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Ned and Olivia Quartermaine are fictional characters and a popular married couple on the soap opera General Hospital.


The role of Ned was portrayed by actor Kurt McKinney from 1988-91 and by actor Wally Kurth from 1991-2007 and 2012-present.

The role of Olivia was originated by actress Lisa LoCicero on September 19, 2008.


Engagement ring

Ned is the son of Lord Larry Ashton and his ex-wife, Tracy Quartermaine. He is also the father of Brook Lynn Quartermaine with his ex-wife, Lois Cerullo.

Olivia is the daughter of Talia Falconeri and the mother of Dante, through a relationship with mob boss, Sonny Corinthos and Leo, through a one night stand with mob boss, Julian Jerome.


In 2013, when the two met they started off as friends as Olivia was with Sonny Corinthos (the father of her son, Dante). After Sonny cheated on Olivia with Ava Jerome and got her pregnant, Olivia broke up with him.

Ned and Olivia grew closer as friends but then Ned started dating Alexis Davis again. Olivia thought she was the better match for Ned and believed that Alexis was only with him to get over Julian Jerome. Olivia was honest with Ned about her feelings for him, but he still decided to stay with Alexis.

On New Years Eve 2014, Julian and Olivia were both very upset about Ned and Alexis being together. They get a room at the Metro Court Hotel and play cards. Then, they end up sleeping together and conceive their son, Leo. While they were sleeping together, Olivia was imagining Ned and Julian was imagining Alexis. The next morning, Olivia was horrified to realize that she slept with Julian. She quickly gathered her belongings and left. Both Ned and Alexis saw her leaving Julian's room.

Ned accused Julian of taking advantage of Olivia, but Olivia insisted that everything that happened was consensual. Julian seemed interested in continuing their relationship ruse to make Ned and Alexis jealous, but Olivia made it clear that she had no interest in playing his game.

On February 13, 2015 (Valentine's Day on the show), Olivia finds out she's pregnant with Julian's baby, and she tells Ned, but then tries to lie and take it back. She eventually tells him the truth, saying she doesn't want Julian to know. Ned reassures her that he will raise the child as his own. Eventually, Julian finds out about the baby and rightfully assumes that the baby is his, but Ned claims the baby as his own.

Ned and Olivia kept the child's paternity a secret until the night of the 2015 The Nurses' Ball. Julian's daughter Sam overhears Ned and Olivia talking about the baby's true paternity and tells her father. Angry about being lied to and kept in the dark, Julian plans to assert his full rights as a father.

Olivia goes into labor at the Nurses' Ball and gives birth to a baby boy with Ned by her side. She refuses to let Julian come anywhere near as she gave birth. After Leo was born, there were compilations as he was premature. Both mother and child were rushed to the hospital. At the hospital, baby Leo was stabilized. To keep Julian away from the baby, they decide to fake his death. Olivia asks her eldest son Dante, to help her and the baby disappear.

Dr. Liesl Obrecht also helped them fake the baby's death and Ned arranged for Leo to be moved to another hospital in Bensonhurst and left immediately after. Olivia joined him a few days later to be with Leo. Olivia returned to Port Charles in August without Baby Leo. She tells Dante that she left Leo with Ned and his daughter, Brook Lynn. By this time, Julian had left the mob, but Olivia still wants to keep him out of Leo's life.

In October, Olivia brings Leo back to town as her adopted child "Mateo." Ned becomes uncomfortable with all of the lies and breaks up with her. Olivia is devastated and later a DNA test proves that Leo is Julian's son. Olivia and Julian eventually agree to share custody.

In 2016, Olivia and Ned reconciled and began dating again. Julian became distracted by his failing marriage to Alexis and as a result spent less time with Leo. That left Ned and Olivia as the two constants in Leo's life and they raised him as a family.

On March 29 2017, Ned proposes to Olivia but she turns him down, having reservations about his past failed marriages. In March, Ned proposes to Olivia again. She starts to turn him down but armed gunmen enter the Floating Rib and interrupt the moment. A gunman demands the engagement ring that Ned intended to give Olivia, but she refused to hand it over. Ned attacked the gunman in defense of Olivia. Commissioner Jordan Ashford and the PDPC arrive and take control of the situation.

Ned and Olivia perform at the Nurses' Ball

Olivia yells at Ned for risking his life for her, but is grateful. When she calms down, Olivia proposes to Ned and the two officially become engaged. He gave her his grandmother Lila's engagement ring. Olivia also expressed a desire for Ned to adopt Leo. Ned and Olivia sing and perform a dance routine to Faith by George Michaels at at the 2017 Nurses' Ball.


The night before their wedding, Olivia got carried away at her bachelorette party and ended up in jail. However, Ned was unmoved by the scandal and still wanted to marry Olivia. Ned and Olivia were married on July 7, 2017 at the Metro Court Hotel surrounded by family and friends. Ned's younger brother Dillon was his best man and Dante walked Olivia down the aisle. During the wedding ceremony, Ned serenaded Olivia with song and later, after the reception, everyone enjoyed a fireworks show.

Shortly after the wedding, Ned decided to run for Mayor of Port Charles. His opponent, Laura Collins was forced to step down and Ned won the race becoming Mayor of Port Charles, and Olivia its new First Lady. Ned and Olivia settled into their new life as newlyweds, parents and leaders in Port Charles. At the Quartermaine Mansion, Olivia often clashed with Cook Two. Olivia was thrilled to take over the family cooking at the mansion when Cook Two took a job as head chef at the Metro Court Hotel.

The following year, Ned lost re-election and Laura became the new mayor. Ned returned to his job at ELQ International and he and Olivia spent more time together as a family with Leo.

Ned and Olivia make plans for Ned to adopt Leo, but those plans are derailed when Olivia finds out that Ned cheated on her with Alexis. She is furious confronting Ned and Alexis about their betrayal.

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Ned and Olivia 1st proposal (1)


Ned and Olivia 1st proposal (2)

Ned proposed to Olivia at the Quartermaine mansion on February 20, 2017, but she turned him down.

Ned: "I was gonna do this at dinner tonight, but why wait? Olivia Falconeri, will you marry me?"
Ned: "Well? Don't leave a guy hanging."
Olivia: "I c-- Ned, I-I can't."
Ned: "Can't? I -- I understand "No." What does "I can't" mean?"
Olivia: I-I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I-I can't."

Ned proposed to Olivia again at the Floating Rib on March 29, but she turns him down again. On March 30, after being held hostage at gunpoint, Olivia proposes to Ned and the two officially become engaged.


Ned and Olivia 2nd proposal (1)


Ned and Olivia 2nd proposal (2)


Ned and Olivia 2nd proposal (3)


Ned and Olivia 2nd proposal (4)


Ned and Olivia 2nd proposal (5)

Ned: No! No! Tonight... it's about us, about our future. Olivia Falconeri... I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to call you my wife. I want us to be a family -- you, me, and little Leo. So will you do me the great honor of marrying me?"

Olivia: ...I'd probably never get out to the movies. [Voice breaking] And my little boy... he wouldn't have the absolute best father figure in the whole wide world. So, you can back off all you want, but you know what? I am coming for you, baby. Edward Lawrence Quartermaine Ashton... ...will you marry me?"
Ned: [Laughs] Nothing would make me prouder -- or happier."

Ned and Olivia were married at the Metro Court Hotel on July 7, 2017.


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