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Dr. Patrick Drake, MD is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera General Hospital and a main protaganist in both seasons of its prime time SOAPnet spin-off General Hospital: Night Shift. He is the son of Dr. Noah Drake and his late wife, Mattie Drake.

He was portrayed by actor Jason Thompson from December 7, 2005 to January 7, 2016.


Jason Thompson originated the role on December 7, 2005.

From April 23 to 28, 2008, the role of Patrick Drake was played by Ethan Erickson while Thompson was having minor surgery.[3][4]

On October 30, 2015, after many unconfirmed reports, Thompson confirmed on Instagram that after ten years on the show he has decided to leave.[5][6]

On November 20, 2015, Thompson confirmed on Instagram that he taped his final scenes.[7][8] He made his final appearance on January 7, 2016.[9]

Thompson was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in 2011 and 2012. Thompson was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Thompson has since moved to The Young and the Restless to play Billy Abbott, previously played by GH's Billy Miller (Jason Morgan).


Patrick was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Mattie loved Patrick very much and wanted him to be a surgeon just like his father Noah because she believed in him and thought he could do no wrong.

One day, Mattie got hurt and wanted Noah to operate on her because she had faith in him as a surgeon, plus he was the only one qualified to operate.

Sadly, the operation failed and Mattie died on the table. Noah was overcome with guilt and started drinking causing his relationship with Patrick to become strained for years.

Noah also had an affair with a woman named Donna Hunter while still married to Mattie, resulting in the birth of Patrick's half-brother, Matt.

When Patrick arrived in town he was very cocky but as he slowing fell in love with Robin, he became a different man.

He is married to Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake and together they have daughter named, Emma, who was born in October of 2005 and a son named, Noah, who was born in July of 2017. Through his marriage to Robin, he gained Robert and Anna Scorpio as in-laws.

He also had a son named, Gabriel, who died shortly after his birth in 2014, with his late ex-fiancée, Nurse Sabrina Santiago.


Patrick with his father, Noah and his brother, Matt

Dr. Patrick Drake, a very cocky neurosurgeon, comes to Port Charles when Jason Morgan desperately needs surgery. because Dr. Robin Scorpio seeks Patrick out because his father, Dr. Noah Drake could not perform the operation. Initially refusing, he quickly agrees after Carly Corinthos and Sam McCall demand he needs too so he does. He soon begins seeing Robin but has flings with Carly, who used him as a way of making Robin jealous. Although Patrick and Robin were dating, he constantly flirted with many of the hospital's nurses and helped Elizabeth Webber deal with her husband's affair.

Patrick holds Emma

When a patient, April Gilbert, is admitted to the hospital with end stage AIDS, Patrick does not think twice and performs a life saving operation on her. However in a critical moment, Patrick's glove is torn but he has no choice but to keep operating. He and Robin fear he might be HIV-positive and grow closer because of the ordeal. This leads Patrick to admit he could "maybe someday" love Robin. During a date night at The Haunted Star Casino, Patrick and Robin are called in to GH because a high risk AIDS patient has been admitted and Patrick has been more than willing to operate on these high risk patients. Patrick admits his love to Robin after a row at the hospital over AIDS patient and she immediately rejects him. After wooing her at her apartment she shared with Lainey and Kelly, with flowers and their song, they finally admit their love for one another.

Patrick with Robin after Emma is born

After some ups and downs trying to make their relationship work (and that damned couch) Patrick and Robin finally agree to move in with each other. Patrick's friend Pete however puts them three steps back when Patrick rushes away to Vegas. After a few intense arguments, Robin ends up at the Metro Court alone, when the hostage situation begins, and she is the first to be injured. Patrick talks Emily Quartermaine through a DIY surgery, and Robin makes it out safe to Patrick. She nearly dies in a hostage situation at the Metro Court Hotel. Their relationship progressed along for a while with the ups and downs that were quite common for the couple. But, when Robin voices her desire for children and a family, Patrick admits he isn't interested in a family life.

Patrick and Robin marry

This creates a rift between the two and they break up, going their "separate ways." The two have a one night stand after Georgie's funeral and Robin realizes that she's pregnant. Patrick, who thinks Robin had gone to a sperm bank, discovers that she is carrying his child. With the help of Robin's mother, Anna, Patrick proposes, which Robin refused. Weeks after learning they are having a daughter, Patrick and Robin attempt to wed on November 29, 2008 but after Robin goes in to labor, she is admitted to the hospital, giving birth to Emma Grace Scorpio-Drake. The two finally marry on December 26, 2008.

Robin begins to show signs of postpartum depression and finds it hard to bond with Emma. Patrick finds out when Carly notices Robin ignoring Emma's cries. She lets him know to talk to Robin about this before something happens to Emma. Patrick tries to talk to Robin about this, but she denies that she's suffering from it.

When a patient is admitted during a snowstorm and revealed to have a poisonous toxin in his system, Patrick tries to stop the surgery, but is unsuccessful, and many people end up poisoned, including Matt. Patrick locks down the hospital, and has to assist with rescue efforts. However, Robin calls and lets him know that Emma's running a fever, and she's bringing her to the hospital. Patrick tries to stop her, but Robin shows up, and later helps evacuate the hospital. Patrick later has the poisoned patients transported to the roof where Robin's friend, Jax, evacuates them by helicopter. Patrick later finds out that Emma has pneumonia, but Robin was able to bring her to Mercy Hospital in time to save her.

One night, Robin ends up leaving town and disappears without letting anybody know. Patrick goes to bring her back. Instead, he finds her kissing someone else. He goes home, and Robin comes soon after and finally admits she has postpartum depression and needs help. Robin still has a hard time with treatment, and when she & Patrick get into an argument, he reveals he saw her with the other man. Robin admits that they kissed, but didn't sleep together. She agrees to let Patrick help her and to go get treatment.

Patrick with his daughter Emma

At the hospital, Patrick is working after Robin's therapy appointment when Emma's stroller ends up going down a flight of stairs and nearly hurts Emma. Patrick manages to catch it before it falls over. Though Robin insists she forgot to put the brake on, Patrick isn't so sure. He later finds out that Robin stopped taking her prescribed antidepressants and got in a fight with her friend over it, which led to her accidentally pushing Emma's stroller. Patrick later stages an intervention, and gets Robin to agree to get treatment at an outside facility so she can get better. Robin comes back cured and the two are able to work on repairing their marriage.

