This page contains minor mob families on General Hospital. For the main mob family, see Corinthos mob family.

Alcazar mob family

Lorenzo diego
Lorenzo and Diego
General Hospital
Place(s) of Origin South America
Years in PC 2002, 2003-07, 2008
Notable members Luis Alcazar, Lorenzo Alcazar, Diego Alcazar, Roy DiLucca, Jerry Jacks, Ric Lansing, Dillon Quartermaine, Faith Rosco, Damian Spinelli
Connected families Alcazar, Jacks, Corinthos, Morgan, Quartermaine
Lorenzo and Skye at the Alcazar Mansion.
Estate Information
Address 243 Sky Cliff Road
Port Charles, New York

The Alcazar mob family was a fictional mob organization on the ABC soap opera General Hospital headed by Luis Alcazar, and later by his brother Lorenzo Alcazar. They were a rival of the Corinthos-Morgan mob family.


The Alcazar crime family originated in South America under the command of Luis Alcazar. In 1998, Brenda Barrett's mother drove her car off the side of a cliff with Brenda inside and Brenda and her mother were presumed dead. However, Brenda survived and was saved in the water by Luis. Four years later after holding Brenda captive all that time, Luis came to Port Charles with the sole intention of getting rid of Sonny Corinthos and Jasper Jacks due to his obsession with Brenda. Luis wreaked havoc all over the city and his quest to get rid of Sonny and Jax resulted in the death of Alexis Davis's sister Kristina Cassadine, and the kidnapping of Felicia Jones and her children.

He hired hitman Roy DiLucca to take out Sonny, but what he didn't know is that Roy and Sonny had already come up with a plan beforehand to fake Sonny's death at Roy's hand. They fooled Luis into thinking that Sonny was dead so with a false sense of security he moved on to getting rid of Jax. He tried several times to kill Jax and severely injured him, but before he could kill him Sonny showed up and shot Luis. Luis was then put on trial for the attempted murder of Sonny, Jax, and Zander Smith and the murder of Kristina Cassadine but the charges were dropped because he had friends in high places.

Jason and Sonny began discussing how to take Luis out once and for all. When Alcazar crashed a party at the Quartermaine mansion held in Brenda's honor, he got really drunk. When he left the party, he left in his limo, driven by Jason. Jason was making moves to take Luis out that night, but Sonny called the hit off at the last minute when Jason's brother A.J. started to get too suspicious. Several people threatened to kill Alcazar and he got in confrontations with several people that night, including Brenda, but he was killed by Alexis when she paid him a visit and pushed him off the railing of his fourteen story balcony. Jason and Brenda while innocent were put on trial for his murder, but they were cleared when Skye Quartermaine remembered seeing Alexis in Luis's room. When Alexis went to trial she faked having DID and was able to get out of the murder charges.

Lorenzo Alcazar was an International Arms Dealer, an intelligent and powerful man with ties to mob families and high-ranking government agencies that made him a formidable force in the town of Port Charles. Before he joined the family business, he was a History professor at Oxford University. After Lorenzo's wife Sophie Germaine was tragically killed in a village by rebels while Lorenzo was helping his older brother Luis out after a deal went wrong, Lorenzo blamed himself for what happened to Sophie, and abandoned his life in England to become part of the Alcazar family business. Years later he came to Port Charles to avenge the death of his brother Luis. He learned that Alexis was responsible for Luis's death but he did not go after her because she had no affiliation with the mob. Instead he blamed Sonny since Sonny was the reason why his brother came to Port Charles in the first place. Lorenzo became a thorn in Sonny's side and a formidable enemy for the Corinthos-Morgan organization. For years he tormented Sonny professionally by trying to steal his territory and personally by getting involved with Sonny's wife Carly Corinthos and eventually marrying her.

The war between Lorenzo and the Corinthos crime family expanded when Sonny and Jason took shipments Alcazar was delivering to his government handlers to secure his incarcerated son Diego's freedom, despite knowing Lorenzo only entered into the life to keep his son safe from the Ruiz mob family. Despite Lorenzo's attempts to protect his son, Diego was presumably killed in 2006 by Sam McCall in a shoot-out between Alcazar's men and Jason, who was on the run with Sam when Ric Lansing and Lorenzo hired Damien Spinelli to cybernetically frame Sam for a crime she didn't commit. The death of his son left Lorenzo heartbroken and determined to make sure his daughter with Skye, Lila Rae would never suffer the same fate as Diego, due to the business.

He decided at that point to leave the organization. However after Lorenzo was shot in the head, he suffered temporary amnesia which caused him to act uncharacteristically and instigate trouble with Sonny. Sonny decided to finally deal with Lorenzo, and with the aid of Skye who wanted Lorenzo out of her life, Sonny and Jason set up a plan to take Lorenzo out. Skye let Jason into their home and he killed Alcazar. The aftermath of his death went on for months and Jason went on trial for his murder, but eventually got off due to help from international criminal Jerry Jacks and Carly. Alcazar's murder trial also brought up speculations that he may still be alive and this fabricated evidence is what cleared Jason during the trial, but in the end, Jerry confirmed that all the "evidence" they used to show that Alcazar wasn't really dead was doctored and fake.

In 2008 it was revealed that Lorenzo's son Diego wasn't really dead and he returned to Port Charles wanting revenge on Jason whom he blamed for his father's death as well as revenge on every single person he deemed responsible for his family's death. He began terrorizing women in town by sending them text messages and then strangling them to death. Leticia Juarez , Michael's long time nanny was his first victim, but the intended target had been Carly. The pattern of Diego's attacks caused him to become known as the Text Message Killer. He terrorized many women and out of revenge killed Jason's sister Emily Quartermaine at her engagement party to Nikolas Cassadine and later Georgie Jones, to which he later regretted as her sister Maxie Jones was his intended target.

