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Noodle Buddha is one of the Chinese restaurants in Port Charles.


Mrs. & Mr. Yi witness Sam and Jason married by Robert Yi (2011)

With Jason Morgan on the road to recovery, Sam McCall and Jason turned their attention to planning their upcoming nuptials. However one disaster comes after another, as all of Maxie Jones's wedding plans go wrong.

The wedding planning begins to overwhelm Sam so Jason takes her on a bike ride to calm her nerves. They end up at Noodle Buddha, a Chinese restaurant in the city's Asian Quarter and learn that the owner's grandson, Robert Yi, is also an ordained minister.

On September 22, 2011, Sam and Jason get married in a private ceremony in the garden on the restaurant's property. Earlier in the day, Edward Quartermaine had given Jason his late grandmother, Lila Quartermaine's ring to give to Sam, and Monica Quartermaine had given Sam her late husband, Alan's ring to give to Jason.

Sam and "Jake" renew their vows with Robert Yi and Mrs. Yi (2015)

Jason and Sam exchanged these rings as they wed in a small and intimate ceremony performed by Robert Yi. The wedding ceremony held some traditional Chinese symbolism and wedding rituals as their union was described as the joining of the Dragon (Jason) and the Phoenix (Sam).

The Phoenix (right) and the Dragon (left) figurines

After Sam and Jason wed privately, they went to their actual wedding ceremony and informed all of their friends and family that they were already married. At first shocked that they decided to elope, everyone soon came around and were very happy and excited for them. When Maxie's catering plans fall through, Jason and Sam have the reception at the courtyard in front of the church.

Noodle Buddha later became a popular place to order takeout for Sam and Jason.

On their four year wedding anniversary, Sam and Jason (aka "Jake") run into each other at Noodle Buddha and Mrs. Yi (rightly) mistakes Jake for Jason. She insists they renew their vows, so Sam and "Jake" agree and unknowingly, really do renew their vows.

In April 2018, Nelle Benson-Jerome left Carly Corinthos a Noodle Buddha menu on her car windshield with the words “Find me where you left me tonight” written on the back. Nelle was tricking Carly into thinking her deceased son Morgan was communicating with Carly from beyond the grave at the time to drive Carly crazy.

For "Orphan Thanksgiving" 2021, Alexis Davis orders their food for her guests - which turns into a Cassadine reunion of sorts, and the reveal that Victor is Valentin's father, thus making him family after all.