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Niagara Falls is a real city in New York which has been shown as a fictional version on General Hospital and featured in several storylines.


In 2002, Luke Spencer and Laura Webber go on a road trip to Niagara Falls in a pink Cadillac and think about their wedding.

Joss, Trina, Oscar, and Cam in Niagara Falls Motel (2019)

On March 4, 2019, Cameron Webber, Josslyn Jacks, Trina Robinson, and Oscar Nero-Quartermaine go on an road trip with "Adventure Fund" money to Niagara Falls. Oscar knew he had a deadly brain tumor and visiting the Falls was on his bucket list. Cameron and Trina stayed in one room at the motel and Josslyn and Oscar stayed in another where they almost had sex but Oscar had a seizure and had to be hospitalized.

At the same time, Ryan Chamberlain was finally exposed as the killer when the real Kevin Collins was rescued. He was with Ava Jerome in Niagara Falls to get married and even bumped into Cameron but when Laura arrived with Jason Morgan, Ryan threw himself off a footbridge that led to Canada, to evade police capture.

On February 23, 2022 after the death of their son Liam Corbin, Brando Corbin suggests that he and Sasha Gilmore get away for a while. Sonny Corinthos has a place in Niagara Falls that he offered to Brando and Sasha, or they could go to a B&B in Beechers Corners. Sasha chose Niagara Falls but she secretly told Sienna, a local drug dealer, that she needed something to get her through the next few days.

Sasha and Brando vacation in Niagara Falls (2022)

On March 4, Brando and Sasha make love in Sonny's place in Niagara Falls and then Sasha goes into the bathroom and takes some red pills that Sienna gave her. She goes back in the bedroom and proposes to Brando.

On March 10th (still the 4th on the show), while looking for a chapel, their car breaks down. They get it to a garage, where a mechanic there is an ordained minister, and they get married right there.