son's" funeral, Jason and Sam remember about Lila. In the fall of 2018, it will be 14 years since Lila's death.

    Sam also told Jason "I would not have survived losing Lila without you, you know that; I would’ve given up if I didn’t have you to hold on too."


    Lila’s New Headstone (Baby Girl Lila McCall).

    As of November 8, 2020 Lila McCall would've been 16 years old when hit her 16th death anniversary.

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    Photo gallery

    • Sam finds out she's pregnant
    • Sam goes to an abortion clinic
    • Sam decides not to get the abortion
    • Sam decides on adoption
    • Sam tries to escape out of a window at the adoption facility
    • Sonny confronts Sam about the baby
    • Sam falls down the stairs
    • Sam and Jason after the fall
    • Lila during an ultrasound
    • Sam during an ultrasound
    • Sam gets an amnio
    • Sam, Sonny, and Jax find out that neither of them are father
    • Sam knew that Sonny was the father
    • Sam and Jason agree that he will raise her baby
    • Sam tells Jason that she miscarried
    • Sam has cramps
    • Sam has a pregnancy scare and Jason takes her to the hospital
    • Incompetent cervix
    • Nico grabs a pregnant Sam
    • Nico holds a pregnant Sam hostage at gunpoint
    • Jason saves Sam and the baby from Nico (Sam falls to the ground for the second time)
    • Sam and Jason during an ultrasound
    • Sam talks to baby Lila
    • Nico grabs a pregnant Sam again and Carly saves her
    • Sam falls to the ground for the third time
    • Baby Lila kicks
    • Sam starts showing
    • Nico throws a pregnant Sam into a chair
    • Jason saves Sam and the baby from Nico again
    • Ultrasound
    • IT'S A GIRL!!!!
    • Sam tells Sonny that their baby is a girl
    • Sam holds Baby Lila in her fantasy
    • Jason holds Baby Lila in her fantasy
    • Sam and Jason decide to name the baby...Lila
    • Pregnant Sam is arrested
    • Sam during her pregnancy
    • Sam has Braxton Hicks contractions for the first time
    • Sam and Sonny during her pregnancy (Sonny talks to Lila)
    • Sam and Jason during her pregnancy
    • Sam has Braxton Hicks contractions again
    • Pregnant Sam and Jason on the docks
    • Sam falls at the PCPD
    • Lila has the hiccups
    • Baby Lila
    • Sam and Jason at an ultrasound
    • Sam has labor pains
    • Sam has a C-section
    • Jason holds baby Lila
    • Jason tells Sam that her baby died
    • Sam and Jason grieve for baby Lila
    • At Lila's funeral
    • Sam and Jason say goodbye at baby Lila's grave
    • Visiting Lila's gravesite in 2005
    • Sam visits Lila's gravesite on what would have been her second birthday (November 2006)
    • Sam visits Lila's gravesite in June 2007
    • Visiting Lila's gravesite in 2018
    • Officially Name Lila McCall On Her New Headstone.
    • Stillborn Lila New Headstone Buried Baby Girl Lila McCall.


    1. In 2013, it is stated that Dino had died in prison.
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