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Patrick Drake and Robin Scorpio-Drake
Jason Thompson, Kimberly McCullough, and Brooklyn Rae Silzer as Patrick Drake and Robin Scorpio-Drake with their daughter Emma Scorpio-Drake
General Hospital
Couple nickname Scrubs
Marriage/relationship dates 2006 - 07 (lovers)
2007 (ONS)
2008 (lovers)
Dec 26, 2008 - 14
Jan 7, 2016 - present
Status Married
Married by Father Coates
(first time)
Mac Scorpio
(second time)
Wedding Location St. Timothy’s Catholic Church (first time)
Scorpio-Drake House
(second time)
Age at wedding or meeting Both (31)
Gender Male, Female
Couple residence Berkeley, California

Dr. Patrick Drake and Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake are fictional characters and a popular married supercouple from the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital.


The role of Patrick was originated by actor Jason Thompson on December 7, 2005. On October 30, 2015, after many unconfirmed reports, Jason Thompson confirmed on Instagram that after ten years on the show he has decided to leave.[1][2] He made his final appearance on January 7, 2016.

Thompson was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in 2011 and 2012. Thompson was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Thompson has since moved to The Young and the Restless to play Billy Abbott.

Robin has been portrayed by actress Kimberly McCullough, on and off, since the character's debut in 1985. McCullough started at the age of seven.

The couple's official song is "Cloud Nine" by JJ Farris, and it was played for the couple when they exchanged "I love you's" for the first time. When the couple first made love in 2006, the song "Collide" by Howie Day, was played for them, but "Cloud Nine" remains the couple's official song. "Hold On To Me Now" by Jacob Park was played for the couple when they made love in December 2015.

Patrick is the son of Dr. Noah Drake and his late wife, Mattie Drake. He is a member of the Drake family.

Robin is the daughter of the legendary Robert Scorpio and his ex-wife, Anna Devane. She is a member of the Devane family and the adventurous Scorpio family.

Engagement ring

The writers detailed Patrick as the brilliant "dreamy yet arrogant" neurosurgeon son of Dr. Noah Drake. By having Patrick fall in love with Robin, the show’s most popular heroine and also HIV positive, the series set out to create one of the genre's "most unique and touching love stories".[3] "These are the kids of legacy characters Robert Scorpio and Noah Drake, giants of General Hospital history," said SOAPnet executive vice president and general manager Deborah Blackwell. "She’s HIV positive, he’s trying to change his ways, and they’re in love. It’s an incredibly compelling storyline."[4]

After their meeting for the first time and their first few scenes together, the developing couple's relationship became popular among General Hospital fans. After the birth of their daughter, Emma Grace Scorpio-Drake, interrupts their first wedding on October 29, 2008 (she was born on-screen November 4), the couple finally weds on December 26, 2008 (shown on December 26 and 29).

Patrick proposed to Robin on August 22, 2008 over the hospital intercom but she turned him down. Robin proposed to Patrick on October 2, 2008 in the hospital locker room but he turned her down. They finally got engaged on October 9, 2008 in an interrogation room at the PCPD. Patrick and Robin got engaged again on December 30, 2015.

In 2010, Patrick's college girlfriend, Dr. Lisa Niles comes to town and while Robin is in Africa, the two sleep together. When Robin finds out, she leaves him but by the beginning of 2011, they start to reconcile and eventually get their marriage back on track.

Sadly, they got divorced in 2014. But in 2015, they found their way back to each other and remarry on January 7, 2016. They welcomed their second child together, a son named Noah Robert Scorpio-Drake in July of 2017.


Robin Scorpio returns to Port Charles in October of 2005, after leaving in 1999 and coming back for a brief return in 2004 for Lila Quartermaine's funeral. She was sought out by Sam McCall in New York City, while she was giving a conference on expermiental drug treatments. Sam desperately sought her out to ask for her help in saving Jason Morgan, Sam's fiancé and Robin's ex-boyfriend. Jason was near death and suffering from memory loss and brain damage as a result of taking an unknown drug to further his investigation of psychotic psychiatrist, Dr. Asher Thomas. Robin agrees to return to help Jason with her experimental drug treatment.

When the treatment fails, Jason is closer to death and in dire need of brain surgery. So Robin went to find Dr. Noah Drake, who is one of the best brain surgeons, but he was too drunk to perform the surgery and instead told her about his son Patrick Drake, who is also a brain surgeon and could perform the surgery. Patrick and Robin share their first scenes when she finds him having sex with a nurse in one of the room at the hospital he is working at.

After hearing all about Jason's case from Robin, Patrick agrees to examine Jason, but does not officially agree to the surgery. Together, Patrick and Robin go back to Port Charles. After reviewing Jason's case, Patrick decides not to do the surgery until Robin challenges him. Proving that he is the "most gifted" doctor, Patrick performs the surgery successfully and Jason recovers. After performing the surgery, Patrick decides to stay in Port Charles and work at General Hospital. Robin also decided to stay in Port Charles, because it was a town that she called home for most of her life.

Patrick and Robin. (2005)

The two often disagree on patients' treatment, with Patrick leaning toward more invasive surgeries and Robin wanting to use drug therapies. They often quarrelled at the hospital on a daily basis. Noah and Patrick's non-existent relationship with his father is what really helps to develop Patrick and Robin's relationship. When he was a teenager, Patrick's mother died during a surgery that Noah was performing. Noah could not forgive himself and turned to alcohol as a result. He became a neglectful father and his relationship with Patrick suffered severely.

At the same time, Robin developed her own set of father issues with the re-emergence of her not-so-dead father Robert Scorpio. Early on, Robin and Patrick connected because of their dead beat nonexistent fathers. Though her father left shortly after he returned and never fully healed their broken relationship, Robin tried to mend the fence between Patrick and Noah and in a way acted as mediator. Robin and Patrick learn more about each other's pasts and soon Robin is able to convince Patrick to talk to his father. In conversation, Patrick admits his love for his father and inspires Noah to go to rehab.

In 2006, Patrick and Robin emark on a "no-strings attached sex agreement." Robin was dealing with mending her relationship with her parents, while also embarking on this new complicated relationship with Patrick. When Patrick and Robin start to get too close, Patrick begins to pull away, afraid that he was developing too much of an emotional bond. But eventually with Noah's help, Robin and Patrick find their way back to one another.

Soon after, tragedy strikes and Patrick, while performing brain surgery on a patient with end stage AIDS, is stuck with an infected needle and might have contracted HIV. During this time, Patrick realizes just how much Robin means to him and just how much of a strong, amazing person she is. Robin stands by Patrick all throughout his ordeal. Patrick blurts out that he loves her and after some road bumps, they properly declare their love for one another in a courtyard in November 2006.

Patrick and Robin in the apartment (2006)

In the next month, Robin found an apartment for Patrick, and he was reluctant to keep it, but eventually decided to keep the place. After Robin bought a leather couch for Patrick to decorate the house, they went into a long period of fighting over the couch where they would each return and reorder the couch at different times. Patrick's friend Pete Marquez put the idea in his head that Robin may have ordered the couch because she had ulterior motives and that thought was what sparked the event that became known as "The Couch Chronicles." Noah came to congratulate Patrick on him and Robin moving in together, and in an attempt to flee from getting too far into commitment, Patrick took off for Las Vegas with Pete.

