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Michael Corinthos and Nurse Sabrina Santiago are fictional characters and a popular couple on the ABC daytime soap opera, General Hospital.

In 2016, Sabrina was murdered by Paul Hornsby.


Michael has been played by actor Chad Duell since April 20, 2010. Duell was nominated for three Daytime Emmy's for Outstanding Younger Actor in 2011, 2012, and 2014 and won his first Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in 2015.

The role of Sabrina was originated by actress Teresa Castillo on September 19, 2012. She went on maternity leave on June 16, 2014 and returned on August 21, 2014. She went on maternity leave again on January 28, 2016 and returned on May 20, 2016.[3] Castillo made her last appearance on September 23, 2016, after her character was tragically murdered.

Michael is the son of the late, A.J. Quartermaine and his ex-wife, Carly Corinthos, and the adoptive son of mob boss, Sonny Corinthos. He is also the product of a one night stand between two people who hated each other.

Sabrina was the daughter of Mr. Santiago and his late wife, Gabriela Santiago.

At the time of her tragic death, Michael was planning on proposing to Sabrina.


Michael and Sabrina met when Michael offered her a job at the new clinic he was establishing in A.J. Quartermaine's honor -- the A.J. Quartermaine clinic. Having recently been fired from GH, Sabrina readily accepts the job. Michael and Sabrina start to form a friendship as they await the opening of the clinic. Unfortunately, Michael runs into several roadblocks as he tries to open the clinic. Eventually, the clinic opening is stalled all together.

On Valentine's Day, Sabrina goes to see Michael and they share a glass of wine. She apologizes and tells him that she can't work at the clinic anymore, because she needs a job now and can't wait any longer for the clinic to open. In response to this, Michael offers Sabrina a job as a nanny for his baby sister Avery, whom he recently gained custody of. Sabrina is hesitant at first due to her history with Avery's mother, Ava Jerome, but after some convincing from Michael she accepts the job.

Avery's other siblings, Morgan Corinthos and Kiki Jerome begin plotting to steal Avery away from Michael. They decide to drug Michael and catch him drunk on camera to show that he is not an ideal guardian for Avery. To make things worse, Morgan and Kiki switch out Michael's allergy pills with some sort of roofie. While out and about town, Michael, Sabrina and Avery run into Morgan and Kiki at the Metro Court Hotel. Morgan and Kiki provoke Michael knowing that he had been drinking and would likely be high off the drugs.

Morgan and Kiki set up a cameraman and catch Michael making a huge scene in the middle of the hotel. They later catch him on camera as he knocks into Avery's stroller and sends it falling to the ground, with Avery inside. Child protective services immediately comes out and takes Avery from Michael, granting guardianship to Kiki. Sabrina begins to suspect that something is not right with the entire situation. She takes the pills Michael had been taking to GH and asks her best friend Felix DuBois to test them. Meanwhile as Michael's life continues to spiral out of control, he begs Sabrina to believe in him. He begs her to believe that he wasn't taking drugs and she does.

The test results come back and Sabrina learns that someone had been switching Michael's allergy meds with something stronger. She immediately goes to Michael and tells him that the events of the last few weeks weren't his fault, because someone has been drugging him. Michael starts to put the pieces together and the picture becomes clear. He immediately goes out and confronts Morgan and Kiki. After the confrontation, Michael is so grateful to Sabrina for standing by him, believing in him and uncovering the truth about the pills. The two share their first kiss in his ELQ office. Sabrina is suprised by the kiss and pulls away and tells Michael that they shouldn't. Michael asks why. Sabrina tells him because she knows he is happy. That's why. Michael stops her and says he is happy, but this means something more. The two kiss again. They are later interrupted by Ned.

Michael asks Sabrina to be his date to The Nurses' Ball and she agrees. The two walk the red carpet together and have a great time. Michael admired Sabrina as she performed in several numbers throughout the night. At the end of the evening, Michael walked Sabrina back to her apartment and they shared another kiss. Sabrina decides they need to talk about what is happening between them, since they never discussed the change in their relationship after the first two times they kissed. She invites Michael in, so they can talk.

