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The Panopolis Taverna is a tavern located in the fictional small town of Panopolis in Crete, Greece. A guitarist formerly worked there and was a spy for Victor Cassadine and the bartender works for Nikolas Cassadine.


Anna and Robert get the truth

On September 28, 2021, Anna Devane and Valentin Cassadine stop at a Greek taverna in Panopolis that Chloe Jennings went to after she escaped the compound prison. A guitarist plays in the background as Anna and Valentin decide to relax for the night at a table and reminisce about their past. They drink ouzo and Valentin passes out. Anna takes him upstairs and puts him in a bed at the tavern. His Cassadine crest tattoo is visible on his arm.

Anna goes downstairs and tells the guitarist that she needs to go to the U.S. Consul hospital and her friend is sleeping upstairs. She may not be back until the morning. The guitarist says not to worry. He will make sure her friend gets the message. Anna thanks him and leaves. As he puts his guitar away, a Cassadine crest tattoo is also shown on his arm.

On October 7, Anna returns to the Greek tavern with Robert Scorpio and questions the bartender. His wife didn't see Valentin in his room in the morning. Anna checks upstairs and Valentin isn't there. Anna sees the guitarist she asked to talk to Valentin and she questions him. He claims Valentin left after Anna and got into a car. Anna doesn't believe him and pins his hand behind his back while pushing him onto a table. She notices the Cassadine crest and asks if the man is a Cassadine. Anna accuses the guitarist of drugging Valentin's drink last night. The man says he isn't a Cassadine but suddenly a masked man shoots at Anna and Robert which allows the musician to run away.

The masked man is shot in the shoulder and pulls off his mask to reveal he is Drew Cain, who was recently hypnotized by Peter August to follow his orders.

On October 19, the bartender is working as Sam McCall and Dante Falconeri bring in Victor Cassadine to Robert and Anna. Victor says he is Valentin’s father.

Nikolas Cassadine calls the bartender, who is working for him, and says to tell him everything.

On October 25, Russel arrives at the Panopolis Taverna pointing a gun at Britt Westbourne. He wants her to leave on a ferry with him but she says she should look at his leg wound first. He insists and she wonders if he is working for Peter August.

Jason Morgan sees what is happening and hits Russel in the stomach after disarming him. Britt patches up Russel's leg and asks him about her mother, Liesl Obrecht. Russel says if she keeps him alive, he will take her to Liesl. Britt asks where and Russel says Cassadine Island. The paramedics take away Russel. Jason and Britt head to Cassadine Island as the bartender reports to Nikolas.