Martin Grey
General Hospital
Portrayed by Michael E. Knight
Current status Recurring
Duration 2019-present
First appearance September 30, 2019
Created by Chris Van Etten
Dan O'Connor
Introduced by Frank Valentini
Nickname(s) Marty (by Martin's friends)
Gender Male
Occupation Attorney

Martin Grey is a fictional character on the ABC Soap opera General Hospital. He is the son of Gordon and Florence Grey, the brother of drug kingpin, Cyrus Renault and the paternal half-brother of mayor Laura Collins.

He has been portrayed by soap vet Michael E. Knight since the character's introduction on September 30, 2019.


On August 20, 2019, various sources announced that soap veteran Michael E. Knight, known for his roles of Tad Martin on All My Children and Dr. Simon Neville on The Young and the Restless, would join the cast of GH in a mysterious role.[1]

On September 18, 2019, it was revealed that Knight would not be reprising his role of Tad Martin on GH, but would be portraying a new character.[2]

On September 27, 2019, his character's name was revealed to be Martin Grey.[3]

His first airdate was on September 30, 2019.

On October 31, 2019, it was revealed that Knight's stint as Martin Grey was originally supposed to be short-term and that his time on GH will be extended as he sticks around for two possible storylines.[4][5][6]

He made his last appearance for the time being on February 12, 2020.

On April 26, 2020, it was revealed that Knight will be making his way back on-screen during the week of May 4. He returned on May 5, 2020.


Martin Grey is a well-known attorney and has no problem taking on questionable cases in court.

He is later revealed to be the biological brother of drug kingpin, Cyrus Renault, with their mother being Florence Grey. According to Martin, Cyrus was wild and he didn't want anything to do with Cyrus's world. Since their father was the late Gordon Grey, Laura Collins is their paternal half-sister.

Martin also blames Cyrus for the death of their father since Cyrus ran him over with his car.


On September 30, 2019, Martin Grey first appeared when he visited the incarcerated Nelle Benson at Pentonville as her lawyer to go over her case with her. Martin admitted that her case did not look good for her. When Nelle insisted that she changed her ways and truly felt remorse for her crimes, Martin agreed to help her by representing her at her upcoming parole hearing.

On October 9, Kim Nero hired Martin to represent Franco Baldwin, who at the moment thinks he is Chief Petty Officer Andrew Cain. Kim wanted Martin to help prove to a judge that "Drew" is capable of making his own decisions and is not mentally incompetent and plus Kim hopes for her second chance at a happy life with "Drew." Martin suggested that they do all they can to prove he is "Drew" and that "Franco" is gone, even using the real Drew's medals and everything to try to prove it.

On October 16, Martin represented Nelle at her parole hearing and after they both pleaded Nelle's case, the board decided to deny the parole request for the time being.

On October 22, Martin gave Franco Drew's military outfit to wear at his hearing and then reminded Franco that they must prove he is Drew Cain. He eventually left and went to Kelly's to talk to Elizabeth Webber and Scott Baldwin about the case and how Franco means no ill will towards Elizabeth and her boys but Scott said that he shouldn't be talking to her at all.

They eventually got to the courthouse where Franco's hearing began. Martin was trying to prove that "Franco Baldwin" no longer exists and that he's now "Chief Andrew Cain" while Scott was trying to prove that Franco was not mentally competent. Scott called Cameron Webber to the stand and Cameron told the court about what happened when Shiloh and Dr. Arthur Cabot held him captive and tried to implant Drew's memories into him. He also revealed that Franco took his place and that his last words were "Tell your mom I love her and that I will be back." Martin suggested that Cameron could have been lying and was badgering him but Franco told Martin to leave Cameron alone.

Elizabeth was called to the stand where Scott questioned her about why they were there and Elizabeth explained that she loves her husband and that is why she is fighting for him. Martin brought up the time when Elizabeth kept "Jake Doe's" identity from him after she learned he was Jason Morgan even though he was actually his twin, Andrew Cain. Elizabeth admitted the truth but said that it had nothing to do with Franco's situation. Scott managed to mitigate any damage to try to salvage their case by asking if it was a mistake to keep "Jake Doe" in the dark about being Jason Morgan and Elizabeth admitted she was wrong to do it.

Jason Morgan was called to the stand where he was questioned by Scott first. Jason answered Scott's questions honestly about him valuing Drew's life over Franco's and how he went from being a med student to who he is today.

When Kim was called to the stand, Scott questioned her about the time she drugged the real Drew and attempted to concieve a new child. Martin questioned "Drew" about when he was deployed and how long he was in Afghanistan and asked him if he recalled what Kim said. Franco recalled it clearly and Scott revealed that in July 2010 while Drew was in Turkey that Franco was at Los Angeles where he killed that cameraman.