Michael and Sabrina talk about their growing feelings for each other, their exes and how a personal relationship between them would affect their working relationship. After getting everything out in the open, they decide they are ready and want to pursue a relationship. They make plans for a date the next evening and end the night with another kiss.

Michael shows up for their date at Sabrina's place. Sabrina completely forgot about their date and apologizes. Michael says it's okay. Sabrina is worried about Carlos. Michael and Sabrina discuss Carlos and their date. They later order food and have fun. Sabrina thanks Michael for keeping her company tonight. She says they were supposed to be on a date, but instead they are here. Michael tells her he is having fun here with her. He tells her he likes her a lot and he doesn't care where they are or what they are doing. He likes getting to know her better, Sabrina agrees. Sabrina kisses Michael and they start to get very passionate on kissing. Michael stops it when Sabrina proceeds to unbutton his shirt. He thinks they should take things slowly. He wants to do this right. Sabrina agrees. Michael kisses her goodbye and leaves.

Sabrina suspects that Rosalie is the one who has been helping someone steal ELQ stocks from Michael. Rosalie was Michael's secretary at the time. She shares her concerns with him. Michael appreciates her concerns, but doesn't think it was Rosalie. Sabrina decides to take matters into her own hands and hires Sam to spy on Rosalie. Michael finds out and asks Sabrina if she is jealous. Tracy yells that Sabrina isn't jealous and that Rosalie is the spy. Sam confirms it. Michael is shocked and apologizes to Sabrina and she accepts and tells him she should have told him what she was doing. After Michael learns it was Nikolas Cassadine that was stealing the ELQ stocks, he goes to Sabrina and thanks her. He says that she went above and beyond as an employee and that he probably has written 100 pages for her recommendation letter. Sabrina tells him she didn't only do it because she worked for him, she did it because she cares about him.

Sabrina helps Michael make a tough choice whether to keep or give Avery back to Sonny. Michael decides that he should give Avery back to her father. After Michael returns Avery to Sonny, the two head back to Sabrina's apartment. Sabrina tells Michael that she's proud of him. Michael and Sabrina make love for the first time on June 29, 2015.

Next morning, the two wake up together in bed. They discuss on giving Avery back to Sonny. Sabrina tells Michael that was a big step. Michael agrees. The first out of two he adds. The second one being them, here. Sabrina asks how he felt about taking that step. Michael tells her next time she doesn't need to ask and they have sex again. After, Michael says he has nothing to do since he has no job and no sister to take care of. Sabrina says there must be something to do and Michael ask her if that's her way of telling him to get lost. Sabrina laughs and says no. He later says he does have something to do, give Avery's things back. Sabrina decides to help him and the two head off to Michael's.

Michael finds Sabrina outside lying on a chair in the sun. They discuss about Sonny allowing Denise to see Avery. Sabrina brings up the A.J. Quartermaine Clinic and tells Michael that the plan is a go. Michael is pleasantly surprised and kisses Sabrina and thanks her.

Michael and Sabrina are out near the pool for a date. Michael asks Sabrina if she wants to go for a swim. Sabrina is hesitant, but she says sure she'll go in, after Michael. Michael tells her she's chickening out and Sabrina says she not. She then says the water is cold. Michael then tells her that they can go back to the house and Sabrina says okay. As they are about to go Michael grabs Sabrina and tries to playfully push her in the water. Sabrina starts screaming and Michael stops and tells her he'd never do that to her. The two share a kiss. As they are about to go back to the house, but this time Sabrina pushes Michael into the water. Later Sabrina helps Michael dry himself with a towel. Michael then says it her turn leading Sabrina to run to the house. Michael tries bringing her in the water. Sabrina then pleads for him to stop and says she'll do anything. They then start making out and go in the house and make love. After, they both admit to each other that they are falling hard for one another.

