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Mariah Maximiliana "Maxie" Jones is a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital and has appeared on its SOAPnet spin-off series, General Hospital: Night Shift.

She is the daughter of supercouple Frisco and Felicia Jones, although she was raised for most of her life by Mac Scorpio, whom she loves as a father.

She was born onscreen on October 31, 1990.

She has been portrayed most notably by actress Kirsten Storms since May 2005.


Maxie has been portrayed by several child actresses, since her on-screen birth in October 1990:

Twins Chelsey and Kahley Cuff from 1990-91.

Twins Ashley and Jessica Clark in 1992.

Twins Elaine and Melanie Silver from December 1992 to sometime in 1993.


Robyn Richards assumed the role in 1993 until March 2002, when the character was aged and recast with Danica Stewart on March 13, 2002 until July 16, 2002.[16] Stewart is pictured to the left.

Fan disapproval resulted in the rehiring of Richards. She rejoined the show in August 2002 and her last appearance was July 16, 2004, after the role was aged again.[17]

Maxie was later recast again with Kirsten Storms, formerly known for her role on Days of Our Lives as Belle Black. Storms debuted on May 23, 2005.[18]

Storms was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Younger Actress in 2009.

Jen Lilley (who portrayed Theresa Donovan on NBC's Days of Our Lives from 2013-16) was cast as a temporary replacement while Kirsten Storms was recovering from endometriosis, starting September 28, 2011.[19][20][21] This was only expected to be for a couple months, but had to be extended when Storms was not ready to return.

On January 9, 2012, it was announced that Kirsten Storms was expected to return to the screen in late February 2012.[22] On January 20, however, it was announced that Storms would be unable to resume her role as expected, and that Lilley would continue in the role for the foreseeable future.[23][24][25]

During an interview with Dan J. Kroll of Soap Central Live, Lilley spoke about how she had no idea about her being a recast for Storms or the character of Maxie.[26] She stated:

I was absolutely terrified, because I didn't know that I was auditioning for the role of Maxie the day before, and they kind of came out of the room after the audition and they're like, 'OK, by the way, it's the role of Maxie - you have a two-hour orientation, it starts right now. [...] And then I just remember sitting in my dressing room the next morning, having memorized 30 pages but being freaked out, and I remember thinking, 'There were two other girls at the callback, and I bet that they would want to do this role, and I don't know if I can do it, and I'm so scared.' I'm sitting in my dressing room sweating, and I remember thinking, 'I should go up to casting and just tell them to give it to one of the other girls, because I don't know if I can do this.' And then I Googled it, and it was all over Google that I was the replacement, and I was like, 'Oh God, I'm stuck! I'm stuck! I'm stuck!'

On June 22, 2012, several reports surfaced saying that Storms was "in talks" to return to the show; and Storms' mother Karen told the Orlando Sentinel that Kirsten would return in late June 2012.[27]

On July 21, Lilley posted a YouTube video stating:

"Thank you for making my departure from GH easier. [...] And even though I'm crying, they are happy tears", after confirming her exit at the General Hospital Fan Club weekend.[28]

Lilley last appeared on screen August 10;[29][30] and Storms returned to the screen September 5,[31][32] after nearly a year-long absence (she left on September 27, 2011[33]).

Storms went on maternity leave on January 2, 2014 and returned on April 8, 2014.


On May 27, 2016, Soap Opera Digest broke the news that Molly Burnett would temporarily take over as Maxie and would start airing sometime in July.[34] Burnett is best known for her role as Melanie Jonas on NBC's Days of Our Lives on and off from 2008-16. Burnett made her first appearance on July 5, 2016[35][36][37][38] and her last appearance on July 29, 2016.

On May 29, 2016, Kirsten released a statement on Twitter saying that the reason she is taking a break from GH is due to skin issues (her skin is breaking out due to stress) that are getting hard to cover up. She also stated that she will probably only be out for a few weeks.[39][40][41]

On June 16, 2016, multiple sites confirmed that Storms will be seen back on-screen the first week of August and on July 15, Soap Opera Digest broke the news that Storms would return on August 3.[42][43][44] On July 2, Kirsten announced on Instagram that she was back on set.[45]

Storms made her last appearance, before the temporary recast, on June 29, 2016 and returned on August 3, 2016.[46][47][48]

On March 10, 2017, a rep for the soap confirmed to ABC Soaps In Depth that Storms would be taking more time off from the series for personal reasons but that her status would remain unchanged.[49][50] She last appeared on February 16, 2017.

Twitter users associated with GH revealed that Kirsten would be out for about 3 months and that Maxie's absence would be explained onscreen.[51][52]

On May 3, when someone on Twitter commented about her coming back she stated that it would be soon-ish.[53] On May 30, Storms addressed her hiatus on Instagram saying that it was due to severe depression but that she is doing better and should be returning to work soon.[54]

On June 6, when someone on Twitter asked if she was coming back she replied by saying "Yup. Soon".[55] On June 16, 2017, Soap Opera Digest broke the news that Storms is back on set and should be back on screen sometime next month.[56][57][58]

On Kirsten and Ryan's FaceBook live chat, on June 29, she stated that her scenes should be airing during the week of July 24.[59][60]

Storms made her return on July 24, 2017.

On May 18, 2018, Storms took to Twitter to let her fans know that while she was out with the flu for a couple of episodes (June 1 and 4) she is not leaving the soap and has actually renewed her contract.[61][62]

Later that day, Soap Opera Digest revealed that Molly Burnett would once again step in for Storms during her absence. She will only air for 2 episodes first appearing June 1 and will appear once more on June 4.[63]

On June 4, 2021, it was revealed that Storms is recovering from brain surgery and that she'll temporarily be off screen for several weeks.[64]

On July 22, 2021, it was revealed that Storms has temporarily exited GH.[65] She last appeared on July 19, 2021.

On July 30, 2021, Storms revealed that she is back on set at GH.[66] She returned on August 20, 2021.[67]


Maxie as a baby

Maxie Jones was born on Halloween night in 1990 while her mother, Felicia, was stuck in her apartment window, dressed as a clown. Maxie was named after her great-grandmother, Mariah and great-grandfather, Maximilian.[68] Her Godparents are Sean Donely and Anna Devane.

Maxie before her transplant

In 1994, Maxie became seriously ill and needed a heart transplant to save her life. Her family rallied around her, and Mac even located her father, Frisco, and took him to be with his daughter. While Maxie waited for a donor heart, her cousin B.J. was in a bus accident that left her brain-dead. Although B.J.'s parents are heartbroken over her death, they were grateful that B.J.'s heart could save Maxie's life.

Maxie meets and names Georgie

During this time, Maxie's sister Georgie is conceived, but their father Frisco Jones leaves town again soon after and continues to have little involvement in his daughters lives. Although, Maxie and her younger sister, Georgie keep Frisco's last name they have always considered Mac to be their father. Maxie spent most of her childhood bouncing back and forth with her sister Georgie between their grandmother's ranch in Texas, and Port Charles, while their mother traveled around the world in search of new adventures.

Maxie's parents, Frisco and Felicia

When Felicia realized that she needed to spend more time with her girls, Maxie rejected Felicia for her constant abandonment of her children. But eventually Maxie let her mother back into her life. Mac and Felicia were forced to pretend to be engaged in order to catch a Mac look-alike. Maxie and Georgie were excited over the prospect of Mac, who loved them as his own children, and their mother getting married.

Maxie with Georgie and Mac

Mac and Felicia ended up actually getting married, and they became a tight-knit family. But Mac and Felicia didn't stay together, although Mac continued to be like a father to the girls. Mac raised Maxie and Georgie alone after Felicia left town to go undercover with Frisco after the couple reunited.

Maxie did eventually forgive Felicia and now they have a good relationship. Felicia and Mac eventually remarried and are still together. Maxie's relationship with Mac is great and as for her relationship with Frisco, it is non-existent at this point.

In 2002, Maxie is "diagnosed" with Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome and is aged to 16.

Maxie has matured a lot and went from a wild, rebellious teenager with abandonment issues to a damaged, self-destructive, scheming boyfriend/husband stealer to a feisty, sassy, bold fashionista, extremely loyal and protective friend, devoted wife and mother.

Maxie was first married to Dr. Matt Hunter from May 2012 until their divorce in October 2012.

She is the mother of three children:

Daughter Georgie

Maxie and Nathan were married on January 17, 2017 at the Metro Court Hotel surrounded by family and friends and with Lulu serving as matron of honor and Dante as best man. After the marriage she kept her maiden name.[69] Nathan was killed in the line of duty in 2018.

Son James

Maxie blamed her brother-in-law, Peter August, for her husband's death and yet despite her hatred, she still cared for him. After months of holding a grudge against him, she finally let go of her bitterness and they became close eventually developing feelings for one another. She got jealous when she saw him and Lulu together and soon after she and Peter begin dating.

She was known for her feud and rivalry with Elizabeth Webber. Like most of the people in PC, she is enemies with town troublemaker, Nelle Benson.

She is very good friends with Sam McCall. Her former enemy turned best friend is Lulu Spencer.


Maxie and her first crush, Lucky

As Maxie grew into an adolescent, she began to behave like a typical teenager and often caused trouble. Maxie's first crush is on Lucky Spencer, who doesn't return her feelings, but she goes to extreme measures to get to him. She was also fired from her summer waitressing job at Kelly's for being irresponsible and also gets caught with alcohol. Maxie babysits for Lulu, Lucky's sister, as a way of getting his attention. While babysitting Lulu, she left her alone while she took a phone call outside and a fire broke out in the attic where Lulu was playing and Scott Baldwin rescued her. Mac was furious with Maxie and sent her and Georgie to live with her grandmother in Texas for a few months. She briefly had a crush on Nikolas Cassadine.

Maxie and her late sister, Georgie

Maxie's rebelliousness increased dramatically as she grew further into adolescence. Focused on becoming popular, she decided that she needed to hook up with a guy from the popular crowd to increase her status. She used Lucas Jones, who liked her, despite Georgie's crush on him. Maxie quickly pushed Lucas aside after she secured the attention of a popular boy named Kyle Ratcliffe and was willing to sleep with him to ensure her popularity. However, she didn't know that Kyle had used a web cam to film them having sex and had posted it on the Internet. When Maxie found out, she was devastated but decided to forgive Kyle and continued to date him. As Maxie continued to spend time with Kyle, she overdosed on drugs and was taken to the hospital. Mac was extremely disappointed with her choices and she tried to gain back his trust by volunteering as a candy striper at the hospital. Kyle thought it was a great job because Maxie could steal drugs for them to get high on. Eventually Maxie realized that drugs were not for her and she and Kyle parted ways. Maxie steered clear of relationships and instead helped Georgie navigate her relationship with Dillon Quartermaine. She also shares a short flirtation with Zander Smith, while helping him avoid the law.

Maxie with her first love, Jesse

Maxie returned to town after some time away with her heart close to failing. It was almost to the point where she needed a heart transplant, but luckily the medication began to work. While in the hospital, she met Jesse Beaudry, a young cop on the run for his life. The two slowly formed a strong relationship, but Maxie is devastated when Jesse is shot on a date at a carnival. At his memorial service, she turns to Lucky Spencer as a way of comfort. Soon after, Maxie seduces Lucky by providing him pain pills during his marriage to Elizabeth Webber. She goes as far as to fake a pregnancy to keep him but this fails and he reconciles with his wife. When getting over Lucky, she fakes a miscarriage and begins to pursue other men and befriends Sam McCall at the Metro Court. At a fundraiser at the hotel, armed gunman hold most of the city's famous residents hostage. While trapped inside the vault, Maxie meets the second man she shares a serious relationship with, Cooper Barrett.

