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The Marick Clinic is a medical facility in London, England.


On May 15, 2017, Anna wakes up in a London hospital. Her nurse, Sister Caroline Crane, tells her that Dr. Lancaster thought she would be unable to speak when she woke up. Caroline called her Dr. Alex Marick and Anna said in her head that she is Anna, not Alex. Anna grabbed her hand as Caroline was about to get the doctor and Anna passed out.

Dr. Lancaster injected a syringe into Anna's IV and said the patient needed to always be sedated. They didn’t want her to hurt herself.

Anna was frozen inside her body. Caroline told her to rest. Anna tried to resist the urge to sleep. As Anna reaches for her IV, Caroline stopped her. Anna said out loud that her name is Anna Devane.

Caroline said that Anna was confused since it was her clinic. Anna didn’t know how she ended up in her twin’s clinic but she suspected Dr. Lancaster was involved and she was there against her will.

Dr. Lancaster appeared in the room claiming he had heard voices. Caroline covered for Anna by claiming she was talking to the patient. Dr. Lancaster said he wanted to know when the patient woke up.

Anna tried to rip her IV out and felt disoriented. Caroline put down the syringe in her hand and explained that Anna was in the Marick Clinic and told Anna the date. Anna realized she had been drugged for two months.

Anna was worried about her blood cancer treatments but Caroline told her that Dr. Lancaster had arranged for regular phlebotomy sessions. Anna remembered visiting her sister and passing out in Alex’s office. She concluded that Alex must have drugged her. Caroline said that Alex never mentioned a sister. Anna admitted that she wasn’t close with her sister. Caroline said that Alex did not have the same blood cancer as Anna.

Anna told Caroline to check the internet for confirmation on her story. She returns later and says she didn’t get a chance and also forgot to bring the phone that Anna asked her for. Dr. Lancaster appeared at the door. Anna grabbed the syringe that Caroline had sent down and jabbed it into Dr. Lancaster’s neck. After Dr. Lancaster passed out, Anna asks for a change of clothes.

Alex is later called by Dr. Lancaster. He warns her that Anna had escaped the clinic and was on her way back to Port Charles.