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Morgan Stone Corinthos was a fictional character on the ABC soap opera General Hospital. He was the son of mob boss, Sonny Corinthos and his wife, Carly Corinthos.

He was born onscreen on October 24, 2003.

Actor George Juarez portrayed the character as a child from 2005 to 2009.

Actor Aaron Refvem made his debut as 12 year old Morgan in May of 2009, but was recast with actor Aaron Sanders, who debuted in May 2010 and left in July 2011.

In 2013, he was aged to 19 years old when actor Bryan Craig debuted May 8, 2013 and made his final appearance on October 31, 2016.

In 2016, Morgan was killed in a car bombing, as Bryan Craig decided to leave the show but he has stated that he would love to come back.

On January 17, 2018, Craig returned to General Hospital as Morgan for a guest appearance as he appeared in Ava Jerome's dream.


Born onscreen on October 24, 2003, Morgan has been played by:

Twins Adonios and Isador Talamo were the first to play Morgan so they obviously filmed the birth scenes and some episodes afterwards. They really looked like a good match for their on-screen father, Maurice Benard (Sonny Corinthos), however they later left the role. (2003-04)[8]

Twins Dylan and Jordan Cline took over the role during the middle of an episode in 2004 and continued in the role until 2005.[9]


Jake Simms took over the role in 2005 when the character was aged. He stayed in the role a short time and nothing else was ever released about him.[10]


Most notably, the role was portrayed by George Juarez on a recurring status from December 15, 2005 to February 20, 2009, when the character was aged.[11]

The role was SORASed and recast with Aaron Refvem, who debuted on May 12, 2009[12][13] and remained with the series until May 4, 2010.[14]

In 2010, Refvem was nominated by Young Artist Award for the "Best Performance in a TV Series by a Recurring Younger Actor, 13 years old and younger."[15]

Tweets from ABC Soaps In Depth:

“News for Aaron Refvem. He got a pilot that was picked up!. He didn’t find out that way. He knew when he took the pilot this was the likely outcome. Remember: GH didn’t FIRE Aaron. He got a pilot that was picked up by NBC. Not GH’s choice! Couldn’t do both. This isn’t GH’s fault.”[16]

Following Refvem's departure, the role was recast with Aaron Sanders, who held the role from May 6, 2010[17] to July 21, 2011.[18][19][20]

Sanders was also nominated for a Young Artist Award for his portrayal of Morgan in February 2011.[21]

In December 2012, the series released a casting call for a white male, between the ages of 14 and 17. There was speculation that the character was a recast for the role of Morgan.

In March 2013, it was reported that Drew Osborne had filmed scenes with Maurice Benard; Osborne's striking resemblance to Chad Duell led to speculation that he could be Morgan or a recast of Duell's character, Michael. Later, message board posters began reporting that Craig had been cast in the role of Morgan despite no official confirmation from ABC.

On April 17, 2013, after months of speculation from fans, a rep from the show confirmed the news that Bryan Craig had been cast in the role of Morgan. Craig began filming his first scenes on April 15.[22]

Osborne ended up playing Morgan’s college roommate Travis on May 3, 2013.

Though no official airdate was announced, Craig's first appearance was slated for May 2013 on a contractual basis. Craig later revealed to Soap Opera Digest that he was hesitant to do a soap. However, the role of Morgan changed his mind about daytime, but it was his parents who convinced him to sign a three year contract.

Craig debuted on May 8, 2013.[23][24]

Craig was nominated for two Daytime Emmy's for Outstanding Younger Actor in 2014 and 2015. In 2016 and 2017, he brought home his first and second Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Younger Actor.

On September 15, 2016, TV Source Magazine reported that Craig would soon exit the series. It is unknown at this time if General Hospital plans to recast the role.[25] On the same day, Soap Opera Digest confirmed that Craig chose to exit the show and will last air in November.[26]

Craig made his last appearance on October 31, 2016.[27]

In 2017, Craig has stated that he would love to come back to "GH".[28]

On January 16, 2018, Craig announced that Morgan would make a guest appearance on January 17, 2018, during a special one-off episode focused on the surgery of Ava Jerome (Maura West).[29]

On October 19, 2020, Maurice Benard revealed on his Instagram story a video of Craig back on set. It's unknown if Craig is returning as Morgan's ghost or if he is returning very much alive. It was later revealed that the clip was an old video.[30]

On January 27, 2021, rumors began swirling around again that Craig might return to GH as Morgan, but it's unknown if the rumors are true or not. Craig posted a picture of L.A. on Instagram and hinted he is headed back there for a job.[31]

On February 3, 2021, Craig confirmed he was in L.A. on Instagram.[32]

The December 2012 casting call described the character as being "[s]oulful [and] complex" with "intensity beyond his years."

