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Dr. Patrick Drake and Nurse Sabrina Santiago are fictional characters and a former couple on the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital.


The role of Patrick was originated by actor Jason Thompson on December 7, 2005. On October 30, 2015, after many unconfirmed reports, Jason Thompson confirmed on Instagram that after ten years on the show he has decided to leave.[2][3] He made his final appearance on January 7, 2016.

Thompson was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in 2011 and 2012. Thompson was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

The role of Sabrina was originated by actress Teresa Castillo on September 19, 2012. She went on maternity leave on June 16, 2014 and returned on August 21, 2014. She went on maternity leave again on January 28, 2016 and returned on May 20, 2016.[4] Castillo made her last appearance on September 23, 2016, after her character was tragically murdered.


Patrick is the son of Dr. Noah Drake and his late wife, Mattie Drake.

Sabrina was the daughter Mr. Santiago and his late wife, Gabriela Santiago.


When Sabrina first laid eyes on Patrick see developed a huge crush on him but it took him a little longer to realize his feelings for her. He finally realized them right before the 2013 Nurses Ball and soon after they started a relationship.

The two became engaged on October 21, 2013 and were almost married on November 27, 2013, but the wedding was interrupted when Patrick's presumed dead wife revealed herself to be alive. After much consideration, Patrick chose to go back to Robin, leaving Sabrina heartbroken.

They shared a son named, Gabriel, who was born on April 25, 2014 and died on June 4, 2014.

In November, Patrick apologizes to Sabrina for what he put her through when Robin came back, as he was going through the same thing with Sam since Jason came back. She tells him that she never blamed him.

In 2016, Sabrina was murdered by Paul Hornsby.


Sabrina meets Patrick on her first day.

Sabrina met Patrick on her first day at GH as a student nurse. She crashed into Patrick with an armful of patient files as she turned away from the nurses desk and head nurse Epiphany Johnson. Patrick helped her up and made sure she was ok. Sabrina was speechless, and once Patrick left, she asked Epiphany about him. Sabrina learned that Patrick had a daughter Emma and a wife Robin who was killed in a lab explosion earlier that year. Sabrina felt sympathy toward Patrick and Epiphany confronted Sabrina about her crush on the doctor. She denied that she had one and insisted that she would be professional. Later that day Patrick asked Sabrina for a favor. When she agreed, Patrick told her about a young patient of his whom he was prepping for surgery. The only thing that will calm his patient is music. Patrick told Sabrina that his patient's favorite singer was Katy Perry, but that he wasn't familiar with her songs. Sabrina allowed him to hear one of her songs (called Firework) and Patrick agreed that it was the perfect song.

Sabrina tells Patrick that she thinks Robin is alive

Patrick agreed to a date with Britt Westbourne,who is a scheming conniving witch, a fellow doctor and coworker. When his sister-in-law Maxie Jones was unable to babysit his daughter Patrick had to cancel. Britt volunteered Sabrina as a babysitter. She and Patrick could still go out, and Sabrina could earn some extra money. Sabrina agreed and showed up at Patrick's house later that night. She was very surprised when he answered the door shirtless and she reacted by dropping her books. He introduced her to Emma, who was really shy. Patrick left for his date, but wasn't gone long. Sabrina phoned him because she was very worried, because Emma was upset and had locked herself in a closet. Patrick came home and talked to Emma. Sabrina made them chocolate milk and cookies to go with them. She spent some time with them when both Emma and Patrick insisted. As Patrick perused a relationship with Britt, Sabrina and Emma began to get more and more close. She even gave Emma a birthday present.

