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Nixon Falls, Pennsylvania is a fictional town located somewhere in Pennsylvania however there is a real town named Nixon in Pennsylvania. The fictional town is named for a waterfall in the town with the same name.


In January 2021, Sonny ends up in Nixon Falls, Pennsylvania after the Secaucus Bridge in New Jersey collapses while he is on it and he is swept away in the Hackensack River. A hiker named Eddie rescues amnesiac Sonny in the snow and takes him to Eddie’s car to go to the ER. They are pulled over by Officer Finchley who is first suspicious of Sonny but later helps them get medical assistance.

After being taken to the police station, Sonny is taken to the Nixon Falls Clinic where he is checked out by Dr. Brown and bonds with nurse Phyllis Caulfield. Sonny calls himself “Mike” as that is the name on his watch. Phyllis takes “Mike” to her bar, The Tan-O, that she and her husband Lenny run together. “Mike” helps out for lodging but starts acting very manic so Phyllis takes him back to the clinic to get checked by Dr. Green. It is revealed he is bipolar and she prescribes some medication to help him.

After a string of break-ins, including an attempted robbery by a man named Walter at The Tan-O, local businesses have been effected. Fred Harper had to close down his store Harper’s Hardware. Someone also breaks in and trashes The Tan-O. Officer Finchley suspects “Mike” since he showed up shortly before the break-ins started.

The Caulfields are having financial issues and pawn shop owner Mr. Drummond accepts “Mike’s” offer to sell his rings. A friend of the Caulfields named Elijah Crowe offers to buy The Tan-O but “Mike” goes to a poker game held in the back of a garage with local residents Bob, Tom, and Dave. “Mike” wins enough money to save the bar.

Nina Reeves goes to visit Phyllis at The Tan-O and she sees “Mike”. She calls Carly and is yelled at about the upcoming fight to see her grandson Wiley so Nina doesn’t say anything about Sonny and hangs up on Carly.

Nina and “Mike” talk about visiting the Llantano River in town and they discuss the local mill after they return to the bar. Elijah meets Nina and she accepts an offer to go on a tour of the town the next day.

In April 2021, Nina and “Mike” plan to attend a local barn dance at the Firehouse.

On April 21, Nina, “Mike”, Phyllis, Lenny, and Elijah arrive at the dance outside of the firehouse. Jax shows up later and is shot in the shoulder by one of two robbers who arrive. He sees Sonny before being taken to the clinic where he is taken care of by Dr. Madison.

In May, Elijah and Nina go on dates in the local park. They attend a barbecue during the Founders' Day picnic which Elijah enjoyed going to back when he lived in town.

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