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Nixon Falls Park
Nixon Falls Elijah Nina light 2021.jpg
Elijah Crowe and Nina Reeves at Nixon Falls Park (2021)
General Hospital
Genre Soap opera
Type Park
Notable people Nina Reeves
Elijah Crowe
Address Nixon Falls, Pennsylvania

Nixon Falls Park is a park in Nixon Falls, Pennsylvania.


In May 2021, Nina goes with Elijah on several dates in the park. They have a personal picnic and later go to a barbecue at the Founders' Day picnic in the park. Elijah finds printed copies of his business information in Nina’s purse when they accidentally fall out. "Mike" rescues Nina from Elijah who is taken away by officers.

In September 2021, "Mike" goes to the park to give Nina and Jax some privacy to talk. "Mike" flashes back to his conversations with Nina and angrily throws away his watch.