Maxie and Coop

Maxie allows Coop to live with her and gets him a job at the Metro Court, although some suspect that he is untrustworthy. Maxie then sets out to ruin Lulu Spencer's love life, who hates Maxie because she feed her brother Lucky drugs, by seducing her boyfriend, Logan Hayes. Lulu breaks up with him and upon finding out, Coop breaks up with Maxie. This is when Maxie admits that she loves him. Maxie later faces a crisis at the Black and White ball, in which mobster Anthony Zacchara forces her to play Russian Roulette. Maxie escapes and finds comfort in Georgie and Coop. After this incident, Port Charles is struck with a killer who texted his victims before murdering them. In this event, Georgie and Coop die and this causes Maxie grief. The only upside is that her mother returns and they repair their relationship. With the help of Damian Spinelli, she discovers that Diego Alcazar is the murderer and he is killed by Jason Morgan. Maxie gets one last note from Coop at Valentine's Day saying that she will always carry his heart. Maxie begins a friendship with Spinelli, which puts her in danger of the mob due to the fact that he works for Jason Morgan, a mob enforcer.

Maxie and Spinelli

Maxie begins working for Kate Howard for her fashion magazine. Although this is her dream job, Carly Corinthos asks Lulu Spencer to take the job and they both become assistants. Although there is some friction between the two in the beginning, they work their differences. At this time, Lulu is dating Johnny Zacchara, Maxie's crush. After Logan attacks Maxie, Lulu kills Logan in self-defense. Maxie and Lulu decide to stage a fight at Kelly's as an alibi while Johnny and his sister Claudia decide to dump the body. Johnny is put on trial and Maxie's past history comes to present and she has a break-down, leading her to sleep with Spinelli. They pull each other through the tough time and Spinelli decides he still wants to be her friend. Despite their rivalry, Maxie starts to sympathize and show concern for the traumatized Lulu, afraid that she will lose her mind the same way Lulu's mother Laura did. Maxie breaks Lulu out of a mental hospital and after Johnny is proven innocent, the two girls decide they can trust each other and find an apartment together.

Maxie and Lulu

After Spinelli is hit by a car during a stakeout, Maxie moves into Jason's penthouse to take care of him during his recovery from surgery. Jason confronts Maxie when he finds her looking for his gun; however, the subject of their conversation quickly turns to Spinelli. Maxie reveals how much he means to her and how he made her see herself as a better person. When Maxie is accosted by members of the Russian mafia in November 2008, Spinelli finds her and brings her to General Hospital. After the attack, Mac forbids her to see Spinelli, as he believes that Spinelli is indirectly responsible for having drawn Maxie into a dangerous lifestyle but Maxie continues to see Spinelli regardless.

Maxie and Johnny

Maxie soon becomes threatened when Winifred Leeds becomes Spinelli's new friend. She feels that the two of them have too much in common, both being computer geeks. She seduces him but when Spinelli finds out that the seduction was due to Maxie's jealousy, they split up. However, Winifred is secretly an FBI agent who enables federal agents to arrest Spinelli. Upon his arrest, Maxie and Spinelli repair their friendship; however, Maxie still feels incredibly guilty and remorseful. The guilt escalates on the night of a blizzard when she almost has a one night stand with Johnny while Spinelli is trapped in the hospital, saving people after a bio toxin is released. Maxie discovers her cousin, Robin Scorpio, hid her daughter Emma in a tree, and she and Johnny save her. They take Emma to Mercy. Upon discovering Spinelli is stuck at General Hospital, Maxie runs inside to save him and is trapped in the fire. Soon after Maxie's escape from the hospital, Spinelli makes his way out of the burning building, and the two reunite with a passionate kiss.

Maxie and Spinelli at their "non-wedding."

After the crisis at General Hospital, Maxie returns to work at Crimson. Kate hires Johnny to go on publicized dates with Maxie in order to stimulate press for Crimson that neither Spinelli nor Lulu liked. It is revealed that they had both been kissing and Johnny had cheated on Lulu. Spinelli leaves Maxie but they reconcile when Maxie and Sam save him from going to prison for hacking in to government computers. Maxie and Spinelli patch up their relationship but are once again troubled when a murder mystery involving Spinelli's PI buisness arrives. Spinelli proposes to Maxie, who eventually agrees to marry him. Their wedding date is set for September 21, 2009. After realizing their relationship need not be complicated at the altar, they agree not to marry. They finish the ceremony, however, with Fr. Coates pronouncing them "not husband and wife." They call the wedding a "non-wedding" and begin to call each other their "non-husband" and "non-wife." In November 2009, Maxie is seduced by Franco, an artist who is interested in death for art. Soon after discovering her infidelity, Spinelli forgives her and the two agree to move on. Maxie becomes friends with Lulu's boyfriend, Dante Falconeri, who is an undercover cop working to bust Sonny Corinthos. In February 2010, Sonny is revealed to be Dante's father. Showing her loyalty and the tight bond she formed with Lulu, Maxie confronted Dante to see if his feelings for Lulu were genuine.

Maxie and Dante

Spinelli wanted to repair his relationship with Maxie and came up with a plan. He set up a fake investigation in which he could emerge as Maxie's hero and recreate the moment when they first started to fall for one another. His plan did not work, and they were trapped in a storm drain until Johnny rescued them. Maxie developed pneumonia, which became more dangerous because she was a heart transplant recipient. While Maxie was in critical condition, she had a vision of Georgie trying to lead her to the other side, but Maxie fought her way back and recovered, while Spinelli sat vigil at her bedside. Maxie did not blame Spinelli for what happened, but Spinelli felt guilty for endangering Maxie's life, and he agreed with Mac that she deserved someone better than him. Spinelli and Maxie began drifting apart after Spinelli sank into a depression following the arrest of his best friend Jason.

Maxie and Matt

Maxie started spending more time with Dr. Matt Hunter. Their relationship could not withstand the strain and they broke up. Soon after, Maxie meets Doctor Matt Hunter. They slowly develop a relationship. One night, Maxie finds a ring in Matt's pants and begins to panic. Later it is revealed that the ring is for Robin and her husband, Patrick Drake. Things start to go better, but when Spinelli wakes up from surgery a changed person, Maxie tries to save who he was and this leaves Matt feeling neglected. Overtime, Matt and Maxie grow apart. Then Matt and Elizabeth begin to grow close. Maxie notices this and is now trying to save her relationship with Matt, but there is one thing standing in her way, Spinelli.

Maxie (Lilley) blames herself for Robin's death

Maxie and Matt parted ways in early February due to irreconcilable differences but get back together soon after. In Summer 2011, Maxie is taken hostage by her enemy Lisa Niles along with Steve, Robin, and Patrick. During this Spinelli breaks into the hostage room to save Maxie. In the end, Lisa goes into a coma and Spinelli gets shot. When Spinelli wakes up as his dream person Jackel P.I. Maxie and a lot of others are very upset by this. After months Spinelli goes back to normal which makes Maxie very happy even though she's dating Matt. In Fall 2011, Matt asked Maxie to go to a party on a boat with him, but she says no. He then asks Elizabeth and she says yes. Maxie is annoyed by Matt and Liz growing very closer, so in-order to get Liz fired from GH she turns her in for stealing drugs. Liz gets fired, and Matt breaks up with Maxie. In order to get Matt back she says she lied but it is unknown if Liz will get her job back.

Maxie after she is beat up in prison

In Febuary 2012, Maxie's best friend and cousin Robin dies in a fire caused by her carelessness while Robin was working. Mac was planning on telling her, but then asks Spinelli who at the time (moved out soon after) was living with her to tell her about Robin. Maxie, shocked, says he's lying because he's mad that she asked him to leave. When Spinelli shows Maxie the news online, she learns it's true and starts to scream and cry. In the end she hugs Spinelli. When Maxie learns that her carelessness played in a role in setting off the lab explosion, she is devastated and blames herself. Wanting to punish herself for Robin's death she confesses to murdering Lisa and first mate Briggs.

Maxie announces that she and Matt are married

Maxie's friends and family try to convince her to take back her confession but she is relentless in punishing herself and having no other option, they are forced to sit back and watch as Maxie went to trial with Alexis Davis as her defense. In May 2012, Maxie was sentenced to twenty years in prison without parole for the murder of Lisa Niles and first mate Briggs. Maxie takes the sentence as punishment for Robin's death, even though she confesses to Spinelli that it was actually Matt who murdered Lisa and she is doing this to protect Patrick and Emma from losing anymore family. Against Maxie's wishes, Spinelli then comes forward with the information and tells the courts that it was Matt and not Maxie that killed Lisa in order to get her out of jail. Maxie is hurt by this and vows to never forgive Spinelli.

Maxie celebrates her birthday with Patrick and Emma

Maxie is then released from prison, but only under the condition that she sign an affidavit, which would make her testify against Matt in exchange for her freedom. To get around this affidavit, Maxie marries Matt so that she does not have to testify against him. Matt however cannot live with what he did on his conscience when he remembers the night's events in full and he leaves Maxie on their uneventful wedding night to turn himself in. After Matt turns himself in, Maxie refuses to get a divorce, and despite more pleas from concerned friends and loved ones such as Spinelli, she devotes herself to waiting patiently for her husband's release. Lulu helps Maxie adjust to her spouse's absence. Maxie forms a quick friendship with Patrick and helps him care for Emma in Robin's absence.

Maxie offers to be Dante and Lulu's surrogate

On July 4, 2012, Maxie discovers that Patrick is addicted to prescription pills, which he has been taking to get high so he can cope with the death of Robin. On the night of the opening of The Haunted Star club, which Lulu co-owns with Johnny Zacchara, Maxie and Lulu follow a drugged Patrick who is having hallucinations of Robin and still on pills although they believed he had stopped. Lulu later confides in Maxie that Patrick called her "Robin" and then kissed her. Maxie then realizes that Patrick is taking the pills to cope with the loss of his wife, and together she and Lulu convince Patrick to check himself into General Hospital to be treated for his drug use.

Maxie and Spinelli have a heart to heart

Maxie tells Spinelli that they were only friends, and she felt like she had something more with Matt. Spinelli then retaliates that for years, he was Maxie's devoted and loyal companion, and gave her unconditional love and support, and she writes him off when he was trying to help her. Now, he's done with her, and refuses to even be her friend anymore. Spinelli avoids her, turning the other way when he sees her in the same room as him. She begs him to at least talk to her so they can work to be friends again. Spinelli refuses, saying he has an unbearable pain to deal with whenever she's around and he needs to find a way to get past that before he can be her friend again. Meanwhile, Lulu believes she is pregnant, and Maxie helps her out when she needs a pregnancy test. Though it's later proven that Lulu isn't pregnant, she tells Maxie how she & Dante want to become parents soon, and Maxie offers her full support.

Maxie before the implantation

Meanwhile, Spinelli starts dating a lab technician named Ellie Trout, whose quirky humor and intelligence are similar to Spinelli's own personality and starkly different from Maxie's own debonair style & fashionable personality. Maxie is a little upset about this, but doesn't think much of it. However, when her mom comes back to town, and explains how Mac was always her one true love, not Frisco, Maxie comes to realize that Spinelli is her Mac, and she loves him very much. She tries to tell Spinelli this, but is unable to because he spends most of his time with Ellie, and she tells Lulu how she's worried she'll never get to tell Spinelli about her change of heart.

