Niko Dane
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General Hospital
Portrayed by Ryan Alosio
Duration 2004
First appearance June 18, 2004
Last appearance July 1, 2004
Cause/reason Killed
Birth name Niko Dane
Alias(es) Nico Dane
Gender Male
Died July 1, 2004
Port Charles, New York
Cause of death Shot in the back by Jason in defense of Sam
Occupation Thief

Niko "Nico" Dane was a fictional character on ABC daytime Soap opera, General Hospital.

He was portrayed by Ryan Alosio from June 18 to July 1, 2004.



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Sam (as Sandra McIntire) with ex-boyfriend Niko

Nico Dane was an abusive ex-boyfriend of Sam McCall and was killed in 2004.

At the time, Nico was obsessed with Sam, and killed Douglas McIntire, one of Sam's wealthy marks whom she married under con "Sandra McIntire." He went to prison for the crime while Sam escaped with Douglas' money and her brother, Danny.


IMG -1djmjr

Niko Dane arrives in Port Charles

Nico was released from prison and ordered to do community service at the hospital. It was there where he spotted his then pregnant ex-girlfriend Sam, and almost injected a syringe into Jason Morgan. Jason manages to escape and goes to Sam's hospital room while police were looking for Nico. Sam started having flashbacks of Nico looking at her. She is the released from the hospital when her baby is given a clean bill of health.

IMG 20190708 182252

Niko Dane kidnapping a pregnant

Nico started calling and harassing Sam, due to his obsession. He then abducts her only to learn she's pregnant. Angry about the pregnancy, he punches her, but then notices Sonny Corinthos (the baby's father) and Jason in the elevator. Nico shoots Sonny and takes a pregnant Sam hostage, but Jason shows up and shoots Nico in the shoulder, saving her. Meanwhile, Sonny recovers from being shot by the maniac.

IMG 4zgrnq

Pregnant Sam refusing to kiss Niko

After receiving a call from Nico asking her to meet him, Sam has another flashback from when she was Sandra McIntire and he had threatened her knowing he was going to prison. Sam leaves the penthouse, only to be once again nearly abducted by Nico. Carly Corinthos witnesses the abduction, and saves Sam by beating up Nico.

IMG -mvs3dj

Niko Dane is killed by Jason Morgan

Jason and Sam decide to get away to Sonny's vacation home. While there, Jason became distracted and leaves a pregnant Sam alone. Nico finds her, and manhandles her after she refused to kiss him, holding Sam hostage. When she attempts to grab a shotgun, Nico brandishes it at her. He is eventually shot and killed by Jason - the police are called to take his body as Jason and Sam return home.

Crimes Committed

  • Killed Douglas McIntire [pre-2003; revealed Jun 25, 2004]
  • Attacked Jason Morgan [Jun 21, 2004]
  • Grabbed, manhandled, and took Sam McCall hostage at gunpoint [Jun 22-23, 2004]
  • Punched Sam in the face [Jun 23, 2004]
  • Shot Sonny Corinthos [Jun 23, 2004]
  • Grabbed Sam at gunpoint again [Jun 25, 2004]
  • Held Sam at hostage at gunpoint again and manhandled her once more [Jun 29-Jul 1, 2004]

Health and Vitals

  • Shot in the shoulder by Jason Morgan [Jun 23, 2004]
  • Beat up by Carly Corinthos [Jun 25, 2004]
  • Shot and killed by Jason Morgan [Jul 1, 2004]
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