Angela Durrell of TV Source described the character of Morgan as "[s]ensitive and emotionally wounded." Morgan craves "strong ties" and stability.

Mara Levinsky described Craig's Morgan as "impulsive" and "imperfect."

Michael Logan described Craig's Morgan as a "marvelous muddle of puppy awkwardness and testy testosterone."

When asked about his character's "casual and low-key," wardrobe, despite his family being filthy rich, Craig said Morgan is all about quick cash, but "far from snooty." He is the kind of guy that sleeps all day, and eats pizza for breakfast. His sense of style reflects his laid back personality.

Susan Hornik described Craig's Morgan as a "Prince Harry-esque, bad boy."[33]


YoungMorganpic 5.png

Ric Lansing, then brother-in-law of Carly Corinthos, drugged her and led her to believe they had slept together, soon discovered she was pregnant.

Ric then marries Elizabeth Webber, who is pregnant with his child, but she is pushed down the stairs by Faith Rosco and suffers a miscarriage.

Blaming his brother for the miscarriage, Ric kidnaps Carly, locks her in a panic room and plans on stealing her baby and giving it to his wife.

Sonny's mob rival, Lorenzo Alcazar, who is very fond of Carly, finds her and kidnaps her from Ric and holds her on his yacht. Carly is eventually rescued but not without a pregnancy scare (she went into premature labor but it was stopped).

She had two other scares: she fell through some ice trying to save Michael and started having severe cramps causing her to fear for Morgan's life but they stopped (after this scare they decided to name their baby, Morgan after Jason Morgan) and she started having pains after she accidentally electrocuted herself. She also experienced round ligament pain.

In 2016, Morgan was killed in a car bombing.

Sonny Corinthos and Carly Corinthos children Morgan Corinthos and Donna Corinthos are the second full siblings in decades to be born on General Hospital the first being Patrick Drake and Robin Scorpio-Drake children Emma Scorpio-Drake and Noah Scorpio-Drake.


Morgan was born onscreen October 24, 2003 to Sonny and Carly Corinthos. When Sonny finds Alcazar helping Carly give birth, he shoots him but the bullet goes through him and hits Carly in the head as Morgan is being born. Morgan and his mother are taken to the hospital, where Jason tells the doctor that Morgan was diagnosed with a hole in his heart. When Carly wakes up, she holds Morgan. A couple months later, Morgan is Christened with Jason and Courtney as his Godparents. In March 2005, Morgan and his siblings, Kristina and Michael are kidnapped by A.J. Quartermaine (then Billy Warlock), but Morgan and Kristina are rescued by Jason and his then girlfriend (now wife), Sam McCall, while Michael was presumed dead for awhile. Carly marries Jasper Jacks in April 2007. He and Morgan form a close bond and Jax considers Morgan his own. When his brother Michael is shot, Carly forces Sonny to give up custody of his sons. Carly later eases up and allows Sonny back in her son's life. Morgan is overjoyed to learn of his mother's pregnancy. Morgan learns of Sonny marrying Claudia Zacchara in November 2008.

Morgan (Refvem) and brother, Michael (Garrett)

For storyline purposes, Morgan was rapidly aged to eleven in May 2009. Morgan has grown into a thoughtful, helpful boy who loves karate and video games. After Michael returns from his coma, Carly uses Morgan to bring him home to keep Michael away from Claudia and Sonny. Morgan takes a liking to his father Sonny's new bodyguard, Dominic Pirelli and the two bond over the New York Yankees. On September 4, 2009, Dominic accompanies Michael and Morgan to the General Hospital Carnival that is being held to raise funds for the Michael Cornithos Foundation. After Edward Quartermaine has a heart attack while driving and crashes his car through the carnival Dominic saves Morgan's life when he pushes him out of the car's path and is injured himself. Morgan's maternal half-sister Josslyn Jacks is born on October 29, 2009, when Carly is kidnapped by Claudia Zacchara. Carly comes home and introduces Morgan to his newborn baby half-sister but is unable to live with Jax due to him knowing for months that Michael was shot under Claudia's orders. During Thanksgiving 2009, Morgan hooks the two back again.