Soon after, the mayor's mistress dies while Matt is performing surgery on her. Matt is hit with a lawsuit, as a result. However, Patrick is also included in the lawsuit when the lawyer finds out Patrick was supposed to perform the operation, but gave it to Matt so he could spend time with Robin & Emma. Eventually, Robin proves that the mayor's wife actually killed his mistress, which led to her injuries being more severe than anyone knew, clearing both Patrick & Matt of wrongful death.

Patrick's ex-girlfriend from college, Lisa Niles, appears in town on a consult with Robin. She later transfers to General Hospital for a change of setting. Robin initially is apprehensive about this, but when Lisa loses a patient, she comforts her into believing she's not perfect. Robin and Emma leave on a trip to London to see Anna, and Patrick stays behind, though he misses both Robin and Emma everyday. When he helps Lisa move into her new apartment, he realizes that she's making a play for him, and ends her hopes of getting back together with him when he tells her that he loves Robin, and nothing will change that.

In January 2010, Patrick and Robin attend the christening of Josslyn Jacks. Afterwards, they find out that mob soldier Dominic Pirelli is really Dante Falconeri, an undercover cop and the son of Olivia Falconeri and Sonny Corinthos, Robin's friend. Patrick tells Robin he already knew, but he left it to Olivia to tell the truth. Dante is shot and admitted to the hospital on the day of the christening. Both Patrick and Robin know it was Sonny who shot him, having just found out he's a cop.

Sonny is eventually arrested for the murder of his wife, Claudia, and goes to trial. During this time, Patrick and Robin get into various fights, over both Patrick not telling Robin the truth about Dante and Robin's friendship with Sonny, who is a criminal. Lisa starts siding with Patrick, bringing them closer. Robin and Patrick start to put their differences aside, but Robin decides to take a trip to Africa to do volunteer work as a doctor. Though Patrick is initially upset because Robin didn't tell him, he lets her go, hoping they will figure out their differences when she comes back.

Patrick and Lisa manage to perform a miracle by saving a terminal cancer patient with a risky procedure. The two of them go out for a drink to celebrate on July 6, 2010, and then go back to Lisa's apartment, where they sleep together. Patrick later regrets it and comes home to find Robin has come back early, to his surprise and joy. Still, Patrick is filled with guilt. Lisa starts making moves on Patrick, trying to seduce him again, but he holds her back, saying the night they spent together was a mistake. Lisa threatens to tell Robin the truth, but Patrick remains unmoved. After a hospital lockdown in July 2010 when Elizabeth's newborn son, Aiden, is kidnapped, Lisa starts to act out in front of Robin, making Patrick think she's going to tell him the truth. While in lockdown, Carly finds out about Patrick and Lisa, and tries to give Patrick some advice about how to deal with Lisa.

Patrick goes to Jake's with Lisa after the lockdown to make it clear where he stands. Lisa tells him she's fine with it, and goes back to the hospital, where she apologizes to Robin. However, when Robin opens her locker after taking a shower that evening, and finds something disturbing: the various pictures in her locker of her family have her face cut out of them. Patrick is horrified by this, and suspects Lisa, who denies that she did it. Patrick confides in Carly about this, who gets him to realize Lisa was lying.

Robin goes to New York for a short period, and when Patrick comes home after saying goodbye to her, he finds Lisa in his home, making herself comfortable. She tells him that she loves him, and has for a long time. Patrick buys her story and then tells her to leave. When she does, he realizes that the wedding picture of him and Robin has Robin's face cut out-just like Robin's locker pictures. When Robin eventually comes back, Lisa breaks in and steals Robin's HIV meds.

Robin and Patrick come home after work and find out Lisa took Emma out of the house without their permission. They go all over town, trying to find them. When Patrick comes home, he finds Lisa there with Emma and calls Robin. He takes Emma and puts her to sleep, and when he comes down and confronts Lisa, she makes an indirect threat to Robin's life, making Patrick realize she's out of her mind. After Robin comes home, and Lisa explains that she simply took Emma out for ice cream, Patrick confesses his affair with Lisa to Robin. Robin is heartbroken and tells Patrick to leave. He leaves and Lisa follows him, but he brushes her off. Robin calls him and goes to pick him up, but when she does, Lisa throws herself in front of Robin's car to make Robin look guilty.

Robin and Patrick realize Lisa is out of control, and decide to act like they're fighting and getting a divorce to fool Lisa and catch her in the act. Robin and Emma move in with her uncle, Mac Scorpio, to make the divorce proceedings look real. In the process, though, Robin gets suspended for punching Lisa after Lisa puts a toy of Emma's into a beaker of boiling water in Robin's office. Still, Patrick and Robin persevere, wanting to get Lisa out of their lives permanently.

Lisa invites Patrick to a NASCAR event on September 16, 2010, and Patrick lets Robin's cousin, Maxie Jones, know. Lisa overhears Patrick and Maxie, and realizes she's being played. She cancels the date and sneaks into Mac's house, mixing Robin's HIV medication with heavy-dose tranquilizers. After Robin takes the medication, she decides to take Emma out for ice cream. Unfortunately, the tranquilizer takes effect, and she goes unconscious at the wheel, crashing the car.

Patrick goes to check on Robin and Emma, and is suspicious when the front door is open. When he gets back to the hospital, Lisa is gone. He realizes something is wrong and goes to Mac. The two of them find Robin's car with Emma inside. Patrick realize Lisa has kidnapped Robin. Mac, still angry with Patrick for cheating on Robin, says the police cannot do anything. Patrick goes back to the hospital, and tells Chief of Staff Steven Webber what happened, and he suspects Lisa has taken Robin. That's where he finds out that a nurse that Lisa worked with was found dead in the hospital stairwell, apparently by accident. Patrick realizes that Lisa killed her and took Robin, and becomes anxious to get Robin back. Patrick finally finds Robin as Lisa comes back, and she tries to shoot herself. She ends up getting committed to Shadybrook, and though Robin is glad Patrick saved her, she is not ready to forgive him. Lisa is released, and Patrick is leery about working with her. Though Robin is still upset, she & Patrick spend Christmas together with Emma.

Lisa tries to write Robin up with the board, and Robin tries to defend herself by getting the board to listen to her side of the story. Lisa tries to drug her, but is caught by Maxie. Though Patrick & Robin try to report her, they have no proof she tried to kill Robin. Eventually, they realize that Lisa gave the syringe to Johnny Zacchara, who is using it to have Lisa in his debt. Johnny sets up a game to send Robin & Lisa on a scavenger hunt to find the place he's hidden the syringe. Patrick is appalled by this, and yells at Johnny for his games. Johnny, though, tells Patrick that he's trying to even the odds for both women. Robin finds the syringe, and she & Patrick try to bring it to Steve. Before they can, though, Elizabeth's son, Jake Spencer, is brought in with severe head trauma after being hit by a car.