A hurt Robin called on her girlfriends for what hoped to be a roadtrip but was arrested shortly after when a guy came onto her. Patrick had an unpleasant time in Vegas and called Robin only to find out she had been arrested. After each had a talk with Robin's wise uncle Mac Scorpio, Patrick apologized but Robin was still very upset. At the same time, Patrick's HIV test came back inconclusive, and Robin tried to convince him to take it again, but Patrick only took it as a bad sign that he was positive.

In February of 2007, mercenary Jerry Jacks took the Metro Court Hotel hostage. During this hostage crisis, Robin was shot in the stomach. Emily Quartermaine with the assistance of Robin's enemy Carly Corinthos and Patrick, via the telephone were able to save her life. While Robin was in peril, Patrick was a wreck. At the culmination of the hostage crisis, Robin's friend, Nikolas Cassadine, carries Robin out of the Metro Court to safety. She undergoes surgery to remove the bullet in her abdomen. At the hospital, Patrick tells her that he thought the worst thing that could happen to him was him testing positive for HIV, but he realized that HIV would be a blessing compared to losing her because he loves her "beyond reason".

After recovering, Robin is released from the hospital and brought home to her Uncle Mac's house to recuperate. Patrick's HIV test results come back as an affirmative negative and both are relieved. In March, Robin tried to return back to work and get back to life as usual, but she is told to leave the hospital by Dr. Russell Ford, despite Patrick's and Monica Quartermaine's words of assurance that Robin could handle being back at work so soon after the sugery. Robin leaves work and goes to sit at the pier and soon Patrick joins her. He says that he was looking for her and she replied that she had run out of private thinking spots. Patrick says that he tried the park first and had hoped that she had gone there instead of the pier where there are many stairs. Patrick and Robin make up and discuss "therapy" options. In the end, Patrick ends up carrying her home.

When Robin decides not to move back into the apartment with Patrick, this causes a rift between them and they start to argue. She later goes to Wyndemere to see if she can stay with Nikolas, but he is not there and as she searches through his desk to find some paper to leave a note on, she is stopped by Mr. Craig aka Jerry Jacks, the same man who had shot her during the hostage crisis.

Robin finds out that Jerry is blackmailing Nikolas into finding him a new identity. When Nikolas returned home, he found Robin tending to Jerry's wounds and discovers that Jerry has decided to use Robin in his blackmail plot. Jerry instructs Robin to go about her normal life and to not any draw attention to herself. Also, she couldn't tell anybody—especially Patrick—and he makes numerous threats against Patrick's life to keep her in line. Robin goes about his instructions and gets into a fight with Patrick while doing so.

Patrick and Robin at Jake's.

Patrick finally goes over to Wyndermere and demands that Nikolas tell him what is going on. Nikolas hesitates to tell him, just as Robin walks in and out of the corner of her eye, Robin can see Jerry holding a gun. Afraid for Patrick's safety, Robin lies and tells him that they're over. Later Jerry decides that Nikolas and Robin should pretend to be engaged in a love affair as a cover story. Out of fear for their loved ones safety, Robin and Nikolas agree. Later, Nikolas's aunt Alexis Davis walks into Wyndermere and find Nikolas and Robin in a delicate position on the couch, Alexis is suspicious, but Nikolas and Robin brush it off as nothing. After an almost deadly confrontation with Jerry, Patrick and Robin are reunited and once Nikolas is in the clear for good, Patrick and Robin go home together.


Patrick and Robin Scenes 08-21-08

Very public proposal

After a few months of being together, happy and in love, Robin has a pregnancy scare. Although the test is negative, she realizes she wants different things from life than Patrick. She wants more from him in the form of kids and marriage, while he is happy just the way they are. This conflict eventually causes them to split up. Wanting more than anything to be a mother, Robin decides to be a single mom. She and her friend Dr. Kelly Lee, put together a list a sperm donors and Robin picks several of her male friends from Port Charles, because she felt that they had good redeeming qualities and she didn't want her child's father to be a stranger. Some of the men on her list were Jasper Jacks, Jason Morgan, and Damian Spinelli.


Patrick and Robin Scenes 08-22-08

Robin says no

Later Patrick comes to her and tells her that he loves and misses her. He only wanted them to be together and asks Robin to postpone the talk of children for just one more year, but Robin declines realizing that nothing would be different in a year. While she loved Patrick and had never been happier than when she was with him, she realized that in a year, she would still want kids and he would not. Deciding that she is right, Patrick and Robin decide not to get back together. In December of 2007, Robin is devastated when her cousin Georgie Jones is killed by the Text Message Killer. After Georgie's funeral and her other cousin Maxie Jones' horrible outburst at their mother Felicia Jones, Robin seeks out comfort in Patrick's arms. Caught in a moment, they end up making love. That night, the condom breaks and Robin becomes pregnant, although she is unaware of this until weeks later.


Patrick and Robin Scenes 10-02-08

Robin proposes to Patrick

Dr. Lee tells Robin that the date of conception would have to be sometime around Christmas, which was around the time when Patrick and Robin had sex. Worried that Patrick now has HIV, Robin is about to tell him about her pregnancy and the condom breaking, but when she walks into the locker room she overhears Dr. Leo Julian telling Patrick that the HIV test he took came back negative. Patrick had already realized that the condom broke when he and Robin had sex and took a HIV test. Upon hearing the news that Patrick was not infected, Robin decides not to tell him about the pregnancy just yet. However when she later blurts out the news to Patrick that she is pregnant, she leaves out the fact that he is the father and instead tells him that she went to a sperm bank.


Patrick and Robin Scenes 10-03-08 part 1 of 2

Patrick says no

Although Patrick thinks she is having a baby with someone else, Patrick cannot stay away from Robin or her child. After several occurrences, Patrick slowly realizes that he may in fact be the father of her baby and after they have a heart to heart, Patrick asks about the paternity of the baby and Robin finally admits that he is the father. Even though Patrick now wants to be in their child's life, Robin can't get over the fact that he never wanted children and continues to push him away.

Arguments and resentment grow between them, but when Robin is confronted by her past - remembering how wrong she believed Carly was to keep baby Michael Corinthos' paternity from his biological father AJ Quartermaine, or even her own mother keeping her away from her father the first 6 years of her life- Patrick and Robin forgave one another and started the movement up again in their own relationship. Over time, Patrick and Robin grow even closer and Patrick falls even more in love with Robin, and with the child he never wanted.

Kisses during Robin's pregnancy

During her pregnancy Robin's mother Anna Devane comes back to Port Charles on leave to help care for Robin until the birth of her grandchild. Patrick realizes what Robin and this baby truly mean to him and knows that he wants them to be a family in every sense of the word, but Robin still has concerns. Although Robin states that Patrick could see his child as much as he wants, she does not believe he is fully committed or prepared to give up his bachelorhood for a family.