Sabrina is framed by Britt

Patrick asked Sabrina if she could babysit Emma while he and Britt went to a Halloween party. At home, Emma told Sabrina that she didn't like Britt because she could tell that she was mean. She went on to say how nurses were so nice, that they had a party thrown for them. Emma showed Sabrina the album of the Nurses' Ball, a benefit that used to be put on by General Hospital every year to raise awareness as well as money for AIDS research. Emma thought it was a party for Robin. They contemplated about why the event was no longer put on. When Patrick came home, he found Sabrina and Emma asleep on the couch. The next day, Sabrina ran into Patrick in the locker room. She told him about her idea to revive the Nurses' Ball, as a tribute to Robin. She told Patrick that she thought it might help him and Emma find some closure. Britt showed up and they told her the plan. She thought it was depressing, until Patrick expressed his interest. She changed her tune, even offering to help plan it.

Sabrina asleep with Emma on Halloween

Sabrina, along with new friend Elizabeth Webber, ran into Patrick and Britt at the Haunted Star. It was here when Liz asked Sabrina if she had a crush on Patrick and she said yes. Britt decided to make her plans with Patrick known to Sabrina, so she dropped her hotel room key at her feet. Sabrina was still upset about it the next day, until she overheard Patrick and Britt talking. They hadn't had sex. Sabrina was in a much better mood and told Liz what she knew. She started to say to much, and Liz tried to warn her. She was mortified when she realized that Patrick had heard much of the conversation. He asked Sabrina who the man was that she had feelings for. He even offered to give either an introduction-or warning! Sabrina started to tell Patrick the truth, but in a last-minute case of nerves revealed Liz's brother Steve Webber as her crush. Later Patrick gave Sabrina wonderful compliments and told her that she'd find a man someday who'd love her the way she deserved. At their first meeting about the Nurses' Ball, Britt schemed to keep Patrick and Sabrina apart by 'suggesting' that Steve and Sabrina work together since Sabrina has a crush on him. Liz however, intervened and made it so that she was paired with her brother and Patrick was paired with Sabrina, leaving Britt to work alone.

Patrick and Sabrina talk about the Nurses Ball

Sabrina came up with a list of wealthy individuals who could possibly underwrite the Nurses' Ball and showed it to Patrick. Eventually, the names were crossed off until one was left...Todd Manning. Sabrina practiced her pitch to Todd in the locker room, when Patrick showed up just out of the shower. While he got dressed he offered to come with her to see Mr. Manning. When she showed her surprise, he reminded her that they were partners. Britt was eavesdropping and came up with a lie to keep Patrick at the hospital. She told him that she needed a consult on a patient and that it was serious. Britt went on to say that rich people could wait, but not patients. Sabrina went to the meeting without Patrick. The consult wasn't as serious as Britt let on, and Patrick said he could still meet Sabrina. Again, Britt tried to keep Patrick from leaving saying that it'd be good for Sabrina's confidence if she could get the funding on her own. Patrick insisted that he be with her however, so he left. Todd insisted that he didn't have the money to fund the ball, and Patrick told Sabrina not to give up because he believed in her. Patrick also told Sabrina that he was proud of her and that Robin would be too.

Sabrina came up with another way to get help for the ball. She along with best friend Felix DuBois, decided to travel to meet with the infamous Lucy Coe about her helping revive the Nurses Ball. Lucy eventually came to Port Charles ready to help bring the ball back!

Patrick and Sabrina almost kiss on New Year's Eve.

Once again, Patrick asked Sabrina if she could babysit Emma, this time while he and Britt went to a New Year's Eve party at the Haunted Star. Sabrina showed up at Patrick's house, and for a moment it appeared as if the two had shared their first kiss. It turned out to be another one of Sabrina's daydreams. Patrick left for the party, while Sabrina and Emma had fun at home. Emma confided in Sabrina and said once again that she didn't like Britt, and that if she had to have another mommy that she wanted it to be Sabrina. Sabrina was stunned, and she told Emma that she could never take Robin' s place but that she's always be there for her and that they'd always be friends. When Patrick returned home, he found Sabrina asleep on the couch. Patrick explained that Britt hadn't been able to make it to the party after all. He also said that he wished that he'd stayed home with her and Emma. Sabrina started to leave when Patrick invited her to stay and see the ball drop. As the new year rang in Patrick and Sabrina leaned toward each other.