Patrick & Robin operate on Jake, but they are unable to save him, and he dies from his injuries. Meanwhile, Patrick finds out that Robin & Lisa were both driving along the same road when Jake was hit. Robin is worried she might have hit Jake in her attempt to get to the hospital before Lisa did. However, she's later cleared, and so is Lisa. Patrick, meanwhile, is furious with himself for not being able to save Elizabeth's son. Robin comforts him, and the two finally reconcile, as Robin agrees to come home with Patrick. Lisa steals the syringe from Robin's locker, and Patrick is frustrated that Lisa is getting away with hurting his family again. They decide, though, to focus on the fact that they have their family back, which they let Lisa know.

Patrick and Robin held hostage by Lisa

Lisa steals Patrick's credit card bills, and makes several charges on his card to make it look like he's carrying on an affair with her. Patrick is upset when he finds out his credit was frozen, but Robin insists that it was probably because she ordered some new furniture for their house. Lisa is revealed to be planning to kill Robin and set Patrick up for it as her final revenge plot against them both. She locks Robin in the basement after turning on the gas, telling Robin she's going to make Patrick pay for not returning her feelings. She later finds Robin unconscious, but Robin gets up, unaffected by the gas fumes. Patrick comes in with Mac, and it's revealed that Patrick & Robin knew what Lisa was up to weeks before, and let her scheme play out to make sure she gets caught in the act. Lisa is finally sent to jail.

In June 2011, Lisa breaks out of prison and takes Maxie, Steve, Robin, and Patrick hostage. Damian Spinelli then falls down from the air vent and gets shot. Lisa is about to kill them all when Dante and Jason break in and save everyone. Dante tackles Lisa and she is left passed out on the floor, but when she wakes up she is in a room with Robin and Patrick and takes Robin hostage again with dangerous chemicals. In the end she gets stabbed with the dangerous chemicals by Patrick and gets put in a coma.

Patrick is shot trying to stop Lisa

After Lisa is taken away, Patrick and Robin seem more happy. In early July, Steve announces he is quitting as Chief of Staff at GH and he wants Robin to replace him. Robin was surprised, but happily accepted the job. Patrick, however, was jealous of her new position, and this started to cause problems in their relationship as Patrick had to adjust to taking orders from his wife in the workplace. In late October, Patrick and Robin join Matt, Elizabeth, Steve and Olivia on a boat to celebrate Matt's medical achievement in getting his research published. They are unaware that Lisa had been awakened from her coma by Anthony Zacchara and was on board the ship.

Lisa begins terrorizing the attendants of the boat party and ends up tying up Patrick and Robin. Patrick and Robin get into a confrontation with Lisa where Lisa attempts to inject Patrick with Robin's HIV infected blood. Robin however is able to stop Lisa from injecting a syringe of her blood into Patrick. When Robin gets the upper hand, Lisa runs from the room and Robin chases after he even though Patrick asks her not to. Patrick manages to untie himself and runs after them both. He finds an unconscious Robin with a cut on her arm. Robin's uncle Mac Scorpio then comes on board and begins questioning the passengers on Lisa's whereabouts. When it is later discovered that Lisa is dead, all of the passengers on the boat including Patrick and Robin become suspects in her murder. The murder case is later closed when the first mate of the ship seemingly confesses to Lisa's murder.

Robin later discovers that cut on her arm is not healing because her immune system was weakening. Her HIV meds were no longer working because months before, Lisa replaced her pills with placebos. As a result Robin had been off her protocol for months causing her blood to build up a resistance to the drug she was taking. Robin at first keeps this secret to herself and suffers with it, fearing that her condition may get even worse. She finally confides in her old friend Jason, and tells him everything. Jason encourages Robin to tell Patrick the truth and to not give up on life or living.

With a new-found strength, Robin attempts to tell Patrick the truth. Patrick, Robin and Emma all spend Christmas together as a family and Robin still decides to keep the truth from him because she does not want to ruin their holidays. For Christmas, Patrick gave Robin a deed to a plot of land on which they could build their dream home. Upon receiving the gift, Robin broke down in tears, afraid that she might not be around long enough to enjoy their future together because of her illness. Robin then gave Patrick a camcorder, so that they could record all of their memories from Christmas. Robin wanted these moments recorded for Emma, if the worst happened and she wasn't around as Emma got older and grew up.

On New Years Eve, Robin gets a call from a specialist in Seattle, that is going to look at her case and give her a second opinion, so she begins preparing to leave town. She tells everyone that she is going to Africa, to meet with a doctor and consult on a protocol for one of her patients whose viral load is unsteady, but instead she makes plans to go to Seattle. Before she leaves, she confides the truth to Elizabeth and asks her to take her place as the woman in Patrick and Emma's lives in case anything happens to her. While Robin is out of town, Elizabeth tells Patrick the truth about Robin's condition.

When Robin returns, Patrick is ready to confront her about the secret but she comes clean and tells him everything. Patrick tells Robin that he would have liked to know the truth so that he could support her through this ordeal. They reconcile and Patrick begins to support Robin through this ordeal. When Robin's latest test results returned and they learned that her new HIV protocol was working -- they now had a second chance. In celebration of the good news, Patrick, Robin and Emma took a trip out to see the plot of land where they would build their dream home in the future. On Valentine's Day, Patrick surprised Robin with a visit from her mother, Anna Devane. Anna, Robin, Patrick, and Emma all had a joyous reunion.

Patrick and Robin, who had been Jason's doctors for months ran the latest batch of tests on him and discovered that he had an inoperable cerebral edema. Determined to save him, Robin began working on a drug protocol to treat him instead. Robin spent a lot of time in the lab working on this protocol, so when Anna and Emma arrived at the hospital, Patrick went down to the lab to find her. However, a gas leak within the lab caused Patrick to collapse and become trapped inside. Robin returns to the lab to find Patrick passed out on the floor. She gets him out of the lab in time before he dies, but remembers that she forgot Jason's medicine and goes back in to get it.