He takes her to court and only after his moving testimony does she realize Patrick truly wants this, her and their child - their family. They wait for their baby as a happy, loving committed couple and on August 12, 2008, Patrick and Robin learn their baby is a girl. Later when Patrick panics over whether or not he could be a good father, Robin calms him down. When Patrick saw Robin talking to her friend, mobster Jason Morgan, he expressed his concerns over his child being around such a dangerous man. Robin agreed with him and decided that their daughter wouldn't be around Jason, even though he was one of her oldest friends.

On August 21, 2008, Robin catches Patrick and Epiphany in some sort of cahoots against her. She thinks that they are conspiring to convince her to start her maternity leave early. She then goes to meet with a patient, when Patrick gets on the PA system and declares his love for Robin. Robin rushes to the nurses' station. Patrick proposes in front of all of their friends and other loved ones. While everyone is looking at Robin, she becomes so overwhelmed and leaves, leaving Patrick devastated.

Patrick follows her to the park, where she is crying. She does not want him to marry her only because she is pregnant with his child, and although he states he wants to marry her for her, she still says no. She tells him that she loves him, but that she cannot marry him, and walks away, leaving Patrick heartbroken. Patrick continues to try to convince Robin to marry him to no avail. Robin has a health scare and goes into early labor. They manage to stop the labor and Patrick promises to stop pressuring her about getting married.

Robin, Patrick and baby Emma after Robin wakes up from the coma. (2008)

Just when Robin decides that she does want to marry him, Patrick accepts that she doesn't want to get married. In an effort to get them to talk and hash everything out Mac arrests Patrick and locks them both in an interrogation room at the PCPD until they talk everything out. While there Patrick proposes again and Robin finally accepts. They decide to marry before their daughter is born, and their wedding is set for October 29, 2008.

Patrick, thinking he has all the time in the world, decides to go into the hospital to do last minute rounds. He cuts it close, but signs out on time. However, just as he is about to leave, Anthony Zacchara is brought in with a stroke and needs emergency surgery. Matt Hunter, Patrick's newly found half brother who is also a neurosurgeon, offers to perform it, but Patrick is afraid that should something go wrong the Zaccharas would go after his brother, so he stays to perform the surgery himself.

Meanwhile, back at the church, everyone waits for Patrick's arrival impatiently and believing that he has a case of cold feet and has left his fiancee at the altar. Robin is the only one who had no fears and no doubts and is certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that Patrick will be there. Patrick comes running in after a successful surgery and apologizes for his lateness, but Robin is cool-headed; she knew he would be there.

Mac walks her down the aisle, as her father Robert is still getting treatment for his cancer overseas and just as they are about to exchange vows, Robin goes into labor. After having a complicated delivery, Robin delivers their daughter, Emma Grace Scorpio Drake. While there is an HIV scare involving a nick on baby Emma's ear, her tests come back negative. As soon as they receive the good news, Robin falls into a coma and is diagnosed with Disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC).

Patrick and Robin marry

Robin regains consciousness a couple of days later to see Patrick holding Emma on the foot of the hospital bed and Anna convinces her to keep fighting because Emma needs her mother. Robin recovers and after she is fully healed they go home with baby Emma. Robin and Patrick set another wedding date for just after Christmas, not wanting their wedding to interfere with their daughter's first Christmas. Robert returns from Switzerland after his colon cancer's gone into remission, right before Christmas. Anna returns from a mission around the same time. This time, Robert walks his daughter down the aisle and Robin asks Anna to be her maid of honor (as opposed to Maxie who had the honors the first time). Patrick asks his brother, Matt, to be his best man (in place of Coleman who stood up for him last time) and on December 26, the wedding goes off without a hitch. Patrick and Robin had a beautiful and drama free wedding surrounded by friends and family.

Patrick and Robin reunite

Robin unknowingly suffers from postpartum depression (PPD). Robin's behavior becomes increasingly erratic and it takes a long time before Robin acknowledges that she has a problem. She starts seeing a psychiatrist and taking medication. But once she starts feeling better, Robin believes that she's cured and throws away her medication without her doctor's knowledge. Patrick finds out and stages an intervention where Robin's confronted by her doctor, family and friends. Robin finally admits that she needs more help and leaves home to get treatment at an inpatient facility.

She returns once her treatment's completed and apologizes for what she's put Patrick through. Robin asks him if they can fix their relationship. Patrick assures her that she's the center of their family's life and that there's nothing to fix because what happened was beyond her control.

When they finally get a chance to really talk, Patrick reassures Robin of how invested he is in their life together. They express their love to each other and finally go home together where Robin reunites with Emma, with whom she can now bond. For a while, Robin's so attached to Emma that she actually contemplates not going back to work.

Even Maxie notices and comments about how before Robin didn't even want to touch Emma, but now Patrick can't pry the baby out of her hands. However Robin's hard-earned happiness is interrupted when Patrick and his brother face a malpractice suit in the death of the mayor's mistress, Brianna Hughes, after an emergency surgery. Playing detective, Robin aids Patrick in proving that Brianna was murdered by the mayor's wife, Andrea Floyd.

During happier times and in an attempt to relax, Patrick and Robin go to Jake's on Karaoke Night and end up singing a duet together to "Time of My Life" from the movie Dirty Dancing in the karaoke contest. The couple danced, sang and laughed together having a good time. Other performers there at Karaoke Night included "Maxie and the Maxettes" (Maxie Jones, Lulu Spencer, Rebecca Shaw and Diane Miller) and Damian Spinelli.

Patrick and Robin make love

In November, Robin and Patrick host Thanksgiving dinner for the family at their new house. Though Patrick is initially kept in the dark, Robin plots with Kristina Davis, Molly Lansing and Sam McCall to set up their mother, Alexis Davis with Robin's Uncle Mac. Robin tells a skeptical Sam that the two guests of honor had very obvious chemistry, when they danced together at Maxie's "non-wedding" to Spinelli. But Alexis and Mac realize something is afoot and tell the girls it is a waste of time.

Matt also attends the dinner, and unexpectedly brings along Dr. Lisa Niles, an ex-girlfriend of Patrick's who is new in town. Patrick gives her a warm hug and Robin, though surprised, tells Lisa she is welcome in their home. Maxie, nursing influenza, was the only one missing from the family gathering. When Patrick strikes up a flirtation with his ex Lisa, this causes conflict between the couple and as the conflict starts to grow, Robin begins to pull away from Patrick.

A few months later amidst Patrick's protestations, Robin decided to go on an AIDS relief trip to Africa in honor of her first love Stone Cates, who died of AIDS in 1995. While Robin was in Africa, Patrick got drunk with Lisa after they completed a successfull surgery and after leaving Jake's, he ended up following Lisa back to her place and sleeping with her.

Patrick immediately feels guilty and realizes his love for Robin when she comes home from Africa a few days early. The trouble continues when Carly Jacks overhears Patrick and Lisa talking about their one night stand and counsels Patrick to keep it secret from Robin. Matters go from bad to worse when Lisa begins exhibiting strange behavior and even breaks into Patrick and Robin's house and cuts her face out of their wedding picture.