Maxie tells Dante and Lulu that she is pregnant with their baby

To make a point, Maxie gets a divorce from Matt, hoping to change Spinelli's mind. However, Spinelli doesn't react the way she hopes. Maxie eventually moves in with Ellie, hoping to get a chance to talk to Spinelli when he visits Ellie. Eventually, she does, and tells Spinelli she's in love with him. Spinelli is shocked and upset, believing Maxie is just saying it because he's now with Ellie, and is unreachable, and she always goes for what she can't have. Maxie insists she's changed, and is not the same person she once was. She asks Spinelli for a second chance, but he tells her that he can't wait for her anymore and is choosing to be with Ellie. Maxie is heartbroken by his choice, but decides she needs to accept it. To preoccupy herself, Maxie spends time with Lulu, and finds out she & Dante are looking into surrogacy because Lulu can't carry a baby & they're not able to adopt. Maxie then offers to be the surrogate for Lulu & Dante when they don't have any luck finding a suitable surrogate to carry their baby. Lulu is doubtful about this initially, but after having no luck with any candidates, she takes Maxie up on her offer.

Maxie finds out she miscarried

Lulu & Dante are able to have their embryos frozen, and one is implanted into Maxie. On Christmas Eve, she starts to feel sick, and calls Spinelli, who brings her to the hospital. Dante & Lulu later arrive, and Maxie gives them the happy news that she is pregnant. Meanwhile, Maxie finds out Ellie broke up with Spinelli on Christmas Eve for leaving her alone on their date when he went to help Maxie. Spinelli has asked Ellie to meet him for New Years' Eve in order to give him a second chance, but Ellie doesn't want to. Maxie, though, convinces her to because she knows Ellie misses Spinelli a lot. After she leaves, Maxie ends up getting an unwelcome visitor in the form of a lost puppy. In her attempt to get the puppy out of her apartment, Maxie trips and falls and feels a twinge of pain in stomach. She goes to the hospital to check if the baby's okay, and Maxie finds out she has miscarried. She's disappointed in herself for not being able to help Dante & Lulu.

Maxie finds out she is pregnant with Spinelli's baby

Maxie goes to the hospital rooftop, where she finds Spinelli, drunk and upset. Ellie never showed up for their date, and Spinelli believes that Ellie has broken up with him for good. Maxie, upset herself, sits with Spinelli and later ends up taking him back to her place, where they sleep together on the New Year's night. The next day, Spinelli thinks that maybe them together is a sign that he was meant to be with Maxie all along. Maxie is hopeful, until Spinelli finds a voice message left for him, saying Ellie was hit by a car the night before, and is at General Hospital, recovering. He rushes to her bedside, while Maxie waits for Dante & Lulu to come so she can tell them about the miscarriage. She's unable to, though, because Lulu leaves when she finds out her father, Luke Spencer, is in trouble.

Maxie says goodbye to her dad

Maxie goes back to the hospital, and asks her OB-GYN, Dr. Britt Westbourne to see she can implant another of Dante & Lulu's embryos so they won't have to find out that she miscarried. Maxie then talks to Spinelli and finds out that he wants to be with Ellie and not her. Afterwards, she finds out that Britt can't implant her because Maxie is already pregnant. She soon realizes she's pregnant with Spinelli's child. Maxie does try to tell Spinelli but she finds out that Ellie can walk again and she see how happy he is so she decides against telling him. Maxie then decides that she's going to let Dante & Lulu believe the child she's carrying is theirs, and let them raise her child as their own. She then finds out that Spinelli told Ellie about their one-night-stand and that she forgave him and is furious that he told her. Then Lulu overhears that they slept together and goes off on Maxie but she eventually forgives Maxie for her indiscretion.

Maxie finds out she's having a baby girl

Maxie during her C-section

Maxie ends up in trouble when her OB-GYN, Dr. Britt Westbourne, blackmails Maxie using her secret against her. Britt has just been dumped by Patrick. Bitter and resentful, she forces Maxie to help her sabotage the career of nursing student Sabrina Santiago, who has a crush on Patrick & who Britt blames for her break-up with Patrick. Maxie later finds out that Britt was mean to Emma, and Patrick found out, and left her. Wanting to keep her secret, Maxie agrees to switch out medication bottles to make it look like Sabrina gave a patient the wrong medication that led to his death. Maxie is immediately guilt-stricken, and upset at being forced to hurt Sabrina. Fortunately, though, her father, Frisco, comes to town and she confides the truth to him about her baby & Britt. Frisco gets Britt to back off Maxie, and Sabrina is allowed to stay in the nursing program and complete her studies.

Maxie holds her daughter for the first time

Patrick & Sabrina resurrect the Nurses' Ball to honor Robin's memory. Maxie attends with her family, and finds out that Frisco wants Felicia back, but Felicia has renewed her romance with Mac. At the Nurses' Ball, things come to a head when Frisco asks Felicia to marry him. Felicia declines, and tells Frisco that Mac is the man she wants to be with. Frisco walks out hurt, intending to leave Port Charles. Maxie follows him, wanting him to stick around for her sake. He doesn't, though, and Maxie is hurt when her father walks out on her again. She confides that he was able to keep the secret about the baby from coming out. Unknown to Maxie, Ellie overhears this conversation and wonders what secret Maxie is hiding.

Maxie loses custody of her daughter

Lulu disappears, and Dante leaves to rescue her. When Lulu comes back, she has no memory of her family or friends. Maxie is worried about handing her child over, in case Lulu doesn't get her memory back, and ends up splitting from Dante. She starts thinking about raising her own child during this time. Later on though, Lulu recovers her memory and Maxie is thrilled. However, Ellie finds out soon after about Maxie's miscarriage by snooping through her medical records. She also realizes that Maxie is carrying Spinelli's baby, and tries to tell him. Maxie stops her, though, by convincing her that Spinelli might leave her if he knows the truth.

Maxie reunites with Robin

Maxie goes into labor after Mac & Felicia's wedding ceremony. At the hospital, the doctor says the baby is in distress, and Maxie starts thinking the baby has a heart problem like she does. Lulu reminds her, though, that the baby isn't hers. Maxie tries to tell Dante, Lulu, and Spinelli the truth, but the doctor comes in and says that Maxie needs to have an emergency C-section in order to save the baby. Maxie gives birth to her daughter with Lulu next to her. Together, they cut the umbilical cord as Dante & Spinelli watch from the observation window. After Lulu leaves, Maxie starts hemorrhaging and her fate is left in limbo. She gets a visit from Georgie, and explains how she's thinking about dying because everyone would be better off. Georgie brings her outside the room to show Maxie that she's wrong. Ellie is getting ready to tell Spinelli the truth, and her parents are worried about losing their other daughter, as well. Maxie decides to stick around to face the music, and recovers.

Maxie and her daughter, Georgie

When Maxie wakes up, she insists that the baby is hers & Spinelli's, but Mac & Felicia believe she is delirious from the drugs she was given. Maxie wakes up, and goes to visit her daughter. Spinelli, though, comes in and brings Maxie back to her room before she can breastfeed the baby. He reveals that he knows the truth, and shows how betrayed he feels. However, he agrees to keep the secret because he doesn't want to hurt Dante & Lulu, which is Maxie's reasoning. Dante & Lulu come to Maxie's room, and say how they're concerned Maxie is too attached to "their" daughter, and want her to stay away. Maxie is not willing to accept that, and agrees to go to counseling so they won't stop her from seeing her baby, whom Dante & Lulu name Connie.

Maxie meets her future husband, Nathan

Maxie leaves Port Charles

Dante and Lulu ask Maxie and Spinelli to be the godparents of their own daughter. After the christening, Brad Cooper tells Dante and Lulu the truth about the baby. Maxie tries to lie but has no choice but to tell them that what Brad said is true. The Falconeri's are crushed and want to know what happened so Maxie tells them. Lulu also slaps Maxie and then leaves with Dante. Maxie and Spinelli talk about how they don't think that Dante and Lulu will want to raise a child that isn't theirs. Later on, Maxie and Spinelli decide that they want their daughter, but at the same time Dante and Lulu decide they want to keep the baby. The four of them meet up to discuss the baby. Both sets of parents have a different idea: the Falconeri's want Maxie and Spinelli to give up their parental rights, but Spinelli and Maxie say they want their daughter. Lulu says she's taking them to court to get custody of Connie, leaving Maxie & Spinelli shocked. Later they call Diane Miller for help while Dante and Lulu call Alexis.

Maxie returns

In court, both Maxie and Lulu reveal each other's dirty secrets, painting each other as unfit. Lulu has Alexis accuse Maxie of murdering her cousin, Robin, because at the time everyone believed Robin was dead and that Maxie played a part in it. After that Maxie has Diane bring up the fact that Lulu was real murderer in the custody hearing (she killed Logan Hayes and had an abortion). Maxie also has Diane ask Lulu about the fact that she was planning to run away with Connie, a fact Lulu blurted out to Maxie in a moment of anger. Lulu claims Maxie's lying, which she wasn't. After everyone testifies, the judge adjourns to make his decision but soon comes back with his decision.

Maxie and Lulu make up

Maxie loses custody of baby Connie, as the judge declares her unfit to be a mother. Instead, he gives Spinelli sole custody of the baby. Maxie can't go within 20 feet of her daughter for a period of six months. Maxie tries to violate the court order by showng up on Spinelli's doorstep on the pretext of giving a gift to Connie, but wanting to be able to spend time with her daughter. Spinelli, though, refuses and is adamant Maxie leaves because if he lets her near Connie, Maxie will be sent to jail and Spinelli will have Connie taken away from him. Maxie refuses, though, to stay away from her daughter, but Spinelli shuts the door in Maxie's face, and she walks away, dejected.

Maxie receives a court order

Maxie goes to Georgie's grave, and reveals that she's depressed over not being able to see her daughter, and is planning to swallow enough pills to commit suicide. Before she can, though, Robin shows up, and Maxie thinks she's a ghost like Georgie, trying to stop her from killing herself. Robin, however, slaps her, and Maxie realizes Robin is alive and there in person. Robin reveals her death was staged, and she was held in captivity for the last two years. Robin convinces her to not swallow pills, and Maxie decides to stay with Robin.

Maxie loses Georgie again

Spinelli later tells Maxie that Ellie got offered a job in Portland that she wants to take, and Spinelli wants to go with her. Maxie encourages him to go and to take Connie so that she won't be tempted to violate the judge's ruling. Eventually, Spinelli decides to move to Portland, but before he leaves, he comes to Maxie's place and allows her to say goodbye to their daughter. Maxie and Spinelli agree to rename their daughter Georgie, and say goodbye. Soon after, she calls her parents and Robin over, and reveals that she has decided to leave Port Charles for a journey of self-discovery. She stops by Lulu's place, and apologizes for all the pain she caused her. Lulu isn't ready to forgive her just yet, and Maxie understands, saying she hopes to return as someone better who Lulu will forgive. Later on, Maxie packs up her things and then as she starts getting ready to leave, Nathan West shows up at her apartment and tells her he is there to sublet it while she is away. Maxie and Nathan share a brief discussion about making a fresh start in the new year and past mistakes, before she leaves for her Eat-Pray-Love journey.