Sabrina finds Emma

The two almost kissed when Patrick's phone rang. He and Britt wished each other a happy new year. Once he was of the phone he asked Sabrina not to leave, and he went to his room to get the money to pay her. Britt showed up and forced Sabrina back to work, paying her on the way out. Patrick came back and asked about Sabrina. Britt tried to distract him but it didn't work and she left. The next day, Patrick and Sabrina ran into each other at the hospital. They began to talk about what almost happened between them. Britt lurked around the corner as she found out that they'd almost kissed. Yet again she lied to Sabrina, this time saying that Patrick had confided in her about the situation, and that Sabrina had made him uncomfortable. She went on to tell Sabrina that she could've gotten Patrick into a lot of trouble if something were to happen between them. When Patrick tried to talk to Sabrina again, she informed him that she could no longer babysit Emma. She told him that it was because she had too much of a course load.

When Sabrina told Liz about what happened, her friend was convinced that Britt couldn't be trusted and that she needed to speak with Patrick herself. She left in search of him, and she found him in the locker room shower having sex with Britt. Convinced that what Britt told her was the truth, she left heartbroken. She didn't realize that Patrick was just as upset as she was. He was going to try and talk with Sabrina and reach a compromise. Britt talked him out of it saying that he should respect Sabrina's decision. She then took advantage of him in the shower. Patrick decided that Emma and Britt should try to get to know each other, so he planed a day for them to spend together. Emma went missing that day and Patrick was frantic. Patrick called Sabrina but kept getting her voice-mail.

Patrick with Emma, after Sabrina found her.

Sabrina was on her way home when she came across Emma on the docks! She quickly grabbed the little girl and asked her why she was alone outside. Emma explained what happened and then told Sabrina where she'd left Patrick. Sabrina and Emma showed up just as Patrick was going to leave and search for her. When he asked Emma why she ran away, Sabrina spoke up for her. Earlier that day Britt said some mean and hurtful things to Emma, the worst being that she didn't like her. Britt denied it saying that Emma just made it up, but Patrick ignored her and asked Sabrina if she thought that his daughter was lying. Sabrina told Patrick that she believed Emma.

Sabrina and Patrick at Sabrina's graduation

Once Patrick and Emma were gone, Britt threatened Sabrina about ruining her relationship with Patrick. Sabrina threatened her right back about ever hurting Emma again, she also said she could care less about Patrick but that Britt will regret it if she hurts Emma. The next day Patrick and Britt met up and talked about what happened. She managed to convince Patrick that Emma had lied about what happened. Sabrina was upset and disgusted, not because Patrick hadn't believed her, but because he didn't believe his daughter. Once alone, Britt ripped into Sabrina saying that she and Patrick were going to be together and that neither she nor Patrick's spoiled brat of a daughter could do anything about it. She turned away smugly to leave and walked right into Patrick who'd heard every word.

Patrick dumped Britt on the spot, but she didn't go down without a fight. She tried all sorts of tactics to convince Patrick that he'd misunderstood, but none of which worked. Lastly she tried to blame Sabrina, saying that she poisoned Emma against her and that she'd been trying for months to break her and Patrick up. After she stormed off, Patrick thanked Sabrina for protecting his daughter. He turned down Sabrina's offer to resume with babysitting Emma, saying he'd rather that they be friends instead. He also said that his next relationship wouldn't be with someone he worked with.

Patrick sees Sabrina in her dress

Britt began a campaign of revenge against Sabrina. She blackmailed her patient Maxie into making sure that Sabrina never became a nurse. First, Britt falsified medical records and made it appear that Sabrina administered the wrong medication to a badly hurt police officer resulting in his death. Patrick and Sabrina told Steve about the situation, and an investigation began. During this time, Patrick and Sabrina got to know each other better. Sabrina talked about her mom, and how she wanted to be as good a nurse as she was. Patrick learned that Sabrina's mom also died when she was young. Patrick encouraged Sabrina, assuring her that she'd get many years of use out of her mom's stethoscope. They lit two candles, one for Robin, and one for Officer Carlson. Britt personally delivered the results of the investigation, ready to gloat. Sabrina read the letter and found out that the board voted in her favor and that she could resume her work.