Robin and Patrick sing karaoke (2009)

Lisa's attacks intensify after she steals Robin's HIV meds, frames her at work and even takes Patrick and Robin's daughter Emma for ice cream without permission. The situation came to a head for the first time when Lisa kidnaps Robin and leaves her in the bottom of a well. While in the well, Robin sees Stone and he encourges her to fight to get back to Patrick and Emma.

He also tells Robin to remember all of the reasons why she fell in love with Patrick to make it easier to reconcile their differences. Robin is rescued from the well by Patrick and right when she is ready to reconcile with him she discovers Patrick's affair with Lisa and leaves him, completely heartbroken. However, when Lisa's obsession with Patrick spirals out of control to the extent where she attempts to murder Robin on several occasions, Robin and Patrick band together for Emma's sake to expose Lisa, and begin taking steps to repair their relationship.

After the death of Jake Spencer, Robin apologizes for holding his betrayal against him for so long and asks Patrick to come home so they can be a family again. To work out their remaining issues, Patrick and Robin begin to go to marriage counseling, and hire Kristina Corinthos-Davis to babysit Emma. However, during therapy, Robin admits to Maxie that she thinks that she may not be enough for him because he has been working so hard to make it up to her, while it took Jake's death to make her realize that Patrick is genuinely sorry for what he did and take him back.

Nonetheless, Patrick assures her that he will make sure things work out for them. In the meantime, Lisa continues to plot against Patrick and Robin and uses Kristina to get closer to them and Emma. In another attempt to make Patrick and Robin pay, Lisa seemingly causes a gas leak at the Drakes' while they are out and when Robin gets home Lisa locks her in the basement, telling Robin that Patrick will finally pay for what he did to her when he is arrested for Robin's murder. After covering her tracks upstairs, Lisa goes down into the basement and checks Robin's seemingly lifeless body, only for Robin, alive and well, to revive and surprise her.

Patrick and Robin held hostage by Lisa in 2011.

At that moment, Mac and Patrick come into the basement. Mac promptly arrests Lisa for attempted murder revealing that the entire thing was all a set-up to catch Lisa. As it turns out, Robin and Patrick had earlier figured out Lisa had stolen Patrick's credit cards and Kristina had informed them of Lisa's visits to the house. Having discovered Lisa's research into home gas leaks, Robin and Patrick waited for her to arrive. Patrick turned off the gas from outside when Robin entered the house.

Finally, Robin has recorded all of Lisa's threats on her cell phone, including her confession to trying to kill Robin. Lisa swears revenge on Patrick and Robin as Mac drags her away. After escaping from Shadybrook, Lisa invades General Hospital with a loaded gun and induces a shootout before taking Robin, Maxie, Patrick, and Steve Webber hostage. Lucky Spencer and Spinelli are trapped in the elevator, causing a lockdown. She proceeds to put the four hostages through a mock trial outlining their poor treatment of her, labeling Patrick as the "biggest offender."

Lisa continues with the mock trial, and insinuates that she will commit suicide after killing the hostages. She is finally stopped when Lucky, Jason and Dante Falconeri override the lockdown and break into the conference room, where they seemingly knock Lisa unconscious. During the takedown, Lisa shoots Patrick in the arm. As everyone scrambles to rush an injured Spinelli to an operating room, Lisa recovers and keeps Patrick at bay while holding a syringe full of drain cleaner to Robin's throat. Patrick attempts to talk Lisa down from doing so, and then grabs her.

In the ensuing struggle, Lisa accidentally sticks herself with the syringe and slips into a coma, with the doctors uncertain if she'll ever come out of it. With Lisa finally gone, Patrick and Robin are free to go on with their lives and work on making their family even stronger. After the Lisa ordeal, Steve was suspended as chief of staff by the board of directors. In his place, he nominated Robin to become the interim and acting chief of staff of General Hospital. Robin was surprised, but happily accepted the job. Patrick however was jealous of her new position, and this started to cause problems in their relationship as Patrick had to adjust to taking orders from his wife in the workplace.

In late October, Robin and Patrick join Matt, Elizabeth, Steve and Olivia on a boat to celebrate Matt's medical achievement in getting his research published. They are unaware that Lisa had been awakened from her coma by Anthony Zacchara and was on board the ship. Lisa begins terrorizing the attendants of the boat party and ends up tying up Patrick and Robin. She takes some of Robin's blood and intends on injecting Patrick with it, so that they would share everything including HIV. Robin and Lisa struggle with the needle and when Robin gains the upper-hand, Lisa runs away. Robin chases after her and the two end up fighting again. Patrick manages to untie himself and runs after them both. He finds an unconscious Robin with a cut on her arm. Robin's uncle Mac Scorpio then comes on board and begins questioning the passengers on Lisa's whereabouts.

When it is later discovered that Lisa is dead, all of the passengers on the boat including Patrick and Robin become suspects in her murder. Patrick and Robin cover for one another believing that the other may be guilty, but in the midst of the murder investigation, Robin makes a chilling discovery. The cut on her arm is not healing because her immune system was weakening.

Her HIV meds are no longer working because months ago, Lisa had replaced her pills with placebos, so Robin had been off her protocol for months causing her blood to build up a resistance to the drug she was taking. Robin at first keeps this secret to herself and suffers with it, fearing that her condition may get even worse. She finally confides in her old friend Jason, and tells him everything. Jason encourages Robin to tell Patrick the truth and to not give up on life or living. With a new-found strength, Robin attempts to tell Patrick the truth.

Patrick, Robin and Emma during Christmas

Patrick and Robin spent Christmas at home with Emma. As they were wrapping presents for Emma they exchanged gifts with each other. Patrick gave Robin a deed to a plot of land on which they could build their dream home. Upon receiving the gift, Robin broke down in tears, afraid that she might not be around long enough to enjoy their future together because of her illness, but when Patrick asked what was wrong, she covered and just said she was emotional. Robin then gave Patrick a camcorder, so that they could record all of their memories from Christmas. Robin wanted these moments recorded for Emma, if the worst happened and she wasn't around as Emma got older and grew up. She wanted Emma to have happy memories of her mother and know that she was loved by her mother.

On New Years Eve, Robin gets a call from a specialist in Seattle, that is going to look at her case and give her a second opinion, so she begins preparing to leave town. She tells everyone that she is going to Africa, to meet with a doctor and consult on a protocol for one of her patients whose viral load is unsteady, but instead she makes plans to go to Seattle. Before she leaves, she confides the truth to Elizabeth and asks her to take her place as the woman in Patrick and Emma's lives in case anything happens to her. Elizabeth at first refuses and encourages Robin not to give up, but she then comes around and agrees to Robin's request to be there for Patrick and Emma.

