Nancy Brewer
General Hospital
Duration 1966
Cause/reason Died
Created by Frank and Doris Hursley
Introduced by James Young
Gender Female
Born 1966
Port Charles, New York
Died July 27, 1966
Port Charles, New York
Age Under the age of 1
Cause of death Untreatable heart ailment

Nancy Brewer was a fictional character on the ABC soap opera General Hospital. She was the daughter of the late, Dr. Phil Brewer and his late ex-wife, Nurse Jessie Brewer.

She was conceived via rape.

She was born in 1966 and died shortly there after of an untreatable heart ailment.


Jessie and Phil Brewer were married but had many problems. Phil was seven years younger than Jessie, and had had an affair with the younger Cynthia Allison.

Jessie filed for divorce, but the two reunited when Jessie found out she was pregnant. After Jessie miscarried the baby in 1964, the couple split again.

In 1965, a drunken Phil raped Jessie. Phil left town, then Jessie found out she was pregnant again. With Phil gone, and her divorce having been filed, Jessie started dating Lee Baldwin, who had asked her to marry him and raise the baby together.

They planned to marry the day after Jessie and Phil's divorce was finalized. Phil, however, found out about Jessie being pregnant and came back to town. Jessie realized she still loved Phil, but vowed to still go through with the marriage to Lee.

On the day the divorce was to be finalized and the day before Jessie's wedding to Lee, Nancy was born. Since Jessie was still legally married to Phil, she was born with the last name Brewer. Lee then saw that Jessie was still in love with Phil and broke off their engagement.

Jessie and Phil hoped to reconcile, but Nancy was then diagnosed with a heart ailment shortly after birth. It anguished Phil, who was a skilled cardiologist, that he couldn't save his own daughter.

Nancy died on July 27, 1966. After their daughter's death, Jessie and Phil finally divorced and Phil left town.


  • Nancy lived only on July 27, 1966, making her have less than a day of life at the time of her death, and in 2019 she would have been 53 years old.

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