First kiss

Later that day, the list of graduates from the nursing program were posted. When Sabrina didn't see her name on it she teamed up with Patrick and Felix. It was Felix who eventually found out that Sabrina wasn't graduating because she was accused of cheating. Patrick talked to Britt, convinced that she was involved. Britt denied it saying that Sabrina just didn't know the work. Patrick said she'd be the one leaving the hospital if she was involved in setting up Sabrina. When Epiphany showed up to kick Sabrina out of the hospital, she demanded a chance to clear her name. Sabrina asked to be allowed to take the test again, and if she didn't get the exact same score, she'd leave the program. Once Epiphany left, Patrick commended her on standing up to the toughest person in the hospital. Sabrina retook the test and earned another perfect score, clearing her name, and allowing her to graduate.

The day she got her test score, she'd called Patrick earlier that day. She wanted to talk with him about something important. After having a talk with Liz, Sabrina decided to tell Patrick about her feelings for him. Patrick was initially shocked, and said that he never thought of her in a romantic way. After a chat with Epiphany, Patrick realized that what he told Sabrina wasn't exactly what was true. Sabrina told Liz that the one good thing that came out of being honest with Patrick was that the burden of 'what ifs' were gone. Patrick also hired Spinelli to find out if Britt framed Sabrina for the nursing exam.

Patrick and Sabrina are finally together

On the day of Sabrina and Felix's graduation, Emma and Liz went to the ceremony, but Patrick stayed home Liz also told Patrick that Robin's fear was not dying it was leaving him and emma alone. He started to watch a video of a procedure he needed to learn, but he ended up watching the DVD that Robin made for Patrick. As the video played, he thought of all the time that he, she, and Emma spent together. He realized that he returned Sabrina's feelings, so he left for the hospital. He got there in time to see Sabrina receive her degree, and he cheered her on. Sabrina had decided earlier that since she didn't stand a chance with Patrick, she had to try and move on. After the ceremony, Patrick tried to tell Sabrina that he wanted to be with her, but she wouldn't let him. She was convinced that he was trying to let her down easily. At that moment Milo Giambetti, a bodyguard for Sonny Corinthos came over and invited Sabrina to go to the graduation party with him. Sabrina accepted, which Patrick didn't like. Over the next few days, Patrick struggled with the task of telling Sabrinatabout his true feelings, but he couldn't reach her.

Sabrina and Emma perform together

The day of the Nurses' Ball, Patrick's dad Noah Drake came to visit. He said that he was in Port Charles to attend the benefit and honor Robin. Sabrina showed up later to pick up Emma, so they could get ready with Emma's grandma Anna Devane. Once they were gone, Patrick told Noah about his 'realization' about Sabrina. Noah insisted that Patrick had to go tell Sabrina how he felt about her in person (not over the phone). When Patrick arrived at the hotel room searching for Sabrina, he didn't even recognize her! Good friend Felix had talked Sabrina into letting him perform a makeover on her to show Patrick what he missed out on and she agreed. The result was absolutely stunning. Patrick and Sabrina finally confessed their feelings to each other and shared their first kiss (for real this time)! They also asked Emma for her blessing, which she happily gave. Sabrina performed in the opening number as well as a duet with Emma, which everyone loved. Later that night however, things took a turn when Britt showed up and announced to the audience that she was pregnant with Patrick's baby.