Before Robin leaves she consults with Patrick, Sam and Jason concerning Jason's health and then she leaves for Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. While Robin is out of town, Elizabeth comes clean to Patrick and tells him that Robin is sick. She tells him that Robin's patient is actually Robin and that her HIV protocol has not been working for months and the new protocols aren't taking. Patrick is hurt by the news and at first is in denial, but as Elizabeth explains the situation, Patrick sees the truth and is hurt that Robin kept this from him, but more than anything he wants her to come back home so that they could deal with the situation together - as husband and wife.

Robin and Patrick visit the site where they want to build a home.

When Robin returns from Seattle, she comes clean with Patrick and tells him the truth about her illness. She told him that she was put on a new protocol and now all they had to do, is wait to see if it takes. Robin's test results returned and they learned that her new HIV protocol was working -- they now had a second chance. In celebration of the good news, Patrick, Robin and Emma took a trip out to see the plot of land where they would build their dream home in the future. On Valentine's Day, Patrick surprised Robin with a visit from her mother, Anna Devane.

Anna, Robin, Patrick, and Emma all had a joyous reunion. The day was interrupted however, when Jason collapsed and was admitted to the hospital. As the doctors working on his case, Patrick and Robin were called into the hospital to tend to Jason. Jason's test results showed that he had cerebral edema and his condition was inoperable. Determined to save him, Robin began working on a drug protocol for his condition.

While working in the lab, Robin receives visits from Carly, Maxie, Matt and Monica, and all except Monica hindered her work. The interruptions were very distracting as Matt almost knocked over some chemicals and Maxie accidentally hit a valve that released a toxic gas into the room. When Robin secured a last protocol to be tested, she left the lab and spent some time with Anna and Emma. She was unaware that these were to be her last moments with them.

Robin is revealed to be alive

Patrick had went to the lab to look for her and ended up passing out from the toxic fumes. She inquires about where Patrick is and when Anna tells her that Patrick was looking for her, she goes back to the lab to look for him. She finds Patrick unconscious on the lab floor and the room filled with fumes. She dragged him out of the room and to safety. She soon realized that the protocol for Jason was still in the room.

Patrick begged her not to go back in the room because the security doors would lock and she would get trapped but Robin believed that she could make it. She ran into the room, grabbed the protocol but became trapped inside. Patrick fought to get her out, but the door would not budge. Robin sent the protocol through a small door and told Patrick to take it for Jason. Patrick and Robin tearfully professed their undying love for one another one last time, but Patrick still fought to save her. As Patrick runs to find help, the lab explodes killing Robin. When the EMTs arrive and enter the lab, they are only able to retrieve her wedding ring. She was pronounced dead and Patrick broke down.

Patrick sees Robin in a vision.

Robin's funeral took place from March 14 until March 19. The service itself included emotional speeches from Anna, Mac, Sonny, Patrick and Elizabeth. Luke also read a letter from Robert at the service. Towards the end of the service Maxie arrived to speak and had a breakdown during her speech. She was inconsolable and had to be carried out of the church by Mac. After the funeral Patrick's father Noah Drake arrived in town to comfort Patrick over his loss.

On March 26, Patrick received what he thought was Robin's ashes, and he took them to the plot of land that they were going to build their dream home on to say goodbye to Robin. Patrick was having a hard time saying goodbye, and the next scene showed Robin alive and unconscious in a hospital bed in an undisclosed location. The story continues when Robin is finally seen again on July 19 appearing in a vision to Patrick. Patrick was having a terrible time coping with Robin's death and had turned to drugs to numb the pain. He became addicted to pills and started seeing Robin in visions. In one of the visions, Robin urges Patrick to get clean and give up the pill for their daughter, Emma's sake. Maxie and Lulu Spencer found out about Patrick's drug addiction, confronted him and tried to help him get clean again.

Patrick sees Robin

Meanwhile it is shown that Robin is being held in the Ferncliff mental institution. She tried to escape from her captors but her attempt is thwarted. Two nurses strap Robin back down to the bed and begin to hook her up to a machine. After that they begin electro-shock therapy that renders Robin almost unconscious. It is also discovered that one of Robin's captors is psychiatrist Ewen Keenan, who had also began treating Patrick for his drug addiction and depression over losing Robin. At the PCPD Anna arrested Heather Webber who had been wreaking havoc in the lives of citizens of Port Charles for months and Heather drops the bomb to Anna that Robin is still alive.

Heather tells Anna that when she was being released from Ferncliff, she heard of a new patient being transferred to the critical care unit and when she went to find out who it was, it was Robin. Anna was skeptical but eventually went to Ferncliff and demanded that every room be searched. When Ewen and the nurses heard Anna was in the building they quickly moved Robin somewhere else, but Robin, hearing her mother's voice, left a clue of her whereabouts in the form of a brochure that she dropped on the floor as they were moving her. As Anna checks the empty room that had just been occupied by Robin a few moments earlier, she finds the brochure for a clinic in Switzerland.

Patrick sees Robin

Anna decides to go to this clinic to find some answers. She poses as a patient in order to gain access to the clinic. At the clinic she encounters Dr. Lisa Obrecht and it is discovered that Dr. Obrecht is holding Robin captive in the clinic on orders from Cesar Faison. Luke Spencer comes to the clinic to help Anna, but once Dr. Obrecht discovers that Anna is looking for Robin, she has Robin moved from the clinic and Anna and Luke are unsuccessful in locating her.

After this apparent dead end, Anna resigns herself to the fact that Robin is gone and the search for her becomes stagnant, when Anna gets mixed up with her ex-husband back from the dead, Duke Lavery. It is later revealed that Faison is masquerading as Duke. Luke is wary of the newly returned Duke and calls in Robert Scorpio for back up. Robert with the assistance of detective John McBain are able to foil Faison's plan and reveal to Anna that Faison was masquerading as Duke. Faison is apprehended after a final showdown at the clinic.

At the clinic, Anna is able to find the real Duke who really was alive and being held captive by Faison. After Faison's capture, Dr. Obrecht decides to move Robin from the clinic. Robert hears the commotion and goes to the room to find Robin alive. Robert and Dr. Obrecht struggle as he tries to free Robin, but Dr. Obrecht injects him with a toxin that puts him into a coma, leaving him unable to reveal that he found Robin alive. Dr. Obrecht then takes Robin to Jerry Jacks.

Robin held hostage in the lab.

On September 30, Robin is seen inside the lab on Cassadine Island. Jerry has been keeping her locked up in the lab until she could come up with a cure to his polonium poisoning. To give Robin more incentive to expedite her efforts in finding the cure, he shows her video footage of the 2013 General Hospital Nurses' Ball. Through the video Robin discovers that Duke Lavery is alive and has reunited with her mother, and she also becomes aware of the new woman in Patrick's life, Sabrina Santiago.

Meanwhile back in Port Charles, Patrick is trying to move on with his new life, but is having a hard time letting go of Robin's memory. Robin continues to work in the lab and watch more footage of the Nurses' Ball. She comes to the part where Britt Westbourne claims to be pregnant with Patrick's child and just as the video finishes, Dr. Obrecht comes in the room with Britt's son, Ben. She tells Robin that Ben is Patrick's son. Robin is in disbelief at first, but eventually accepts what she thinks is the truth and cares for Ben, who Dr. Obrecht had left in her care because she needed a babysitter.