Cousins Morgan and Molly sing karaoke

Morgan attends Josslyn's christening on January 29, 2010.[34] When his father Sonny Corinthos does not show up at Josslyn's christening, Morgan and Michael both become worried. After Dominic is shot by Sonny for being an undercover cop, Michael tells Morgan that Dominic's real name is Detective Dante Falconeri, and that he's their brother. When they go to tell Kristina and Molly about this, Michael ends up revealing that he killed Claudia when Kristina berates their dad for killing his own wife. In late December 2010 and early January 2011, Morgan, Molly, Kristina, Michael and other Port Charles residents are on their way to a ski resort when the bus crashes. Morgan is thrown from the bus and separated from the others with a broken leg.

Morgan with Michael, Kristina, Molly and his ex-stepmother, Brenda

He later attends Sonny and Brenda's wedding and Carly allows Morgan to begin having contact with Sonny again. Morgan was upset when Jax and Carly divorced, due to his bond with Jax, who was his step-father, so in-order to get them back them together Molly and Morgan kidnap Josslyn. There plan fails when they are caught by Kristina and Ethan Lovett. In the summer 2011, after Jax is presumed dead in a plane crash, Carly enrolls Morgan in military school to protect him from Sonny's influence, using her maiden name, "Benson". According to Carly, Morgan is relieved that he no longer has to live with the stigma of being a mobster's son, and he is adjusting well and enjoys it at school.[35]

Morgan is found by Michael after he was beat up

On April 29, Johnny Zacchara tells Connie Falconeri that Morgan has been targeted in a gambling scam and is in trouble. Sonny is concerned when Morgan does not respond to his phone calls. Sonny and Shawn go to look for Morgan. Morgan is seen to be hiding out in Ava Jerome's apartment. Ava leaves for a business trip and few thugs from the gambling ring scheme come and beat Morgan up. Michael arrives and takes Morgan to a hospital where Morgan is bandaged up. Morgan then sneaks out to go back to Ava's.  Michael returns where he found Morgan and he meets Kiki Jerome, Ava's daughter. It is revealed that Kiki is Morgan's girlfriend, who he met online while getting caught in the gambling ring scheme. In an effort to help him, Kiki invites some of her friends over to gamble and try to win the money back. This plan fails due to the uncertainty of Kiki's allegiance to either side and Michael's skepticism of the plan. Morgan comes back to Port Charles and moves in with Michael. Kiki follows him to Port Charles and shows up on Michael's doorstep.

Morgan and Ava

He questions Michael after he goes through Kiki's purse and Morgan blames Michael for coming onto his girlfriend when Morgan sees them close and only in towels. Morgan goes over to see his father where he hears his mother Carly talking that they need to the pull the trigger. Morgan rightfully assumes that they are talking about knocking someone off, but Carly covers. Morgan is informed that Kiki is from a wealthy family and she is to inherit shares in a company. He later finds out that she is related to the Quartermaines, and is relieved to know that Michael & Kiki are cousins, ending the attraction between them. Morgan & Kiki move into the boathouse at the Quartermaine house to try and find their own living space.

Morgan and Kiki kissing

Morgan still worries about the attraction between Michael and Kiki, which he confronts them about. They insist nothing is going on. However, Michael later admits that he and Kiki kissed before they knew they were cousins. Morgan is furious, and punches Michael in retaliation. Morgan goes to the hospital, looking for Kiki, and overhears Ava lying to Dr. Silas Clay about Kiki's age. Morgan confronts her later, and Ava admits that Kiki is actually Silas' biological daughter, not Franco's, as everyone assumes. Morgan wants to tell Kiki, but Ava tells him not to because Kiki might leave him for Michael. Morgan goes back to the Quartermaine mansion and proposes to Kiki, who accepts. When Carly finds out about the engagement, she is livid and tells Sonny. Eventually, Sonny talks to Morgan, who reveals that Kiki isn't Franco's daughter, and he's afraid of losing her to Michael. When Sonny tries to convince Morgan to let Kiki go if she's in love with someone else, Morgan guilt-trips his dad, accusing him of loving Michael more than him, to get him to stay quiet. Sonny reluctantly agrees to show Morgan he does love him. Morgan also guilt-trips Michael into serving as his best man.

