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Nixon Falls Firehouse
Outside of Firehouse (2021).png
Nina Reeves, Phyllis Caulfield, and Lenny Caulfield watch Elijah Crowe and “Mike” outside of the Firehouse (2021)
General Hospital
Genre Soap opera
Type Firehouse
Notable people Phyllis Caulfield
Lenny Caulfield
Address Nixon Falls, Pennsylvania

Firehouse No. 3 is a building located somewhere in the fictional town of Nixon Falls, Pennsylvania.

Sign for the barn dance at the Firehouse (2021)


In April 2021, Nina and “Mike” plan to attend a local barn dance at the Firehouse.

On April 21, Nina, “Mike”, Phyllis, Lenny, and Elijah arrive at the dance outside of the firehouse. Jax shows up later.

Firefighters in Nixon Falls (2021)

Two robbers pull out guns and Jax is shot in the shoulder as he takes one down. Jax sees Sonny before passing out. “Mike” attacks the other robber and both criminals are taken away by the cops. Jax is brought to the local clinic.