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Ned Quartermaine
Wally Kurth as Ned Quartermaine
General Hospital
Portrayed by Kurt McKinney (1988-91)
Wally Kurth (1991-present)
Current status Recurring
Duration 1988-2007, 2012-present
First appearance September 7, 1988
Created by Ann Marcus
Norma Monty
Introduced by H. Wesley Kenney (1988)
Book appearances Robin's Diary
Birth name Edward Lawrence Quartermaine Ashton
Alias(es) Eddie Maine
Ned Ashton
Namesake(s) Edward Quartermaine
Lawrence "Larry" Ashton
Nickname(s) Ted (by Julian)
Old Neddy/Neddy/Nedsky
(by Robert)
My Ned/My Neddy
(by Olivia)
Ethnicity English-American
Gender Male
  • Former Interim CEO of ELQ
  • Former Mayor of Port Charles
  • Former CEO of L&B Records
  • Former VP of new business at ELQ
  • Former tennis coach/personal trainer at Green Meadows Spa
  • Singer/Songwriter
  • Owns 11.5% of voting stock in ELQ
  • Residence Port Charles, New York
    Kurt McKinney as Ned Ashton

    Edward Lawrence "Ned" Quartermaine is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera General Hospital. He is the son of Lord Larry Ashton and his ex-wife, Tracy Quartermaine.

    He was portrayed from 1988-91 by actor Kurt McKinney, and from 1991-2007, 2012-present by actor Wally Kurth.


    Actor Kurt McKinney originated the role of Ned Quartermaine on September 7, 1988. After 3 years with the series, McKinney last appeared on August 30, 1991.

    The role was quickly recast with Wally Kurth, who made his first appearance on September 9, 1991.

    In February 2005, Kurth was dropped to recurring status, and he departed from the series in July 2007.

    He has reprised the role for brief stints in November 2007, November 2012, and January 24, 2013.

    He returned again in April of 2014. That next March, it was revealed that Wally Kurth was leaving GH after signing a contract with Days of Our Lives where he portrays Justin Kiriakis.[2] He departed the series on May 19, 2015.[3]

    He returned for one episode on October 19, 2015.[4][5]

    On March 1, 2016, Soap Opera Digest broke the news that since Kurth was dropped to recurring status on Days[6], he would return to GH on recurring status as well.

    He returned on March 29, 2016.[7][8][9]

    On November 15, 2019, confirmed that Kurth will return to GH during the week of November 18 despite being on contract status on Days.[10][11] He returned on November 19.


    He was married to Lois Cerullo (divorced) and the now late, Katherine Bell (invalid) at the same time and he has a daughter, Brook Lynn Quartermaine with Lois.

    He and Alexis Davis are best friends.

    In 2017, Ned legally changed his last name to Quartermaine in order to disassociate himself from his scheming father and to carry on the Quartermaine name along with his brother, Dillon.

    He is married to Olivia Quartermaine. Through his marriage to Olivia, he gained Dante Falconeri and Leo Falconeri as stepsons. He is already a father figure to Leo. Through Dante and his ex-wife Lulu, he gained Rocco as a step grandson.

    They were married on July 7, 2017 at the Metro Court Hotel surrounded by family and friends and with Dillon serving as best man.


    In early 1988, Tracy had sent the Q's a letter saying Ned was on his way to Port Charles. He never made it, Alan went searching for him. At the same time in September 1988, Ned was working at Green Meadows Spa under the name of Ward, and Monica Quartermaine happened to be a guest there. They had an affair unaware that she was his aunt by marriage. He was fired from the spa for fraternizing with a guest. When he appeared in Port Charles he tried to rekindle the fiery romance with Monica before he became attracted to Monica's long lost daughter Dawn Winthrop and had to vie with Decker Moss for her attention. They were to be married, but on their wedding day Dawn found out about his affair with Monica and called off the wedding. Monica and Ned were forced to tell the entire family about their affair and Alan physically attacked Ned.

