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Lookout Point is also known as Vista Point/The Point.


Sam McCall, Jason Morgan, and their son Danny Morgan watch fireworks at Hangman's Bridge

The Point, as it's often referred to, is a high vantage point that sits steeply in the woods of Port Charles. It's been the spot of many outings and events in the past and is known as one of the best places in town to watch fireworks. This is where Maxie Jones and Damian Spinelli often go to think.

In May 2002, an upset and foggy minded Carly Benson drove her car off of one the steep cliffs, causing it to plunge into the lake.

In early 2003, Carly pushed Courtney Matthews' car off of the same cliff in order to cover up her involvement in Elizabeth Webber's hit-and-run.

In August 2007, Logan Hayes took Lulu Spencer on a picnic date here. In winter 2007, Lorenzo Alcazar kidnapped Lulu, and ordered her exchange to take place at The Point. Hangman's Bridge is located in this general area.

In February 2008, Diego Alcazar had planned to hang Sam McCall and Elizabeth Webber off the bridge as a final stand in his role as the Text Message Killer. Right as they arrived, Elizabeth attacked Diego, causing the car to swerve off the bridge and hang there, swaying back and forth. All three lived, but Diego was soon after killed, when he accidentally hangs himself from the bridge.

In December 2008, Johnny Zacchara and Lulu went there to look at the stars. This is when Johnny was almost arrested for lewd behavior in November.

Lookout Point is located on the same road as Shadybrook Sanitarium, and meets Harbor View Road/Drive and Old Bluff Road at a three-way intersection. This is why there are a lot of accidents in this area including Jason’s motorcycle accident in 2020.