The TMK finally reveals himself to Sam before he kidnaps her and takes her to the place where Jason dumped his father's body intending to kill her. When the car goes partially over a bridge, he escapes and Sam is saved by Lucky Spencer before the car goes over. He flees to the warehouse where Sam was believed to have killed him year earlier. After a confrontation with Nikolas who wanted revenge for Emily's death, he tried to get away, but he ends up falling off of the catwalk and hangs himself to death. After this the Alcazar presence became non-existent in Port Charles. Many mob organizations began vying for the valuable Alcazar water front piers that Skye owned as the controller of all of Alcazar's money and estates, but she ended up selling the piers to Ric Lansing before she left town with her daughter.


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The Balkan's mob family

Theo suzanne
Suzanne and Theo
General Hospital
Place(s) of Origin Europe
Years in PC 2010-11
Notable members Theo Hoffman ("The Balkan"), Suzanne Stanwyck, Aleksander Janacek, Shawn Butler
Connected families Barrett, Corinthos
Cave compound
Estate Information
Moved out 2011
Address Port Charles, New York

The Balkan's mob family was a fictional mob organization on the ABC soap opera General Hospital headed by Theo Hoffman, who was also known as "The Balkan."


Theo Hoffman arrived in Port Charles in 2010 wanting revenge against Brenda Barrett for the death of his son Aleksander Janáček. When Theo first arrived in Port Charles he posed as a patient at General Hospital that was suffering from a severe illness, but tests proved that nothing was wrong with Theo and he was eventually diagnosed with a psychological condition called hypochondria by Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake. After ending the ruse with the hospital, he goes to Diane Miller wanting to join her law firm Mason, Petrovich, and Miller. He was hired and soon given a wrongful death lawsuit that had been filed against Brenda and Dante Falconeri. He used his position as Brenda's attorney to get closer to her and exact his revenge.

Theo had been behind the whole entire lawsuit and it was just a part of his plan for revenge. Brenda dated Aleksander in the past but after finding out his connections with the mob and trafficking she left him and fled to New York where Dante became her bodyguard. Brenda and Dante were not aware of their mutual connection to Sonny at the time and while in New York, Brenda found out that she was pregnant. Aleksander became obsessed with Brenda and followed her to New York. After stalking her, he ended up in a confrontation with Dante and he shot and killed Aleksander. He then covered up the crime by dumping Aleksander's body in a swamp and telling Brenda that no one would ever find out what happened.

Theo wanted Brenda to pay for Aleksander's death. He finally made his move on Brenda's wedding day to Sonny Corinthos and everyone found out that Theo was really the international criminal named The Balkan. After the wedding he had a bomb planted in Sonny and Brenda's limo. He then kidnapped and drugged Sam Morgan due to her resemblance to Brenda and put her in the limo. Brenda got into the limo and right before it exploded she was taken out of the limo and kidnapped. Sonny was devastated thinking that Brenda had died in the same way that his first wife Lily had.

When the body was recovered from the car they found that it had been Sam in the limo and not Brenda, devastating Jason, but luckily due to the bomb-proofing in the limo, Sam survived and was taken to the hospital. Jason went with Sam to the hospital and Sonny turned his attention to finding Brenda. Theo took Brenda to a cave compound and demanded to know the whereabouts of his grandson. Brenda believed that she had a miscarriage in her seventh month of pregnancy and told him so, but Theo would not believe her.

During this time it was also revealed that Suzanne Stanwyck, Brenda's long time friend and the director of her charity, the Alliance to Save Exploited Children was really Theo's wife and just as eager to avenge her son Aleksander's death as Theo was. Her whole plan for getting close to Brenda had been for revenge and to get her hands on her grandson because she knew that Brenda had been pregnant and that her son was still alive. What Brenda had thought to be a miscarriage due to a fever, had really been Suzanne drugging her so that she could induce her labor early and take the baby. After interrogating Brenda in the cave, Theo learned that Suzanne had known about the pregnancy and interrogated her. However Suzanne explained to Theo that she didn't want to add anymore sorrow to him after losing Aleksander and Theo seemed partially satisfied with the answer, until he learned that Suzanne had been with Brenda during her pregnancy and he became convinced that Suzanne had taken the baby away so that Theo would never know him.

Sonny, Jason, and Dante manage to track Theo down to the cave compound and they rescue Brenda. Theo uses Suzanne as a human shield and manages to get away while Jason and Dante chase after him. Sonny rushes Brenda to a hospital because when Theo learned that Sonny was close to finding them, he injected Brenda with a deadly neuro-toxin intended to kill her before making his escape. Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Patrick Drake, a successful antidote was made and Brenda recovered. Theo then turned his attention to finding his grandson and in the process tried to kill Suzanne but due to her connections with some of his men she survived. Jason also began chasing after Theo wanting revenge for what he did to Sam. He confronted the Trujillo crime family, who they had a truce with, because they had facilitated Theo's stay in Port Charles. Rudy Trujillo told Jason that Johnny Zacchara had been the one to plant the bomb in the limo explosion that hurt Sam and Jason confronted Johnny. Meanwhile Theo had gotten closer to his grandson's location. He found him but before he could meet his grandson, Suzanne killed Theo by slitting his throat. She then put into motion a plan that would keep Brenda from her son and allow Suzanne to raise him.

Suzanne takes Lucian, a decoy son to Brenda and convinces Brenda that Lucian is her son, so that she can move to Switzerland with Brenda's real son Alec Scott. Sonny is weary of Suzanne and her story when Suzanne reveals the truth about what really happened the night of Brenda's supposed miscarriage, Brenda angrily screams at her and kicks her out. Brenda bonds with Lucian while Suzanne makes plans for her and Alec to leave the country. Sonny remains skeptical and encourages Brenda to get a DNA test on Lucian to confirm Suzanne's story.