Patrick's relationship with Sabrina hits a rough spot when Sabrina's ex-boyfriend, Carlos Rivera comes to town and accuses Patrick of stringing Sabrina along and not being over his wife due to the fact that he is still wearing his wedding ring. Patrick removes his wedding ring, as he felt wearing it wasn't fair to Sabrina, but he later shares with Elizabeth that he feels closer to Robin than ever, even though he has taken off the ring.

Back on Cassadine Island, Robin is able to best Dr. Obrecht. She pretends to have found the cure and asks Obrecht to look at something in the microscope for her, citing that she needed Obrecht's skills as a doctor to confirm that the cure is right. Robin knocks Obrecht over the head and she falls unconscious. She then tries to make an escape with Ben, but is stopped by Jerry. Jerry forces Robin and Ben back in the room and she is forced to continue finding the cure.

Robin's escape attempt is thwarted by Jerry.

Meanwhile in Switzerland, Robert has awoken from his year-long coma and shared the news with Anna that Robin is alive. Anna is at first skeptical to believe the truth, so she goes to visit Faison in prison. Faison confirms to Anna that Robin is indeed alive, and even offers to take her to Robin, but Anna is knocked unconscious by Dr. Obrecht who has come to break Faison out of jail and they get away. Anna goes back to the clinic and tells Robert that Faison said Robin is alive and they decide to find their daughter.

Anna gets a call from Nikolas Cassadine, who is helping Britt find her son, and he informs her that Dr. Obrecht is on Cassadine Island. Anna and Robert then leave the clinic on their way to rescue Robin. Robin was able to find the cure for Jerry's polonium poisoning, but Jerry refused to let Robin go because he lost out on his chance to take the cure. Jerry's plan was to test a small amount of the cure on Luke Spencer, who was also suffering from polonium poisoning, before taking the full dose for himself, if the elixir worked. However, Luke and Tracy Quartermaine pulled one over on Jerry and made off with the complete dose of the cure, leaving Jerry with nothing. Therefore Jerry saw their deal as unfulfilled and kept Robin hostage, forcing her to make another dose.

Robin reunites with her parents

Robin informed Jerry that she wouldn't be able to make another dose before the poisoning killed him. The only way to get the cure would be -- to go to Port Charles and extract some of Luke's blood. Jerry planned to leave that night for Port Charles and Robin insists that she needs to go with him to insure that the extraction is done right, but Jerry is undecided on whether or not to take her. He leaves the room, and shortly thereafter, Robin is found by Nikolas, who had arrived on the island a few moments prior in search of Ben. Robin and Nikolas share a reunion and fill one another in on what's been going on. Nikolas tells Robin the truth that Dr. Obrecht lied and Ben is not Patrick's son. They soon leave the lab in search of Ben and Britt, so they can get off the island and Robin could finally get home to her family.

Robin with her parents and Duke

They are stopped by Jerry who manages to trap them all, due to having the guards on his side. He forces Robin to return to Port Charles with Nikolas and Britt, under the watchful eye of Faison and Obrecht so that she can synthesize another dose of the cure from Luke's blood. Jerry, who has captured Robert and Anna, threatens that no one must know Robin is alive while she is working on the cure, or he will kill her parents. Once they return to Port Charles, Britt takes Ben to get checked out at General Hospital, and finds out Patrick is engaged to Sabrina.

She tells Robin the news and she is visibly upset by it. She also finds out from Faison that Jason is dead and is devastated. The group hides out at Wyndemere with Robin sneaking out to the lab to work on the cure. On Halloween, Robin desperate to see her family, dressed up in a costume and attended General Hospital's Halloween party. She sees Patrick with Sabrina and even speaks with Emma but doesn't reveal herself. She returns home, sad to see that her place has been filled by someone else and struggles with her right to insert herself back into Patrick's life.

Robin reunites with her daughter

Nikolas sneaks Robin into the lab to work on the cure and while there, Patrick and Sabrina come in and she must hide to avoid being seen. While in the lab, she is upset as she listens to Patrick and Sabrina talk about their upcoming wedding. Patrick and Sabrina leave and Robin comes back out to get to work. However she is spotted by Sabrina's ex-boyfriend Carlos Rivera. Carlos does not recognize her at first and Robin lies and tells him that her name is Epiphany Johnson. Carlos seems to take this at face value, but then sees a picture of the real Epiphany and puts it together that the woman in the lab was Robin. He runs back down to the lab but by that time, Robin is already gone.

He warns Sabrina that Robin is alive but she does not believe him. He even discusses the matter with his friend, Ava Jerome, who in turn advises Patrick to call off the wedding. Initially hesitant to listen to Ava, Patrick eventually goes on to check out her story, but after hitting a dead end, he decides to put it behind him. Robin got the new dose of the cure to work at the same time that Robert and Anna got the upper hand on Jerry and were making their way back to Port Charles. Robert and Anna ran into Luke, who had just seen a live Robin days ago at Wyndemere and was brought into the loop. Together the three of them headed off to rescue Robin and Duke, who had been captured weeks prior by Faison and Obrecht, while he was sneaking around Wyndemere looking for Anna. Robert, Anna and Luke eventually are able to neutralize Faison, Obrecht and Jerry and Robert finds Robin while Anna finds Duke. Robin is then reunited with her parents and Duke.

Patrick and Robin reunite

With the situation now under control, Britt encourages Robin to go to the church where Patrick and Sabrina's wedding was being held on that very same day. Robin heads to the church and is initially hesitant to step in. Just as they are about to be declared "man and wife," Emma spots her and the entire congregation turns around to see her, including Patrick. Emma runs to Robin and she is finally reunited with her daughter.

Patrick also goes to her and she explains what happend. Robin and Patrick kiss but she tells him that he needs to go sort things out with Sabrina. Patrick feels torn between the two women, reaffirming his love for Robin and Sabrina. Ultimately he asks Robin to come back home with him so they could begin to sort everything out. Robin lets Patrick know that nothing needs to be decided right away, and she felt it would be best for her to stay somewhere else for the time being. Anna suggests that Emma and Robin come and stay with her for the night and Robin agrees.

Robin and Patrick Christmas 2013

Robin wants to give Patrick some time and is understanding of his dilemma. She talks with Anna about all the changes that have happened since she's been gone. Later she shares a reunion with her cousin Maxie, who encourages her to fight for her family. Afterward Robin pays Sabrina a visit and asks her to let Patrick go. She later regrets this decision when Sabrina declines her request by reiterating the decision was Patrick's alone. On Christmas Eve, Patrick and Robin get back together after he chooses to be with her over Sabrina. On Christmas Day, Patrick and Robin make love for the first time in almost two years. They celebrate Christmas together as a family for the first time in almost two years as well. Patrick also put Robin's ring back on her finger.

Patrick, Robin and Emma. Christmas 2013.