    Then Ned met fiery redhead Jenny Eckert while mourning the death of Dawn. Although they butted heads ferociously at first, Ned ended up falling for her. But Jenny was in love with Paul Hornsby, even though at the time Paul was married to Ned's mother Tracy. When Ned married Jenny, he believed her to be a virgin because that's what she had told him. But later on in the marriage, it came to light that she had had an affair with Senator Kensington and had suffered a miscarriage. Ned could not forgive her dishonesty and they were divorced. Ned sought comfort in the arms of Julia Barrett, but the affair cooled when Julia saw that Ned still wanted his ex-wife.

    Ned severed the affair completely upon discovering that Julia had been sleeping with A.J. as well. Ned schemed to win back Jenny by sending Paul on a wild goose chase to find Paul and Tracy's son Dillon. But when Jenny found out what Ned had done, she dumped him and ran after Paul. When Ned's old pal Damian Smith came to town, they began frequenting a local karaoke bar. They also made plans for ELQ to build a toxic waste incinerator. But Edward and A.J. balked at the potential political and social dilemmas it could bring. So Damian and Ned bought the property in order to sell it to ELQ for a huge profit. But Damian turned out to be involved with the mob.

    Ned and Lois wed

    In 1993, Ned met the manager of the band The Idle Rich, Lois Cerullo. She convinced him, or rather Eddie Maine, (the name he was going by) to get up on stage and sing. For the next year he led a double life, shuffling the blackmailing Katherine Bell as Ned Ashton and Lois, the love of his life, as Eddie Maine. He married both of them (his marriage to Lois was valid but his marriage to Katherine was not), but when Lois found out about Katherine, she left Ned. Ultimately he "divorced" Katherine, and in time Lois forgave him and they were married for a second time. When she became pregnant however, she realized that the Quartermaines were not the type of family she wanted to raise her child around. Despite Ned's attempts at focusing on Lois and his singing career, Edward kept trying to force Ned back to focusing on business and the family. Edward even stole L&B Records from Ned and Lois. Lois sought help from Jax, who showed interest in her as more than a business partner. Lois distracted Jax with Brenda and returned to being happy with Ned. However when Ned resumed his post as CEO of ELQ to help fend off a takeover by Tracy and Jax, Lois left him and went home to Brooklyn with their daughter, Brook Lynn Quartermaine.

    In 1996, Ned met high powered attorney Alexis Davis, who was representing Monica in the Dorman sexual harassment trial. The two became good friends as Ned helped Alexis with the trial, and Alexis helped Ned deal with his divorce. Ned and Alexis found a common bond through their position in their respective families as the "Gatekeeper". The two began dating, but they ran into a few problems in their relationship. First, Ned thought that Alexis was in on her family's take over of ELQ. But when Ned discovered she had nothing to do with it, he forgave her and they reunited. They staged a breakup to make his family believe they hated each other in order for Alexis to be hired as ELQ general counsel. But when Alexis defended Tony in his kidnapping trial, Ned felt betrayed and even after Alexis revealed that Helena had threatened her into defending Tony, Ned found it difficult to trust her. They finally reconciled the night Ned sang a song to her.

    When Brenda was presumed dead in a car accident, it hit Ned hard and he sought refuge in a newfound friendship with Brenda's fiancé Jax. Alexis and Ned went to Monte Carlo where Jax was trying to win back the fortune he had lost to the Feds. Back home, Jax and Ned's friendship deepened as Jax returned to the corporate world and defended Ned to the Quartermaines. Despite V's persistence in the matter, Ned refused to return to being Eddie Maine. He was grateful for Alexis' support of his decision. But he found it difficult to support her when she went after Cassadine Industries and refused his help. So he helped her in the background as best he could.

    Ned was scared when Jax and Alexis had reportedly crashed in the desert and desperately searched for them. He was overjoyed to finally find them and to hear Alexis give up her quest for her share of the Cassadine fortune. Inspired by old love letters between Edward and Lila, Ned finally confessed his love to Alexis and she returned his feelings. Soon after, Edward named A.J. as CEO of ELQ and Ned washed his hands of the Quartermaines. With Alexis by his side, Ned refused all of Edward's pleading to fight for the CEO position and to return to the family.