Kevin Collins was called to the stand and was asked if he believed that Franco was imcompetent but to everyone's surprise, Kevin said no. When Martin questioned Kevin and asked the same question, Kevin repeated his answer which surprised him. Eventually, after a brief recess, the judge came back and ruled in favor of Franco being competent and in full capacity to make his own decisions. Kim and Franco thanked Martin for his services and Martin said good luck to "Drew."

On November 7, Martin visited Nelle in prison and questioned her about having a husband and Nelle told him that she is a widow. She asked for Martin's help in getting out of prison and Martin said he wasn't sure he wanted to represent her anymore. However, when Nelle told him that she would pay him for his services when she recieves a large sum of money she believes she is owed, he agreed to help her, even saying that his friends call him Marty. After Martin left the visiting room, he called Valentin Cassadine and said that a whole new avenue just opened up in a project that Valentin wanted him to explore.

On November 26, Martin visited Jasper Jacks and Mayor Laura Collins and asked about Helena Cassadine's portrait. He inquired about doing business with them and would not reveal the identity of his "anonymous client." Since Martin didn't get anywhere with Laura or Jax, he left them his card but left his tablet behind. Eventually, Martin came back for it and then left again.

When he paid Valentin a visit, it was revealed that he recorded a conversation between Laura and Jax and Valentin found out that they were looking for a codicil which would take the Cassadine Estate away from him. Valentin asked Martin to keep tabs on his great-nephew Spencer Cassadine since he believes that it is Spencer coming after him. Martin asked if Valentin was planning to kill Spencer and Valentin said no but he needed leverage if Hayden Barnes, Laura, and Jax got to the codicil first. Martin agreed to help Valentin keep a close eye on Spencer.

On December 5, Martin and Valentin broke into Ava Jerome's gallery to steal the portrait. Martin was now regretting his decision to be "grey" and insisted he was an attorney, not a criminal and Valentin said it was the same thing. Eventually, a masked man came in and Valentin held him at gunpoint. When Valentin was close to figuring out who he was, the masked man assaulted him in self-defense and took off. Valentin said to Martin that there was something familiar about him.

On December 11, Martin visited Nelle again who wanted him to get her out that night. Martin said the chances of her getting an early release are nonexistent and the chances of early parole are small. Eventually, Martin inadvertently gave Nelle the idea of danger so she left and ended up getting stabbed by Ryan Chamberlain, Kevin Collins' psychotic identical twin.

Eventually, Martin visited Nelle at the hospital and was astounded at the details of how Nelle got out of prison. He wondering why he got mixed up with Nelle and he said that she'd go back to prison and wouldn't get out before she was in her 60s unless she does exactly what he says. Commissioner Jordan Ashford said Nelle was going back to Pentonville but Martin tried to use the tactic of Nelle being in danger at Pentonville but Jordan didn't seem to buy it.

On January 3, 2020, Martin was officiating Valentin and Nina Reeves' wedding but eventually the wedding was interrupted when Nikolas Cassadine burst down the door with Ava in his arms. Everyone was shocked to see Nikolas alive who confronted Valentin by saying he has the codicil. Nikolas also revealed that Valentin was not Mikkos' son after all, he was actually the son of Helena Cassadine.

Valentin just smugly played it off as if the codicil was a forgery and confronted Nikolas about him not being man enough to face him. After Laura pulled Nikolas away to talk to him, Nina confronted Valentin with the fact that he set the whole fake daughter scheme up. Eventually, Valentin took Charlotte with him and he was planning to run but eventually Anna Devane talked him down before he was arrested for attempted murder, fraud, and corpse tampering.

On January 8, Martin went to Lulu Spencer's house on Valentin's behalf to check on Charlotte but he didn't see her since she was sleeping. Eventually Martin reported back to Valentin at the PCPD and they strategized a way to block an upcoming DNA test to prove or disprove the theory that Valentin was Helena's son.

On January 14, Nelle was revealed to have been released on parole and she threw a memorial for Shiloh before revealing herself as his wife/widow. Martin eventually accompanied Nelle to the Quartermaine mansion where he revealed that the judge gave them a temporary injunction which would allow Nelle to have voting rights to Shiloh's shares, at least until they could prove which of Oscar Nero's bequest was valid.

On January 29, after Valentin got released on bail it was revealed that Martin was not really working for Nelle, he was actually working for Valentin and was posing as Nelle's lawyer under his orders.

On February 7, it was revealed that Martin and Valentin were conspiring to acquire ELQ shares from the Quartermaines. Martin was having Brook Lynn Quartermaine's sleazy music producer Linc Brown do what he sees fit to make sure that Brook Lynn would get to the point where she'd do anything to get out of her contract while also using Nelle to obtain her shares that Oscar supposedly left for Shiloh.