The doors lock and Robin is locked inside. She hands the medicine to Patrick through a small window and tells him to save Jason. Patrick tries everything he can to save her, but it is too late. Her last words before she dies are, "You and Emma are my whole life; you're in my heart, always." He leaves, and the lab explodes killing Robin. Patrick then angrily blames Jason for Robin's death and refused to hand over the medicine or operate on him. However after Jason's wife, Sam begged him for his help, he finally agreed to operate on Jason because it's what Robin would want.

At Robin's funeral, the service itself included emotional speeches from Anna, Mac, Sonny, Patrick and Elizabeth. Luke also read a letter from Robert at the service. Towards the end of the service Maxie arrived to speak and had a breakdown during her speech. She was inconsolable and had to be carried out of the church by Mac. After the funeral Noah arrived in town to comfort Patrick over his loss. Patrick received what he thought was Robin's ashes, and he took them to the plot of land that they were going to build their dream home on to say goodbye to Robin.

At the same time that Patrick is saying goodbye, Robin is shown to be very much alive and held captive in an undisclosed location. He had trouble dealing with the loss and became depressed. Some people came to comfort him about getting back on his feet, but nothing changed. After awhile Patrick dealt with the loss better and went back to work for Emma. His brother, Matt, was soon incarcerated for the murder of Lisa. He sold his brother's apartment and soon his sister-in-law Maxie came to live with him after moving out of her apartment.

Patrick says goodbye to Matt

Maxie eventually finds out Patrick is taking pills and has become an addict. She calls her friend, Lulu Spencer, and the two of them confront Patrick. Though he says he'll stop, Lulu later catches him high on pills at the Haunted Star. He hallucinates Lulu is Robin, and kisses her. Lulu finds his pills, and tells him to get to General Hospital to detox before he ends up hurting Emma. Patrick goes with her to the hospital, but leaves when Lulu finds out her father's in surgery and leaves him alone. Lulu comes back the next day, though, and gets Patrick to enter rehab. While working, Patrick meets nursing student Sabrina Santiago & fellow doctor Britt Westbourne. When Britt asks him out, he accepts her invitation. He befriends Sabrina, and has her babysit for Emma while he's with Britt.

Britt is shown to be manipulative and mean behind Patrick's back, bullying Sabrina. Unknown to Patrick, Sabrina develops a crush on him, but Britt finds out and tries to undermine Sabrina. Patrick & Sabrina spend time together when she's watching Emma. While Sabrina is over, Robin tries to call home, but Emma picks up and Patrick thinks Emma is pretending. By the time Patrick gets to the phone, no one's on the line. Patrick is suspicious when he realizes that there was somebody else on the line. Patrick doesn't think much of it, though, when Elizabeth and Sabrina reveal they're planning to re-launch the Nurses' Ball in honor of Robin. They also manage to bring the original emcee, Lucy Coe, back to host and plan the event. Patrick joins the committee, wanting to pay tribute to his wife.

Patrick and Emma New Years Eve 2012

Patrick decides to spend Christmas with Emma, but ends up inviting Britt over during that time. They arrange to go on a date for New Year's Eve, but Britt ends up being stalled by several last-minute patients. Patrick goes back home, where Sabrina is watching Emma. The two watch the countdown together, and almost kiss at midnight. Though Patrick wants to talk about it, Britt comes over and pushes Sabrina out before he can say anything. He turns Britt down when she offers to spend the night.

Patrick and Britt have sex in the shower

Sabrina ends up quitting as Emma's babysitter when Britt manipulates her into thinking she made Patrick uncomfortable. Patrick is disappointed that Sabrina quit, because he & Emma both enjoyed her company. Meanwhile, Emma lets Patrick know that she doesn't like Britt. Elizabeth also tells Patrick that she & the other nurses share Emma's disdain. Though Patrick is suspicious, he doesn't pinpoint why everyone doesn't like Britt, or why Britt was targeting Sabrina. Eventually, Patrick decides to bring along Emma for a date with Britt so they can get to know each other. He takes a phone call about a consult, and when he comes back, Emma is missing. Patrick frantically calls Anna for help, but Sabrina ends up finding Emma and bringing her back. She tells Patrick that Emma ran away because she said Britt was mean to her. Patrick decides to take Emma home, declining Britt's offer to accompany him.

Patrick later runs into Britt, who convinces him that Emma acted out by running away, and she was not to blame. However, Patrick later catches Britt calling Emma a spoiled brat & threatening Sabrina behind his back. He realizes that Sabrina and Emma were right about Britt, and breaks up with her. Britt is furious and starts targeting Sabrina out of spite. Sabrina is accused of medical malpractice, and Patrick helps her stay in the nursing program. Sabrina is later accused of cheating on her nursing exam, and Patrick realizes Britt set her up.

Patrick and Sabrina on their first date

Sabrina and Patrick convince Epiphany to give Sabrina another chance, and Sabrina manages to pass the test. Patrick later pays for a private investigation, which helps Epiphany find out Britt is responsible for framing Sabrina. Meanwhile, Sabrina tells Patrick she's had a crush on him, and Patrick becomes shell-shocked, wondering whether he considers Sabrina more than a friend. He then watches the DVD Robin left for him asking him to find someone else to be a family with, and realizes he does feel the same about Sabrina. He goes to the nursing graduation to tell her, but just as he's ready to, Milo Giambetti comes in and asks Sabrina out. Patrick later tells Elizabeth what happened, and Elizabeth tells him that he needs to confess or he'll lose Sabrina for good. Patrick leaves a message for Sabrina, but Sabrina doesn't call him back, and Patrick thinks she's decided to be with Milo.

Noah returns to town to attend the Nurses' Ball, and Patrick tells him about his feelings for Sabrina, and the un-returned phone call. Noah tells Patrick to tell Sabrina how he feels straight to her face. Patrick gets dressed for the ball, and goes to the hotel where Sabrina, Emma, and Anna are all getting ready. There, Patrick finds Sabrina, and admits that he also has feelings for her. He kisses Sabrina, and tells her he's okay if she decides to be with Milo. Sabrina, though, returns Patrick's feelings and breaks up with Milo. The two attend the Nurses' Ball together. During the Nurses' Ball, Sabrina performs a number with Emma that delights Patrick & Anna.

Patrick and Sabrina share their first kiss

Eventually, Patrick comes onstage to pay tribute to Robin. During his speech, Britt comes onto the stage, and announces in front of everyone that she's pregnant. Patrick pulls her offstage, and reprimands Britt for her underhanded tactics. Britt, though, reminds him he still has a responsibility to his baby. Patrick lets her leave when Sabrina arrives, and she tells Patrick she's not sure that Britt is carrying Patrick's baby. Patrick says he's going to have a paternity test done, and that he's going to stay with Sabrina, promising they'll figure it out together. Britt tells Patrick that she has decided to get an abortion because Patrick doesn't want the baby. Patrick agrees to it, though he's not happy entirely.

