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Luke's Blues Club was a popular night club in the city of Port Charles, New York.


Originally Luke's Club was a strip club called The Paradise Lounge, owned by Sonny Corinthos. The club was later shut down by Sean Donely in 1993 after Sonny hired under aged women one of whom included Karen Wexler. Sonny also lived in an apartment above the club for a number of years with residents including Stone Cates and Brenda Barrett.

The bar at Luke's club

Luke hosting at his club. (1997)

A year later, Sonny and Luke Spencer came up with the idea to turn the former Paradise Lounge into a blues club. When Sonny's father Mike Corbin, arrived in town Luke hired him as the Maître'd'. In February 1995, while Sonny, Brenda, Lucky Spencer, Luke and Laura celebrated the impending opening, the club was firebombed. Sonny found out that Frank Smith's lawyer, Phil Cusack was trying to move in on Sonny's territory. Sonny non-violently dealt with the goons who bombed Luke's, and Cusack was later found dead.

Luke's opened in February 1995 and featured a grand opening performance by B.B King. The following month, Felicia Jones goes into labor while at the club forcing Tony Jones and Simone Hardy to deliver her daughter Georgie Jones. Sonny sold his shares of the club to Lucy Coe later that year. The club also featured an office which Luke used quite frequently.

In February 1996, an amnesic Jason Morgan flipped over a table in a rage and stormed out of the club where he met Sonny Corinthos, who gave him money for a ride home. In April of 1996, Lois Cerullo books the R&B group All 4 One for the Ward House Benefit at Luke's. Later that year Lily Corinthos was killed in a car bomb outside of the club.

In 1997, Nikolas Cassadine became the victim of mob violence when he was shot in the throat outside of Luke's with a bullet intended for Jason Morgan. Jason then performed a tracheotomy and ultimately saved Nikolas' life.

In 1999, the country band SHeDAISY performed at the club.

The club was last seen in late 2003 and was later said to have been closed after Luke reacquired the Haunted Star.

In 2018, Ava Jerome revealed that the club burned down several years earlier and that the Jerome Gallery was built on the former site.

When Mike was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, Sonny arranged to bring back Luke's club for a one night only event at the Metro Court Hotel in April 2018.