    When friend Chloe Morgan was in danger of losing her company due to a bizarre stipulation in her Uncle Herbert's will requiring that she marry by a certain time, Ned gallantly stepped up to the plate, with the blessing of Alexis. In a strange turn of events, Alexis ended up marrying Jasper Jacks, who was falling in love with Chloe at the time. For eight months, the foursome played the mixed marrieds game, pretending to be happily wedded to their spouses while being with the ones they loved in secret. They had many close calls with Edward and Gertrude over the following months and became concerned more than once that the married couples were developing real feelings for each other.

    The merger of L&B Records with Chloe's company took their minds off the situation for a little while. But they soon grew tired of the situation and sought a way out. When Alexis discovered that if Gertrude remarried she couldn't get to Chloe's company, the foursome set out to find a match for Gertrude. But the plan was abandoned when Chloe was hit by a car driven by Helena who had intended to hit Alexis. Grateful that Alexis was alive, Ned swallowed his fear of being hurt and gave Alexis a ring. The plan was finally foiled when Aunt Gertrude, widow of Uncle Herbert set to inherit Chloe's company if she was not happily wedded, caught Chloe and Jax together and snagged the company. The false couples finalized their divorces after realizing that there was nothing more they could do.

    With Ned and Alexis happily and publicly together again, Ned decided to restart his music career as Eddie Maine in order to save L&B from bankruptcy. One night while on tour in Detroit, Ned returned to his hotel room with an interviewer and camera crew doing a story on "A Day in the Life of Eddie Maine." All was going well, that is until Ned opened the door to find Alexis waiting on the bed for him wearing nothing but a teddy and holding a rose in her teeth. Affectionately nicknamed "Eddie's Angel", Alexis could do nothing to escape the press, fan letters, Internet sites, and emails. Attempting to end the fiasco, Ned proposed to Alexis thinking that if they were married, the press would leave them alone. Unfortunately, he was proven wrong when their private wedding in Belize was discovered.

    Ned then decided that the best way to get rid of the press was to give them exactly what they wanted, a publicized wedding. After reluctantly agreeing, Alexis and wedding planner Elton arranged a big public wedding complete with press. After many obstacles, they finally made it to the wedding day. As Nikolas escorted her down the aisle, Alexis began to have nightmares about becoming a Quartermaine wife, and fled.

    Ned tried to live without Alexis and even planned a tour to the other side of the world to distract him. But the night her learned that Alexis and Emily had been shot at, he rushed to be with Alexis. Their happy reunion was short-lived and quickly dissolved into constant fighting. Ned felt that Alexis was choosing her career over him and Alexis was trying to deal with her fear of commitment and marriage.

    In late 2000, they decided to call an end to their four-year relationship and went their separate ways.

    In 2001, Ned severed all ties to ELQ and devoted himself to running L&B Records. Ned pursued new acts for L&B and left his relationship with Alexis behind. When Jasper Jacks suddenly reappeared in Port Charles, Ned helped him out by hiding the mysterious Kristina at the Gate House. As it turned out, Kristina was the long-lost sister of Alexis Davis. Ned pursued Kristina for both romantic and professional reasons - he wanted her to be a singer in the L&B stable. Ned began a romantic relationship with Kristina, but he was still hung up on Alexis.

    Ned with his mother, Tracy and brother, Dillon

    When he discovered that Alexis was pregnant with mobster Sonny Corinthos' baby, he claimed to be the biological father so that the child could have a life outside of a crime family, and because Alexis wanted to keep the parentage a secret. Kristina was devastated by this news and when she found out Sonny was the real father, ran straight to tell him. She was killed when Sonny's warehouse exploded. Ned and Alexis were guilt-ridden and when the baby was born, she was named Kristina. Alexis began to come unglued due to baby Kristina being born premature. She barred everyone, including Ned, from seeing the infant. Ned was forced to blackmail her with the Sonny card in order for her to let him visit. Ned tried to visit as often as possible, while in his private life he carried on an affair with lady mobster Faith Rosco and conspired with her against Sonny. He dropped her very quickly upon realizing she was a psycho.

