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The Metro Court Pool and Spa is located on the rooftop of the Metro Court Hotel in the city of Port Charles.


The Metro Court Pool and Spa first appeared on July 15, 2021.[1] It was a fixture for the season until September 22, 2021.[2]

It also has a juice bar, which serves sparkling green tea infused with mango as a house specialty. Trina loves them, and Carly wanted the alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to be as good as each other.


Spencer and Esme (2021)

On July 15, 2021, Carly tells Portia that she and Olivia remodeled the roof of the Metro Court to add a pool and cabana bar. After the dark last year everyone had, it was needed.

Joey Novak arrives at the pool and talks to Carly about Jason not scaring him off. Brando sees Carly getting upset and tells Joey that any Novak can take their car to Brando's garage to get it worked on for free. Joey is pleased with this response and leaves.

The pool was last seen on September 22 when Josslyn and Trina hang out there at night. Josslyn says that summer went by so fast and it's hard to believe that the pool is already closed for the season.

The pool was next seen on May 27, 2022 when Rory Cabrera went there and ran into Trina.

On May 31, a Society Setups fundraiser and singles mixer took place at the pool. Britt, Brad, Drew, Spinelli, Dante, Sam, Brook Lynn, Chase, and Austin were in attendance. Terry arrives whilr Britt gets drunk and makes an announcement that the "one true love" theory is a fictional idea. A plane flies overhead and a man parachutes into Britt, knocking her into the pool. Maxie assumes it was a stunt that was arranged by the party. Dante recognizes the man and calls him Cody. Then Cody recognizes Dante and laughs that he became a cop. He was told the pool was supposed to be empty during his skydiving gig. Brad flirts with Cody while offering him a towel as Cody only has shorts on. Spinelli is impressed with the stunt but Britt is upset that Cody almost drowned her and she demands Dante arrest him. Dante cuffs Cody and takes him away. Britt seems to be attracted to Cody despite their introduction.