In early 2014, Patrick and Robin continue adjusting to life back together. Patrick gets back to work and Robin reunites with Sonny Corinthos. Patrick and Robin discuss whether or not she would return to work soon as well, and Robin says she's going to stop by the hospital to discuss options. When Robin arrives, she overhears Felix tell Patrick that Sabrina is pregnant. Patrick goes to talk to Sabrina about this news, but when he does, she lies and says Carlos Rivera is the father of her baby. Elizabeth Webber finds out the truth and pressures Sabrina to tell Patrick or she will. Before Elizabeth gets the chance to tell Patrick that Sabrina is carrying his child, the whole hospital is shocked when Liesl Obrecht is announced as the new Chief of Staff. Enraged, Robin almost attacks Obrecht at the hospital. Later, Robin and Patrick go see Anna and breaks the news to her. Anna is just as angry but is unable to help them because the WSB were the ones who arranged for Obrecht's released.

Eventually, Sabrina admits the truth to Patrick after Emma finds out that Sabrina is pregnant. After getting the news that Sabrina's baby is his, Patrick breaks it to Robin, who is shocked but they agree to deal with the situation together. A few days later, Robin is home alone when she is ambushed by some men. These men worked for Victor Cassadine who was the new head of the WSB. Victor visited Robin to offer her a deal.

He reveals to her that Jason Morgan is alive and in cryogenic stasis. If Robin agrees to revive Helena Cassadine and Stavros Cassadine, both also in stasis, then she could save Jason too. Robin is unwillingly to believe that Jason is alive without proof but once Victor gives her the proof she struggles with her decision. Victor warns Robin that if she agrees, she must leave her family for an unspecified period of time and no one must know where she is going.

Robin takes Emma out to the park, and meets Danny Morgan, Jason's son. After this meeting, Robin tells Victor she'll take the offer to help him out. When Patrick comes home, she says she's leaving Port Charles to go to Africa for volunteer work. Patrick is shocked she'd leave so soon, and she later claims she's trying to avoid Obrecht. When Patrick says he and Emma will come with her, and Robin refuses, Patrick keeps pressing about the real reason she's going. She finally tells him about Victor and Jason. Patrick is angry she'd leave her family. Robin says she wants to bring back Jason to his family because he would do the same for her, but Patrick is still upset about her leaving.

The next day, Patrick tells Robin they should tell her mother about this, but Victor later comes by and reveals he knows about Robin telling Patrick, and their plan to tell Anna. He tells Robin that if Anna finds out, she'll lose Jason. He leaves, and Robin tells Patrick that even though she loves him and Emma, she has to make this trip and is leaving with Victor. When Emma comes home with Mac, Robin tells both of them she's leaving town to go to Africa on volunteer work. Emma is hurt by this, and runs to her room, angry. Mac says he's shocked, but will support Robin's decision.

Patrick tells Emma that he and Robin are divorcing

Emma eventually comes around and with the help of her dad, they throw Robin a going away party because Emma wanted a proper goodbye. Robin and Patrick also shared one last romantic night together. Patrick was still upset with her leaving but came to accept it. Robin shares goodbyes with Mac, Anna, Elizabeth, Nikolas and surprisingly Carly before leaving town with Victor. A couple months later, Patrick and Robin separate after she refuses to come home when he needs her. On July 4th, Patrick and Emma go to watch the fireworks together. Emma asks Patrick if he and Robin will be getting a divorce and Patrick says yes, because although he and Robin still love each other, he doesn't think they can be married anymore. Emma is saddened by the news of her parents impending divorce and Patrick comforted her.

On August 5, 2014, Patrick runs into Robin at the Crichton-Clark Clinic. He was there with Sam Morgan looking for answers on a former patient, Nina Clay. Robin tells him that she can't leave the clinic. Patrick then see a cryogenic chamber, and he asks if Jason is in there. Robin says that it is Stavros Cassadine, and that Jason is not there. She tells Patrick that Jason's organs were failing, and he soon died. Before Patrick leaves her tells her that he is filing for divorce.

Patrick then leaves after Robin says her work is more important that her family but not before telling her that he is filing for divorce. Victor Cassadine later comes in the lab on August 7, 2014. He tells Robin that he hopes Patrick doesn't find out about Jason. It is confirmed that Jason indeed alive, and Robin lied to Patrick. Victor reveals he asked Rafe Kovich, Jr. to run Patrick and Emma off the road as a warning to Robin, showing he's holding her hostage. The accident ultimately led to the death of Patrick's son, Gabriel. Robin is later seen talking to Emma.

Victor comes back and taunts Robin about the fact he could cause another accident for Patrick and Emma. He tells her to focus on Helena, Stavros and Jason. Robin tells Victor that she had a breakthrough in her protocol. He wants to try it on Jason but she wants to try it on Stavros or Helena first. Victor injects Jason with the protocol while his men hold Robin back. It seems Jason is dead but he comes back as Robin is dragged out of the room. It is later revealed that Victor handcuffed her to a pole. Jason finds her and uses a gun to shoot the chain and free her. They then embraced and Jason reveals that he can't talk. They prepare to leave the clinic, but they are stopped by Helena Cassadine. Helena says she has big plans for Jason and Robin, and she tries to take them, but Jason kills Helena's goons and they escape the clinic just before it blows up.

Jason and Robin steal a car and get on the road back to Port Charles. Robin fills Jason in on some things, including telling Jason that Danny is his biological son. When they near Port Charles, Robin decides it would be too dangerous to their families to go straight home, because Helena could still be on their tail. Instead, Robin heads to The Metro Court to find her mother and fill her in, and Jason goes to Sonny's house. Robin runs into Helena instead. Helena forces Robin to get on Skype and tell Patrick and Anna that she is moving to Paris to find herself. Helena tells Robin that she has big plans for her and they will be heading to Paris, so Robin can email Patrick divorce papers from there, like she said she would on Skype.

In November of 2015 it is revealed that someone is holding Robin captive at an unknown facility. Patrick tries repeatedly to contact Robin, but her unidentified captor and the guard watching her won't allow unsupervised phone calls. So as punishment they torture her by showing her live stream footage on the guard's iPad of Emma being approached by a woman she doesn't know, claiming to have lost get puppy and asking for her help recovering it. Emma had a sympathetic heart but refuses. Angered the woman tries to snatch Emma, who bites her and escapes. The guard warns Robin that even though her daughter was lucky enough to escape, they don't want to traumatize her again so stop making unauthorized phone calls.

In December, her captor is revealed to be Jerry Jacks who is yet again holding Robin captive for her to create a cure for Helena's illness. But when Helena died before she can finish the cure, a dismayed and annoyed Jerry deems Robin to be useless to him and the Cassadine family and thus wants her to die, until she convinces him that she made a breakthrough with her research in saving the sick and possibly reviving the dead, but needs more time. Jerry agrees, giving Robin exactly 48 hours to either finish it up completely or die. Emma calls Robin who is sad that Sam left their family. Unfortunately Jerry has her phone and doesn't let the call last very long.