Lulu comforts Maxie

Maxie returns home on April 8, with her boyfriend, Levi and is greeted by Nathan. A few days later, Maxie meets Rocco and makes up with Dante and Lulu. In May, Maxie goes to The Nurses' Ball with Levi and does a number with Lulu and others. Maxie gets a court order regarding her daughter but decides not to go because she has come to terms with not seeing baby Georgie. She later changes her mind and decides to fight for her daughter. When Maxie goes to the judge to request another hearing the judge denies it saying that she can't be trusted with an appointment let alone a child so he adds 6 months to the custody band but Nathan lies to the judge and says that he threw Maxie's custody hearing summons away so the judge gives her another chance. Maxie and Levi get into a huge fight about Georgie and about him not caring about Gabriel's death. After there fight, she runs into Nathan and they talk about their bad day. They go to the Floating Rib and talk some more about Ric and her fight with Levi before she eats the ribs that Nathan ordered. Maxie goes to see Patrick and comfort him after his son died. Later on, Maxie sees Levi punch Nathan and then she goes to Gabriel's funeral.

Maxie and Rocco

Maxie finds out that her custody hearing was moved up because the judge found out that Nathan lied. Nathan told judge that he didn't lie so the judge asks him testify under oath but before he can Maxie stops him and admits that he lied for her. This caused Maxie to be denied custody and visitation rights for another six months which devastates her. She later goes to see Lulu, who comforts her. While she is there she gets to hold Rocco. After that she goes home looking for Nathan but finds Levi. Levi tells her that Nathan accused him of sabotaging the her custody hearing (which he did) and Maxie lays into Nathan when he gets home. A couple of days later, Levi talks Maxie into protesting the Waterfront renovation which ends in Levi getting arrested for trespassing and Maxie getting handcuffed to Nathan. On July 3, (the 4th of July on the show) Maxie and Nathan walk home but along the way they fight and watch the fireworks.

Maxie "falls" for Nathan

The next morning, Nathan and Maxie wake up together on the couch, still handcuffed, after a long night of looking for the key. They end up having a moment but Levi walks in and interrupts it. Later on, Levi finds the key and Nathan unlocks the cuffs. Maxie gets a visit from Lulu where she tells her that it seems like she has feelings for Nathan which Maxie explicitly denies it. Lulu tells her not to beat herself up for being attracted to "tall, dark and handsome" which leaves Maxie pondering. The next day, someone from I.C.E. comes to get Levi because someone called immigration. Maxie accuses Nathan of calling immigration but Nathan says that he told Dante and Mac said something about wanting Levi deported so she confronts them and then she finds the number on Nathan's phone and kicks him out of the apartment. Maxie suggests that she and Levi get married and he agrees. She asks Lulu to her matron of honor, she is hesitant at first but eventually agrees.

Maxie finds out that Nathan has feelings for her

In August, Maxie is getting ready for her wedding when Mac walks in and tells her that Nathan has feelings for her. Later on, Lulu goes to see Maxie and she asks her how she feels about Nathan and she says that she has no feelings for Nathan but she says that to everything but Lulu. When Lulu tells Maxie to look her in the eyes and say that she has no feelings for Nathan, she says, "I don't have feelings for Levi". Maxie says she made a mistake and meant to say Nathan. Maxie starts having doubts so she goes to see Levi but he is already waiting for her at the aisle. Maxie walks down the aisle anyways and is about to say, "I do" when she has second thoughts but Levi talks her to her and changes her mind. They get back to the ceremony and Maxie says, "I do", however, just as they're about to be pronounced man and wife, Nathan walks in and says that Levi is under arrest. Nathan tells Maxie that Levi is a con man and then Levi pulls a gun on Maxie. She and Lulu are both kidnapped by Levi and his accomplice, the so called I.C.E. agent Jeffery Scribner but Nathan promises her that he will find her.

Levi holds Maxie hostage at gunpoint

Later on, it is revealed that Maxie, along with Lulu, were forced onto a boat at gunpoint then taken to a cabin in the woods. While being forced onto the boat, Maxie talked the whole time, saying that she had friends down at the PCPD and that she wasn't his (Levi's) wife. Levi and Scribner also sunk the boat to make it look like the girls had drowned. When they get inside the cabin Maxie and Lulu talk about how their men are going to find them and blow Levi and Scribner's heads off.

Maxie and Lulu in the cabin during their kidnapping

Maxie is later seen getting out of the knots that she was in and freaking out when she doesn't know where Lulu is. Levi puts his gun on a box and she tries to reach it but can't. When Lulu finally comes back she sees the gun and grabs it. She points it at the men but can't shoot because Levi pulls a gun on Maxie again and threatens to kill her so she puts it down. When the two women are tied up again, they talk about how they will get out of this because they are strong and they both have children to get back too. Maxie brings up the fact that it's Georgie's birthday and that she should be there with her. Later, Maxie tells Levi that he was no good in the sac and that she never had any fun. The girls try to convince the men to let them go but it turns out Levi has no intention of letting them go. It is revealed that Levi shot Scribner and took the girls to house.

Maxie is held at gunpoint again

The next morning, Maxie is tied to a chair when Levi walks in with "breakfast". When her gag is removed she starts screaming for help but no one hears her. She and Lulu find out that the reason they were taken was personal. They continue to reek havoc for Levi. Maxie tries to get him to let Lulu go but they find out that Lulu is a part of it as well. Maxie and Lulu continue to get on Levi's nerves so he throws his phone at her cup. Levi starts to insult Felicia and Maxie wants to know why. Levi says that Felicia screws everyone over when it comes to Frisco. Maxie continues to question him and he gets so angry that leaves the house without his phone. When Lulu notices the phone on the floor, Maxie tries to pick it up with her feet but can't. It is revealed that Mac insisted one summer that she and her sister, Georgie go to soccer camp so she uses that to kick the phone in the air and it lands right on Lulu's lap.

Maxie let's Nathan know that she's fine

Maxie realizes that Nathan was her cosmic message

Lulu is then able to call Dante. Nathan is there and asks if Maxie is there and she says yes and that she's fine. The girls try to explain where they are while the guys trace the call. They also find out Levi's real identity and reasons for kidnapping them. Sadly, Levi catches them and ends the call. Maxie then starts in on how they know that he is really Peter Harrell, Jr. and then he explains that he wants revenge and that what goes around comes around. Maxie tells Lulu that Nathan showing up on her door step the night she was leaving, all kind and shy and gorgeous, was her cosmic message. She admits that Nathan is the hottest guy she has ever meet. She explains that Nathan wanted her to stay with him because he didn't know anyone in Port Charles and they could have helped each other. When Levi interrupts and tells them to pipe down, Lulu tells him to shut up because Maxie is having a moment of clarity. Afterwards, Levi tells Maxie and Lulu that he has something entirely different in store for Lulu as payback. As Levi is about take the girls again, Nathan and Dante show up with back up.

Maxie unconscious

Nathan and Dante try to negotiate with Levi, who is using Lulu as a human shield, while Maxie is still tied to a chair. Nathan is able to move so he can see Maxie and mouths to her that he's coming and goes around to the back entrance but before he can do anything, Dante shoots Levi. Maxie is then freed from the ropes and asks where Nathan is. Nathan is still outside when gas starts to fill the room and everyone passes out. It turns out that Victor Cassadine is behind this. Nathan is still outside when Victor starts talking about how someone is missing and he tells Nathan to come out or he will kill Maxie. Nathan comes in, puts his gun down and checks on a sedated Maxie.

Maxie finds out from Nathan that he really does have feelings for her

Maxie is later seen chained to a pole, calling out for help. Nathan answers and then tries to get to her but can't. Maxie finally gets to see Nathan when the guys bring him in and chain him up as well. When Maxie and Nathan are alone they talk about everything that has happened and she tells him that she wasn't going to go through with the wedding because of him. She says that Mac told her about his feelings for her and he confirms that what Mac said is true. When he asks if she has feelings for him and she says that she can't answer that because she doesn't trust her judgement.

Maxie is threatened by Peter, Sr. and Peter, Jr.

Maxie and Nathan decide to focus on getting out and getting help. Nathan is able to get a paper clip and unlock Maxie's cuff but she breaks it before she can unlock his. She decides to go get help on her own, much to Nathan's dislike, but promises him that she will be safe and she will come back to him. Maxie is later seen sneaking around the clinic and ends up in a patients room and asks for help. The patient then says her mothers name and grabs her wrist. When she is about to leave she runs into Peter. He then manhandles Maxie telling her that she's not going anywhere. Peter then introduces her to his father, the man in the bed, and then Peter, Sr. says that it's time for Maxie to die.

Maxie kills Peter, Jr. to protect Nathan

He then says that he will kill Maxie even if he is too weak. She tries to get Peter, Jr. to stop his father from killing her but he won't. Peter gets up and pulls out a special dagger to kill her with. Maxie is about stabbed by Peter, Sr. when Nathan arrives and he shoots him in the back, killing him. Nathan checks on Maxie and the two hug for the first time. Nathan and Maxie are about to leave when Peter, Jr. attacks Nathan and they start fighting. Peter gets the upper hand and is about to shoot Nathan when Maxie stabs him in the back, killing him. Then, Nathan and Maxie share their first kiss. They continue kissing and then pull away. Afterwards, Nathan teaches Maxie how to handle a gun and then they leave. Nathan and Maxie then end up in a room with two unconscious guys and then they hear a noise that they find out is going off because the building is going to self-destruct. Nathan and Maxie find Dante and Lulu and then while trying to find a way out they run into Anna and Obrecht. Maxie and everyone else head for the front door but it's lock as well so they all agree to shoot at the door in order to break the lock. Nathan and Dante kick the door open and everyone is free but not long after, the clinic blows up.

Maxie reunites with Felicia and Mac

Later on, Maxie arrives at the PCPD and is reunited with her parents. She gives Felicia the dagger and she explains that Peter, Sr. was going to kill her with it but Nathan saved her and that she saved Nathan by killing Peter, Jr. She also tells them that Nathan came right out and told her about his feelings for her. She goes on to tell them that Nathan deserves someone, who trusts her judgement. Mac asks if thats it, there's no hope but Maxie says that she wouldn't go that far and then thinks about the kiss. After she finishes talking to her parents, Maxie runs into Nathan and tells him that her parents are insisting that she stay at their house tonight but that he is welcome to stay at the apartment to which he says that he might take her up on that offer. Then Maxie says that it's going to be weird not being around him after having been locked up with him for so long and he says that maybe they better come off that gradually. Nathan asks Maxie to go to dinner with him and she says yes.

Maxie gets advice about Nathan from Morgan

Maxie is seen at the Brownstone wanting to apologize to Michael, Morgan and Kiki. Morgan is the only one there so she apologizes and then asks him for advice on if she should go on the date with Nathan. She explains that Nathan told her that he has feelings for her and that she's confused about her feelings but she wasn't confused when he kissed her. Morgan tells her that "the worst days when you're in love are better than the best days when you're not." Morgan also says that she probably knows a lot more then she's leading on and that she needs to make the decision herself. Afterwards, Maxie runs into Nathan outside the commissioners office. Nathan says that he was just thinking of her and she says same here.