Meanwhile, Sabrina asks him out on a date, to which he agrees. However, as he's leaving, Britt shows up, asking him to come along for her abortion appointment. Patrick calls Sabrina, and cancels their date. At the clinic, Patrick asks Britt if she's doing the abortion because they're not together. Britt admits it, and Patrick says he's willing to be a father to their child. The two leave, and Britt is revealed to have manipulated the situation to get Patrick's sympathy and him away from Sabrina.

Patrick, with Sabrina and Britt (Britt fakes hyperemesis gravidarum)

Britt later comes to Patrick, and says she has severe morning sickness, so her doctor has put her on bed rest. Sabrina is suspicious about this, thinking Britt is faking it. Britt manipulates the situation so she will stay at Patrick's house. However, Patrick later comes to Sabrina, and tells her he's not going to allow Britt to move in with him, but he doesn't have another plan. Sabrina then suggests that Britt move in with her, to which Patrick reluctantly agrees. Britt realizes she's been thwarted, and agrees to stay with Sabrina and her roommate, Nurse Felix DuBois. From the hospital, Patrick calls Sabrina to see how the roommate situation is progressing. Britt is giving Sabrina a hard time. Patrick says he can't believe that he agreed to Sabrina's idea of letting Britt move in with her. She reminds him of the reasons why this was the only solution. After having a talk with Maxie, Patrick is reminded of how important Sabrina is to him. Later that night, he goes to see Sabrina and to find out how things are going. Patrick then asks Sabrina out on a date, to which she agrees. The two of them have dinner at the Metro Court, and they discuss how supportive Sabrina has been. Sabrina admits to Patrick that the reason she let Britt move in with her is because she still doesn't believe that Britt is being honest about her condition, and that she's trying to prove what's going on.

Patrick admits that he was going to have a paternity test done when Britt found out that she was sick. Sabrina insisted that there was a way for the test to be conducted that was noninvasive. Patrick, with Sabrina and Felix's help, has a paternity test done without Britt's consent. They enlist the help of lab tech Ellie Trout since they realize that the lab manager Brad Cooper is working with Britt. They head to the lab when Felix calls Sabrina to say that Britt found out about the test. Patrick and Sabrina make it before Britt and were going to open the test, but Britt tries to threaten Sabrina and Ellie with their jobs. Patrick says that he is not willing to risk Sabrina and Ellie's jobs, and gives Britt the test, which she rips up. This is just a ploy, though, by Patrick to confirm his suspicions that he is not the father of Britt's baby. Britt then says that Ellie performed the test and she would know what the test proved. Once Ellie confirms that the child is Patrick's, both Sabrina and Patrick try to accept the news.

Patrick's wedding ring

Patrick and Emma are with Mac and Felicia to celebrate the 4th of July. When Emma was given a baby doll as a gift, she got extremely upset. She talked about not wanting anything to do with Britt or her baby. When Sabrina arrived to join them, Emma ran into her arms. Patrick looked on and listened while Emma told Sabrina about how unhappy she was about Britt and the baby. Sabrina admitted to her that she was also upset about the situation. Sabrina went on to say that they all had to accept what was happening. She also assured Emma that she'd be a great big sister. Once alone, Patrick thanked Sabrina for helping Emma. Sabrina told him that she was being sincere. While watching the fireworks, Patrick told Sabrina and Emma that they'd be alright because they were all together.

Sabrina found out that Patrick had agreed to attend childbirth classes with Britt. Patrick insisted on knowing that Sabrina was ok with him attending the class. Patrick told Sabrina that she could be honest with him and that she didn’t have to pretend with him. After the childbirth class, Britt starts cramping, and Patrick brings her to an exam room to make sure the baby's okay, and they find out they're expecting a son. Patrick looks forward to having a little boy to take care of, and also gets Sabrina's help to get Emma to accept her baby brother. Felix later finds out that Britt might be conspiring with her mother, and he & Sabrina hire Spinelli to find out about Britt's mother. Sabrina later shares with Patrick that Britt's mother was a doctor before having her license revoked for unethical practices on live patients. She shows Patrick the information, as well as a picture, and Patrick realizes he met's Britt's mother after the Nurses' Ball in Port Charles. Patrick & Sabrina later find out that Britt's mother is Dr. Liesl Obrecht, a wanted criminal working with Cesar Faison, who has committed several atrocities against Robin's family for years.

Patrick takes off his wedding ring

Patrick goes to confront Britt, asking her if she's conspiring with her mother. Though Britt says she isn't, Patrick isn't convinced because she's lied to him time and time again, and reprimands her for getting arrested when she's pregnant. He tells Britt that he's filing for sole custody of their son, and Britt finally admits that it's not his baby. Patrick asks about the paternity test, and Britt tells him her mother faked the paternity test. When he asks who the father is, she claims Brad donated his sperm. Patrick is hurt by this, and ends up punching Brad. Sabrina is able to console him later, and the two start focusing on their relationship & Emma.

Patrick later tells Sam how he's fallen in love with Sabrina, but he tells Anna that he's not willing to let go of Robin for fear of forgetting her. Meanwhile, Sabrina finds out that her ex-boyfriend, Carlos Rivera, has come to town, wanting her back. Sabrina tells Patrick, but also says that she's committed to him. Carlos later tells Patrick that he can't love Sabrina if he's still wearing his wedding ring. Patrick wants to stay with Sabrina, and decides to take his wedding ring off. Wanting to have Sabrina be part of his life forever, Patrick proposes to her, and she accepts. Carlos is still trying to get Sabrina back after they get engaged, and she & Patrick agree to get married as soon as possible. Robin tries to call Patrick, but she can't get through because of a bad connection.

Patrick and Sabrina at their wedding with Emma in 2013

On their wedding day, Patrick gets a visit from Ava Jerome, Carlos' friend and employer. Ava tells him that Carlos saw Robin alive, and thinks he should reconsider marrying Sabrina. Patrick, though, discounts her. However, during Patrick & Sabrina's wedding ceremony, Robin shows up alive at the church. Patrick is shell-shocked. He & Robin share a reunion & a kiss, but she tells him to sort things out with Sabrina. Patrick goes to find Sabrina, who tells him she understands they're over & he's going back to his wife. Patrick, though, tells Sabrina that he still loves her and doesn't know what to do. Sabrina tells him that he has to make a choice because he can't have both her & Robin.