Brenda finally agrees to the DNA test and knowing this act would prove her story wrong, Suzanne kidnaps Lucian devastating Brenda. Sonny and Dante finally manage to track Suzanne down to Texas and they take Carly Corinthos with them to bring Brenda's son home. While in Texas they learn that Lucian was the decoy and Alec was in fact Brenda's real son. Sonny and Dante catch up with Suzanne and confront her while Carly tends to Alec. Soon the ordeal is over and they return to Port Charles and Brenda is reunited with her real son Alec. She confronts Suzanne about her actions one last time before Suzanne is put in prison for the kidnapping.


Jerome mob family

Ava and Julian
General Hospital
Years in PC 1987-90, 2013-17
Notable members Victor Jerome, Julian Jerome, Olivia Jerome, Ava Cassadine, Duke Lavery, Carlos Rivera, Jordan Ashford, Luke Spencer, Drew Cain
Connected families Cassadine, Corinthos, Devane, Eckert, Jerome, Morgan, Quartermaine, Scorpio, Spencer
Jerome Gallery
Estate Information
Purchased 2013
Address Port Charles, New York

The Jerome mob family is a fictional mob organization on the ABC soap opera General Hospital headed by Victor Jerome, and later by his son Julian Jerome. Luke Spencer (as Evil Luke) was the financier and head of the organization from April 2014 to February 2015.


The Jerome mob family first arrived in Port Charles in 1987 as rivals of the McKay mob family. Duke Lavery and his father, Angus McKay, were sent to prison for their various mob activities. Later, a man by the name of Jonathan Lawrence was arrested as the suspect of a hit and run. However, Jonathan was actually out for revenge against Duke and Angus for the murder of his look-alike cousin, Evan Jerome. When Angus committed suicide to end the McKay/Jerome feud once and for all, Angus's daughter Camellia McKay and Duke were put on trial for Evan's murder. They were forced to reveal that Camellia had in fact killed Evan as he raped her. They were acquitted, which didn't sit well with Evan's widow, Veronica, who later put a hit out on Camellia. Evan's father, Victor, however was able call off the hit and banished Veronica.

In 1988, Duke's wife Anna Devane was kidnapped. Victor's youngest son Julian, who wanted Duke's assistance in legitimizing the family business, agreed to help him look for her. Desperate to find her, Duke joined the Jerome mob. Duke was able to find Anna, but not before her ex-husband Robert Scorpio found her himself. When Victor sent Duke and Julian to a meeting with one of their mob rivals, the Carter family. They're ambushed in a trap and Julian takes a bullet meant for Duke. On his death bed, Julian makes Duke promise to help Victor legitimize the mob. Duke, however wanted out of the Jerome mob family.

Meanwhile, Victor's daughter, art dealer Olivia St. John, took over the organization and developed an obsession with Duke. They later had a one-night stand, but when he subsequently rejected her, she tried to kill him. Unfortunately, it was Anna who was injured in the attempt, and she lost her and Duke's unborn child. Olivia was later revealed as the one who set up the attack on Julian so that she could take over the organization. Julian, however, wasn't dead. Victor had helped him fake his death.

Julian blows his own cover and confronts his sister about her involvement in his shooting. When Julian refuses to go along with Olivia's plans to merge the Jerome and Carter families, Olivia and henchman, Dino kidnap his girlfriend, Cheryl Stansbury. When a hysterical Cheryl accidentally shoots Olivia and leaves her in a coma, Julian covers it up and frames Anna who was arrested. Eventually, Dino's guilt was revealed, and he and his mother Dimitra were sent to prison. Olivia, having suffered a brain injury in the shooting, was sent to Pine Circle, a mental hospital.

Duke testifies against Victor hoping to finally put him in jail and Anna has Olivia temporarily released to get a confession out of her. With Duke's testimony and Olivia's confession, Victor was sent to prison. Victor then made a prison break to see Lucy Coe, whom he was infatuated with. When she rejected him, he swallowed a pendant he had had engraved for her, choked on it and died. Lucy went to Alan Quartermaine for help, and they dumped his body in the lake.

When Cheryl became pregnant with Julian’s child she quickly left town out of fear. Cheryl eventually passed out at a bus station and was taken to a private clinic where she gave birth to their son. Shortly after, she was told her child had died. In reality the child was sold on the black market to Bobbie Spencer Jones who named him, Lucas.

In 1990, after Victor's death, Julian took over the organization. He then made a plan to kill Duke and neutralize his sister once and for all by framing her for the murder. Julian kidnapped Olivia; who had already escaped from Pine Circle. When Olivia heard of his plan to kill Duke, she knew she had to warn Anna. Before she could do so, however, Julian shot and presumably killed her. Later, Julian confronted Duke and a struggle ensued, with both being shot and presumably killed.

When Lucas fell ill, Bobbie decided to investigate his biological family and turned up proof that Lucas was Cheryl's son. Bobbie kept the information to herself but was eventually forced to return Lucas when Robert Scorpio learned the truth. Lucas then lived with his biological mother until she was killed in a car accident. Cheryl's will stated that he be raised by Bobbie and Tony Jones and after a custody battle with Cheryl's sister Tiffany Hill, Bobbie and Tony were granted custody in 1992.

In 2012, it was revealed that the man Julian killed was not actually Duke, but an imposter named Jonathan Paget; Duke was actually in fact alive.

In 2013, it is revealed that Julian didn’t die in a gun fight with Jonathan Paget, but was instead placed into the witness protection program. He returned to town with a new face under the alias of Derek Wells, the new owner of the Port Charles Press and Crimson magazine. His younger sister, Ava, also joined him with her daughter, Kiki. They immediately plan to gain control of the Port Charles mob from Sonny Corinthos, and lured Sonny’s son Morgan into their gambling operation. While under his alias Julian discovered that the one night stand he and Alexis Davis had in their teens resulted in their daughter, Sam Morgan, making her son, Danny Morgan, his grandson. When Julian finally revealed his true identity, he began an effort to make amends with his family and also found out he had a son when Lucas returned to Port Charles.

In early 2014 it is revealed that Ava killed Connie Falconeri because Connie discovered Derek Wells was Julian’s alias and framed A.J. Quartermaine. That same year, Sonny killed A.J. and Ava had a one-night-stand with him which led to the birth of her second daughter, Avery Corinthos.

