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Minor couples feature characters who had a one night stand, had a crush, had an unrequited love, or were never officially in a relationship. Minor couples often come about from the production putting characters in a scene together for a "chemistry test." Often, if the fans like the chemistry between characters, they can become lovers, or even a supercouple. Examples include:

Brando Corbin and Molly Lansing-Davis, or "Moll'n'Brando/Brolly" (affair/ONS; 2020)

Cameron Webber and Trina Robinson, or "CaTrina" (kissed twice; 2020)

Dev Cerci and Josslyn Jacks, or "Devlyn" (crush, kissed once; 2020)

Dev Cerci and Trina Robinson (kissed once; 2019)

Ethan Lovett and Kristina Corinthos-Davis, or "Ethina/Krithan" (flirtation, kissed once; 2010)

Hamilton Finn and Elizabeth Webber-Baldwin, or "WebbMD/ElFinn/FinnLizzie/Fiz" (attraction; 2021-present)

Hamilton Finn and Jackie Templeton, or "Finkie" (ONS; 1990)

Harrison Chase and Brook Lynn Quartermaine, or "ChaLynn/Chook/Brooklyn99" (friends/flirtation; 2020-present; one date, 2021)

Jasper Jacks and Britt Westbourne, or "Brax" (flirtation, ONS; 2021)

Johnny Zacchara and Brook Lynn Quartermaine, or "JoLynn" (flirtation, kissed once; 2010)

Johnny Zacchara and Kristina Corinthos-Davis, or "Jostina" (friends/fake relationship; 2010)

Julian Jerome and Britt Westbourne, or "Julitt" (fling; 2020)

Julian Jerome and Olivia Falconeri, or "Jolivia" (ONS/co-parents; 2015)

Kyle Sloane and Anna Devane (ONS; 2015)

Lucas Jones and Felix DuBois (half a date; 2014, pseudo-dating; 2021-present)

Martin Grey and Lucy Coe (flirtation/ONS; 2021)

Marshall Ashford and Epiphany Johnson (flirtation/one date; 2022)

Michael Corinthos and Penny (ONS; 2013)

Michael Corinthos and Rosalie Martinez (ONS; 2014)

Mike Corbin and Yvonne Godfrey (romancing, 2018-19; "engaged", 2019; "married", 2019-2020)

Milo Giambetti and Epiphany Johnson (lovers; 2014-20)

Neil Byrne and Alexis Davis, or "Nelexis" (dated; 2019, lovers; 2020)

Rafe Kovich, Jr. and Molly Lansing-Davis, or "Rolly" (flirtation, kissed once; 2013)

Ric Lansing and Claudia Zacchara, or "Clic" (affair; 2008-09)

Ric Lansing and Sam McCall, or "Risc/Sic" (affair/ONS; 2006)

Robert Scorpio and Jackie Templeton, or "Rockie" (lovers, 1982-83; friends; 2020-present; one date, 2021)

Robert Scorpio and Olivia Falconeri, or "Rolivia" (friends, 2020-present; kissed once, 2021)

Sonny Corinthos and Alexis Davis, or "Sexis" (ONS/co-parents; 2002)

Sonny Corinthos and Ava Cassadine (ONS/co-parents; 2014)

Sonny Corinthos and Nina Reeves, or "Smina/Sona/Ninny" (crush, kissed twice, dated, 2021; frenemies; 2021-present)

Sonny Corinthos and Sam McCall, or "SoSa/SoSam" (affair, 2003; friends, 2003-present)

Spencer Cassadine and Trina Robinson, or "Sprina/Robadine" (flirtation; 2021-present)

T.J. Ashford and Taylor DuBois (ONS; 2013)

Valentin Cassadine and Alex Devane, or "Valex" (ONS; 1980s)

Valentin Cassadine and Anna Devane, or "Vanna" (obsession; 1980s-2010s, friends; 2020-present, kissed; 2021)

Valentin Cassadine and Brook Lynn Quartermaine, or "VaLynn/ValBQ/Balentin" (flirtation, ONS; 2020, friends/"co-parents"; 2021-present)

Valentin Cassadine and Gladys Corbin, (faked flirtation/"dated"/one-sided attraction; 2021)

Valerie Spencer and Kristina Corinthos-Davis, or "Valstina" (fake relationship, kissed twice; 2017, 2018)

Victor Cassadine and Liesl Obrecht, or "Viesl" (lovers, 1980s; one-sided obsession 2014-present)

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