    Ned grew quite attached to Kristina and when Alexis was convicted of murdering Luis Alcazar and sentenced to probation and intense psychological treatment (she claimed a split personality in the likeness of her late sister Kristina had killed Luis), Ned, as the father listed on the birth certificate, was granted custody. He tried to be fair to Alexis, even when Kristina was kidnapped and Alexis was the prime suspect (Ned's cousins A.J. and Skye were the true culprits, unbeknownst to him). But Alexis wanted Kristina all to herself and to help attain this goal, went to work for the Quartermaines by dressing in drag. "He" became Dobson the butler, trying "his" best to convince Ned to let Alexis be a part of the baby's life. Around this time, Ned began dating Skye (they'd found out they weren't really biological cousins) and Dobson was devoted to undermining the scheming and manipulative woman.

    Ned and his daughter, Brook Lynn

    Ultimately, Skye turned the tables and forced Dobson to confess that "he" was really Alexis. Ned was blindsided, but refused to press charges against Alexis, and blackmailed corrupt DA Scott Baldwin into doing the same. In spite of all this, Alexis remained unforgiving about Kristina, and began working with her brother Stefan Cassadine to get custody. Step one of the plan was to have a woman step forward to claim Ned had sexually assaulted her in his Eddie Maine days. Alexis soon had doubts regarding the plan, and the woman eventually confessed to making a false report. However, she fingered Alexis as the only one behind the plan so Ned sued Alexis for defamation of character and sought sole custody of Kristina. Skye was foaming at the mouth at the prospect of Alexis being completely cut out of Kristina's life and being able to have a family with Ned and Kristina. Ned floored everyone when, in the midst of the trial, he dropped the fight and gave full custody of Kristina to Alexis.

    Ned then returned to being CEO of ELQ. But it wasn't long before A.J. absconded with all of ELQ's fortunes, leaving the family virtually broke. A few months later following the hotel fire, Ned partnered with his mother Tracy to help her become CEO of ELQ and in return she would split the profits with him. But her plan backfired and their partnership was quickly dissolved. So Ned decided to reopen L&B Records and hired Dillon as a music video director. He also advised Dillon to be up front with Georgie's parents about his intentions towards Georgie. L&B got a shot in the arm when Alcazar decided to invest in L&B to give his niece Sage a singing career.

    The partnership would eventually dissolve when Mary Bishop murdered Sage after Brook Lynn and Georgie locked Sage in a meat-locker. Ned’s interest in the music industry was renewed though so Ned’s focus began shifting from ELQ business to L&B business. Eventually Lois would return to Port Charles and while they never rekindled their romance, they did remain business partners. When Lois returned to New York, Brook Lynn and then Ned ended up following her. All three currently work together in the music business. Ned drops in for visits occasionally but no longer calls Port Charles home.

    Ned returned to Port Charles in 2012 when his grandfather passed away. He was shocked to learn that his presumed deceased cousin A.J. was actually alive. The cousins engaged in verbal sparring but briefly set their differences aside to mourn the loss of their grandfather.

    A.J.'s unexpected death brought Ned back to town again. During the visit, Ned questioned his mother's decision to marry Luke Spencer. He feared that Luke's desire to be part of the Quartermaine family was motivated by greed and power instead of love. He also sensed that something was off with Luke and his suspicions were supported by Michael and his girlfriend Kiki. Ned advised his mother to safeguard her assets and the family company from Luke but she refused and married Luke in an impromptu ceremony.

    Ned countered her move by ousting her from ELQ and he arranged for Michael to replace her at the helm of the company. Tracy was furious with her son and demanded that he leave the Quartermaine family home. She also sided with Luke instead of Ned after he informed her that Luke had threatened his life at gunpoint. Ned's instincts regarding Luke and ELQ were proved correct after it was revealed that someone had been posing as Luke while the real Luke Spencer was held captive at a psychiatric care facility.