In 2015, Julian had a one-night-stand with Olivia Falconeri which led to the birth of his second son, Leo Falconeri.

When Julian and Alexis fell in love, he agreed to leave the mob before marrying her.

Although Julian did succeed in getting out of the mob.[1] He is pulled back in from his sister Olivia St. John, who was revealed to have survived Julian's hit. She too, had entered the witness protection program and returned to Port Charles intent on revenge and as the head of the Jerome mob family. After three months of Olivia's reign of terror, she was arrested and sentenced to Darkham Asylum.

In February 2017, Sam gave birth to her second child with husband, Drew (who was thought to be Jason at the time), a daughter named, Emily Scout. Julian and Ava are no longer associated with the mob anymore.


  • Duke Lavery (deceased) - former brief ally of the family; was an enemy before and after his brief stint working with the mob family
  • Military Gambling Ring - a gambling scheme that gets military children hooked on gambling and puts them into debt
  • Carlos Rivera (deceased) - enforcer, dubbed an Operations Manager
  • Jerry Jacks - associate
  • Jordan Ashford - former associate; actually worked undercover for Anna Devane
  • Morgan Corinthos (deceased) - former associate
  • Ric Lansing - former attorney
  • Diane Miller - Ava's attorney
  • Mickey Diamond (deceased) - business associate, watched over the organization in Luke's absence
  • Kobe (deceased) - a henchman Luke sent to kill Michael Quartermaine in September 2014
  • Cesar Faison (deceased) - sent as a Luke decoy under the real Luke's orders in order to trick the PCPD in thinking that he is Julian's boss
  • Johnny Zacchara - Luke's associate
  • Drew Cain (deceased) - former associate; actually forced to work undercover for Kyle Sloane
  • Winston Rudge - Olivia's associate; currently in prison.

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Lavery mob family

Duke with his father Angus McKay
General Hospital
Place(s) of Origin Scotland
Years in PC 1986-90, 2011, 2012-2013
Notable members Angus McKay, Duke Lavery, Camellia McKay
Connected families Devane, Drake, Jerome, Scorpio
Estate Information

The Lavery mob family (formerly the McKay mob family) is a fictional mob organization on the ABC soap opera General Hospital first headed by Angus McKay, and later by his son Duke Lavery.


The McKay mob family first arrived in Port Charles in 1986. Duke Lavery was working for the mob, which was headed by Angus McKay. Angus and Duke both spent some time in prison because of their illegal activities. While in prison, it was revealed that Angus was actually Duke's father. Later, a man by the name of Jonathan Lawrence was arrested as the suspect of a hit and run. However, Jonathan was actually out for revenge against Duke and Angus for the murder of his look-alike cousin, Evan Jerome. When Angus committed suicide to end the McKay/Jerome feud once and for all, Angus's daughter Camellia McKay and Duke were put on trial for Evan's murder. They were forced to reveal that Camellia had in fact killed Evan as he raped her. They were acquitted and Camellia left town, which didn't sit well with Evan's widow, Veronica, who later put a hit out on Camellia. Evan's father, Victor, however was able call off the hit.

By 1988, Duke was out of the mob, but his wife Anna Devane was kidnapped by Grant Putnam and Duke turned to the one person he knew had the contacts to find her, his rival Victor Jerome. Duke joined the Jerome mob, but Anna's ex-husband Robert Scorpio found her before Duke did. Duke was then trapped in the Jerome mob. Duke later faked his death in a warehouse explosion and entered the witness protection program. But, soon later a man named Jonathan Paget came to town and claimed to actually be Duke, even though he didn't look or sound like Duke. This man was caught in a shoot out with Julian Jerome in 1990 and died.

In 2012, Jerry Jacks blackmailed Dr. Ewen Keenan into kidnapping Duke's stepdaughter, Robin Scorpio-Drake, and faking her death. It was later revealed that a man appearing to be Duke, with his original face, was holding Robin and had been responsible for her kidnapping. Unbeknownst to most, this man was Cesar Faison who had taken Duke's identity. Faison then returned to Port Charles under the guise of Duke and explained that Jonathan Paget, was an imposter.

It was then revealed that Faison had been in Port Charles the previous December 2011, when Sonny Corinthos' accountant, Bernie Abrahms, was shot. Faison was working with Joe Scully, Jr., who wanted Sonny's assets. Faison had Bernie transfer all of Sonny's assets into his daughter Kristina's name. Joe in turn had his son Trey Mitchell marry Kristina, with the intent to kill her so that Trey would inherit everything.

When Bernie tried to tell Sonny's enforcer, Jason Morgan, about Faison in October of 2012, Joe shoots Bernie. Jason attempts to rescue Bernie and shoots Joe in self-defense. However Faison arrives shoots Jason, later kicking his body into the harbor. Bernie died from his gunshot wounds and Jason was presumed dead after divers were unable to recover his body from the water. Joe also died the next day from his injuries.

In November 2012, it was revealed that the real Duke, was actually alive, and being held hostage by Faison. Faison was only posing as Duke to get close to Duke's wife, Anna, with whom he has always been obsessed.

After being rescued and returning to Port Charles in 2013, Duke joins the Corinthos organization to help take down the Jeromes.

On May 1, 2015, Duke was shot in the stomach by Carlos Rivera under the orders of Julian Jerome. On May 2, Duke died of blood loss as a result of being shot.


  • Bernie Abrahms (deceased) - Threatened by Faison into helping him
  • Jerry Jacks - Had Robin kidnapped for Faison with the help from Ewen Keenan
  • Ewen Keenan (deceased) - Had Robin kidnapped for Faison with the help from Jerry Jacks
  • Dr. Liesl Obrecht - Worked for Faison
  • Jonathan Paget (deceased) - Stole Duke's identity and posed as him
  • Cesar Faison (deceased) - Stole Duke's identity and posed as him
  • Joe Scully, Jr. (deceased) - Partnered with Faison
  • Angel Moran- Dukes right hand man in the mid eighties during operation "tumble dry".

