Linc Brown
Dan Buran as Linc Brown
General Hospital
Portrayed by Dan Buran
Current status Recurring
Duration 2020-present
First appearance January 13, 2020
Created by Shelly Atman
Chris Van Etten
Introduced by Frank Valentini
Gender Male
Occupation Music producer

Linc Brown is a fictional character on the ABC Soap opera General Hospital.

He was portrayed by actor Dan Buran from January 13 to March 4, 2020 and returned on May 21.


When Brook Lynn Quartermaine returns to Port Charles on November 18, 2019, she is first seen at Charlie's Pub arguing with Linc on the phone. He claims that he owns her but he doesn’t owe her.

Linc calls Brook Lynn again on December 6, 2019 to harass her. Brook Lynn tells her father Ned Quartermaine that she signed a deal with a record producer named Linc and she has to record three albums with him. She implied that he expected sexual favors as well but she made it clear that wasn’t going to happen and dropped him as a producer.


On January 13-14, 2020, Brook Lynn announces to her family that she has changed her last name to Quartermaine so she can sing at The Floating Rib. Linc finds Brook Lynn at The Floating Rib and tells her if she performs tonight, she will be in breach of contract. He grabs her butt and she punches him. Lulu Spencer tries to stop Linc and Dustin Phillips grabs Linc and pins him against the wall. Linc fights with Dustin and elbows him in the face. Lulu and Brook Lynn hit Linc to stop the fight. Brook Lynn accidentally hits Detective Harrison Chase with a beer bottle and all four of them are arrested.

On February 7, 2020, Linc meets with Brook Lynn and Ned. Linc denies sexually harassing Brook Lynn. Ned gives a check to Linc and says this is a one-time offer. It is later revealed that Linc is working with Martin Gray.

On February 17, Linc turned down Ned’s offer and Brook Lynn has no way out of her contract. She works as a hostess at the Metro Court Hotel until Olivia fires her after Brook Lynn is late for her job.

On March 3, Linc is threatened to be thrown in the water by Julian Jerome if Linc doesn’t drop the contract. Julian is being blackmailed by Brook Lynn to work with her. Linc tells Brook Lynn that he will release her from her singing contract if she gives him her ELQ shares. It is revealed that Linc is working for Valentin Cassadine as well as Martin.

On March 4, Linc met with Brook Lynn at the Metro Court. She yelled at him and he said he wanted her ELQ shares. Brook Lynn asked if Linc even knew what ELQ was but he refused to answer her questions. Brook Lynn asked why he wanted the shares and he claimed he had no ulterior motive and he only wanted the best deal. Brook Lynn told him the shares would only be worth what someone else would be willing to pay for them. Linc asked her if it was worth her freedom. When Olivia saw Linc arguing with Brook Lynn, she walked by the table and asked if there was a problem. Linc quickly left.

On March 24, Valentin calls Linc and says he wants Michael and Brook Lynn’s shares now. Later, after her father fires her from ELQ, Brook Lynn calls Linc and says she is ready to take his deal.

On May 21, Brook Lynn overhears from her father that someone is competing for ELQ shares. She calls Linc since she knows he is still in town and asks to see him. When they meet, she wants to know who received her shares. Linc said that this person wants to be anonymous and Brook Lynn threatens to reveal how Linc harassed her. Valentin walks up to them and sits down to talk to Brook Lynn in Linc’s place.

Crimes Committed

  • Sexually harassed Brook Lynn Quartermaine by requesting sexual favors for a recording contract [revealed Dec 6, 2019]
  • Harassed Brook Lynn on the phone several times [revealed Dec 6, 2019]
  • Grabbed Brook Lynn’s hand [Jan 13, 2020]
  • Sexually assaulted Brook Lynn by grabbing her butt without her consent [Jan 13, 2020]
  • Got into a fight with Dustin Phillips and elbowed him in the face [Jan 14, 2020]
  • Bribed Brook Lynn for her ELQ shares if he releases her from her singing contract with him [Mar 3-24, 2020; under the orders of Valentin Cassadine]

Health & Vitals

  • Punched by Brook Lynn Quartermaine [Jan 13, 2020]
  • Grabbed and pinned against the wall by Dustin Phillips [Jan 13, 2020]
  • Punched by Dustin [Jan 14, 2020]
  • Hit by Lulu Spencer and Brook Lynn [Jan 14, 2020]
  • Threatened by Brook Lynn to have his hand "cut off" if he touched her butt again [Feb 7, 2020]
  • Assaulted and threatened by Julian Jerome to be tossed into freezing water if he didn't release Brook Lynn from her singing contract [Mar 3, 2020]
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