The truth comes out about Kiki

Morgan's secret doesn't last long, though, because Sonny's girlfriend, Connie, overhears their conversation and prints it in the newspaper trying to save her company. Morgan goes to the main house the day after he gave Kiki a ring, and overhears Tracy, A.J. Quartermaine, and Elizabeth Webber talking about Kiki's paternity being revealed in the newspaper, and Tracy now having control of ELQ. Morgan runs back to the boathouse, and convinces Kiki to come to the court house with him to get a marriage license. Morgan takes Kiki's phone out from her bag and drops it under the bed before they leave. At the courthouse, Michael tries calling Morgan, who doesn't answer. Eventually Mac Scorpio and Felicia Jones show up, and recognize Kiki from the paper. Morgan deflects their explanation long enough for them to be called to get a marriage license. After acquiring it, Morgan tries to convince Kiki to get married in a court. Initially reluctant, Kiki accepts. Morgan's manipulations work as Michael is too late to stop the ceremony. Michael tries to use the reveal of her true paternity in his favor and explain that Morgan has manipulated the situation, but Morgan uses a clever answer and herds his new bride out of the courthouse before Kiki can process the information.

Morgan and Ava kissing

Kiki cuts her mother out of her life, wanting nothing to do with her after finding out the truth about her paternity. Ava then goes to Morgan, blackmailing him into helping out her relationship with Kiki in exchange for her not telling Kiki about him lying about not knowing the truth about Kiki's father. Soon after, Connie is killed, and Morgan goes to find his father. Instead, he finds Olivia Falconeri, Dante's mother, and both of them realize that Sonny, in his grief, has decided to commit suicide. Morgan, Dante, Olivia, and Kiki convene to figure out where Sonny is. Morgan is annoyed when they suggest calling Michael, since he is worried about AJ, who has been accused of Connie's murder. Dante convinces Morgan to call Michael, since he knows Sonny better than anyone. Eventually, they find Sonny on the Haunted Star with a gun, and they manage to talk him down.

Morgan and his brother, Michael fighting

Morgan & Michael decide to put their differences aside, and start reconciling. Meanwhile, Ava wants to hold a reception party for Morgan & Kiki. Though Kiki is against it, Morgan convinces her to, on the condition that she invites Silas. Kiki & Morgan are evicted from the Quartermaine house, and try to find their own place. Sonny comes to the party, completely off his antidepressants. He makes a scene there about AJ killing Connie, and reveals to everyone that Morgan knew Kiki was Silas' daughter before they got married, and lied about it. Morgan is furious with his dad for exposing him, and thinks he's choosing Michael over him. Morgan insults Connie's memory to Sonny, who tries to strangle him. Carly & Olivia get Sonny out of there, and Michael & Kiki confront Morgan, who claims that he had to lie because the two of them forced him to. Kiki says she won't let his lie go, and breaks up with him on the spot. Morgan, with nowhere to go, ends up on Ava's doorstep, and tells her Kiki has left him. Ava shares how Silas rejected her when she wanted a second chance with him. The two talk about their mutual heartbreaks, and end up having sex that night.

Morgan accidentally shoots Max

Carly then finds out about Morgan having slept with Ava, along with Kiki and Michael finding out about them also the next morning in Ava's hotel room at The Metro Court. Morgan refuses to bow to Carly's anger, and then throws his relationship with Ava in both Michael & Kiki's faces. He refuses to accept blame, claiming they're responsible for ruining his marriage, and that Ava is the only one he can trust. Ava leaves the hotel after Carly threatens to kick her out, and Morgan moves in with her, claiming he has no place to go. He has Diane Miller have his marriage annulled, and it's eventually finalized weeks later, though Morgan puts the blame on Kiki entirely for ruining their marriage. Meanwhile, his relationship with Ava continues to progress. He cuts off his father and brother, as well as his mother.

Morgan finds out his mom's okay

Morgan follows Ava to the Metro Court, where she's meeting Derek Wells. However, Morgan finds out that "Derek" is really Julian Jerome, Ava's brother and a mobster who's targeting Sonny. Morgan decides to tell Sonny, but finds him with Michael, and is bitter about their close relationship. He goes back to Julian, but is ambushed by Julian's henchman, Carlos Rivera. Carlos brings Morgan back to Julian, where he offers to help Julian bring Sonny down as revenge for Sonny choosing Michael. Morgan plants a bug in Sonny's office, which reveals that Sonny is in league with the current District Attorney. Julian has Morgan hand over the evidence to Scott Baldwin, who gets the DA to resign and takes over the post himself. Sonny later finds the bug and confronts Morgan publicly, revealing he knows who Derek Wells is, and that Morgan is working with Julian & Ava. Morgan admits to it, but says he won't change his allegiance.