Later, Michael shows up and kisses Sabrina on the neck. Sabrina smiles and says that better be Michael and not "Mr. Hornsby" referring to Dillon. The two talk about Sonny and Morgan being bipolar. Michael later asks Sabrina how did he get so lucky to have her and Sabrina tells him she asks herself the same thing. The two share a kiss.

Michael wakes up from a bad dream about Sonny. Sabrina wakes up beside him and the two talk about Morgan and Carly and Sonny's wedding. Michael says the only possibility of him going to the wedding is because of Morgan. Michael asks Sabrina what would her plans be if he decided to go to the wedding and take her as his guest. Sabrina says she has three dresses in the closet, so she'll shower and change. Michael asks what would her plans be if they decided to stay in bed all day. She says her three dresses will stay in the closet. Michael tells her she's the greatest. Sabrina smiles and asks for "lip service". Michael tells her he will give her lip service and they kiss. Sabrina tells Michael that now that he has told her she wouldn't mind if he showed her. The two fall back into bed.

Michael and Sabrina attend Sonny and Carly's wedding together. The two spend time with Avery. After, they learn Sonny has been shot. Michael goes to the hospital with Morgan and Carly and Sabrina stay's at Sonny's with Lulu, Maxie, and baby Avery. She later goes back to the Quartermaines to get fresh clothes for Michael.

Sabrina drops by the hospital twice to check up on Michael. She brings him fresh clothes and the other time she brings Avery to visit.

Sabrina shows up at Michael's with cookies. Michael is worried about the mob and Carlos. Sabrina says she doesn't think it was Carlos who shot Sonny. Michael asks her is that what she thinks or wants to believe. Sabrina says she doesn't think Carlos would operate like that. Michael thanks her for telling him and the two head to the hospital to check up on Sonny.

Felix suspects that Sabrina is pregnant. She and Michael meet at Kelly's and talk about Sonny's recovery. Afterwards, Sabrina takes multiple pregnancy tests and they all confirm that she is pregnant with Michael's baby. She then tells Felix that she is pregnant and that it is for sure Michael's baby.

Sabrina and Michael attend Carly and Sonny's new wedding at the hospital's chapel. There they find out Carlos is dead. Sabrina gets upset and Michael tries to console her.

It was implied in a flashback that Sabrina and Carlos had sex before he died so the baby could possibly be his.

Eventually, Sabrina tells Michael she is pregnant. Michael is very surprised and asks Sabrina if she is actually carrying his child. He asks her how long has she known. She tells him she knew for a few weeks. Michael asks her why she didn't tell him. Sabrina tells him she took multiple pregnancy tests and was hoping for a negative result because she didn't want to fear losing another baby. Michael tells her she should have told him so they would have got through this together. Michael says the thought being a dad is terrifying, but he is happy. He tells Sabrina he loves her and should have told her that a long time ago. He says both of his families will be very happy. Michael says this is a big step, but he wants to start a family with her. Sabrina tells Michael the only thing she needs is him and she tells Michael she loves him, and their baby. Michael jumps up and walks out into the hallway announcing to the whole world that Sabrina and him are having a baby and that he's going to be a dad. Sabrina laughs and Michael and her kiss.

A few days later, Sabrina and Felix talk and he asks her if she is carrying Michael's baby or Carlos' baby right before Michael walks in. Then Michael and Sabrina tell CarSon that they are having a baby.

Sabrina moves in with Michael. Michael asks Sabrina to marry him. Sabrina says she can't. She thinks it's too early for them to get married. Michael asks her if she loves him. Sabrina says she does love Michael, but everything is moving so fast. She asks Michael what if they are not a compatible couple. Michael assures her they are. He wants everything to be right for the baby. Sabrina they would only be getting married because of the baby. Michael says it's because he love her and he wants to make a family with her. Monica and Tracy come in. Michael tells Monica that they are having a baby. Monica is thrilled that she is going to be a great grandmother. Sabrina needs time to process all this and heads outside. Michael follows her. He says he is sorry for throwing too much at her at once. She replies that he has nothing to be sorry about. Michael says the baby and her come first.