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Rosco mob family

Faith and Ric
General Hospital
Years in PC 2002-05
Notable members Rosco, Faith Rosco, Ned Ashton, Ric Lansing, Lorenzo Alcazar, Zander Smith, Niko Dane
Connected families Alcazar, Corinthos, Lansing, Morgan, Quartermaine, Ward
Estate Information

The Rosco mob family was a fictional mob organization on the ABC soap opera General Hospital headed by Rosco, and later by his widow Faith Rosco.


Faith Rosco arrived in Port Charles in late 2002 to take down Sonny Corinthos, who had Faith's husband killed. Due to her husband's death, Faith has access to limited funds and often required a partner in her vendetta. Rosco quickly teamed up with Ned Ashton, who shared just as much hate for Sonny. However this was short lived as Faith, nearly brought Ned into a mob war, quickly ending their partnership.

Faith then teamed up with Ric Lansing with whom she had a one night stand. After Ric married Elizabeth Webber, Faith realized she had true feelings for him. She then pushed a pregnant Elizabeth down a flight of stairs, and had a miscarriage. When Faith poisoned Elizabeth, Ric had her arrested, to avoid going to prison Faith made a deal with the FBI to bring down Lorenzo Alcazar. Part of the deal was to pose as Sonny's mistress.

After turning on Sonny and later Alcazar. Faith begun working on her own plan, and at the next meeting of the five families, Faith had them all killed. She gloated about her accomplishment to Sonny, until Sonny informed her his enforcer Jason Morgan survived the shooting. Faith panicked and offered to work with him against Alcazar. Sonny refused and pulled out his gun - but he could not seem to pull the trigger.

Rosco went to Alcazar to help her leave town. Alcazar secretly planned to blow up the yacht she was on and frame Jason and Sonny for her murder. Alcazar's plan failed when the PCPD found Faith alive in the harbor. She was arrested once again, and begged her ex Justus Ward to help her. Justus agreed, as the two have had a turbulent past. When a prison inmate stabbed Faith, she was rushed to General Hospital , and from there escaped. Justus hid her in the basement of the Quartermaine mansion but Faith soon met her end in March 2005 where she was shot and killed by an assassin hired by A.J. Quartermaine .


  • Rosco (deceased)
  • Faith Rosco (deceased) - widow of Rosco

Ruiz mob family

Manny Ruiz
General Hospital
Place(s) of Origin Miami, Florida
Years in PC 2005-07
Notable members Hector Ruiz, Javier Ruiz, Manny Ruiz, Mateo Ruiz
Estate Information

The Ruiz mob family was a fictional mob organization on the ABC soap opera General Hospital headed by Hector Ruiz, and later by his son Manny Ruiz.


The Ruiz family arrived in Port Charles, New York in 2005. Hector Ruiz was originally head of the family, however when his son, Javier, was shot and killed by rival mobster Jason Morgan, Hector refused to retaliate. In turn, Hector's second son Manny, killed him and took over the organization. Manny also became fixated on Jason's girlfriend Sam McCall, stalking her at every opportunity. Ultimately, Manny died in 2006 when Jason threw him off the roof of General Hospital.

After Manny's death, a man who looked exactly like him came to town; he even had identical tattoos. Sam was afraid it was Manny; that he wasn't really dead. It was revealed however that it was Manny's identical twin brother Mateo, who got away from the mob and became a Catholic priest. He eventually left town in 2007 and hasn't been heard from since.


Scully mob family

Joe and Sonny
General Hospital
Place(s) of Origin Bensonhurst, New York
Years in PC 1994-95, 2012
Notable members Joe Scully, Joe Scully, Jr., Sonny Corinthos, Cesar Faison
Connected families Corinthos, Falconeri, Jacks, Quartermaine
Known for Pulling Sonny into organized crime
Estate Information

The Scully mob family was a fictional mob organization on the ABC soap opera General Hospital originally headed by Joe Scully, who was responsible for pulling Sonny Corinthos into organized crime. It was most recently headed by Joe Scully, Jr. before his death in 2012.


Sonny Corinthos grew up in Bensonhurst with his mother and stepfather. His stepfather was abusive and Sonny left home at sixteen. He met Joe Scully, who took him in and taught him the business. Joe groomed Sonny into a mobster, while Joe's son Joe Scully, Jr. grew jealous of Sonny's relationship with his father. One day, Sonny returned home to visit his mother and found that Deke had beaten her very badly. He confided in Joe, and Joe had him killed.

Joe sent Joe Jr. to Atlantic City to run The Sea Breeze strip club he owned. One of the strippers there was Theresa, the sister of then-FBI Agent John McBain. John tried to get Theresa to quit her job at the club, but she ended up dead. Sonny was found by the police standing over her body with a gun. Sonny, however, claims that Joe Jr. had actually killed Theresa and Joe Sr. had Sonny take the fall for it, while he sent Joe Jr. to New Orleans. Joe Jr. claims that Sonny did indeed kill Theresa.

In 1995, Joe, now in Port Charles, causes problems for Sonny. Sonny, who has always thought of Joe as a father-figure, now realizes that he has betrayed him and is no longer on the same side as him. Lucy Coe is working with Sonny and Luke Spencer to scam Joe, and Joe kidnaps Lucy. Luke, Sonny, and Damian Smith save her, but Joe fires his gun at Sonny. He misses, however, and hits Sonny's father Mike instead. Sonny, in return, fires his gun and shoots Joe, killing him.

In 2012, Sonny's girlfriend Connie Falconeri tells him that Joe Jr. had raped her and got her pregnant when she was 17. Meanwhile, John McBain blames Sonny for his sister's death, but Sonny tells John that Joe Jr. was the one who killed Theresa, not him. John goes to New Orleans to find Joe Jr., and Sonny sends his right hand man Jason Morgan there to find him as well. Jason ends up bringing Joe Jr. back to Port Charles.