Patrick, Sabrina and Emma

The night after the ball, Patrick and Sabrina had a talk. Patrick insisted that he didn’t want Britt and this situation to come between them. Britt showed up at the hospital and told Patrick that she was ending the pregnancy. Sabrina asked Patrick out on a date, but it was cancelled because of Britt wanting support from Patrick while she had the procedure. Felix and Sabrina watched Emma while Patrick dealt with Britt. Emma started to ask numerous questions and Sabrina, with Felix tried to answer them without getting too far into it. Once Patrick came home, he told Sabrina that Britt chose to have the baby. It was revealed that Britt never intended to have the abortion - it was just another scheme!! Britt further manipulated Patrick when she bribed a lab tech to alter her lab results in order to show her as suffering from a serious condition that could harm the baby. Sabrina confronted Britt and told her that she knew that Britt is only faking to have this condition to lure Patrick back. Britt later stated that she was "ordered" to have 24-hour medical care and should be on bed rest. She used this as a way to guilt Patrick into letting her move in with him and Emma. Patrick later told Sabrina that Britt couldn’t move into his home. Sabrina convinced Patrick that she had a solution. They told Britt together that she wasn’t moving in with Patrick, but with Sabrina instead!

Patrick and Sabrina kiss in the locker room

From the hospital, Patrick called Sabrina to see how the roommate situation was progressing. Britt is giving Sabrina a hard time. Patrick said how he couldn’t believe that he agreed to Sabrina's idea of letting Britt move in with her. She reminded him of the reasons why this was the only solution. Patrick told Sabrina how thankful he is for what she's doing for him and his baby. He also promised Sabrina that he'd make up for the time that they haven't been spending together. It was revealed that Sabrina and best friend Felix are roommates and live together. Felix got extremely upset when he realized what Sabrina had done, but Sabrina later explained herself. She only moved Britt in so that together, they could get proof that Britt is lying to Patrick about her illness. Felix eventually agreed to her plan. Later that night, Patrick went to see Sabrina and to find out how things were going. Patrick then asked Sabrina out on a date, to which she agreed. The two of them had dinner at the Metro Court, and they discussed how supportive Sabrina had been. Sabrina told Patrick that the reason she let Britt move in with her is because she still didn’t believe that Britt was being honest about her condition, and that she was trying to prove what was really going on. Patrick told Sabrina that he was going to have a paternity test done when Britt found out that she was sick. Sabrina insisted that there was a way for the test to be conducted that was noninvasive.

Patrick and Sabrina on the night of their first date.

Patrick suggested that they stop discussing Britt, and enjoy the rest of their date. Patrick invited Sabrina back to his home, where they had cupcakes for dessert. Patrick later said that he wanted Sabrina to spend the night with him. Sabrina voiced her concerns because they're in the home that he shared with Robin whom she knows Patrick loved very much. Patrick told Sabrina about the DVD that Robin made for him, encouraging him to move on and find someone who would love him and Emma. He told Sabrina that he believes her to be that woman. He then asked her if she was comfortable staying with him and Sabrina kissed him in reply. They go to his bedroom, where Patrick sensed Sabrina's nervousness. He asked her if this will be her first time having sex. They discuss their past love lives for a few minutes. Sabrina admits that she’s had sex with only one other man. Sabrina explained that she and her ex-boyfriend had been together for many years, and that she cared about him. When Patrick asked why they broke up, Sabrina told him. She told him that as they grew up they grew apart. He wanted to marry and start a family and she wanted to become a nurse. She stated that he was a very traditional man. She then told Patrick about her cousin Juan Santiago, who told her about Port Charles and how she took it as a sign telling her to take a chance. She told Patrick that despite how difficult it was for her to leave Puerto Rico, she’s grateful that she did just that. They admitted how happy they are together, and they made love.

Patrick and Sabrina, along with Ellie and Britt.

Sabrina, along with Felix, managed to convince Patrick to have a paternity test done without Britt's consent. They asked lab tech Ellie Trout to conduct the test, since they realized that the lab manager Brad couldn’t be trusted and was probably working with Britt. When Felix accidentally tipped off Britt, he rushed to let Sabrina know, and she and Patrick took off for the hospital. When Britt arrived to stop the test, Sabrina and Patrick let her know that she was too late and that they have the results. Sabrina agreed with Patrick when he suspected that Britt was lying about the paternity of the baby. Britt destroyed the results, which she took to mean that she knew she was about to be caught in a lie. Once Ellie however, confirmed that the child is Patrick's, both Sabrina and Patrick had to try to accept the news.