Morgan reunites with his mom

Morgan leaves, and Michael follows him, where they get into a fistfight. Though Michael has the upper hand, he's distracted by Kiki, who is trying to stop the fight, and Morgan sucker-punches Michael, causing him to hit his head and fall into the water. Kiki begs for Morgan's help to rescue Michael, but Morgan refuses. Michael is later rescued by Carly & Franco, though he doesn't tell them Morgan tried to kill him. Meanwhile, Ava finds Morgan beaten up, and promises to stay on his side. Carlos is kidnapped by Sonny, with the intention of having him killed. Julian gets Morgan to help him out when they try to rescue Carlos from Sonny's warehouse. Initially, it's a hostage situation that turns into a gunfight. Morgan ends up firing a shot that ricochets and hits Max Giambetti, Sonny's bodyguard who also protected Morgan.

Sonny tries to get Morgan to help save Max, but he leaves with Julian. Morgan feels guilty for hurting Max, and Sonny figures it out. He tells Morgan to shoot him in order to show his allegiance to Julian. However, Morgan refuses, and Sonny tells him he needs to get out of the mob business before he hurts someone else. Morgan realizes that the mob life is too much and he wants out. He goes to Julian and tells him that he is done, but Julian refuses and threatens to hurt Morgan's family if he does not became a mole in his father's organization.

Morgan busts Ava and Sonny

In order to keep up the ruse, Julian demands that Morgan pretend to cut ties with all the Jeromes, which means he has to also pretend to end his relationship with Ava. Ava is upset about this, and tries to get Morgan to reconsider. However, Sonny walks in on the two of them and Morgan sends Ava away. Meanwhile, Carly goes missing, and Morgan is suspicious Julian is involved. However, Julian says he didn't do anything, and Sonny & Michael later suspect Franco is involved. Sonny reveals to Morgan that Duke Lavery, Julian's former associate, is now working for him on the sly. He tells Morgan that they're planning to grab Carlos at the pier and kill him. Morgan, though reluctant, tells Julian this information. Meanwhile, Ava tries to console Morgan, who feels guilty about betraying Duke and Sonny. Before he can tell Ava the truth, Julian returns beaten up and says that Sonny set up a trap that Julian fell into, meaning Sonny knows about Morgan's betrayal. After he leaves, Morgan tells Ava about Julian's threats, and decides to go face his father. Ava offers him a gun, but Morgan refuses it.

Morgan begins to renovate the Brownstone

Morgan goes back to Sonny, who reveals that he gave Morgan the bogus information to test Morgan's loyalty because he was still suspicious. Morgan then reveals Julian's threats towards Michael and Carly, and how he planned to kill them if Morgan turned his back on him. Sonny says he'll take care of Julian, but Morgan has to break up with Ava in order to completely sever ties with the Jeromes. Though Morgan is hesitant to, Sonny reminds him that he made his choice when he came to Sonny. Morgan then sends a text breaking up with Ava. Morgan is relieved when Carly is rescued after being kidnapped by Heather Webber, Franco's insane mother. Ava tries to get Morgan to take her back, but Morgan says it's too dangerous. However, Ava won't back down, and Morgan says she can start working for Sonny instead to help bring down Julian. Though Ava is hesitant, she decides to help Sonny and turn her back on her brother. Morgan asks Sonny to consider this, but Sonny is weary of Ava, and says he'll only believe it when Ava proves her loyalty. Morgan spends Valentine's Day with Ava, despite Sonny warning him to stay away. He tried to leave insisting that he didn't know why he even came but they end up sleeping together. Ava then, to prove to Sonny she was serious and trustworthy, downloads all of Julian's important files onto a flash drive she gives to Sonny.

She goes to New York as an alibi for A.J.'s murder and tells Morgan before she goes. This leaves him extremely worried when he shows up at her apartment building tot be told by the police someone was shot in her apartment. Ava later texts him that she is still in New York even though Morgan had discovered it was A.J. that was shot in her apartment. When Ava does return from New York Morgan goes to her apartment happy to see her. Morgan asks Ava if she was the one who shot A.J., and she tells him no, which was what he thought.