Patrick and Robin reunite

Patrick goes back to Robin, and says he can't just break up with Sabrina. He asks her to come home, but Robin refuses, upset about Patrick not breaking up with Sabrina. Robin ends up stay at Anna's place with Emma. The next day, though, Felix tells Patrick that he can't find Sabrina. Patrick becomes worried, and tries to call her. Eventually, Felix gets a call from Sabrina, who tells him not to tell Patrick where she is. However, Patrick forces out of Felix that Sabrina is with Carlos. Patrick is upset because Carlos works for the Jerome mob family, and is dangerous. He comes to Carlos' place, and asks Sabrina to let him take her home, though Carlos says he will. Sabrina leaves, and Patrick punches Carlos and tells him to stay away from Sabrina.

On Christmas Eve, Patrick comes to Sabrina's place, and reveals that he's decided to stay with Robin. He apologizes to Sabrina for breaking her heart, but she just asks him to leave tearfully after giving him Emma's Christmas gift. He comes home to Robin, and they reunite. They spend Christmas together, though Robin feels awkward when Emma opens her gift and says she already has it, then opens Sabrina's gift, and says it's exactly what she wanted. Patrick assures Robin that having her back is the only gift Emma needs.

Patrick gets a visit from Sam and Danny

On New Year's Eve, Sam comes by with Danny Morgan, her son with Jason. After she leaves, Patrick is thinking about being able to have a son, and when Robin comes over, he asks her about having another child. Robin declines, saying she wants to get her family life back as she remembered it before something new comes into their lives. Patrick relents, and they decide to celebrate the New Year together. They have Emma officiate as they renew their vows at midnight.

In the new year, Patrick learns from Felix that Sabrina is pregnant and heads over to her apartment to talk to her about the baby. When Patrick arrives, Sabrina makes Carlos hide when she hears him at the door. Patrick comes in and asks Sabrina if she is pregnant, which she confirms. He inquires about her well-being and assures her that he will be there to support her. However, Carlos interrupts them and claims to Patrick that he doesn't have to worry about supporting her because he is the father of Sabrina's child. Sabrina confirms this, and tells Patrick she slept with Carlos the night Robin returned at their wedding. Patrick accepts this, and goes & tells Robin. Robin is relieved, but while Patrick hugs her, he is revealed to be reluctantly happy.

Robin puts her name in the running for the Chief of Staff, and Patrick is there when the Board announces they've made a decision. To both Robin & Patrick's shock, the board announces that they've hired Obrecht to the position. Robin is upset that Obrecht has gotten away with what she did to her, as is Patrick. He threatens to quit, but Obrecht says she knows he's under contract, which means he's obliged to still work there. Robin says she's not, and will not work with her. Meanwhile, Elizabeth finds out about Sabrina's lie, and tries to tell Patrick the truth until she finds out about Obrecht being hired. Sabrina begs Elizabeth to keep her secret.

Patrick brings Emma to work one day at her request, though Robin tells both of them to stay away from Obrecht. However, once they come there, Obrecht tries to win Emma over, and Emma spitefully warns her off. Obrecht chastises Patrick for his daughter's behavior, but he tells her to stay clear of Emma. Sabrina comes up, and Emma goes up to her, saying she misses her. However, Obrecht immediately gets on Sabrina about being late for work, and then mentions Sabrina's pregnancy like an inconsequential thing. Emma then asks Sabrina if it's true, while Obrecht states that Patrick is the father. Sabrina leaves with Emma, and Patrick tells Obrecht that he's not the father, and to keep out of everybody's personal lives.

Britt then comes up, and lets her mother know that she doesn't enjoy working for her anymore than the rest of the staff does. Britt also finds out about Sabrina's pregnancy, and Patrick says he is both relieved and disappointed the baby's not his. Britt later apologizes to Patrick for lying about her son, and says she's changed since she had Ben. Patrick forgives her, saying it's turned out for the best. Later, Sabrina comes up to him, and reveals that she lied, and Patrick is actually the father of her baby. Patrick asks about Carlos, and Sabrina says she never slept with him, and it was his idea to lie about the baby, not hers. Patrick asks why, and Sabrina says she wasn't going to use her baby to get between him and Robin the way Britt did. Patrick is still too angry to really talk to Sabrina, and leaves with Emma.

At home, Patrick tells Robin the truth, and the two are in shock. Patrick tells Robin that Sabrina lied because she didn't want to ruin their marriage, and he didn't want this because he wanted a fresh start with her. Robin points out that he wanted another baby, and he's getting one now with Sabrina. Patrick kicks over a table in frustration. When he's cleaning up, he notices a picture of Jason in the mess. He asks Robin about it, and she says she just wanted to say goodbye. The next day, Patrick meets up with Sabrina, and tells her he'll support whatever decision she makes about the baby.

Patrick coaches Sabrina through labor

Soon after, Patrick is shocked when Robin announces that she's leaving Port Charles to aid doctors in Africa. Patrick presses her about why she's leaving so soon after she came back, and she says it's because she doesn't want to be in the same place as Obrecht. Patrick says he understands, and he & Emma will go with Robin. Robin, though, won't agree to this, and Patrick asks why. Robin finally admits she's not going to Africa, but she's leaving town with Victor Cassadine, Nikolas' great uncle. Robin reveals that Victor wants her to revive Helena and Stavros Cassadine, and also giving her the chance to revive Jason Morgan, who is alive, but being held by Victor.

Patrick and his son, Gabriel

Patrick is furious Robin is willing to give up her family to save Jason, and argues Victor is lying. Robin, though, says Victor showed her proof that Jason is alive, and she wants to go, even though she loves Patrick & Emma more than anything. Patrick tells her to stay to prove it, but Robin won't answer and Patrick leaves. When he comes back, he tells Robin that they need to talk to Anna, but Robin refuses, saying Victor will kill Jason if they tell Anna. Victor comes over, and reveals he knows about their plans to tell Anna. After he leaves, Robin tells Patrick she's still planning to leave. Patrick tells her she must tell Emma, and Robin asks for his help so Emma won't be as upset. Emma was still hurt by her mother's choice, and Patrick had to console her. Eventually, Patrick reluctantly said goodbye to Robin, agreeing to Emma's request to throw her a farewell party. When Robin came to say goodbye to the hospital, Patrick found out he missed Sabrina's ultrasound, and felt bad. Sabrina later asked if he was okay, and he told her about Robin's departure, saying she was leaving on volunteer medical work. Sabrina was shocked, and asked Patrick if Robin was leaving because of her pregnancy. Patrick assured her that wasn't the reason, and he was committed to being a father to their baby and promised to be there at the next appointment.