Patrick and Sabrina almost make love in an exam room

Patrick and Emma are with Mac and Felicia to celebrate the 4th of July. When Emma was given a baby doll as a gift, she got extremely upset. She talked about not wanting anything to do with Britt or her baby. Sabrina arrived at the park to celebrate the 4th of July with Patrick and Emma. Emma ran into her arms. She told Sabrina about how unhappy she was about Britt and the baby. Patrick looked on and listened while Sabrina admitted to her that she was also upset about the situation. Sabrina went on to say that they all had to accept what was happening. She also assured Emma that she'd be a great big sister. Once alone, Patrick thanked Sabrina for helping Emma. Sabrina told him that she was being sincere. When she began to tell Patrick that she'd love his baby just as she loved him, she paused. Patrick told her that she could say the words because he loved her as well. Britt showed up at the BBQ. Convinced that they had to try to get along Emma offered Britt the chance to hold her new doll. When the doll got wet, Britt threw the toy which landed on the grill and burst into flames. Britt left shortly after. While watching the fireworks, Sabrina listened while Patrick told she and Emma that they'd be alright because they're together.

Patrick, Sabrina and Emma on the 4th of July

Britt showed up at the hospital with a new doll for Emma. When Sabrina made a comment about Britt faking her illness, Britt got very angry and unloaded on Sabrina. Later that day, Sabrina voiced her concerns once again to Patrick. Patrick told her that even if Britt had faked her condition, the fact still remained that she was having his child.Sabrina agreed when Patrick brought up the idea of her being in his youngest child's life. Sabrina invited Patrick out to lunch when he told her that he had plans. Sabrina found out that Patrick had agreed to attend childbirth classes with Britt. When she told Patrick to go to the class, he insisted on knowing that she was ok with the idea. After some dodging, she finally told Patrick how she felt about Britt. She told Patrick that she wanted to be with him because of the kind of person that he is. She agreed when Patrick told her that they would get through their predicament together. Patrick and Sabrina are a cute couple and everyone sees that Sabrina and Robin are alike they are both strong and independent women willing to stand up to those who wrong them. Patrick and Sabrina get engaged on October 21. Patrick tells Sabrina he wants her to be his wife, he wants her by his side for the rest of his life and he wants to have a family with her and Emma. Sabrina tearfully accepts his proposal. There wedding was set to take place on Nov 27, 2013.

Sabrina gives Patrick back the rings

On Nov 27, Patrick and Sabrina's wedding ceremony starts with Robin outside in the hall listening in. On Dec 2nd, Patrick and Sabrina say their I do's and are ALMOST pronounced man and wife by Lucy Coe but not before Emma spots her mother, Robin and runs to her. Sabrina and the entire congregation see her as well including a very stunned Patrick. Patrick goes to her and she explains what happened. Robin and Patrick kiss, while a very devastated Sabrina watches and then runs out crying with Felix in tow. After talking to Felix about what just happened, Patrick walks in. He tells her that he doesn't know what to do but that he still loves her and he needs time. On Dec 23rd, Patrick tells Sabrina that he has chosen to be with his wife, Robin, this leaves Sabrina devastated. The two hug and Patrick promises to always be there for her and wants her to be apart of Emma's life. Sabrina says she loves Emma but she can't make any promises right now. She gives the rings back to him and they part ways. On New Years Eve, Sabrina begins to feel nauseous. She takes a pregnancy test and discovers she is pregnant with Patrick's child.