On February 12, Martin visited Valentin at GH who told him about a shareholder's meeting out of town that he wanted him to go to. Valentin got his DNA results back and was shocked and disappointed that he was not a Cassadine after all. Martin attempted to console him by offering to call someone but Valentin told him no and then reminded him he still had a meeting to go to out of town, so Martin eventually left town to go to that meeting.

On April 7, Diane Miller says that Martin just filed a notice of change of attorney. He will be representing Nelle in Wiley Quartermaine-Corinthos’s custody case.

On May 5, Martin met with Nelle who said she was buying a house and was ready to fight for custody of Wiley. Martin asked her if she had any character witnesses but she said she didn't have any family. Martin revealed that she made things difficult by refusing to consent to Wiley's surgery and that the best they could hope for is joint custody. Nelle grew irritated and warned Martin to not let her down after he asked if she was ready to be a mother and to be ready with a character witness.

On May 12, Martin met with Nelle at the Floating Rib to discuss their strategy some more. Eventually, Nelle overheard that Michael was getting married to Willow Tait so she went back over to Martin who initially said that he didn't think that the judge would take their sudden marriage into account but he ended up inadvertently giving Nelle the idea to get married herself.

On May 14, the custody hearing began. Michael, Willow, Diane, and Carly Corinthos showed up at the courthouse along with Martin. They all got situated at their sides in the courtroom where the judge was ready to begin. Nelle was nowhere to be seen, so Diane said that that could work in their favor but to not get their hopes up.

Eventually, Nelle showed up in a wedding dress and announced she got married. Her husband was revealed to be Julian Jerome, who looked miserable in their new "marriage." They then officially began the hearing with Diane trying to build up Michael and Willow as good parents to Wiley and Martin trashing Michael while trying to build up Nelle's case. After opening statements, Nelle's marriage to Julian was questioned so the judge called an hour lunch break so he could go over the marriage certificate and license.

On August 12, the judge ruled in favor of Michael and Willow, granting them full custody and denying Nelle any visitation rights.

On December 1, it was revealed that Martin has a connection to Cyrus Renault and has known him for years.

On December 9, Martin accidentally let it slip that he is Cyrus' brother and that their mom is Florence Grey, who is also the patient that Cyrus has been sending money to since she became ill and insurance wouldn’t pay her bills.

On December 17, Martin went to Vermont to visit his mother at the Mountain Landing Long-term care facility and brought her a Hummingbird Cake since it was her birthday. When he went to get her a glass of tap water, Laura came out of the bathroom which surprised him. Martin demanded to know why Laura was there and she promised that she meant Florence no harm and she needed to talk to her. Since Florence was sick, she asked if Martin could answer some questions and he agreed to if she answered some of his own questions which Laura agreed to.

Crimes Committed

  • Conspired with Valentin Cassadine to acquire ELQ shares from the Quartermaines [pre-2019-Aug 12, 2020; connection to Valentin revealed on Nov 7, 2019; plot revealed on Feb 7, 2020; succeeded]
  • Ordered Linc to use any means necessary to swindle Brook Lynn Quartermaine out of her ELQ shares [pre-2019-Mar 24, 2020; revealed on Feb 7, 2020]
  • Fraud; pretended to be Nelle Benson's lawyer under Valentin's orders [Sep 30, 2019-Aug 11, 2020; revealed on Jan 29, 2020]
  • Stolen valor; used Drew Cain's medals and commendations and had Franco Baldwin wear Drew's decorated military uniform to "prove" that Franco is "Chief Andrew Cain" [Oct 9-28, 2019]
  • Illegally recorded Jasper Jacks and Mayor Laura Collins under Valentin's orders [Nov 26, 2019]
  • Keeping tabs on Spencer Cassadine under Valentin's orders [Nov 27, 2019-present]
  • Broke into Ava Jerome's gallery (along with Valentin) and attempted to steal Helena's portrait [Dec 5, 2019]
  • Corporate espionage; conspired with Valentin to take over ELQ [Feb 7-Aug 12, 2020; succeeded]
  • Pepper sprayed Julian Jerome in the face after Julian broke into his office [Dec 3, 2020]

Health & Vitals

  • Threatened by Nelle Benson [May 5, 2020]
  • Threatened by Carly Corinthos if he dared to use Sonny Corinthos against her son Michael in court [May 19, 2020]
  • Mugged and robbed by an unknown assailant under the orders of Julian Jerome [Sep 28, 2020]
  • Blackmailed with a picture and threatened to be pepper sprayed by Julian [Dec 3, 2020]
  • Had his car stolen by Julian [revealed on Dec 8, 2020]

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