Sonny ties Joe Jr. up in his coffee warehouse and is about to kill him when John McBain comes in with the police and has Joe Jr. arrested for Theresa's murder. Joe Jr. is then extradited to Atlantic City and put in jail. Joe Jr. tells his son Trey Mitchell (aka Joey III) that he is innocent of the murder and that Sonny is actually the one who is guilty. He also tells him that Sonny took his inheritance from his father--money, power, and the business. He instructs his son to get close to Sonny's daughter Kristina and marry her so that they can have access to everything they lost to Sonny. Later, Joe Jr. kidnaps Kristina and tries to kill her so that his son Trey will inherit everything since he is Kristina's husband (and they had funneled all of Sonny's assets to Kristina). Trey, however, saves Kristina when he shoots his father. Joe Jr. then goes on the run from the police. It is later revealed that Joe is working for a man who appears to be Duke Lavery, but is actually Cesar Faison in disguise. In October 2012, Jason Morgan shots Joe Jr. in self defense; and Faison, disguised as Lavery, later tries to shoot him again, but Joe runs away. Joe Jr. later dies from his injuries.


Smith mob family

Frank, Luke and Jennifer
General Hospital
Years in PC 1979-96, 2015
Notable members Frank Smith, Sonny Corinthos, Luke Spencer, Roy DiLucca, Damian Smith, Jennifer Smith
Connected families Corinthos, Eckert, Spencer
Estate Information

The Smith mob family was a fictional mob organization on the ABC soap opera General Hospital headed by Frank Smith.


In 1979, Frank Smith hired Luke Spencer to manage his money-laundering operation, the Campus Disco and groomed him to become a mobster. Frank ordered Luke to execute a "hit" on senate candidate Mitch Williams. Luke's pal and sister beau Roy DiLucca decided to carry out the hit himself. After the foiled attempt on Mitch's life, Roy was presumed dead after Mitch's security agents shot at him. He supposedly dies in Bobbie Spencer's arms, only to return twenty years later after a long stretch in Pentonville federal prison.

Luke's girlfriend Laura Webber later heard an incriminating conversation of Frank's, which caused her to be marked for death. Frank told Luke that if he married his daughter, Jennifer Smith, he would spare Laura's life. Laura tried to convince Luke to break off his engagement to Jennifer. However, Luke knew that doing so would get him, Laura and their loved-ones killed. The day Luke and Jennifer's wedding was to take place on Frank Smith's yacht, Scott Baldwin pulled Luke out of the ceremony and started beating him. Luke fell overboard and was thought to have drowned. He later resurfaced and with Laura's help came up with a plan that involved the book of mob contacts that they had stolen from Frank earlier.

Luke and Laura went on the run with Frank's henchmen hot on their trail. One of the men named "Hitch" ended up befriending the two and could not kill them. The other hit man attempted to complete the hit but was discovered and killed by Hitch. It turned out that with Frank's black book, Luke and Laura did indeed have the evidence they needed to send Frank to jail. Frank wound up in prison where he continued to run his organization. In 1984, Frank framed Luke for a murder that was committed in Mexico and his best friend Robert Scorpio helped Luke was clear his name. Laura then announced her first pregnancy and they went on the run once more. Frank never stopped searching for Luke and Laura, and continued to track them for years, even after their son Lucky was born. He also hired Sonny Corinthos as his front man.

In 1993, Frank's hit men track Luke and Laura to the Triple L Diner in Canada and blew up their truck thinking they were inside. For safety reasons Luke and Laura send their son Lucky Spencer back to Port Charles to live with Luke's "aunt" Ruby Anderson. Frank's men found Lucky staying with his friend/cousin Sly Eckert. They also find Sly's father, Bill Eckert, who is the spitting image of Luke. Bill is shot and mortally wounded in a case of mistaken identity. He dies in Luke's arms. Luke and Laura, with their son Lucky, decided to hide in plain sight, back in Port Charles Frank’s son, Damian Smith, speaking on behalf of his father, promises Luke that he and his family will be safe if Luke will help smuggle people into the country, with Sonny as a liaison. Luke agreed to the Smith’s demands until he can figure out how to get rid of Frank. It turns out to be no easy task and puts him back in touch with a much-changed Jennifer.

When Frank ordered Sonny to have Luke taken out, Sonny learned that Luke was a family man with another daughter on the way. He then joined allegiances with Luke and agreed that Smith needed to be dealt with once and for all. To get him out in the open, they both help spring Frank from prison in 1994. However when Luke attempted to kill him, Laura walked in and Frank managed to escape using her as a human shield. Lucky follows his father to a meeting with Frank's henchman and is shot but makes a full recovery. Finally, Luke tracks Smith down to Puerto Rico and is followed by Sean Donely, who had hoped to take Smith back into custody. Sonny, who was already in Puerto Rico, arranged Smith to meet him in a cemetery for a final showdown; however Luke arrives in his place. Sean manages to tail Frank to the cemetery but is quickly discovered and shot. Just as Frank was moving in to kill Sean, Luke appeared and shoots him dead. After Frank's death, Sonny takes over the Smith organization.

Frank’s son Damian was in town from 1994 to 1996.

Jennifer returned to town in 2015 and Frank was revealed to be alive until he was killed by Luke.


Trujillo mob family

General Hospital
Years in PC 2010-11
Notable members Rudy Trujillo, Old Man Trujillo
Connected families Zacchara
Estate Information
Address Port Charles, New York

The Trujillo mob family is a fictional mob organization on the ABC soap opera General Hospital headed by Old Man Trujillo, and possibly his son or grandson Rudy Trujillo in the 2010s.


In February 2011, Jason confronted the Trujillo crime family, who they had a truce with, because they had facilitated Theo's stay in Port Charles. Rudy Trujillo told Jason that Johnny Zacchara had been the one to plant the bomb in the limo explosion that hurt Sam.