At the Halloween party on the Haunted Star, Sabrina talks to Felix and confirms that the baby could either be Carlos' or Michael's as she and Carlos had a one night stand back in May right before he died.[4] Michael and Sabrina leave together after Sabrina leaves the party.

Michael and Sabrina visit Sonny at the hospital. Sonny is worried about Carly. Michael and Sabrina reassure him that Carly is fine and probably is with Jake doing "Best Woman" stuff. Sonny asks Sabrina how she's doing carrying his grandson. Michael reminds Sonny that they don't know the baby's gender yet. Sonny says mothers can sense it. Sabrina tells him she doesn't know and that she has to go help Elizabeth get ready for her wedding. Sabrina kisses Michael goodbye and leaves.

Sabrina and Michael arrive at the wedding together with Jake and Aiden. They then talk about their baby and how he or she is going to be great. Michael talks about how he was Cameron's age when Sonny adopted him. He touches Sabrina's belly and says their baby is going to have both parents. Michael has to leave when he learns about Avery's custody hearing. He kisses Sabrina goodbye and leaves.

Michael and Sabrina talk about heading to the sonogram appointment they made. Michael is excited to see the baby. Sabrina tells him that they aren't going to be able to tell much. Michael understands, he just wants to know if their baby is growing at a healthy speed. Elizabeth interrupts and asks if they've seen Jason. They say no. Michael tells Sabrina he'll meet her at the hospital and leaves to the PCPD. Sabrina heads to the hospital for the appointment. Later, Michael shows up and asks the nurse what room Sabrina is in for the sonogram. The nurse tells him Sabrina cancelled the appointment.

At Sabrina apartment, Michael helps her pack her things so she could move in. Sabrina wants to help carry boxes, but Michael says she's already carrying their baby. Michael asks her why she cancelled the sonogram. He thinks it's because of him. Sabrina assures Michael it isn't because of him. She thinks that everything is going so fast and she's afraid she'll lose the baby. Michael says he understands and that he'll always put her first and be there for her. He tells her whenever she needs him, whether it's urgent, their baby's birthday, or just a random Tuesday night, he'll always be there. He tells her he'll love both the baby and her unconditionally.

Sabrina tells him that she loves him more than she has loved anyone else before. She tells him that he will be the best father ever. She wants to be honest with him about the baby, so she almost tells him about her and Carlos, but Michael's phone rings. He picks it up and it's Kiki who tells him Morgan's current situation. He tells Sabrina that he has to go and he'll be back. He puts his hands on Sabrina's stomach and tells the baby to look after Sabrina. Michael and Sabrina kiss goodbye. Later, Carlos shows up at Sabrina's door and she faints.

After dealing with Morgan, Michael comes back to Sabrina's apartment to pick her up for Thanksgiving. Sabrina is having a heated argument with Carlos about who the baby's dad is. Carlos is convinced it's his, but Sabrina denies it and says the baby is Michael's. Michael keeps knocking and calling for Sabrina. Sabrina makes Carlos go into her room and hide. She opens the door. Michael tells her she looks a bit frantic. She reassures him and tells him to bring the car around and she'll meet him there. Michael leaves. Sabrina tells Carlos to go and she leaves. Michael and Sabrina head over to the hospital to share a Thanksgiving dinner with the Corinthos family, Bobbie, and Kiki. After, they head over to the Quartermaine's for Thanksgiving. Monica is delighted that they're both here. They talk about Jason with Monica.

Jason shows up and Michael tell him that they're having a baby. Later, Sabrina heads off into a corner looking at a text from Carlos. Michael comes and tells her she looks like she's seen a ghost and asks her if she's okay. Sabrina says she's fine. Soon after, the power goes out and the food is not ready. They order pizza. Michael toasts to Sabrina for making him a father. They all join in a sing along.

