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Lucille March-Weeks
200px-Lucille Wall
Lucille Wall as Lucille March-Weeks
General Hospital
Portrayed by Lucille Wall (1963–76, 1982)
Mary Grace Canfield (1978)
Duration 1963–76, 1978, 1982
First appearance April 1963 (on GH)
Last appearance 1982 (on GH)
Created by Frank and Doris Hursley
Introduced by James Young (GH)
Birth name Lucille March
Gender Female
Title Nurse at GH

Nurse Lucille March-Weeks, RN was a fictional character on the popular ABC soap opera General Hospital. Lucille Wall originated the role on the fourteenth episode of the series. Wall won a special Emmy Award for her portrayal of Lucille, as well as an award for Outstanding Individual Contribution to Daytime Drama in 1975 at the Afternoon TV Writers and Editors Awards.


Lucille March is the senior nurse on the seventh floor of General Hospital. One of Lucille's first patients is troubled Angie Costello, who is badly injured in a car accident caused by her boyfriend, Eddie Weeks. Gruff on the surface but hiding a heart of gold, she is nicknamed "Sarge" by her student nurse charges. In 1964, her sister Audrey March comes to visit and gets involved with Dr. Steve Hardy. In 1974, Lucille marries Eddie's father, Al Weeks, a widower who is a custodian at the hospital. Throughout the years, Lucille gives advice to her sister. In 1976, she retires to a farm in upstate New York, and Audrey becomes Head Nurse. Lucille pays a visit to Port Charles in 1982, having earlier invited niece Annie Logan and her adopted son Jeremy to pay her a visit.

Positions held at General Hospital

Predecessor Head Nurse Successor
Lucille March
Audrey Hardy
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