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Nixon Falls Garage
Pennsylvania Garage.jpg
Tom watches "Mike", Dave, and Bob in the Nixon Falls Garage (2021)
General Hospital
Genre Soap opera
Type Garage
Notable people "Mike"
(poker players)
Address Nixon Falls, Pennsylvania

The Nixon Falls Garage is a garage located in Nixon Falls, Pennsylvania.


On March 10, Phyllis and Lenny Caulfield are having financial issues with their bar The Tan-O. Sonny (as "Mike") sells his rings to a pawn shop owner named Mr. Drummond who has weekly card games. "Mike" asks for a pawn ticket and $250 cash which should be enough for a seat at the game.

On March 11, "Mike" calls Drummond and arranges to meet at the back of the garage for the card game later in the day.

On March 12, a man named Bob lets "Mike" into the back entrance of the garage. He introduces "Mike" to the two other players named Tom and Dave. Tom loses first and then Dave. They leave when "Mike" gets the winning hand against Bob who thinks "Mike" had more than luck.

"Mike" comes back to the Tan-O beaten up but with enough money to save the bar.

On March 19, "Mike" comes back into The Tan-O and Phyllis asks where he was all day. He said he was playing poker with the same men who must have learned since last time. "Mike" was trying to win enough money to buy back his rings but he barely broke even.