Maxie gets advice about Nathan from Lulu

He asks if there date is still on and she says that she is here to give him an answer in person. She tells him that she can't go out with him at all because she just needs to be alone so he gives her a proposition: He will be at the Metro Court and she shows up great if not then thats okay. Later on, she tells Lulu about the date and Lulu tells her to go. She shows up just as Nathan is about to leave. Their date goes well until Judge Walters interrupts and tells them that if Maxie wants to see her daughter she can no longer see Nathan. Nathan and Maxie part ways later on. A few days later, Maxie confides in Lulu about the disaster that her and Nathan's date turned into. Later, Maxie runs into Nathan at the gym and they talk about Obrecht, then they part ways again.

Maxie and Nathan's first date

Maxie is later seen helping to plan Carly and Franco's wedding with Lucas and Bobbie. She also talks to Lucas about her and Nathan. Then, she and Lucas carry Joss, who is in her corn costume out of the run. On Beggars Night, Maxie and Lucas take Joss to Wyndemere to see Spencer. While there Maxie tells Lucas about how much she misses Nathan. She then goes to Kelly's where she see Nathan and Diane. She then leaves when she finds out that Diane can't help her and Nathan. A few days later Maxie is at Carly's texting Nathan and then she talks to Lucas about Nathan and Georgie. Maxie and Lucas also talk about Brad and then Franco shows up to collect his things. Maxie and Franco exchange heated words and then he leaves.

Maxie loses Georgie for a third time

In December, Maxie is seen at Kelly's preparing for her custody hearing and worrying about Nathan. Lulu shows up and they talk about their men being at Pentonville. They continue talking about Nathan and they talk about Georgie. After Lulu leaves Maxie continues to worry about Nathan. Patrick arrives and Maxie and him chat about Maxie's custody hearing. Lulu later calls to tell Maxie, Nathan has been shot by a gunman who was holding Sam Morgan hostage. Maxie rushes to get her things and rushes off to the hospital with Patrick behind her. Maxie arrives at the hospital and barges into Nathan's cubical with Obrecht behind her. She holds Nathan's hand and asks him if he's ok. Nathan tells her that he's fine and that she has to go. Maxie tells him she isn't going anywhere.

Maxie finds out that the judge reversed his decision

Later, Maxie delivers flowers to Nathan from Britt. There, a nurse almost catches them making out. On December 16, Maxie is at the court house thinking about how Judge Walters said she is not fit to be a mother. Later, Nathan and Maxie are FaceTiming each other and Lulu shows up. Nathan wishes Maxie good luck. Maxie later gets a call from Diane telling Maxie she cannot make it to the hearing because she was caught up in another trial. Maxie starts to panic, but Alexis Davis comes to her rescue and tells her she will be filling in for Diane. Later, Judge Walter arrives and the hearing starts. Judge Walters says that Maxie has met every requirement to see her daughter except he says that he had warned Maxie to stay away from Detective Nathan West, which she has failed to do. Maxie says she doesn't know what he is talking about. Judge Walters says he saw them together at the hospital when he was picking up Monica Quartermaine for lunch, but Maxie says she was volunteering and it was a coincidence that she was in Nathan's room. Walters also refers to the time where Maxie and Nathan were spotted at the gym together and calls guard Jamie Callahan to confirm this which she does. He also refers to the time they were spotted at Kelly's together. Judge Walters denies Maxie visitation for the third time. Alexis says she is going to appeal. Later, an upset Maxie visits Nathan and tells him Walters denied her visitation because he saw them together. Nathan later comforts Maxie and promises her that she will see Georgie in time for Christmas.

Maxie and her daughter, Georgie

Later on, Maxie shows up to visit Nathan again. They play Connect 4, but Nathan is distracted because it was the day of Nina's hearing. He later gets a call from Alexis saying Nina avoided Pentonville and Judge Walters called her with news regarding Georgie. Maxie thinks its something negative and says Walters probably added another six months for visitation, but Nathan convinces her to go to the courthouse and they kiss. Maxie heads off to the courthouse. There Alexis tells her the judge reversed his decision and Maxie gets to see her daughter. An overjoyed Maxie rushes back to the hospital to tell Nathan the good news. Nathan is happy for her. Maxie wonders if Nathan had anything to do with it but he denies it. Later on, Nathan and Maxie exchange Christmas gifts early because she is going to be in Portland for Christmas. Maxie gives Nathan a Floating Rib card and Nathan gives her these expensive shoes she's been wanting since the spring. Maxie is pleasantly suprised and tells Nathan these must have cost him a fortune. Nathan says he's been saving and Lulu helped him track them down. Nathan helps Maxie put the shoes on and she talks about how beautiful they are. Maxie and Nathan share a Christmas kiss. Nathan tells her she should get ready to go to Portland. Nathan tells her to be home by New Year's Eve and that they can make new memories in 2015. Maxie says it's a date and they kiss again. On December 24, Maxie is reunited with Spinelli and her daughter.

Maxie and Spinelli

On New Years Eve, in Portland, Maxie discovers her flight has been cancelled due to fog. She calls Nathan and tells him the news and they say they miss each other. Nathan and Maxie discuss their problems with Lulu and Spinelli (Maxie with Spinelli and Nathan with Lulu). They talk about how something always seems to get in the way of them having a relationship, first Levi, then Walters, now fog. They also talk about how they want a beautiful relationship, like the relationship Spinelli has with Ellie and Lulu has with Dante. Nathan and Maxie are both determined to see each other. Nathan later arrives in Portland to find Maxie gone and Maxie arrives in Port Charles to find Nathan gone. Maxie calls Lulu to ask where Nathan is, Lulu tells her Nathan has gone to Portland to be with her. Nathan asks Spinelli where Maxie is and he says she is back in Port Charles. When Lulu arrives at apartment, she asks how Maxie got there and she says called in a favor to her father, Frisco and got picked up from a private airstrip outside of Portland (the same one that Nathan got flown too). Maxie gets call from Nathan, who tells her that he is going to get a fight out and be back in Port Charles by nine o' clock. Later on, Maxie asks Lulu to help her pick out her dress and Lulu tells her to wear the blue one.

Lulu helps Maxie get ready for Nathan's return

Maxie arrives at the airport to pick him up but Nathan's flight has been diverted and he's in Beechers Corner. Maxie says she is coming to pick him up while Nathan says he will take a cab to her apartment (the call had bad connection). Nathan arrives at the apartment to find Dante and Lulu eating the ribs they bought for Maxie and his date, while Maxie arrives at Beechers Corner airport to find no Nathan. Nathan calls and says he's in the apartment. Maxie tells him she can't drive back because they towed her car away, Nathan tells her to take a cab. Maxie later calls to tell Nathan that her cab broke down. Minutes until midnight, Maxie arrives at the apartment to find no Nathan yet again, right at that moment Nathan calls and he says he went to pick her up. Maxie tells him the tow truck driver drove her back to the apartment. Maxie says at least they tried, and then someone knocks on her door, Maxie goes to open it and it's Nathan!!!!!. Maxie hugs him and he says I guess I wasn't so far away after all and then they kiss. Maxie asks him if this is really real that he is actually here and he says it's New Year's Eve, where else would he be but at her door. They then share a midnight kiss.

Maxie and Nathan kiss

After they kiss, Nathan says that he has waited a whole year to do that, to touch her and look her. Maxie says he has looked at her but he says not like she was his and he was hers. Maxie says it feels good and Nathan says it feels unreal. He also says that 2015 is their year and then they kiss again. Then Maxie pulls away and tells him that she can't believe he tricked her--she thought he stood for truth and honesty. He says that he did leave when she told him that her cab broke down because he couldn't stand the thought of her being alone at midnight. She asks what made him come back. He tells her a little voice was nagging at him that he was going to miss her and that he should stay put. They both agree that it was good that he stayed. Maxie asks Nathan if he was responsible for the food, Nathan says that was Dante and Lulu. Maxie says she doesn't deserve Nathan because he is all the things she isn't and she always messes things up. Nathan tells Maxie that she could not be more wrong and that he thinks she is beautiful, funny, loving, and flawed. After a bit of awkwardness between the two, they head to the bedroom and make love for the first time.

Maxie jumps for joy

The next morning, Nathan and Maxie wake up in bed together and continue making love. Afterwards, Maxie asks Nathan if he was tutored in seduction like he was tutored in French because he knows how to dazzle her. He speaks French to her and says "it's a gift" and she says that she has a gift for him - her lips, and then they kiss. Nathan pulls aways and Maxie thinks it's because she has morning breath but he says no, he likes the way she tastes but he needs 20 minutes to recharge. She tells him not to scare her like that and that sometimes a kiss is just a kiss. He asks if this is one of those times and she says no. Later on, Nathan makes breakfast in his underwear and then Maxie comes in. They talk and Maxie jumps on him. They end up having sex all over the living room.

Maxie and Lulu admire Jason

At the Metro Court, Maxie is seen talking to Lulu about her night with Nathan and how amazing it was. She also finds out that Johnny got out of prison. She and Lulu talk about how Lulu did shots with Johnny when right then Dante walked in and wasn't very happy. Lulu assures Maxie that she only has eyes for Dante and Maxie says she only has eyes for Nathan. Then the two admire "Jake Doe" from their seats. Moments later, Nathan and Dante walk in and Nathan and Maxie kiss.

Maxie asks Nathan how he could still be jealous

Later on, Nathan takes Maxie back to the apartment where he says "nous devons dépêcher" and then he tells her that it means that they have to hurry because he only has an hour. As he lifts her on the bed, she says she loves when he talks demanding to her, especially in French. While they are making out, she says that she's not objecting to sex on his lunch break, to which he says good, but that he practically kidnapped her. He says that he couldn't help himself and had to make sure that she only had eyes for him. She says as opposed to who and Nathan says that guy at the Metro Court she was checking out. They continue making out, he lays her down in bed and they make love. They stop making out but Nathan wants to continue because he only has an hour lunch and wants to make the most of it, besides he doesn't want her attention wondering. Maxie tells him that he shouldn't be jealous, period. Maxie notes that she told Lulu he looks more like a soldier than a bartender. Nathan says she could be right, he tells her that the bartender is Jake Doe and Sam Morgan is sure that he is the one that took her hostage and shot him. Maxie says she doesn't believe that it was Jake Doe because who would stick around after that? Then they talk about Jason and his relationship with Sam. After they talk, they get dressed and make plans to see each other later.

Maxie and Georgie (Kirsten and Harper)

In 2015, Nathan and Maxie break up due to Spinelli, as Ellie broke up with Spinelli thinking that he wanted Maxie. Weeks later, Spinelli and Maxie get back together and seem relatively happy. They also plan to go to the Nurses' Ball together, as do Nathan and Ellie. By the end of the Nurses' Ball, Nathan and Maxie get back together as do Spinelli and Ellie.

On February 26-29, 2016, while Nathan was on pain meds after being shot, Maxie tells Nathan that she loves him and he replies by saying "I love you too, Claudette." When Maxie asked about Claudette, Nathan lied and told her that she was his French poodle and then later said she was his ex-girlfriend. On March 14, 2016, Nathan revealed to Dante that Claudette was his wife. On April 4, he told Maxie that Claudette was his ex-wife, it was a marriage of convenience and that they had it annulled.

He later revealed to his mother, Liesl Obrecht that he told Maxie about Claudette but didn't tell her everything. On April 28, Obrecht revealed that if Nathan told Maxie the truth about what happened with Claudette, then Maxie would tell Lulu and if Lulu told Dante, then Nathan would end up in Pentonville Penitentiary. In May, while transporting fugitive Carlos Rivera, the van crashes and Carlos escapes. While searching, Carlos hits Nathan over the head with a rock which caused Nathan to need surgery.