In May, Anthony told Jason that the hit woman who killed Brandon told him she was hired by Old Man Trujillo. Anthony pretended to lose track of the conversation. Jason reminded him they were talking about Trujillo. Anthony said that Trujillo was using Michael and Abby to pit the Corinthos and Zacchara families against each other. Trujillo hoped this would start a mob war when Sonny went after the Zaccharas for trying to frame Abby for Brandon’s murder.

In July, Jason assigns Spinelli (in his Jackal P.I. persona) to keep an eye on Luzetta’s Bakery to keep Spinelli distracted. Jason says there’s another crime family who are even more dangerous than the Zaccharas in town. They are called the Trujillos. Jason suspects the bakery is being used as a front.

Later Spinelli sees Johnny with a mysterious package leaving the bakery and suspects him of working with the Trujillos.

In August, Jason tells Sonny that the agreement with the Trujillos is holding. Sonny expects Old Man Trujillo to double cross them with Anthony. Jason says the man just wants to be left alone. Sonny thinks Trujillo wants Sonny and Anthony to attack each other and then he will move in.

Sonny tells Jason to make sure that Anthony isn’t working with Old Man Trujillo and that Jason will stop any shipments that are landing. Sonny doesn’t want to use the warehouse because he is worried Anthony will sabotage it.

Later Sonny accuses Johnny of running a drug operation. Johnny refuses to answer. Sonny infers that by denying any involvement with the Trujillos drug ring, that means Johnny is saying that Anthony is behind the whole operation. Sonny will have to deal with Anthony.

In September, Lucky tells Dante that Detective Sly Thomas got some info on Joey Bruzetta. He was just released from prison. Turns out he was a cellmate with one of the Trujillos.

In September, Johnny meets Joey’s partner J.T. in an alley at Pier 14. J.T. was expecting Joey to show up. As Johnny just killed Joey he says Joey will likely be late. J.T. doesn’t want any part of what went on between Johnny and Joey. Johnny tells J.T. that he works for Johnny now and will do what Johnny says or he will die.

Johnny wants the details about the other men from Pentonville (Joey and Darryl) who were involved in the bakery scheme. J.T. is worried that Anthony will kill him if he talks but he admits that Anthony is behind the whole plan. Johnny also wants to know the setup. J.T. explains that they are hiding drugs in the flour at Luzetta’s Bakery. Specifically the bags of flour with stars where the apostrophes should be in the word “Luzetta’s”.

There is also a boat with uncut drugs in the harbor they can't get to and a retread at the old packaging house on Pier 14. Rudy Trujillo is the contact. Johnny wants J.T. to call Rudy and arrange a meeting. Before Rudy arrives, Johnny gives J.T. a gun for protection. Johnny calls Rudy’s name and forces J.T. to shoot Rudy. Rudy shoots back and hits J.T. in the abdomen. Johnny tells a dying J.T. that he lied when he told J.T. that everything would be okay.

Later Lucky tells Mac that J.T. and Rudy’s bodies were found at the packaging plant on Pier 14. Lucky and Mac both think it is a little too convenient and was likely a setup. Johnny goes to Anthony and tells him he cleaned up his mess. Joey, J.T., and Rudy are dead. He made it appear that someone wanted to silence J.T. and Rudy before they started talking. He planned to frame Sonny by putting drugs from the boat in the harbor into the Corinthos-Morgan coffee warehouse.

Wu mob family

Kim wu
Kim and Chaing Wu
General Hospital
Years in PC 1985, 2015-present
Notable members Chaing Wu, Kim Wu, Nina Wu
Known for The Asian Quarter
Estate Information

The Wu mob family was a fictional mob organization on the ABC soap opera General Hospital headed by Mr. Chaing Wu.


In 1985, Sean Donely steals an Aztec treasure and intends to sell it to a Chinese man named Mr. Chaing Wu. Donely's plan, however, is foiled by Robert Scorpio. Two stolen jade Buddhas from the treasure are then given to Mr. Wu by the New York police; but he is then forced to give them to their rightful owner, a wise old Chinese man called The Ancient One.

The Ancient One explains that the true valuable part of the Buddhas is actually the black pearls within their eyes. He plans to sell the pearls to finance the acquisition of the Port Charles cannery for his Asian people who are being oppressed by an unfair labor system. The pearls, however, are gone. Mr. Wu is actually the oppressor and has had the pearls stolen. He did not, however, know how valuable they are. When he hears of their value, he instructs his grandson Kim Wu to get them back.

Mr. Wu assumes that Robert and Anna must have taken the pearls. When Robert returns home one day, he finds a young girl named Robin. She says that she lives in New York and that an Asian chauffeur had picked her up at camp and dropped her off at Robert's house. The chauffeur had told her to wait there for her grandmother to pick her up. Robert leaves Robin with Frisco and Felicia and heads to New York in search of Robin's grandmother Filomena. In New York, Anna arrives home to find her apartment ransacked and Filomena tied up. It turns out that Anna is actually Robin's mother, but she doesn't want anyone to know, not even Robin. Robin only knows her as a friend named Luv.

While Robin is with Frisco and Felicia, an Asian man attempts to grab her doll while walking on the water front. Mr. Wu is enraged and fears that Frisco might be able to identify his grandson Kim as the thief, so he orders Frisco's execution. He has Frisco's drink poisoned, but then Frisco's friend Josh drinks it instead, and dies. Robert then realizes that Robin is Anna's daughter, and that he is her father.

Sean Donely is pardoned by the governor and released. He then goes to help Mr. Wu find the pearls. Robin's doll is then stolen by an Asian delivery woman. An Asian man named Tey is killed when he is hit by a car, and Frisco and Robert decide that Frisco will go undercover. Frisco poses as the driver that killed Tey because he is eager to find out who has killed his friend Josh.