Patrick holds Gabriel

Soon after, Patrick had breakfast with Emma, and she showed him an egg that was given to her by Spencer Cassadine. Patrick was irked when Emma mentioned Victor telling Spencer to give Emma a gift, and asked for the egg. Emma refused to give it, saying it should be okay, which made Patrick even angrier. He ended up smashing the egg and yelling at Emma in front of all the restaurant patrons. Patrick went and apologized, asking Emma to forgive him. Emma said she wanted her mommy back, and Patrick tried his best to console her. He later told Elizabeth what happened, and said how he still can't understand Robin abandoning her family. Meanwhile, A.J. Quartermaine was admitted to the hospital with a gunshot wound in the chest, and he needed surgery after a complication led to a brain bleed. Patrick told A.J.'s mother, Monica, and his son, Michael Corinthos, that he could have surgery or medication, but there were risks with both. Michael was given the power to choose, and he chose surgery. Elizabeth tried to stop Patrick, reminding him of his outburst with Emma, but Patrick insisted he was all right, and performed the surgery. Unfortunately, A.J. died soon after. Patrick blamed himself, believing he made a poor judgment call by operating when he was still emotionally unstable.

Patrick at Gabriel's funeral with Sabrina

On April 16, Patrick finds out that he and Sabrina are having a baby boy. On April 23-24, Patrick, Sabrina and Emma are in a car accident and Sabrina goes into labor as a result. On April 25, Sabrina gives birth to their premature son. On April 28, Patrick talks to Britt about his son and finds out his chances of survival are 50/50. Later on, he and Sabrina go into NICU and spend time with their son. The next day, Victor Cassadine shows up at the hospital having heard about the accident and offers Patrick the chance to speak to Robin. Patrick makes the call and begs Robin to return home, because his son with Sabrina is in critical condition and he needs his wife and Emma needs her mom. Robin tries to get Patrick to understand that Jason needs her to bring him back.

Patrick and Emma watch the fireworks

Patrick ultimately tired of Robin putting Jason first above him and Emma and tells Robin "If you don't come home now, don't bother coming home at all!" and hangs up on her. Patrick and Sabrina name their son Gabriel Drake Santiago. Sadly, Gabriel takes a turn for the worse and Patrick and Sabrina are told that their son is going to die. Later on, Gabriel dies in Sabrina's arms and Patrick right there with them. The next day, Patrick gets a visit from Sam, who decides to look into the car accident. Later on, Patrick gets a visit from Felix, who tells him that Sabrina is acting strange. When Patrick went to see Sabrina, he finds her in her wedding dress because she thought it was the eve of her and Patrick's wedding instead of her son's funeral. Patrick is able to bring Sabrina back to the reality of the situation and they grieve together. Patrick and Sabrina attend Gabriel's funeral and then Sabrina leaves town to recuperate in Puerto Rico for a few months.

Patrick confronts Rafe about the accident that killed Gabriel

Patrick turns his attention to figuring out who was responsible for the accident. He hires Sam Morgan to investigate and figure out who was responsible for running his family off the road. Patrick and Sam investigate together and eventually figure out that Rafe Kovich, Jr. was responsible. They go to the hospital where they run into Rafe's uncle, Silas Clay and they also bring Detective Dante Falconeri into the case. Just as they were all preparing to leave the hospital and find Rafe, Patrick gets a call from Emma reminding him that he promised to take her to see the fireworks. Sam told Patrick to go with Emma and promised him that they would find Rafe. Sam, Dante and Silas went off to find Rafe, while Patrick went to pick up Emma from camp and take her to the park. At the park, Emma asked Patrick if he and Robin are getting a divorce. Patrick says yes because although they still love each other, he doesn't think they can be married anymore. Emma is saddened by this news and Patrick comforts her.

On August 5, 2014, Patrick runs into Robin at the Crichton-Clark Clinic. He was there with Sam Morgan looking for answers on a former patient, Nina Clay. Robin tells him that she can't leave the clinic. Patrick then see a cryogenic chamber, and he asks if Jason is in there. Robin says that it is Stavros Cassadine, and that Jason is not there. She tells Patrick that Jason's organs were failing, and he soon died. Before he leaves Patrick tells Robin that he is filing for divorce. Patrick then leaves after Robin says her work is more important that her family but not before telling her that he is filing for divorce. When Sabrina returns from Puerto Rico on August 21, Patrick tells her that Rafe caused the accident on purpose because someone put him up to it and that he ran into Robin at the clinic because she's working to save Jason.

Patrick and Robin remarry

On December 21, 2015, Patrick finds Robin in a tomb and kisses her. Robin wakes up and reveals she faked her death by taking a drug to slow her heartbeat. Robert and Anna soon arrive and they bring Robin back to Paris. On December 23, Robin reunites with Emma, and promises to never leave her again. On January 5, 2016, Robin asks Obrecht for her job back, but refuses to take a paycut and without the opportunity for research. Robin and Patrick decide to leave town and start over, after remarrying on January 7, surrounded by their friends and family.

In July 2017, Patrick and Robin welcomed their second child together, a son named Noah Scorpio-Drake.

On November 20, 2020, Liz tells her husband Franco that she contacted Patrick about looking at Franco’s returned inoperable brain tumor.

