Michael Corinthos and Kiki Jerome
Chad Duell and Kristen Alderson as Michael Corinthos and Kiki Jerome
General Hospital
Couple nickname MiKi
Marriage/relationship dates Sep 2013 - Nov 2014
Status Ex-Lovers
Age at wedding or meeting Michael (22)[1]
Kiki (21)[2]
Gender Male, Female
Couple residence Quartermaine Mansion
66 Harbor View Road
Port Charles, New York

Michael Corinthos and Kiki Jerome are fictional charcters and a former popular couple on the ABC soap opera General Hospital.

Casting and Music

Michael has been portrayed by actor Chad Duell since April 20, 2010. Duell was nominated for three Daytime Emmy's for Outstanding Younger Actor in 2011, 2012, and 2014 and won his first Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in 2015.

Kiki was portrayed by actress Kristen Alderson (2013-15), formerly known for her role on One Life to Live as Starr Manning (1998-2013) and on GH from 2012-13. Alderson won her first Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Younger Actress in 2013 and was nominated for two more Daytime Emmy's for Outstanding Younger Actress in 2014 and 2015. All for her portrayal of Starr.

Actress Hayley Erin, formerly known for her role on The Young and the Restless as Abby Newman (2008-10), portrayed her from February 26, 2015 to November 28, 2018.

The couple never had an official song but the song "Lost We Are" by Mary Simon played the first time they made love.


Michael is the son of the late, A.J. Quartermaine and his ex-wife, Carly Corinthos, and the adoptive son of mob boss, Sonny Corinthos. He is also the product of a one night stand between two people who hated each other.

Kiki is the daughter of the late, Dr. Silas Clay and his ex-mistress, mobster, Ava Jerome.

Kiki and Michael first met when Kiki and Morgan were dating and living at Michael's apartment. Their initial relationship was rocky but they grew closer when Michael told her about being raped in prison and that they both had biological fathers that had been absent from their lives and had recently returned. Just as they began to grow feelings for each other they learned that they were cousins.

Morgan rushed Kiki to the alter before she could find out she wasn't related to Michael. At Morgan and Kiki's wedding party few weeks after the two elope, Sonny reveals that Morgan knew that Michael and Kiki were not cousins before the marriage and the two separate due to Morgan's lie. Michael and Kiki agree to begin a relationship even though it will hurt Morgan.

In 2018, Kiki was murdered by Ryan Chamberlain.



Michael and Kiki started dating on September 24, 2013. On the 26th, Michael and Kiki wake up in the ballroom and realize that they talked the whole night and then try to figure out where Kiki is going to live. Michael wants her to move in with him but Kiki said no because it would cause too many problem with Morgan and everyone else involved. In the end, she decides to live with her mother, Ava but that falls through when she finds Ava in bed with her soon-to-be ex-husband and Michael's brother, Morgan. Kiki slaps Ava, tells her that she isn't her mother anymore and leaves with Michael. On October 2, Michael asks Kiki to move in with him again, this time she said yes and the two make love.

In September 2014, Kiki finds out that Sonny and Carly slept together. She confides in Morgan and tells him not to tell Michael as he would tell Franco. Rosalie overhears this and decides to tell Michael. She tells Michael that Kiki and Morgan are keeping a secret from him. Kiki decides to lie and tells Michael that the secret was supposed to be a surprise for their one year anniversary, and Michael believes it. A while later, Morgan and Kiki decide to hide Ava at the Brownstone. When they learn that Sonny killed A.J, they decide to keep that from him too. When Franco tells Michael that Sonny killed A.J, Michael becomes mad at Carly and Sonny. Kiki doesn't want to lie to Michael anymore so she tells him that she and Morgan knew too. Michael also becomes mad with Kiki and Morgan and sleeps with Rosalie. That morning, Kiki catches them in bed in Michael's apartment and Kiki and Michael break up.

Since the break up their relationship has gotten better and they are now civil with each other.

Photo gallery

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  • Michael and Kiki make love
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  • "The only Corinthos brother for me."
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  • Kiki lies to Michael
  • Michael and Kiki at Franco's birthday party
  • Magic trick: M: "You're magic" and K: "You are the ace of my heart" :)
  • Michael and Kiki make love
  • Kiki finds out that some tried to kill Michael


  1. Michael was originally birth year was 1991, but his birth year was later changed to c1992, which would have made him about 20 when he met Kiki.
  2. Kiki was originally birth year was 1992 , but her birth year was later changed to c1993, which would have made her about 20 when she met Michael.

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