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Nathan West and Claudette Beaulieu are fictional characters and a former married couple on the ABC soap opera General Hospital.


On February 26-29, 2016, while on pain meds after being shot, Maxie tells Nathan that she loves him and he replies by saying "I love you too, Claudette." When Maxie asked about Claudette, Nathan lied and told her that she was his French poodle and then his ex-girlfriend. On March 14, 2016, Nathan revealed to Dante that Claudette was his wife. On April 4, he told Maxie that she was his ex-wife, it was a marriage of convenience and that they had it annulled.

He later revealed to his mother, Liesl Obrecht that he told Maxie about Claudette but didn't tell her everything. On April 28, Obrecht revealed that if Nathan told Maxie the truth about what happened with Claudette, then Maxie would tell Lulu and if Lulu told Dante, then Nathan would end up in Pentonville Penitentiary.

On June 6-7, 2016, Nathan revealed that he had shot Claudette's lover in a drunken rage. Later revealed to the audience to be Dr. Griffin Munro. Claudette arrived in town on July 5, 2016.

After Claudette fled the country, it was revealed that Valentin is actually Charlotte's father. Claudette is last seen on a plane headed back to Canada when Valentin appears and takes the seat next to her stating that she took something that belongs to him. It is most likely Valentin had Claudette killed. On December 8, 2016, it was revealed that Claudette has no biological claim to Charlotte as she was just the surrogate.

On December 29, it was revealed that Claudette never signed or had the divorce papers filed therefore she and Nathan were still married, Nathan believed that she wanted to use their marriage to protect Charlotte, but Maxie believed otherwise and reminds him that Claudette is a pathological liar. On January 4, 2017, Valentin deleted his contact of Claudette hinting that he may have taken care of her.

On January 11, Valentin secretly had his connections in the Canadian authorities report to Nathan and Maxie who had come to Canada to find her, that Claudette had committed suicide a month ago, ending the search for her. With her death, Nathan and Maxie were finally able to get married on January 17.

On October 27, Cassandra Pierce, a powerful drug lord who was blackmailing Valentin, revealed a picture of Claudette holding a newspaper with the current date, hinting that Claudette might still be alive.

On September 19, 2019, Cassandra revealed to Valentin that they both know Claudette is indeed alive and she said that she has her. It was also revealed that Valentin had Claudette freed when Cassandra had fallen into a coma. Unknowingly Nathan's marriage to Maxie had been invalid until his death in 2018 as Claudette was still alive.