Patrick and Sabrina after the car accident

Sabrina swears Felix to secrecy, wanting to keep the news of the pregnancy between them two. However it's already too late as Carlos has overheard her saying she is pregnant. Felix heads off to work, while Sabrina explains the situation to Carlos. She asks Carlos to keep the pregnancy a secret, because she does not want to come between Patrick and Robin. Carlos agrees and even offers to claim the baby and raise him or her as his own, so that Sabrina doesn't have to hide her pregnancy and can keep the baby. Meanwhile at the hospital, Felix does his best to fend off Patrick's curiosity when he begins asking about Sabrina, but eventually admits to Patrick that Sabrina is pregnant. Patrick then heads to Sabrina's apartment to talk about the baby.

Patrick, Sabrina and Emma

Sabrina makes Carlos hide when she hears Patrick at the door. Patrick comes in and asks Sabrina if she is pregnant, which she confirms. He inquires about her well-being and assures her that he will be there to support her. Just as Sabrina and Patrick start to talk about how to handle the situation, Carlos interrupts them and claims that he is the father of Sabrina's child. Sabrina later admits the truth to Patrick after an encounter with Emma. Sabrina has her first ultrasound alone soon after, when Patrick doesn't show up. She decides not to find out the baby's gender until Patrick is with her.

Patrick and Sabrina watch over baby Gabriel

Soon after, Sabrina runs into Robin & Patrick, and brings up her appointment. Patrick apologizes, saying something has come up. He tells Sabrina that Robin is leaving town to do volunteer work in Africa. Sabrina's surprised to hear this, and asks Patrick if Robin is leaving because of her pregnancy. Patrick assures her that it's not the reason, and promises her he wants to be a part of the baby's life. On April 16, they find out the baby is a boy. On April 23-24, Patrick, Sabrina and Emma are in a car accident and as a result Sabrina goes in to premature labor. On April 25, Sabrina gives to a baby boy on the side of the road. The baby is rushed to the hospital and Patrick and Sabrina sit vigil by their son's side.

Gabriel's heartbeat

On May 27, Patrick and Sabrina name their son Gabriel Drake Santiago, after Gabriela[5] Santiago, Sabrina's mom and Patrick and Emma Drake. On June 3, Patrick and Sabrina find out that their son has necrotizing enterocolitis, which was causing his organs to shut down and he only had a few hours to live. On June 4, Gabriel passed away. The next day, Sabrina starts acting weird and it turns out that she blocked out the death of her son so when Patrick went to see her she was in her wedding dress because she thought it was the eve of her and Patrick's wedding instead of her son's funeral. Patrick has to snap her out of it and when he does, she loses it. On June 16, Patrick and Sabrina attend their sons funeral and then Sabrina decides to go back to Puerto Rico with Juan to heal, but promises to come back.

Hand holding

When Sabrina returns on August 21, Patrick tells Sabrina that Rafe caused their accident because someone put him up to it. He also tells her that Robin didn't go to Africa, she left to save Jason. Patrick eventually finds out the Victor Cassadine put Rafe up to running them off the road. On December 17, 2014, Patrick tells Sabrina that Victor was the one who put Rafe up to causing the accident that caused Gabriel's death and that it was all about him and Robin and had nothing to with Sabrina.

In 2015, On the day of Elizabeth and Jake's aka Jason's wedding, Patrick finds out that Sabrina is pregnant again and is very happy for her. They also remember Gabriel and tell each other they remember him everyday and try to do their best and be their best for him. In November, Patrick apologizes to Sabrina for what he put her through when Robin came back, as he was going through the same thing with Sam since Jason was back. She tells him that she never blamed him. In December, Patrick and Sabrina talk about how he needs to decide about what to do about Sam. She also tells him that she knew that when Robin came back that her relationship with Patrick was over. Later on, Michael arrives and Patrick leaves but not before hugging Sabrina. She also tells him to call her if he needs anything.

Proposal video

Patrick proposed to Sabrina out of the blue on October 20-21, 2013, and after some discussion she said yes.


GH Patrick and Sabrina 10 21 13 The Proposal

Wedding video

Patrick and Sabrina were almost married on December 2, 2013.


GH Patrick and Sabrina 12 2 13 The Wedding

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