Morgan and Kiki renovate the Brownstone

When Ava see's the paper, she gets nervous and is on her way to warn Silas but runs into Morgan outside the gallery who wants to know why she was in a hurry. She tells tries to lie, but Morgan can see right through it, and is worried. When Morgan and Ava go inside the gallery he tells her that he is going to get her a glass of water, and then they can talk. on his way to get her water he see's the paper on the floor. She lies and says the reason she is in a rush is not because of the article he wants to know the real reason. She tells him that if he loves her she will let him go without asking. Morgan unhappily agrees and tells her if there is ever another time she needs to leave without telling him where there will be no relationship between them.

Morgan meets Rosalie

After talking to Silas, she is about to leave when Morgan shows up. He told her that he followed her and that he saw the way she was with Silas and asked her if she still loved him. She replied that a part of her will always love Silas but that she still loves him. When he starts to get upset about the news she asks him if he still had feeling for Kiki. The next morning they are at the Metro Court together since it was a safe place to meet. Morgan brings up the conversation they had had the night before, him thinking the relationship was over. She tells him the same thing she told him before, this time taking a lot less upset. He is about to kiss her, but Ava stops him saying that she needed an answer to her question. He tells her that it's like she said, a part of him will always love Kiki but that doesn't mean he doesn't love her. He informs her that Kiki is his past and she is his future.

This time Ava doesn't stop him when he goes to kiss her neck. While they're kissing, Morgan's phone rings and he answers it while she is still kissing his neck. Kiki was on the phone wanting to see Morgan right away, so he agrees to go see her. As he is getting dressed, Ava asked who it was and where he was going. He told her that Kiki had called and that she sounded upset. He promised to tell her if it was anything serious and left, telling her he loved her.

Morgan and Ava at the Brownstone

On April 25, Morgan finds out that Sonny and Ava slept together. Morgan immediately ends things with Ava then goes to Julian and tells him about Ava's betrayal. On June 4, Morgan finds out that Ava is pregnant with either his child or his sibling. Morgan moves out of his mother's home after hearing the news that Franco would be moving in with them. He doesn't want to go back and live with his dad because Ava is living there now and he didn't want to stay at Michel's apartment either because it would become too crowded. Michael gives him a new place to stay in exchange for some work. Michael tells Morgan about his plans to redevelop the waterfront neighborhood starting with renovating their Grandma Bobbie's Brownstone. In exchange for leading the renovation project at the Brownstone for ELQ, Morgan gets to be one of the first new tenants. On July 23, Morgan meets Rosalie Martinez.

Morgan and Kiki eventually let Ava hide out from Sonny at the Brownstone. Ava gives birth to a baby girl.

Morgan is devastated to find out that Ava's daughter is his sister, not daughter.

In November 2015, Morgan holds Julian and Alexis at gunpoint because he thinks that Julian got his father shot but Michael stops Morgan from hurting anyone.

In December 2015, Morgan was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Morgan in the car before the explosion

In 2016, Morgan went off his meds, had a break down, stole a gun and shot at drug dealers. In March, his parents have him committed to Freedman Clinic for treatment in order to get the help he needs and to avoid prison time.

In June 2016, Morgan was released from Freedman and is on a strict prescription schedule and is in out patient therapy with Dr. Andre Maddox.

In Aug 2016, Ava, unknowing to Morgan, stole his meds and switched them for placebos (to keep him away from Kiki), which caused him to have a manic episode.

In October 2016, Morgan stole Julian's car and the car exploded, killing him in the process.

In January 2017, it was revealed that Julian Jerome's sister, Olivia Jerome is alive and well and the head of the Jerome mob family and that she was the one who set the bomb that ultimately killed Morgan, as she was trying to kill Julian.

Morgan's headstone

After Morgan's death, his parents marriage started to fall apart and the two decided that divorce was the best option.

On March 15, 2017, Olivia was placed under arrest for Morgan's murder. On March 23, she received a promise to be killed by Sonny once released from D’Archam Asylum[36] and the last sound she'll hear is his son's name.

In May 2017, Sonny and Carly confronted Ava about switching Morgan's meds and it ended in Ava get severely burned in a fire that she set. Both Sonny and Carly promised to make Ava pay.

