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Photo of Chief Special Warfare Operator Andrew Cain

The United States Army, United States Marine Corps or Marines, and United States Navy Sea, Air, and Land Teams or Navy SEALs are different branches of the Military.


Navy SEAL medals (2019)

Before 2012, Navy SEAL Andrew Cain was involved in Operation Demeter. In 2022, Victor Cassadine asks Drew what he knows about this operation.

In 2012 while in Afghanistan, Andrew found out that military contractor Hank Archer and another SEAL named Charles "Tex" Owen sold stolen fuel to Taliban insurgents and made over a million dollars off the black market.

In 2017, CPO Locke arrested Andrew for desertion from the Navy SEALs.

In August 2019, Kim and Drew look at his newly arrived medals from his Navy days, along with his record of service. Their son Oscar had arranged for their delivery before his death - to prove to his father he's a good man, and to help fill in his missing history.





Navy SEALs