When things don't add up, Patrick becomes suspicious that Robin is in danger. After Emma asks repeatedly for her mother, they fly out to the phony London address that was given to them, which turns out to be an antique shop. A woman comes to their hotel room explaining that they have the wrong address and claims to know nothing about Robin or her captivity. When Emma takes a liking to the woman's necklace, Patrick notices that it's a Cassadine gem, which gives them the hint that the Cassadines are involved with her captivity and she may be in their castle on the island again. After Patrick calls Anna about this, Anna and Mac fly to London to meet him and Emma. Mac takes Emma with him back to Port Charles and tells Anna he'll continue working on the Hornsby-Sloane mess while watching Emma. Anna and Patrick meet Robert Scorpio on Cassadine Island.

Drake family back together

After the 48 hours are up, Jerry checks on Robin once more. She still had not finished but made significant progress. Robin then asks for more time but this time he refuses and tells the guard outside to kill her. As the guard converges to do so, Robin finds out that the guard is a fan of opera music and uses that to try and talk the guard into going against Jerry's harsh orders to kill her. At the end of the December 17 episode, the guard takes Robin out of the room not long before Anna, Robert, and Patrick (who have arrived on Cassadine Island looking for Robin) arrive at the facility. They find Jerry and demand to know what he did to Robin, but he announces she's dead.

On December 21, Patrick finds Robin in a tomb and kisses her. Robin wakes up and reveals she faked her death by taking a drug to slow her heartbeat. Robert and Anna soon arrive and they bring Robin back to Paris. On December 23, Robin reunites with Emma, and promises to never leave her again. The Scorpio/Drakes celebrate a Christmas reunion in Paris.

Patrick and Robin remarry

On January 5, Robin asks Dr. Obrecht for her job back, but refuses to take a paycut or give up the opportunity to continue her research. Robin and Patrick decide to leave town after they both find better job opportunities in Berkeley, California. Before leaving town, they remarry on January 7, surrounded by their friends and family.

On February 24, 2017, Robin announced to Anna that she and Patrick are expecting their second child, due in the Summer of 2017. Robin and Patrick welcomed a son, Noah Robert Scorpio-Drake in July of 2017.

Classic quotes

Patrick (to Robin): 'But I was wrong. When I thought I lost you, I was in complete panic. I had never felt so alone, so helpless in my life -- at least, not since I lost my mom. And I realized that living with HIV would be a blessing compared to living without you. So I'll go take the test, I'll go to the chapel and say a prayer, I'll paint the kitchen that awful yellow -- because I love you beyond reason."

Patrick: "I would stop flirting if your stalin-like charm hadn't driven me to seek company elsewhere."
Robin: "Do these lines actually work on some women?"
Patrick: "I don't know. I haven't tried that one yet. You bring out the best in me, Robin."

Patrick: "When this moment is over, I can bet that I'll love you more than I even thought was possible."
Robin: "You're pretty amazing. And I love you so much, it hurts."
Patrick: "Nah, it's the stitches." (laughs)
Robin: "No, I's my heart bursting."

Patrick: "I just wanted to come and say happy birthday. Tell you that I’m thinking about you."
Robin: "Thank you."

Patrick (about Robin): "Truth is, it did scare me — marriage, family, the whole thing. But I didn’t know anything about that except I said I was going to be better at it than my father was, and I don’t want to be who I was before. I like who I am when I’m married to Robin. When I’m Emma’s father. I want that back."

Patrick (to Robin): "I love you. Not maybe, not possibly, not someday. Right now, tonight. The fact is I've loved you for a long time. I don't even know when it started. I realized that I need you, I trust you, I admire you. And you can be wrong a lot of the time and you can drive me crazy a lot of the time, but I love you, completely...I just thought you should know."

Robin (to Patrick): "I’ve been hiding out for a long time. And the only thing that I have to show for that is loneliness and what I’m afraid to admit to in the first place. It’s a sad, wasteful way to live, so here goes. I think that you are amazing and brilliant and you’re also really funny and charming. And you’re my best friend. I love you."

Patrick (to Robin): "You and Emma are everything to me and I'll do whatever it takes."

Patrick (to Robin): "I love you, I always will."

Patrick: "You changed my life. You changed me. You showed me what's really important."
Robin: " really did miss me didn't you?"
Patrick: "You have no idea."

Patrick: "Can I have your attention please? I would like to say a few words about Robin Scorpio. She's incredibly tender. And she cries at the drop of a hat. It's pretty adorable. Especially now that she's pregnant, she's hormonal. But what I love the most about Robin is her unbelievable strength. She faces her fears and she stares them down. She's been scared, truth is, for some time. And you've overcome your fears, and I'm -- well, I think that I'm your last fear. So I'm here to tell you that -- not to be scared any more. Because I'm in this for the long haul. Whatever that means. And we can face our fears together. Me and you. As a family. As a husband and wife. So, Robin, hey -- say you'll marry me?"

Robin: "He is -- he is -- he's like a stallion. He's a raw, untamed -- I mean, I still can't even feel my toes. He about broke my hip. I mean, every single time -- I can't -- I can't get enough. I just want more. "More, please? More?"
Patrick: "If you want more, Dr. Scorpio, you can have it anytime."

Patrick: I'm ready to do this if you are. I'm prepared to deal with the H.I.V."
Robin: "It's usually really hard for me to trust somebody this much, you know? But I'm starting to catch a glimpse of what's underneath the Dr. Hottie routine. I'm starting to think that there's hope for you yet. I think someday you'll let me see the good person that I know that you truly are. It may take some time, some perseverance, but it'll be worth the wait. I guess what I'm saying is I'm in for the long haul if you are."

Patrick: "Did I tell you how sexy that sleuthing hat looks on you?"
Robin: "Dr. Drake, are you hitting on your wife, in the middle of the workplace, in the bright light of day."
Patrick: "Yes, I am, and I happen to know there's a storage closet that's unoccupied right over there."

Photos and videos

After two failed proposals, Patrick and Robin finally got engaged on October 9, 2008 in a PCPD interrogation room after Mac arrests Patrick.


Patrick and Robin Scenes 10-09-08-0

Patrick and Robin propose to each other on December 30, 2015.


GH ~ Robin & Patrick Scenes ~ 12 30 15 ~ Part 1


GH ~ Robin & Patrick Scenes ~ 12 30 15 ~ Part 2

Patrick and Robin were married by Father Coates on December 26, 2008. Patrick and Robin renewed their vows on their 5 year wedding anniversary (It was Jan 2, 2014 in real life). Patrick and Robin were remarried by Mac Scorpio in their old house on January 7, 2016.


Patrick & Robin's Wedding II~ The I Do's~ Part I ~12 29 08

Patrick and Robin's wedding, 12/29/08


Patrick & Robin 01-02-14 *Vow Renewal*-0

Patrick and Robin renew their vows, 12/29/13


GH ~ Robin & Patrick Scenes ~ 1 07 16 ~ Part 3 (a)

Patrick and Robin's second wedding, 1/07/16 ~ Part 1


GH ~ Robin & Patrick Scenes ~ 1 07 16 ~ Part 3 (b)

Patrick and Robin's second wedding, 1/07/16 ~ Part 2

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