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Mercy Hospital is a secondary hospital in Port Charles, New York. It is known as the hospital where patients without health insurance can go and receive treatment.

However, Mercy does not have as good a reputation as General Hospital, many characters have referred to the hospital's staff as "The butchers at Mercy."

When GH burnt down in February 2009, Mercy temporarily served as the primary hospital for the series until April of that year.


Mercy Hospital was mentioned as early as 1964.

In 1996, when General Hospital was in financial ruin, Chief of Staff Steve Hardy worked tirelessly to come up with a resolution which led to his death from a fatal heart attack. Upon Steve's death the board at Mercy quickly convened and planned a hostile take over at GH. However Stefan Cassadine bought out General Hospital before this could occur.

In January 2009, a man named Joe and his pregnant wife were turned away from treatment at GH by hospital administrators and sent to Mercy, because they didn't have health insurance. Joe didn't want to settle for treatment at Mercy and only wanted top of the line care for his wife, so he strapped a bomb to his chest and demanded that the doctors at GH treat his wife or he would detonate. Joe was talked down and his wife was given treatment. In February 2009, after General Hospital burned down, Mercy temporarily became the primary hospital in the city.

Several of the doctors and nurses who were employed at GH, worked at Mercy while General Hospital was being rebuilt. Among those were Doctors Patrick Drake, Robin Scorpio-Drake and Matt Hunter and nurses Epiphany Johnson and Elizabeth Webber. Claudia Zacchara-Corinthos and Carly Jacks made several visits to Mercy in 2009 during their pregnancies. Michael Corinthos stayed at Mercy when he was in a coma and his parents were deciding on whether or not to try an experimental procedure to wake him up.

Mercy is still mentioned from time to time as an alternate hospital for patients who, for whatever reason, cannot get treatment at GH.

When General Hospital temporarily closed in 2016, Mercy became once again became the prominent hospital for a month. Sam Morgan made a visit here during her pregnancy.

In September 2020 (after Cyrus Renault had taken over GH and made several staffing changes), Elizabeth Webber suggested that Michael Corinthos consider taking his son Wiley to Mercy instead as the cardiac unit there was on the 'up and up'.

In May 2021, Sasha says she is transferring to Mercy’s OB/GYN to avoid Cyrus.

Current Personnel

  • Dr. Tina Garland
  • Dr. Pierce Rupp
  • Dr. Timothy Davison
  • Dr. Rob Thomas
  • Dr. Tina Keller
  • Dr. Tobin Riah
  • Dr. Todd Walsh