On June 6-7, 2016, Nathan revealed that he had shot Claudette's lover in a drunken rage. The lover was later revealed to be Dr. Griffin Munro.

In July 2016, Claudette Beaulieu -aka C.J. Boland- is seen arriving at the Metro Court Hotel for an interview with an unsuspecting Maxie Jones about a graphic designing job with Crimson. After a short interview, Maxie is so impressed that Claudette gets the job.

Later on, Claudette surprises Nathan in a hotel room at the Metro Court Hotel. The two of them argue (they rehash the past) and she tells him about getting a job at Crimson with Maxie. Afterwards, she then apologizes to him but he tells her that she can't work with Maxie and that she needs to leave Port Charles immediately to which she agrees. Nathan leaves to check her out of the hotel but when he comes back he finds Maxie with her.

On September 21, 2016, Claudette revealed to Nathan that she had given birth to a daughter, whom she named Charlotte, soon after their relationship ended. Claudette believed that Nathan was Charlotte's father, but knew there was a small chance that her former lover, Griffin Munro could be the father.

Immediately after getting this news, Nathan tells his fiancée Maxie Jones, who encourages him to get a paternity test done. Claudette had a lock of Charlotte's hair in a necklace and they used it to conduct the DNA test. Nathan sent the samples to a private lab.

On September 29, the DNA test confirmed that Nathan is Charlotte's father. Nathan wants to see his daughter as soon as possible, but Claudette is afraid to reveal their daughter's whereabouts. When pushed, Claudette tells Nathan that she is trying to protect her daughter and herself from Valentin Cassadine, with whom she had a prior romantic entanglement. After things went south between Claudette and Valentin, he began threatening her and Charlotte, so they went into hiding. It was later revealed that Griffin is actually Charlotte's father.

After Claudette fled the country, it was revealed that Valentin is actually Charlotte's father. Claudette is last seen on a plane headed back to Canada when Valentin appears and takes the seat next to her stating that she took something that belongs to him. It is most likely Valentin had Claudette killed. On December 8, 2016, it was revealed that Claudette has no biological claim to Charlotte as she was just the surrogate.

On December 29, it was revealed that Claudette never signed or had the divorce papers filed therefore she and Nathan were still married, Nathan believed that she wanted to use their marriage to protect Charlotte, but Maxie believed otherwise and reminds him that Claudette is a pathological liar.

On January 4, 2017, Valentin deleted his contact of Claudette hinting that he may have taken care of her.

On January 11, Valentin secretly had his connections in the Canadian authorities report to Nathan and Maxie, who had come to Canada to find her, that Claudette had committed suicide a month ago, ending the search for her. With her death, Nathan and Maxie were finally able to get married.

Nathan and Maxie marry

Nathan and Maxie were married on January 17, 2017 at the Metro Court Hotel surrounded by family and friends and with Lulu serving as matron of honor and Dante as best man. Her little girl, Georgie was also there and her father, Spinelli officiated the ceremony.

On March 29, due to Storms' absence, it was explained that Maxie took a job in Portland, Oregon for 3 months.

On May 3, Maxie revealed that she had extended her trip, much to Nathan's dislike.

On May 4, Nurse Amy Driscoll revealed that Maxie was a witch in high school and was a head cheerleader who cut Amy from the team because she wasn't the right type.

Maxie and Felicia

On July 24-25, Maxie returned and reunited with Nathan but it was revealed that the magazine in Portland still needs her and that she's only on a three hour layover on her way to Paris.

Maxie and Georgie

On August 9, Maxie surprises Nathan at the PCPD on another layover, this time on her way back to Portland. Before they can spend any quality time together, Nathan is called out on a case and Maxie tags along. It turns out to be Mac and Felicia, who were having sex in the park, so Nathan helps them out by not pressing charges against them and Maxie gives them hell for it. Afterwards, Nathan takes her to the airport.

Maxie and Mac

Maxie returns to Port Charles for good on August 29 and finds out from Felicia that Nathan has been spending a lot of time with Amy. When Maxie finds them outside of a hotel room, she misinterprets everything and ends up slapping both of them. On August 30, Nathan finally tells Maxie that he's the face of Ask Man Landers.

Maxie's rings

On Thanksgiving, Maxie tells Nathan that she's pregnant. In 2018, Nathan and Maxie find out that Cesar Faison is his father.


Cesar Faison is Nathan's father

On January 24, Nathan and Maxie had an ultrasound.

On January 25-26, Maxie was held hostage at gunpoint by Faison and Nathan tried to save her, but Faison shot Nathan's half-brother, Peter August, after Peter pulled a gun. Peter had arranged for Faison to come to town so Jason would kill him. Nathan responded to a police call and was shot in the chest by Faison. Peter was fine as he was wearing a bulletproof vest, which he later destroyed. Nathan was rushed to GH in critical condition alongside Faison, who was shot by Jason Morgan when Faison held Carly hostage shortly after.

Held hostage by Faison

On January 31, Nathan died from complications of his gunshot wound, leaving Maxie devastated and the baby fatherless.

When Peter visited Faison, he taunted him by saying that he (Peter) had Drew's flash drive and that Nathan was dead. Faison had trouble breathing and grabbed for the emergency button, while begging his son for help. Peter whips the button out of Faison's hand and leaves Faison to gasp for air and ultimately die.

Maxie finds out Nathan is dead

After finding out from Maxie that his father had Huntington's disease, Peter did a blood test with Dr. Griffin Munro's help, and on March 16, like his nephew or niece, it's confirmed that he hasn't inherited Huntington's disease from his father. Soon he began having an interest in his brother's widow Maxie Jones constantly being there for her without her knowing who he really is. Griffin soon found out about Peter's true identity and later confronted him. Peter was able to manipulate him into not reporting him to the authorities.

In May, Peter escorted Maxie to the Nurses Ball of 2018. During the Nurses Ball, he met his long-lost half sister Robin. Later when leaving the Nurses' Ball, Maxie's water breaks in Peter's car. Peter helps Maxie deliver a healthy baby boy on the side of the road. Afterwards, he confronts Anna Devane at the pier, before being held at gunpoint by Jason Morgan. On May 22, to save his life, Anna reveals to both Peter and Jason that he is her son. In the end, Peter was taken into custody by the PCPD and the WSB. On May 25, despite Robert and Dante's opposition, Anna refused to testify against her son. Through Valentin's help he was able to escape, however, he was kidnapped by Liesl Obrecht with the help of Nina.

In April 2019, Anna encouraged Peter to tell Maxie how he feels and he did plus she confessed her feelings for Peter. They shared a kiss after Peter thanked her by saying it was a very "mom" thing to do. During a trip to Canada, they become lovers.

In June, Peter agreed to help Maxie find Dante and bring him home for Lulu. Peter was initially against the idea since Dante was suffering a severe case of PTSD but since Maxie was bound and determined he agreed to help. Maxie's dad Frisco Jones gave her and Peter temporary clearances to enter a WSB facility in Ithaca where Dante was being treated. On July 15, after Maxie learned that Dante refused to see them she pushed her way into the room he was in. Dante quickly grabbed an agent's gun and shot Peter in the shoulder, but thankfully it was a clean wound and required no surgery.

On August 21, it was revealed that Peter had aided and abetted Helena Cassadine in her plan to kidnap Drew from his post in Afghanistan back in 2012. When he had shown up to the spot, nobody knew it but Hank Archer caught a glimpse of him. Later that day, Hank (now known as Shiloh) called Peter for a visit in prison and blackmailed him into helping him get out of Pentonville or else he would reveal Peter's part in the Jason Morgan Conspiracy. As a result, Peter had someone crash Drew's flight to Afghanistan, presumably killing him.

On September 3, Peter had someone stab Dr. Andre Maddox twice in the abdomen upon his return to PC which was orchestrated by Drew prior to his presumed death. Andre survived at GH and Peter tried to kill him himself, but was forced to leave. It was only on September 10 that Peter was revealed to be the perpetrator of Drew's presumed death and Andre's attempted murder through a henchman named Bryce Henderson.

On October 10, Peter and Bryce framed Sam for helping Shiloh escape.

On November 28, Peter learned that Franco decided to get his memories back which upset Peter, so on December 9 he eventually hired a hitman named David Black to kill him and Andre. However, after having a talk with Anna, he later tried to call off the hit, but he could not get a hold of him. Peter eventually grabbed a gun and shot David Black. When Anna found him, he spun the story and claimed that he found David and something didn't seem right about him and when he tried to kill both Andre and Franco, he killed him in their defense. On December 16, David Black died from his gunshot wound.

On December 20, it was revealed that Peter worked at EuroTech, which was a shell company for the DVX. He was there at the same time as David Black.

On February 10, 2020, Peter overheard Robert and Anna discussing the fact that Sam and Jason were helping him find evidence on Peter in exchange for help with Sam's parole problem. He played it off as if he didn't know what was going on but he later called the attorney general and sabotaged the investigation which got Robert pulled off the case and put Sam and Jason back at square 1.

On March 6, Peter framed Liesl Obrecht for Drew's presumed death and for both counts of attempting to murder Andre Maddox and for attempting to murder Franco Baldwin back in December of 2019, which resulted in Anna gleefully having two WSB agents arrest her for Peter's crimes. Maxie was devastated and he consoled her while still keeping his secrets and lies under wraps.

On April 14, Peter was at Anna's house to help get Violet Finn's birthday party set up and Robert asked for his help with balloons. Robert pretended to try to make peace with Peter who was skeptical but played along. Robert then claimed that while they would never be best buds that they could co-exist. Later on, Peter called his henchman and let him know to go ahead with a distraction for Robert since he could still be a problem.

On April 20, it was revealed that the distraction that Peter created was Holly Sutton's death. Robert received a call that seemingly confirmed her demise, much to his heartbreak.

On May 6, Peter met with his henchman and told him that he only wanted a distraction and not Holly's death. The henchman claimed that he had nothing to do with the incident that caused Holly's death.

On August 19, during the 2020 Nurses' Ball, Maxie accidentally reveals to everyone that she is pregnant after a microphone malfunction before her Deception Cosmetics pitch. Peter finds Maxie afterward and she confirms that she is pregnant. They embrace and share in their excitement for the baby. Mac and Anna join them and they confirm the news to the grandparents-to-be who are both overjoyed.

On October 12, Peter and Maxie officially get engaged while they were at the hospital for a check up on their baby.

On October 13, at the hospital, after getting a clean bill of health on the baby's genetic testing and reuniting with his sister Britt, Maxie proposes to Peter. Peter gets down on one knee and accepts, professing his love and commitment to Maxie.

On October 30, a genetics test revealed to Anna, Valentin, and Finn that Alex is Peter's mother, not Anna as first assumed. Anna refuses to tell Peter the truth, and he and Maxie both still believe Anna is his mother.

Peter and Maxie plan to have a double wedding with Finn and Anna in January 2021.

On December 21, 2020, Peter and Maxie find out they are having a baby girl.

Double Wedding Sign for Maxie/Peter and Anna/Finn (2021)

After many preemptions and impeachment interruptions, the double wedding will now take place on the first week of March 2021 in the Metro Court Crystal Ballroom.

On March 1, 2021, Maxie can't be found as she is at Nathan's grave talking to Liesl. Maxie ignores Liesl's warnings about Peter and heads back to prepare for the wedding. Valentin asks Anna if she is ready to go through with their plan. Later Valentin calls someone who puts a bag over Peter's head and kidnaps him before the wedding.