On December 3, she tells Felix about the baby being Carlos' and how she needs him to help her with her sonogram problem. Felix urges Sabrina to tell Michael the truth, but she says she can't. She tries to beg him, but he says he can get into trouble. She asks him to stall Michael, which he agrees to do. Michael arrives and Felix starts stalling him, while Sabrina tries to talk to her doctor, but instead finds Carlos waiting for her. Later, Michael arrives and the two later get to the appointment. Michael is really excited. They see the baby and Michael is really happy. He starts to wonder why the baby looks bigger than it should. The doctor says it could be because of the screen, but the baby is healthy. The doctor goes to get Dr. Lee so she can give them more details. Sabrina is nervous, pretends everything is fine. Michael is proud and he kisses her on the head. When the doctor is going to get Dr. Lee, Felix stops her and says he'll take it for her. Michael and Sabrina discuss their baby and it's health. Felix comes in and provides them with the details. (he lies about how far along she is, saying she is 20 weeks when she is really 26 weeks, so he can cover for Sabrina.) He says that their baby might come early. He asks if they want a picture and Michael says yes. He gives them the picture and leaves. Michael says he has to go and asks if he can take the picture with him. Sabrina says yes. He kisses her goodbye and leaves.

Michael and Sabrina attend the Christmas Gala supporting Toys for Tots together. Michael shows his grandmother Monica the sonogram. Monica is surprised and says that the baby will be arriving in a few weeks. This alarms Michael and he goes to find Sabrina. Sabrina is helping with the toys and wants to come clean to Michael. Carlos comes in dressed as Santa Claus. The two argue about him being in the baby's life. Michael knocks on the door. Sabrina lets him in as Carlos disguises himself again. Michael pays Carlos to leave (not knowing who he is). He asks Sabrina if the baby is his. Sabrina finally comes clean and says no, Michael isn't the father. Michael is shocked and later finds out the baby is Carlos'. Sabrina tells him that it was a stupid mistake and that if she could go back and change it she would. She wants Michael to be the baby's dad. She pleads with Michael. She tells him that she loves him and only him and she knows that he loves the baby and her. She tells him that she wants him to be the father and that he would be the best dad ever. Michael is very upset. He asks why she didn't tell him in the first place. Sabrina tells him that she was scared that she would hurt him and lose him. Michael leaves.

Sabrina goes to Sonny's house after Christmas and she asks Michael if he thought about what they talked about and he says "Yeah. That Carlos is your baby's dad and I'm not". Michael tells Sabrina that he hates being lied to and he thought she was different. Michael just wishes that she had told him because she understands that a family is made up of love and it doesn't matter about biology. Sabrina says they can still try to be a family. They argue and she still tells him that she loves him. Michael says he doesn't know what to believe anymore. He offers her financial support because it's expensive taking care of a baby, but she denies the money and says to him "I never wanted your money I wanted you". She adds that she wanted him too much. She lied to keep him, but she lost him. Michael says sorry. Sabrina says he shouldn't be saying sorry, she's the one that messed up. It's a mistake she'll always regret. She starts to leaves, but Michael stops her to give her a late Christmas present for the baby and both exchange a Merry Christmas.

Sabrina is rushed to the hospital because of contractions. Michael asks if she and the baby are okay. She assures them that they are fine and she leaves. Michael stares after her and pulls out the ultrasound picture from his pocket and looks at it.

Michael later realizes that he wants to get back together with Sabrina and be there for her and the baby. He goes to Sabrina's apartment to tell her, but she has left Port Charles with Carlos. Felix is there and gives Michael a note from Sabrina. Sabrina says in the letter that she will always love him, but she'll do it from a distance. Michael is left sad.

Felix shows Michael a picture of Sabrina's baby. Michael is worried about Sabrina and the baby. He thinks Carlos may hurt them. Felix and Michael team up to find Sabrina, causing them to go to Puerto Rico to get some answers, but don't find anything.

Sabrina's baby Teddy shows up at the Quartermaines. Michael exclaims that it's Sabrina's baby. The Quartermaines take care of Teddy for the time being, Tracy being ecspecially close to the baby.

