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Mountain Landing Long Term Care is a medical facility in the Green Mountains in Vermont.


On December 9, 2020, Cyrus meets Laura at the shooting range. He mentions the many fine long term facilities in Vermont which makes Laura suspicious.

When Cyrus leaves, Curtis shows up. Laura tells Curtis what Cyrus said and they think Florence might be at a facility in Vermont. Curtis uploaded the medical records to the New Mexico supply company. He was alerted that they only shipped to Mountain Landing Long Term Care in Vermont. He prepared to leave with Laura.

Mountain Landing sign (2020)

On December 15, Laura and Curtis arrive in Vermont at Mountain Landing. Curtis joins a group of carolers to check out security at the facility. He tells Laura that it is very secure and they will have to move to Plan B.

Curtis checks Laura in with Nurse Nikki Kellen as a comatose patient. He acts outraged when Laura isn’t found in the facility’s computer. Nikki suddenly finds Laura’s name. Curtis gets Laura settled in a room and leaves. Dr. Mark Prentiss comes in and prepares to inject Laura with a syringe.

Meanwhile Curtis uses the front desk computer and discovers Florence is checked in under cardiology as a patient in Room #2. He stops Dr. Prentiss right before Laura is injected.

The following day, Laura sneaks out of her own room to sneak into Florence's. She is shown to be alive and asleep in that room. Suddenly someone starts opening the door.

Laura hides in the bathroom and Martin comes in. Laura reveals she was hiding and Martin confirms to her that Florence and Gordon are his parents which makes Laura his half-sister. Gordon was not faithful to Florence but they stayed married until he died years ago. Laura had heard that Florence also died years ago. Martin said that Florence created that rumor. Laura also finds out that Cyrus is Martin’s brother when he walks into the room.