Robin then overhears that Anna and Robert are her parents. The lie upsets her and she runs away. She finds her doll at General Hospital, and then meets The Ancient One in the Asian Quarter. The Ancient One tells her about the black pearls, and she tells him that she knows where they are, in her doll's eyes. The Ancient One then gives the pearls to Olin, a kindly Asian woman, for safekeeping. The Ancient One gets information from Robin about how to get her home, but when they go to meet Anna and Buzz Stryker, they are kidnapped by Kim.

Robert and Anna set up headquarters in the Bamboo Bar to find Robin, not knowing that Robin and The Ancient One are actually being kept in a secret room at the bar. Robin and The Ancient One are finally rescued by Robert and Anna just before Thanksgiving. The Ancient One exchanges the pearls for cash and the Asian community purchases the cannery.

Robert and Sean then join with The Ancient One's grandson Yank (also Tey's brother) to take down Mr. Wu, who has been operating an illegal drug-selling operation. Yank kills Kim, who had planned to blow up the cannery. Kim's sister, Jade, is devastated to find out that her lover Yank killed her brother, and she suddenly goes blind. Mr. Wu then confesses his wrongdoing to Jade before being carted off to prison; and, being free of shame and guilt, her eyesight is restored.

The Wu Family returns in 2015 at a Mob summit in New York City called by Sonny Corinthos. A representative of the Wu Family named Ms. Wu was present.


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Zacchara mob family

Anthony, Claudia, Johnny
General Hospital
Place(s) of Origin New York, New York
Milan, Italy
Years in PC 2007-13, 2014-15
Current region Port Charles, New York
Notable members Anthony Zacchara, Claudia Zacchara, Johnny Zacchara, Sonny Corinthos, Dante Falconeri, Ian Devlin, Logan Hayes, Ric Lansing, Trevor Lansing, Ethan Lovett, Carlos Rivera, Luke Spencer
Connected families Baldwin, Corinthos, Eckert, Falconeri, Lansing, Morgan, Quartermaine, Spencer, Zacchara
Estate Information

The Zacchara mob family was a fictional mob organization on the ABC soap opera General Hospital first headed by Anthony Zacchara, and currently by his grandson Johnny Zacchara. They are a rival of the Corinthos-Morgan mob family and later the Jerome mob family.


Anthony first brought his mob business to Port Charles in 2007 and started an instant rivalry with Sonny Corinthos. Anthony's "son" (later revealed to actually be his grandson) came to town shortly after. Anthony's daughter (later revealed to be Johnny's mother) came to town in 2008.

Sonny kidnapped Johnny and held him locked up in a room for some time. In retaliation, Claudia put a hit out on Sonny. She hired Dr. Ian Devlin to do the job, but he missed and hit Sonny's young son Michael instead. Michael slipped into a coma and then Anthony decided to forge a truce between his organization and Sonny's. The deal was for Sonny to marry Claudia to connect the two families. The two were married and Sonny had no idea she had been the one responsible for his son's shooting. A year later, Michael came out of his coma and the truth was eventually revealed. Claudia, knowing Sonny was going to have her killed, managed to kidnap a pregnant Carly to escape at gunpoint. Just as Claudia delivered Carly's daughter Josslyn and planned to take her for herself, Michael found them and accidentally killed Claudia with an axe.

In 2010, Sonny's seventeen-year-old daughter Kristina wanted to get back at her father, so she convinced Johnny to pretend to date her, knowing it would infuriate her father. Johnny reluctantly went along with it, and when Sonny found out that they were "dating," and Johnny lead Sonny to believe they were sleeping together, he wanted Johnny dead even more. Sonny had a bomb planted in Johnny's car, but what he didn't expect was for Kristina to be with him when it went off. Kristina and Johnny both survived, but it caused an even bigger rift between them.

In 2012, Sonny blew Johnny's world apart when he revealed to him that Claudia was his mother, not his sister as he had been told his entire life. Anthony had pimped out Claudia to his business associate, fellow mob boss Gino Soleito, when she was a young teenager, and Claudia got pregnant. Johnny became furious with Anthony after learning this, and eventually shot him multiple times, killing him. Johnny then framed Anthony's wife, Tracy and her ex-husband, Luke Spencer for the murder. In early 2013 Johnny was sentenced to 20 years in Pentonville for the murders of Cole, Hope and Anthony.

In 2014, Sonny goes to Pentonville for murdering A.J. Quartermaine and Johnny kidnaps Sonny's brother, Ric. He reveals to Sonny that he wants to create the Port Charles Mob Alliance by taking over his and Julian Jerome's territories. Sonny needs to hand over his territory to Johnny or else Ric will be killed by Johnny's associate, Carlos Rivera. Ric is later saved from Carlos by Shawn Butler and Jordan Ashford. In 2015, Johnny tricked the police into thinking that there was not enough evidence to convict him for Anthony's murder, so he is released from Pentonville. Carlos had Julian falsely confess to Anthony's murder or else he had to kill him. Luke agrees to be Johnny's boss and sends him to kill Julian. Johnny orders his thugs to kill Julian, but this fails when Sonny and Julian kill two of them and the others are dragged out of the cell by security. Later, he reunites with Lulu and Maxie and starts to bond with them, which angers former Zacchara mob soldier Dante Falconeri and Det. Nathan West. When Sonny, Julian, Ava, and Franco escape from Pentonville, Luke sends Johnny and Carlos to take them all out. The two manage to injure them in a car accident. When the four wake up, Johnny and Carlos engage Sonny and Julian into a shootout while Ava and Franco escape through the back. Johnny shoots Julian in the leg and prepares to shoot Sonny, but Julian shoots Johnny in the shoulder. Meanwhile, Carlos shoots Ava in the shoulder and knocks her off a bridge before escaping with a wounded Johnny. The two later go to Sabrina Santiago's apartment where Sabrina treats Johnny for his gunshot wound. When Nathan and the police arrive, Johnny escapes through the window as Nathan catches and arrests Carlos. Johnny later goes to Maxie's apartment where she hands her car over to him. Johnny uses Maxie's car to flee town.

Johnny later returned to PC in 2016 and was eventually caught by the PCPD and thus sent to prison again.


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