Sonny and Michael go to save Sabrina (who is being held captive). The gunman is about to kill Sabrina, but Michael tackles the man and saves Sabrina. Sabrina is shocked. Michael and her hug. Michael is glad she's okay. They bring her back to Port Charles. On the plane, Sabrina continously thanks Michael. She tells him he saved her life. She asks if he saw her son. Michael says her baby is beautiful.

Sabrina shows up the Nurses Ball and sings with Amy and Epiphany. After she is taken into custody for helping Carlos avoid police. Michael tries to protest, but Sabrina says she deserves it. She wants to see her baby though. After negotiating, Sabrina is allowed to see Teddy.

Michael and Sabrina arrive at the Quartermaines. Sabrina rushes to see her boy. Tracy is very protective of Teddy and tells Sabrina to stop. Sabrina says that she is his mother. After arguing, Tracy lets Sabrina see Teddy.

The next morning, Sabrina is cleared of all charges.

Tracy gives back custody of Teddy to Sabrina. She wants to see Teddy though, so she suggests that she stay. Sabrina says the offer is really generous and asks if she's sure. Sabrina accepts the offer. Michael is happy.

While Sabrina is at the hospital talking to Felix, Michael discovers that Teddy is sick. Michael, Tracy and Dr. Finn rush Teddy to the hospital. Sabrina sees them and rushes to them, immediatly worried about her son. Dr. Finn works on helping Teddy with everybody anxiously watching. Sabrina is very upset and scared. Michael tries to calm her down. Dr. Obrecht busts in and demands that Dr. Finn stop immediatley because he is suspended. They all beg Obrecht to let Finn help Teddy, she doesn't listen. She calls security, but Michael and Felix lock her in a closet. Valerie comes and lets Dr. Finn help Teddy. In the end Teddy is going to be okay. Everybody is relieved.

Michael gets Sabrina a coffee at the hospital, she thanks him. They're both glad Teddy is alright.Sabrina tells Michael that it almost feels like they are a family. Sabrina says her number one priority is keeping Teddy happy and healthy. Michael asks her what she wants after that. Sabrina says she wants to be a nurse again. She wants to help people. Michael tells her that he could tell his grandma to consider giving her a second chance. Sabrina is surprised and tells him that he has already done way to much for her. Michael tells her he really wants to.

Sabrina is beyond happy and hugs Michael. Michael tells her it's the least that he would do for her. They kiss. After they pull away, Michael says sorry because he thinks it's too soon. Sabrina says it isn't. They're about to kiss again, but Dr. Finn arirves and Sabrina rushes to thank him for helping Teddy.

Michael comes home and Sabrina hugs him and says hello. Michael acts weird. Sabrina notices and asks what's wrong. He picks up papers and asks Sabrina when she was going to tell him she was moving out. Sabrina tries to explain, but Michael cuts her off saying he thought they were gonna move on and try to be a family. Sabrina tells him that she thinks he is being too kind and she feels like she's taking advantage of his kindness. She thinks she's taking up his freedom and space. Michael tells her not to feel that way and wants her to stay.

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Michael convinces her to stay saying he doesn't want space and freedom, everything he wants is right in front of him. They kiss. Michael's phone rings, but he doesn't want to pick up. Eventually he picks up and it's business related. Michael says he has to go but he'll be right back. Sabrina looks at a picture of Teddy and says they're finally gonna be a happy family. The door bell rings and she goes to get it. She opens the door and someone that looks exactly like Carlos is there.

The man turns out to be Carlos' twin, Joe. Sabrina is shocked. Michael sees them and thinks it's Carlos. He was going to pull out what looked like a gun, but Sabrina explains that it's not Carlos. They start explaining to Michael their history. Joe says he just wanted to see Teddy sometime. He eventually leaves.

Sabrina was grabbed, against her will, strangled and murdered by D.A Paul Hornsby. At the time of her tragic death, Michael was planning on proposing to Sabrina.

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  1. Michael was originally this age, but his birth year was later changed to c1992, which would have made him about 23 when he met Sabrina.
  2. He was seen in Puerto Rico with Michael and Felix on April 22, 2016.