On March 4, the wedding is interrupted by first Liesl Obrecht, then Valentin Cassadine, both exposing Peter's many crimes, as well as the truth that he is Alex Devane's son. Maxie has Braxton Hicks contractions and is rushed to the hospital, while the guests turn on Peter, knowing the truth of who he is. Finn runs out, angry that Anna kept the truth of Peter's maternity from him but schemed with Valentin. Peter is able to get away, vowing vengeance upon all who deceived him, especially Anna and Valentin, as well as a commitment to embracing the darkness of his parents.

After getting home from the hospital, Maxie vows that the man she loved never existed. Peter shows up at her apartment, desperate for them to run away together. She firmly believes he committed his crimes, and they are over - throwing their relationship, his belongings, and especially him, out of her apartment. She vows to her unborn baby girl Lu, that she will protect them.

Crimes Committed

  • Basic teenage stuff: lying, skipping school, underage drinking
  • Received detention for punching a boy in the face [June 1, 2000]
  • Ran away [Oct 18, 2000]
  • Stole a bottle of hydrocodone from General Hospital [Aug 7, 2003]
  • Took the hydrocodone [Aug 7, 2003]
  • Aided and abetted fugitive Zander Smith [Jan-Feb 2004]
  • Attempted to steal a bottle of pills for an ailing Zander [Feb 3, 2004]
  • Helped hide Jesse Beaudry from the police [Jun-Jul 2005]
  • Went on the run with Jesse Beaudry when he was a wanted fugitive [Jul 2005]
  • Breaking and entering and trespassing; broke into Jenna's cabin [Jul 2005]
  • Theft; stole the key to Jenna's cellar (she started a fight with her as cover to get the key that was on her pants) [Jul 2005]
  • Theft; stole food from Jenna's cellar [Jul 2005]
  • Hit Murphy with a log [Jul 12, 2005]
  • Hit Murphy in the face with the butt of a gun [Jul 15, 2005]
  • Lunged at Diego Alcazar [Nov 28, 2005]
  • Adultery; had an affair with Lucky Spencer while he was married to Elizabeth [2006]
  • Stole drugs from General Hospital for Lucky's drug habit [Spring/Summer 2006]
  • Bought drugs for Lucky Spencer [Spring/Summer 2006]
  • Blackmailed Jax (with help from Diego) [May 2006]
  • Faked a pregnancy and miscarriage to trap Lucky [Fall 2006]
  • Tried to get Diego to get her pregnant so she could trap Lucky [Oct 31, 2006]
  • Helped hide Cooper Barrett from the police after Metro Court hostage crisis [Feb 2007]
  • Blackmailed Scott Baldwin (along with Logan and Coop) [Spring 2007]
  • Got into a catfight with Lulu Spencer [Mar 27, 2007]
  • Thief; stole the police exam for Coop [Apr 11, 2007]
  • Made sure Cooper's application would be accepted by the PCPD [Summer 2007]
  • Made a bet with Logan Hayes (If he slept with Lulu and then dumped her, she would sleep with him; he won the bet) [May-Aug 2007]
  • Stole supplies from the hospital [Jul 2007]
  • Helped aid a wounded Logan (along with Lulu and Coop) instead of turning him into the cops [Jul 13, 2007]
  • Broke a vase over Anthony Zacchara's head in self-defense [Nov 8, 2007]

  • Breaking and entering; broke into the late, Cooper Barrett's old room over Kelly's (along with Spinelli) [Feb 5, 2008]
  • Went into an unconscious Logan Hayes hospital room with the intent of harming him (but didn't) [Feb 21, 2008]
  • Slapped Lulu Spencer [Feb 28, 2008]
  • Stabbed Diego Alcazar in the leg in self-defense [Mar 5, 2008]
  • Breaking and entering; broke into Ian Devlin's room (along with Spinelli) [Apr 21, 2008]
  • Injected Dr. Ian Devlin with a sedative and rendered him temporarily unconscious [Apr 28, 2008]
  • Impersonated a doctor [Apr 28-29, 2008]
  • Tried to sabotage Lulu at Crimson (she deleted an email) [Apr 30, 2008]
  • Obstruction of justice; knew that Lulu Spencer murdered Logan Hayes and aided in the cover-up of his death [Jul-Sep 2008]
  • Slapped Dr. Matt Hunter [Aug 26, 2008]
  • Impersonated a doctor [Oct 17, 2008]
  • Slapped Winifred Leeds [Jan 12, 2009]
  • Slapped Dr. Matt Hunter [Apr 6, 2009]
  • Threw a drink on Matt [Jun 15, 2009]
  • Breaking and entering; broke into the former Mayor's office (along with Spinelli) [Jun 17, 2009]
  • Slapped Franco [Nov 23, 2009]
  • Breaking and entering; broke into Franco's art studio [Dec 8, 2009]
  • Breaking and entering; broke into Franco's art studio again (along with Lulu) [Dec 15, 2009]
  • Pulled a butter knife on Chef Robaire [Mar 8, 2010]
  • Perjury; lied under oath when she said she didn't see Michael Corinthos in the car with his father, Sonny on the night Claudia was murdered, when in fact she did [Apr 2-5, 2010]
  • Obstruction of justice; knew that Michael murdered Claudia Zacchara, but didn't say anything [2010]
  • Accidently knocked over a candle and set Mac's house on fire with Robin and Emma inside [Nov 2010]
  • Breaking and entering; broke into Johnny Zacchara's apartment (along with Matt) [Mar 9, 2011]
  • Slapped Dr. Matt Hunter [May 11, 2011]
  • Assaulted Joey Bruzetta in self-defense (she pepper sprayed him in the face) [Sep 16, 2011]
  • Hit Joey multiple times with her shoe in defense of Spinelli [Sep 19, 2011]
  • Obstruction of justice; knew that Dr. Matt Hunter murdered Lisa Niles, but didn't say anything [Oct 2011-May 2012]
  • Convinced Anthony Zacchara to have First Mate Briggs confess to the murder of Lisa Niles [Dec 2011]
  • Falsely confessed to the murders of Lisa Niles and First Mate Briggs [Mar 2012; sentenced to 20 years in prison without parole on May 1, 2012; released on May 29, 2012 because it was revealed that Matt was the real killer]
  • Fraud; married Matt Hunter to avoid having to testify against him [May 29, 2012]
  • Fraud; tried to pass off her baby with Spinelli as Dante and Lulu Falconeri's baby [Jan 18-Sep 30, 2013]
  • Accidentally hit Spinelli with a door [Sep 2013]
  • Violated a court order to have no contact with her daughter; not charged [Dec 2013]

  • Protested the Waterfront project [Jun 30, 2014]
  • Trespassing; wouldn't leave the Waterfront property [Jun 30, 2014]
  • Resisting arrest; shoved and pushed Nathan while he was trying to handcuff her [Jul 1, 2014]
  • Killed Peter Harrell, Jr. (aka Levi) with a dagger to the back in defense of Nathan [Sep 15, 2014]
  • Helped Johnny Zacchara flee town to avoid criminal charges (she let him take the keys to her car and some money) [Feb 10, 2015]
  • Hacked into—and read—Dante's e-mails without his consent or knowledge [Nov 18, 2015]
  • Knew Johnny Zacchara was in town and attempted to keep it to herself but then told Nathan [Jan 11, 2016]
  • Unlawful imprisonment; locked Dante and Lulu in a hotel suite together overnight (so they could work on their problems) with Nathan and Olivia's help [Feb 14, 2016; shown on Feb 12, 2016]
  • Knows that Nathan shot Dr. Griffin Munro but is choosing to keep that information to herself [Jun 6-7, 2016-present]
  • Stole Claudette's Metro Court room key [revealed Jul 14, 2016]
  • Used the key to get into her room and started rummaging through her things [Jul 14, 2016]
  • Tried to sabotage Claudette at Crimson (the plan backfired and failed) [Jul 27, 2016]
  • Ran a DNA test on Nathan and Charlotte without Nathan's knowledge or Claudette's consent [Oct 2016]
  • Used a dummy key card that Spinelli made her to break into Claudette's room at the Metro Court [revealed Oct 19, 2016]
  • Elbowed one of Valentin Cassadine's men in the gut in self-defense [Oct 2016]
  • Stole the envelope containing the gender of the Morgan's new baby from Sam's purse [Dec 14, 2016]
  • Slapped her husband, Det. Nathan [Aug 29, 2017]
  • Slapped Nurse Amy Driscoll [Aug 30, 2017]
  • Was present when Lulu set off a stink bomb at the Invader and she impersonated the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) [Dec 6, 2016; arrested and released]
  • Pulled a piece of Valentin's hair out of his head with the intention of running a DNA test between him and Nathan without permission [Dec 26, 2017]
  • Recruited Amy to run the illegal paternity test [Dec 27, 2017]

  • Initially conspired with Britt Westbourne to fake the death of her (Maxie's) daughter, Louise Jones in order to neutralize Peter August [Apr 1-May 3, 2021]
  • Conspired with Brook Lynn Quartermaine to pass her daughter, Louise off as Brook Lynn's daughter with Valentin Cassadine in order to protect her from Peter [Apr 28, 2021-Feb 7, 2022; Maxie gave Louise to Brook Lynn on Jun 1, 2021]
  • Threw hot tea in Marie Hopkins' face in self-defense [May 26, 2021]
  • Knocked out Marie with a firepoker in self-defense [May 27, 2021]
  • Kicked Marie in the shin in defense of herself and her newborn daughter, Louise [May 28, 2021]
  • Killed Marie in defense of herself and Louise by causing her to fall down through broken wood [May 28, 2021]
  • Lied to police officials; falsely claimed that Louise had been kidnapped by Marie [Jun 1, 2021-Feb 7, 2022]
  • Kneed Peter in the groin [Feb 21, 2022]

  • Health and Vitals

    • Weighed 7lbs 6oz and was 18.5ins long at birth[70] [1986; revealed Dec 13, 2013]
    • Sustained minor injuries as an infant when Felicia and her had debris fall on them after an earthquake [Apr 29, 1991]
    • Kidnapped by Ryan Chamberlain [Jun 1993]
    • Suffered from Kawasaki disease as a child resulting in the need for a heart transplant [1994]
    • Received a life saving heart transplant [1994]
    • Kidnapped (along with her mother, Felicia and her sister, Georgie) [Sep 9-10, 2002]
    • Had plastic surgery in Dallas to remove her transplant scar
    • Overdosed on ecstasy [May 19, 2003]
    • Trapped in an elevator with Zander Smith [Feb 2, 2004]
    • Held hostage at gunpoint by Zander Smith (it was an act) [Feb 4-5, 2004]
    • Suffered a heart attack and then went into heart failure [May 2005; was saved]
    • Went into cardiac arrest but was saved [Jun 2005]
    • On heart medication [revealed Jun 2005; Eszopiclone revealed 2013]
    • Held at gunpoint by Murphy, a dirty cop [Jul 11-12, 2005]
    • Held at gunpoint by Jenna [Jul 12, 2005]
    • Rendered unconscious in an explosion (suffered a cut to her forehead as a result) [Jul 15, 2005]
    • Held hostage at gunpoint by Murphy [Jul 21, 2005]
    • Stalked by Diego Alcazar [Fall 2005]
    • Drugged by Diego Alcazar [Aug 12, 2005]
    • Held hostage at gunpoint by Manny Ruiz [Dec 16, 2005]
    • Suffered a heart attack during the encephalitis plague that hit Port Charles [Feb 2006; was saved]
    • Spiraled out of control after her first love, Jesse died [2006]
    • Faked a suicide attempt that led to real complications with her heart [Summer 2006]
    • Went into cardiac arrest but was saved [Sep 2006]
    • Fell down the stairs at Kelly's and faked a miscarriage [Dec 20-21, 2006]