Crimes Committed

  • Punched a guy [Prior to his arrival in 2005; revealed Jul 2, 2010]
  • Hit a man with billiard balls [Jan 10, 2006]
  • Broke many rules and codes to get his father a liver transplant [Mar-Apr 2006]
  • Performed an illegal life-saving surgery on Sam McCall [May 12, 2006; arrested and released]
  • Punched Coleman Ratcliffe [Dec 11, 2006]
  • Punched Preston Floyd [Feb 12, 2007]
  • Assaulted Coleman Ratcliffe [Apr 28, 2008]
  • Punched Eli Love [Jul 17, 2008]
  • Punched Steven Webber [Jun 22, 2010]
  • Adultery; slept with Lisa Niles while married to Robin [Jul 2-6, 2010]
  • Breaking and entering; broke into Johnny Zacchara's apartment [Mar 10, 2011]
  • Punched Johnny Zacchara [Mar 24, 2011]
  • Stole Dynexin from the hospital [Jul 2012]
  • Conspired with Sabrina, Ellie and Felix to secretly run a paternity test on Britt's "unborn child" [Jun 2013]
  • Manhandled Dr. Britt Westbourne [Sep 3, 2013]
  • Punched Brad Cooper [Sep 3, 2013]
  • Punched Carlos Rivera and threatened him [Dec 6, 2013]
  • Threatened to kill Victor Cassadine if Robin wasn't brought home to him and Emma safe and sound [Mar 4, 2014]
  • Wanted to intentionally kill Rafe Kovich, Jr. while operating on him to exact revenge [Jul 9, 2014]
  • Helped Sam infiltrate the Crichton-Clark Clinic [Aug 4, 2014]
  • Broke into Larry Ashton's safe deposit box with help from Sam [Nov 21, 2014]
  • Assaulted "Jason Morgan" (as "Jake Doe") [Feb 4, 2015; he grabbed him by the collar]
  • Grabbed Jerry Jacks by the jacket and pinned him up against a wall [Dec 21, 2015]

Health and Vitals

  • Was in a rollover car accident with Dr. Lisa Niles (walked away uninjured)[10] [prior to his arrival in 2005; revealed Jan 20, 2010]
  • 6'2"[11]
  • Slapped by Robin Scorpio [Jan 6, 2006]
  • Punched by Nikolas Cassadine [Jan 11, 2006]
  • Stuck with a needle that was infected with HIV; tested HIV negative [2006]
  • Donated part of his liver to his father [Apr 4, 2006]
  • Suffered internal bleeding after he split his stitches open and had to have another surgery to repair it [Apr 10, 2006]
  • Bitten on the hand by a snake [May 8, 2006][12]
  • Hurt his hand when Robert Scorpio assaulted him [May 10, 2006]
  • Broke his hand [Dec 2006]
  • Rendered unconscious in an explosion [Jul 2007; GH:NS]
  • Attacked by Nikolas Cassadine (suffered a cut to his forehead as a result) [Nov 2007]
  • Almost got shot by Anthony Zacchara at the Black and White ball [Nov 2007; Leyla Mir took the bullet instead]
  • Slapped by Leyla Mir [Jan 23, 2008]
  • Punched in the stomach by Nikolas [Jan 16, 2008]
  • Kicked in the back by Anna Devane [May 2, 2008]
  • Hurt his arm while driving a race car and required a cast [Revealed Jun 3, 2008]
  • Arrested by Robin's uncle Mac because he didn't want him near Robin during her pregnancy [Jun 20, 2008]
  • Rendered temporarily unconscious in an explosion [Oct 2008; GH:NS]
  • Arrested by Robin's uncle again for failure to yield to his niece (the couple got engaged in an interrogation room) [Oct 9, 2008]
  • Slapped by Robin [Apr 16, 2009]
  • Sprained his finger trying to prevent Robin from falling down the stairs [Jul 22, 2009]
  • Sprained his hand after slamming it in Emma’s toy chest [Jun 28, 2010]
  • Stalked and tormented by Dr. Lisa Niles for over a year [Jul 2010-Oct 2011]
  • Slapped by Lisa [Jul 28, 2010]
  • Arrested by Robin's uncle for a third time so he could talk to Robin without Lisa over hearing [Sep 15, 2010]
  • Arrested for the kidnapping of his wife, Robin; released and innocent [Sep 29, 2010]
  • Held at gunpoint by Lisa Niles [Oct 1-4, 2010]

  • Held at gunpoint by Johnny Zacchara after he found him and Robin in his apartment after they broke in [Mar 2011]
  • Victim of identity theft (Lisa stole his credit card number and made multiple charges to his account to make it look like she and Patrick were having an affair) [May 2011]
  • Held hostage at gunpoint and was grazed in the arm with a bullet by Lisa [Jun 2011]
  • Chloroformed and tied to a bed by Lisa [Oct 2011]
  • Almost stabbed with an HIV infected needle by Lisa [Oct 2011]
  • Passed out after inhaling toxic fumes in the hospital lab [Feb 2012]
  • Abused the controlled substance Dynexin [Jul 2012]
  • Treated for substance abuse [Aug 2012]
  • Hit over the head with a baseball bat by Dr. Ewen Keenan and suffered a mild concussion [Aug 2012]
  • Experienced a fever after ingesting the toxin Jerry Jacks had placed in the Port Charles water supply [Sep 2012]
  • Rendered unconscious and suffered a laceration to his forehead in a car accident caused by Rafe Kovich Jr., who was put up to it by Victor Cassadine [Apr 23-24, 2014]
  • Threatened by Silas Clay [Jul 2014]
  • Performed brain surgery on Rafe Kovich, Jr., the kid who was responsible for the death of his son, Gabriel; Rafe was left brain dead [Jul 2014]
  • Hallucination; saw an evil version of himself who pressured him into intentionally killing Rafe while operating on him to exact revenge, but he didn't do anything to hurt Rafe [Jul 9, 2014]
  • Unknowingly almost got shot and killed by "Jason Morgan" (aka Jake) under the orders of Helena Cassadine [Jan 19-20, 2015]
  • Assaulted by "Jason" (aka Jake) after he assaulted "Jason" [Feb 4, 2015; pinned to a table]
  • Positions held at General Hospital

    Predecessor Chief of Staff Successor
    Monica Quartermaine
    Patrick Drake
    (2009; interim)
    Monica Quartermaine
    Russell Ford
    Patrick Drake
    (2008; interim)
    Monica Quartermaine

    Family tree


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    1. On June 25, 2014, Patrick's age was listed as 37 years old. He celebrated his birthday onscreen on September 18, 2015 which would mean he turned 38 in September 2014 putting his birth year at 1976.
    2. Only because he had a drug induced hallucination that she was Robin.
    3. Coleridge, Daniel R. (4/15/08). "A New Take on Dr. Drake." Retrieved September 5, 2008.
    11. Shown on police report June 25, 2014.

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    Drake family

    Noah Drake (widowed from Maddie Drake)
    Patrick Drake (married to Robin Scorpio)
    Matt Hunter
    Martin Drake (uncle of Noah Drake)
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    Scorpio family

    ScorpioBrothersIcon 2021.jpg
    Robert Scorpio
    (Mac's brother)
    Mac Scorpio
    (married to Felicia Cummings)
    Robin Scorpio
    (married to Patrick Drake)
    Maxie Jones
    (widowed from
    Nathan West)
    Gabriel Santiago (Robin's stepson)