In June 2017, it was revealed that while closure for Morgan's death helped heal Carly and Sonny's emotional wounds, Carly did not want to fight with Sonny any longer and decided that it was best that the two get divorced. They have since decided to give their marriage another try as Sonny is going to try to leave the mob.

Crimes Committed

  • Helped his brother, Michael lock their parents in the basement of their house to try and get them to stay together [Apr 6-9, 2007]
  • Bit Dante Falconeri, who was going by the alias Dominic Pirelli, in self-defense [Jun 2009]
  • Obstruction of justice; knew his brother, Michael had murdered Claudia Zacchara but withheld the information [2010]
  • "Kidnapped" his half-sister, Josslyn Jacks with the help of his cousin, Molly [Jul 2011]
  • Involved in illegal online gambling [May 2013]
  • Stole his brother Michael's credit card and used it for online gambling [Jun 2013]
  • Fraud; he didn't tell Michael and Kiki that they weren't cousins before he married Kiki because he knew that she loved Michael [Jul 18-Sep 20, 2013]
  • Used his then mother-in-law, Ava's credit card to further his online gambling addiction [Aug-Sep 2013]
  • Got involved with the Jerome mob family [Oct 2013]
  • Planted a recording device (in a clock) in his father, Sonny's office, under the orders of Julian Jerome, to listen in on his plans against the Jeromes [Oct 2013]
  • Got into a fist fight with his brother, Michael; one punch caused Michael to hit his head and fall into the harbor [Nov 11, 2013]
  • Left his brother to drown in the harbor [Nov 12, 2013]
  • Held his father, Sonny at gunpoint [Dec 23, 2013]
  • Accidentally shot Max Giambetti in the chest [Dec 23, 2013]
  • Clobbered Julian Jerome over the head with a wine bottle and rendered him unconscious to stop him from killing Ava [May 5, 2014]
  • Obstruction of justice; knew that his father, Sonny had murdered A.J. Quartermaine but withheld the information [Oct-Nov 2014]

  • Punched his brother, Michael [Feb 26, 2015]
  • Plotted (along with Kiki) to make Michael look like an unfit "parent" (they drugged him) [Mar 17-Apr 24, 2015; arrested and released in Apr 2015]
  • Got in to a fist fight with his brother, Michael [Mar 23, 2015]
  • Switched Michael's allergy medication and revealed that he stole the replacement pills from the hospital [revealed Mar 23, 2015]
  • Perjury; lied on the stand about why Franco tried to kill him [Aug 21, 2015]
  • Attacked his uncle Ric [Sep 10, 2015]
  • Attacked Julian Jerome and threatened to kill him [Sep 11, 2015]
  • Stole a gun [Sep 2015]
  • Held Julian and Alexis Davis at gunpoint [Sep 18-22, 2015; he let Alexis go on Sep 21]
  • Fought Julian for a gun which caused a shot to go off and Julian to fall and hit his head [Sep 22, 2015]
  • Threatened Julian at gunpoint [Sep 22, 2015]
  • Breaking and entering; broke into a cabin [Nov 20, 2015]
  • Hid Kiki Jerome from the police, knowing she was wanted for running Carly off the road [Nov 2015]
  • Stole a gun from Sonny's house [revealed Feb 19-22, 2016]
  • Held Paul Hornsby, Landon Dixon, and other gun dealers at gunpoint [Feb 19, 2016; shown on Feb 22, 2016]
  • Put up a fight as he was brought into the police station for questioning [Feb 19, 2016; shown on Feb 23, 2016; arrested, then was released into his psychiatrist's custody at the hospital]
  • Assaulted Damon, a man who made a pass at Kiki Jerome and destroyed his (Damon’s) headset in the process [Aug 22, 2016]
  • Punched Joe Rivera across the face during an argument over Teddy [Sep 21, 2016]
  • Attacked Julian Jerome (slammed him against a table) [Sep 22, 2016]
  • Plagiarism; bought a pre-written term paper online and turned it in as his own [Sep 27, 2016]
  • Sucker punched T.J. Ashford [Oct 7, 2016]
  • Stole Julian's car [Oct 7, 2016]

