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The Metro Court Restaurant is located in the Metro Court Hotel in the city of Port Charles. It includes a bar, a balcony, and an elevator entrance.

The Filet Mignon and Zucchini Sticks served here are favorites on the menu.


In March 2005, Sonny Corinthos orders a hit on the Sandoval mob organization; most of whom were staying at Metro Court. A shootout occurs at the restaurant with Jax, Courtney, and Rachel Adair caught in the crossfire. Rachel was shot while Jax and Courtney managed to walk away unharmed.

In November 2009, after Sonny Corinthos discovered Claudia Zacchara was the one who hired Ian Devlin to kill him, he planned to kill her himself. He throws a lavish birthday party for Claudia at the Metro Court Restaurant, where he announced the bullet meant for him left his son Michael Corinthos in a coma for a year. Fearing her life was in danger, Claudia takes a pregnant Carly hostage at gunpoint to escape. Claudia was later tracked down and murdered by Michael.

In June of 2013, Olivia is shot on the terrace of the restaurant by Ava, who was attempting to murder Franco.

In December 2014, the Metro Court Restaurant was renovated with new paint and furniture. Olivia later stated the details were finalized by Carly. On New Year’s Eve, Carly gives an amnesic Drew Cain a temporary job as a bartender.

In December 2015, Kiki Jerome became a waitress at the Metro Court Restaurant.

In January 2017, Nathan West and Maxie Jones hold their wedding at the Metro Court Restaurant.

In October 2017, Jason Morgan returns to Port Charles after being held hostage for 5 years. Simultaneously, Drew Cain (who was believed to be Jason Morgan) and Sam McCall hold their launch party for Aurora Media at the Metro Court Restaurant. During the party, three of Jason’s captors manage to infiltrate the hotel, two of which pose as staff members. When their cover is blown, two of the captors attempt to take the restaurant hostage and Elizabeth is wounded in the process. The men were later taken down and subdued by Drew, Sonny Corinthos and Dante Falconeri. While Drew took Elizabeth to the hospital, Jason managed to get to the roof of Metro Court just in time to see Sam being drugged and kidnapped by the third captor. Moving quickly into action Jason jumped through the sky roof and revealed himself in an attempt to save her.

In December 2018, a documentary filmmaker named Peyton Mills began working on a project about the Ryan Chamberlain murders of 25 years ago. However, Mills gets a little too close to the truth that Ryan may not have perished in that fire all those years ago causing Ryan to silent him forever, dumping Mills's body at the New Year’s Eve party at the Metro Court Restaurant.