  • Held hostage at gunpoint at the Metro Court Hotel by Jerry Jacks and his team (known as the Metro Court hostage crisis) [Jan-Feb 2007]
  • Trapped in the Metro Court vault with one of Jerry's men (later revealed to be Cooper Barrett) [Feb 2007]
  • Rendered unconscious in the Metro Court explosion [Feb 2007]
  • Suffered minor injuries during the Metro Court explosion [Feb 2007]
  • Slapped by Lulu Spencer [Mar 22, 2007]
  • Assaulted by Lulu after she provoked her [Mar 27, 2007]
  • Slapped by Lulu [Apr 12, 2007]
  • Held hostage at gunpoint [Apr 13, 2007]
  • Manhandled by Cody [Jul 25, 2007]
  • Developed a staff infection that turned septic (she went into cardiac arrest but was saved) [Aug 2007; GH:NS]
  • Manhandled by Logan Hayes [Sep 2007]
  • Held at gunpoint by Carly Corinthos-Jacks (used herself as a human shield to protect Coop from Carly, who was holding a gun on him) [Nov 2007]
  • Grabbed by Anthony Zacchara to play Russian Roulette [Nov 2007]
  • Stalked by Diego Alcazar (aka the Text Message Killer) [Fall 2007]
  • Attacked by Diego Alcazar (he tried to strangle her to death) [Dec 7-10, 2007]
  • Hospitalized for shock after finding out her sister, Georgie, was murdered [Dec 2007]
  • Suffered an emotional breakdown after Georgie died [Dec 2007-early 2008]
  • Trapped in a storm drain with Spinelli [Feb 29-Mar 5, 2008]
  • Got stuck in a storm drain grate when it was about to go up but Spinelli got her out [Mar 4-5, 2008]
  • Attacked by Diego again (he tried to strangle her to death again) [Mar 5, 2008]
  • Held hostage at scalpel point by Dr. Ian Devlin (suffered a cut to her neck as a result) [May 6, 2008]
  • Attacked and rendered unconscious by Logan Hayes [Jul 3, 2008]
  • Kidnapped by Anthony Zacchara's men [Jul 11, 2008]
  • Threatened by Anthony Zacchara [Jul 14, 2008]
  • Manhandled by Scott Baldwin [Jul 25, 2008]
  • Almost got hit by a car but Spinelli pushed her out of the way and got hit instead [Aug 25, 2008]
  • Rendered unconscious by Russian mobster Andrei Karpov's associates [Nov 17, 2008]
  • Rendered unconscious in a car accident [Jan 27, 2009]
  • Rendered unconscious while trapped in a fire at General Hospital [Feb 2009]
  • Attacked [May 4, 2009]
  • Threatened by Franco many times [2009-10]
  • Involved in a car accident [Feb 19-22, 2010]
  • Trapped in a storm drain with Spinelli again and suffered from hypothermia [Mar 9-10, 2010]
  • Hospitalized for pneumonia after being trapped in a storm drain [Mar 2010]
  • Fell off a 7 inch curb in 5 inch heels and hurt her leg [revealed Jun 22, 2010]

  • Rendered unconscious and suffered minor injuries in a bus crash [Jan 2011]
  • Choked on a french fry but Matt saved her life by giving her the heimlich [Jun 7, 2011]
  • Held hostage at gunpoint by Dr. Lisa Niles [Jun 2011]
  • Threatened and almost got shot by Lisa Niles twice (Spinelli took the bullet instead, the second time) [Jun 2011]
  • Trapped in a storm drain with Jackal P.I. [Aug 2011]
  • Kidnapped and held hostage (along with Elizabeth) by Anthony Zacchara's men [Sep 2011]
  • Fell while trying to get away from Joey Bruzetta [Sep 19, 2011]
  • Threatened with a knife by Joey [Sep 19, 2011]
  • Shoved by Joey [Sep 19, 2011]
  • In the line of fire when Johnny shot and killed Joey [Sep 19, 2011]
  • Suffered an emotional breakdown after her cousin, Robin's apparent death [2012]
  • Beaten up in prison [May 2012]
  • Experienced a fever after ingesting the toxin Jerry Jacks had placed in the Port Charles water supply [Sep 2012]
  • Allergic to blackberries (had an allergic reaction) [revealed Dec 2012]
  • Implanted with one of Dante and Lulu Falconeri's embryos [Dec 2012]
  • Experienced cramping due to the implantation [Dec 2012]
  • Miscarried the child she was carrying for her friends, Dante and Lulu [Jan 2013]
  • Blackmailed by Britt Westbourne into switching meds to frame Sabrina Santiago [Feb 2013]
  • Manhandled by Julian Jerome while pregnant [Jul 31, 2013]
  • Hemorrhaged after giving birth to her daughter, Georgie via emergency C-section [Aug 2013]
  • Slapped by Lulu Spencer [Oct 1, 2013]
  • Tried to commit suicide by taking pills [Dec 5-6, 2013]
  • Duped by con man, Peter Harrell, Jr. (aka Levi) [2014; revealed Aug 11-12, 2014]
  • Handcuffed to Det. Nathan West [Jul 1-9, 2014]
  • Held hostage at gunpoint by Peter Harrell, Jr. [Aug 13, 2014]
  • Kidnapped and held hostage at gunpoint (along with Lulu) by Peter, Jr. (aka Levi) (and Scribner) [Aug 14-Sep 2, 2014]
  • Threatened and held at gunpoint by Peter, Jr. to make Lulu put down a gun [Aug 25, 2014]
  • Rendered unconscious after breathing gaseous fumes [Sep 2, 2014]
  • Threatened to be killed by Victor Cassadine if Nathan didn't put down his gun [Sep 3, 2014]
  • Kidnapped and held hostage (along with Nathan) by Victor and his henchmen [Sep 8-17, 2014]
  • Handcuffed to a metal pole [Sep 8-10, 2014]
  • Manhandled by Peter, Jr. [Sep 12, 2014]
  • Threatened by Peter, Jr and Peter, Sr. [Sep 12, 2014]
  • Almost got stabbed by Peter, Sr. [Sep 15, 2014]
  • Was trapped in a building that was about to blow up, but got out before it did [Sep 16-17, 2014]
  • Hurt her hand after punching a bag at the gym [Oct 13, 2014]

  • Was on a boat with bomb, that later exploded in the water (Michael got it onto the deck and Sonny got it into the water) [Jan-Feb 2015]
  • Had a gun pointed at her by Drew Cain (aka Jake) [May 2, 2015; shown on May 8, 2015]
  • Threatened by Madeline Reeves [Sep 1, 2015]
  • Held hostage at gunpoint in a chapel-full of people by Landon Dixon [Feb 19, 2016; shown from Feb 23-24, 2016]
  • Sprained her ankle after slipping on some water [Mar 14, 2016]
  • Attacked and kidnapped by Gary, one of Valentin Cassadine's men [Oct 19, 2016]
  • Held hostage at gunpoint and duct-taped to a chair by Gary [Oct 19-21, 2016]
  • Manhandled by Gary during a failed escape attempt [Oct 21, 2016]
  • Rendered unconscious after breathing carbon monoxide (also fell down a couple of steps)[71] [Oct 24, 2016]
  • Locked in a medical exam room with Lulu by Dr. Bellamy [Dec 8-9, 2016]
  • Experienced cramping during her pregnancy due to stress [Jan 15, 2018]
  • Held hostage at gunpoint by Cesar Faison [Jan 25-26, 2018]
  • Gave birth to her premature son, James completely natural [May 21, 2018]
  • Fainted in Spinelli and Sam's arms [May 22, 2018]
  • Got lightheaded and almost collapsed [May 21, 2020]
  • Kidnapped at gunpoint by Alex Devane and held hostage on board the Haunted Star while pregnant [Nov 6-9, 2020]
  • Experienced a stomachache while pregnant which was triggered followed being exposed to Peter August's criminal past [Mar 4-5, 2021; taken to the hospital by Britt]
  • Braxton Hicks contractions (false labor) [Mar 5, 2021]
  • High blood pressure due to stress, testing for pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes [Mar 5, 2021]
  • Stalked by Peter [Mar 16-Jun 3, 2021]
  • Hospitalized due to contractions [Apr 7, 2021]
  • Knocked out with a sedative by Marie Hopkins under Peter's orders to kidnap her [May 25, 2021]
  • Held captive in a cabin by Marie under Peter's orders [May 26-27, 2021]
  • Give birth to her second daughter, Louise completely natural [May 27, 2021]
  • Nearly recaptured by Marie [May 28, 2021]
  • Threatened by Peter [Jun 2, 2021]
  • Stalked by Peter to Texas and then Nixon Falls [Jul 19-Aug 23, 2021; revealed on Aug 23, 2021]
  • Threatened over the phone by Peter [Nov 22, 2021]
  • Blackmailed by Peter into leaving her phone behind and going down to Pier 55 alone without any backup by threatening to disappear with Louise if she decided to betray him [Feb 9, 2022]
  • Blackmailed by Peter into choosing between saying goodbye to Louise forever or going with him and Louise out of the country so they could be a family forever [Feb 9-10, 2022]
  • Ordered by Peter to leave Louise in the fire department [Feb 10, 2022]
  • Allowed herself to be taken hostage by Peter and fled town with him to Switzerland [Feb 10, 2022; they were revealed to be in Switzerland on Feb 17, 2022]
  • Held hostage by Peter in a Swiss Farmhouse in Switzerland [Feb 18-21, 2022]
  • Got into a car accident with her mother, Felicia Scorpio after Peter caused them to crash [Feb 22, 2022]
  • Held at gunpoint and almost killed by Peter after she refused to go
  • with him [Feb 22-23, 2022; saved by Felicia]

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    1. She was called this during her first custody hearing.
    2. Spelling shown on official medical record on 1/26/22
    3. Named she used to get a meeting with Nina on September 8, 2017.
    4. Shown on a faked passport on May 27, 2021.
    5. Emperor Maximillian was Austrian.
    6. In order to make the quickie marriage (trying to keep Matt out of prison) seem real, she took his last name.
    8. Maxie graduated highschool in June 2005 at the age of 18.
    9. BabyornamentsMG14.png
    10. Technically invalid as Nathan was still married to Claudette until his death in 2018
    11. Maxie named Georgie after George ...
    12. Going to assume that he's dead because this was in 1995.
    13. Revealed by Dante on May 25, 2018 ...
    14. .. “Dante: They're your kid's godfathers."
    15. Stated on February 26, 2021. Maxie referred to Lettie as her "great grandmother Mariah's cousin."
    26. Emotional Jen Lilley thanks fans for support. Retrieved on July 22, 2012.
    69. On January 17, 2017, it was revealed that Maxie is keeping her last name.
    70. Seen on their baby ornaments on December 13, 2013.
    71. When Nathan started talking to Maxie on the phone, she was on a step then he heard a noise and then when he found her she was on the floor.

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