  • Health and Vitals

    • Born with a hole in his heart[37] [Oct 2003]
    • Had scarlet fever [Mar 2004]
    • Had a rare bacterial infection that caused a really high fever and convulsions [Sep 2004]
    • Kidnapped (along with his siblings, Michael and Kristina) by Faith Rosco [Feb 2005]
    • Almost drowned in Kate Howard's koi pond (his foot got stuck but Kate saved him) [Aug 2007]
    • Grabbed in the woods, held at gunpoint and threatened to be taken hostage by Dante Falconeri, who was going by the alias Dominic Pirelli [Jun 23, 2009]
    • Harassed by Kiefer Bauer [2009-10]
    • Assaulted by Kiefer Bauer (he shoved him up against a wall on the docks) [Aug 13, 2009]
    • Almost got hit by a car but his brother, Dante pushed him out of the way causing him (Dante) to get hit himself [Sep 9, 2009]
    • Rendered unconscious in a bus crash [Jan 2011]
    • Broke his leg in three places (his tibia in two and his fibula in one) in the bus crash (suffered a few minor injuries as well) [Jan 2011]
    • Beat up by thugs involved in a gambling ring [May 13, 2013]
    • Broke his arm during an arm wrestling match with "The Dominator" aka Alice Gunderson; (Bryan, the actor who plays Morgan, broke his hand and arm in a football mishap in Jun 2013) [revealed Jun 2013]
    • Slapped by Ava Jerome [Sep 24, 2013]
    • Held at gunpoint by Carlos Rivera and brought to Crimson against his will under the orders of Julian Jerome [Oct 2013]
    • Threatened and almost killed by Carlos Rivera under the orders of Julian Jerome [Oct 2013]
    • Briefly held at gunpoint by his father, Sonny [Dec 23, 2013]
    • Accidentally hit in the head with a cell phone when Rosalie Martinez threw hers in his direction [Jul 23, 2014]
    • Used himself as a human shield to protect Sonny from Michael (who was holding a gun on Sonny) [Nov 10, 2014]
    • Threatened and assaulted by his brother, Michael (he pushed him up against a wall) [Nov 19, 2014]

  • Suffered a bloody lip after Michael punched him [Mar 23, 2015]
  • Threatened with a knife by Franco Baldwin [Jul 28, 2015]
  • Held at gunpoint by Julian Jerome in self-defense [Sep 22, 2015]
  • Diagnosed with bipolar disorder, a.k.a. manic depression; he inherited it from his father, Sonny [revealed Dec 2, 2015; was on Lithium 600mg revealed Aug 22, 2016[38]]
  • Suffered from ED, increased urination, and drowsiness as a result of his bipolar medication; dumped his meds to stop the ED [revealed on Feb 5, 2016]
  • Had a bipolar episode after being off his medication [revealed on Feb 16, 2016]
  • Tackled by Landon Dixon [Feb 19, 2016; shown on Feb 23, 2016]
  • Held at gunpoint and almost killed by Dixon [Feb 19, 2016; shown on Feb 23, 2016]
  • Almost got attacked by Ava [Feb 19, 2016; shown on Feb 24, 2016]
  • Tried to commit suicide by jumping off the hospital roof [Feb 26, 2016]
  • Had a hallucination; saw Kiki Jerome when she wasn't really there [Feb 26, 2016]
  • Committed to the Freedman Clinic[39][40] [Mar-Jun 2016]
  • Contracted Mycoplasma Genitalium from Darby Collette [revealed Aug 8, 2016]
  • Had his medication stolen and switched by Ava Jerome [Aug 16, 2016]
  • Punched in the stomach by Damon, a man who made a pass at Kiki Jerome [Aug 22, 2016]
  • Died in an explosion that was caused by a car bomb planted by Buzz under the orders of Olivia Jerome that was meant for Julian [Oct 7, 2016; revealed Oct 11, 2016; revealed to be Olivia Jan 17, 2017]

  • Family tree


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    1. Morgan is unconscious in the book.
    4. In August 2013, it was stated that Morgan is 19.
    5. In November 2014, Morgan's older brother, Michael's birth year was changed to 1992. Michael is the oldest (22), Kristina (21) and Morgan is the youngest (20), even though Morgan has been seen drinking, these are the ages that make sense since they de-aged Michael.
    6. Morgan had been seen drinking multiple times in 2015...legally.
    7. Seen on his headstone in 2016-17 ...
    19. He was only credited during the July 22nd episode, meaning he wasn't actually seen.
    33. INTERVIEW: Catching Up With Real-Life General Hospital Lovebirds Kelly Thiebaud and Bryan Craig. Zap2it. Retrieved on December 2, 2013.
    37. ... Stated on October 27, 2003.
    38. Morganmeds1.png

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