    Ned claims Olivia's baby

    Though ELQ seemed to be stable, Ned remained in Port Charles and developed a friendship with Olivia Falconeri while he reconnected romantically with Alexis. Olivia shared that she had romantic feelings for Ned but he chose to remain with Alexis. Eventually Ned ended the relationship when he realized that Alexis remained in love with Julian Jerome. After the break-up, Ned considered moving on with Olivia but she confessed that she was pregnant as a result of one night with Julian. Both Ned and Olivia feared for the unborn child's safety due to Julian's involvement in organized crime.

    As Olivia's pregnancy progressed, Julian suspected that he had fathered Olivia's child. Ned claimed that the child was his and he gave his ELQ shares away to ensure that the truth was not revealed. However, Olivia delivered a son prematurely and Julian learned that he was the father. In order to protect the infant, Ned and Olivia told everyone that the child had died. Instead, Ned sneaked the baby out of Port Charles and followed shortly after under the guise of L & B business.

    Ned with his mother, Tracy and his brother, Dillon

    On October 19, 2015, he comes back to town to see Olivia and runs into Alexis who asked him if he was in town to see Olivia and the baby and if he staying in town. He tells Alexis that he is in town to see Olivia but doesn't know if he staying. Later on, in Olivia's hotel suite, Olivia wants him, her and Leo to be a real family to which Ned tells her that he can't stay with her if she continues to tell this lie about Leo. He also can't ask his daughter Brook Lynn to lie for him anymore. He then gives Olivia an ultimate either tell Julian that Leo is alive or he walks but Olivia refuses. Ned and Olivia share one last kiss before he leaves town again, leaving Olivia heartbroken.

    Ned and Olivia

    In early March 2016, Ned receives a call from Dillon regarding their mother's health. On March 29, Ned surprises Tracy at the hospital. It was revealed that he and Olivia are dating again and he is now a father figure to her son Leo. In February 2017, Ned proposes to Olivia but she turns him down. In March, Ned proposes to Olivia again but she turns him down yet again but after being held hostage at gunpoint, Olivia proposes to Ned and the two officially become engaged. He also gave her Lila's engagement ring.

    Ned hugs his mom goodbye

    In May 2017, Ned says goodbye to his mother, as she decides to leave Port Charles.

    Ned and Olivia perform at the Nurses' Ball

    Ned and Olivia sing and perform a dance routine to Faith by George Michaels at at the 2017 Nurses' Ball.

    They were married on July 7, 2017 at the Metro Court Hotel surrounded by family and friends and with Dillon serving as best man.

    Ned and Olivia get married

    In February 20, 2018, Ned became the new Mayor of Port Charles.

    In 2020, when Michael learned his son was alive and took custody, he took a sabbatical from the CEO position at ELQ, making Ned the CEO in interim.

    Also in 2020, Valentin revealed that he was behind a hostile takeover of ELQ stock, buying up 50%. Lucy voted her 1% in his favor as her new boss, making Valentin the new CEO. when Ned discovered that Brook Lynn had knew Valentin was buying ELQ stock and kept it quiet in turn for him getting sleazy Linc to release her from her contract and help her music career, he kicked her out of the house.

    Crimes Committed

    • Adultery; had an affair with his aunt (by marriage), Monica Quartermaine while she was married to his uncle, Alan Quartermaine [1988]
    • Attacked Decker Moss [Oct 25, 1990]
    • Forged a breakup letter from Decker Moss and gave it to Dawn Winthrop [Nov 16, 1990]
    • Got into a bar fight with Edge Jackson [Nov 19, 1990]
    • Adultery; slept with Julia Barrett numerous times while still legally married to Jenny Eckert [Dec 31, 1992-Aug 19, 1993]
    • Punched Paul Hornsby [Feb 19, 1993]
    • Falsely accused Julia Barrett of sexual harassment [Oct 29, 1993]
    • Bigamy; married Katherine Bell while still married to Lois Cerullo [July 5, 1994]
    • Staged being in a car accident [Oct 17, 1994]
    • Pushed Lois into a water fountain [Oct 20, 1994]
    • Punched Sonny Corinthos [Oct 13, 1995]
    • Set it up to appear that he was the one driving the car instead of a drunken A.J. when Jason was permanently brain damaged [Dec 29, 1995]
    • Arrested for violating a restraining order [Jan 26, 1996]
    • Attacked Stefan Cassadine [Sep 5, 2001]
    • Attacked Stefan again [Sep 20, 2001]
    • Punched Jasper “Jax” Jacks in the stomach [Mar 27, 2002]
    • Lied to Sonny Corinthos about the paternity of his daughter, Kristina [Jul 2002]
    • Fraud; put his name on Sonny’s medical records [Aug 14, 2002]
    • Punched Scott Baldwin [Oct 2, 2002]
    • Had the DNA test on Alexisunborn baby switched to show that he was the father instead of Sonny [Oct 23, 2002]
    • Punched Sonny [Dec 17, 2002]
    • Accused of sexually assaulting a young woman back in 1994, while working as Eddie Maine; not guilty [Sep 2003; charges dropped]
    • Attempted to bribe the fire marshal into covering up the cause of the PC Hotel fire [2004]
    • Got into a full-scale fist fight with Julian Jerome [Oct 22, 2014]
    • Threatened to kill Julian Jerome [Dec 30, 2014]
    • Assaulted Franco (grabbed him by the collar and threatened him) [Apr 16, 2015]
    • Helped Olivia fake the death of her son [May 19, 2015]
    • Bribed Dr. Liesl Obrecht to tell Julian that his baby is dead (He donated money to GH) [May 19, 2015]
    • Assaulted Valentin Cassadine by punching him across the face [Sep 25, 2020]
    • Adultery; slept with Alexis Davis while married to Olivia [Oct 5, 2020]

    Health and Vitals

    • Attacked by his uncle, Alan Quartermaine [Aug 3, 1990]
    • Punched by Sonny Corinthos [Aug 14, 1995]
    • Drugged by a woman named Greta who was hired by Sonny to take compromising photos of him in order to make it appear he was cheating on Lois [Aug 17, 1995]
    • Punched by Lois [Aug 18, 1995]
    • Elbowed in the face by Harry, a gunman working for Sorel [Jul 6, 2001]
    • Slapped by Alexis Davis [Jul 15, 2002]
    • Injured while trying to rescue Kristina from the burning Gatehouse [Mar 2003]
    • Held at gunpoint and almost killed by Luke Spencer [Apr 2014]
    • Held at gunpoint and almost killed by Luke again [May 22, 2014]
    • Shoved by Julian Jerome [Dec 30, 2014]
    • Sick with the flu [revealed Feb 5, 2015]
    • Conned out of his ELQ shares by Franco (Ned was trying to protect Olivia) [Apr 2015]
    • Held hostage at gunpoint at the Floating Rib by a group of hooded men demanding him and others in the room, including Olivia Falconeri, Ava Jerome and Lucy Coe, to hand over their belongings [Mar 29-30, 2017]
    • Assaulted by Julian [Feb 20, 2018]

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    Dan O'Connor (Head writer, 2019-present) · Frank Valentini (Executive producer, 2012-present) · Chris Van Etten (Head writer, 2017-present)
    Former Crew
    Shelly Altman (Head writer, 2011-2012, 2015-2019) · Ron Carlivati (Head writer, 2012-2015) · Jill Farren Phelps (Executive producer, 2001-2012) · Robert Guza, Jr. (Head writer, 1996, 1997-2000, 2002-2008, 2008-2011) · H. Wesley Kenney (Executive producer, 1987-1989; Head writer, 1988) · Gloria Monty (Executive producer, 1978-1987, 1991-1992; Head writer, 1981) · Jean Passanante (Head writer, 2015-2017) · Wendy Riche (Executive producer, 1992-2001) · Garin Wolf (Head writer, 2008, 2011-2012)
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