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Alan, Jonah, and Charity at Gatlin's in Pautauk (1986) .png
Alan Quartermaine, Jonah Gatlin, and his mother Charity Gatlin at Gatlin's in Pautauk (1986)
General Hospital
Genre Soap opera
Type Town
Nickname(s) Podunk (by Marie)
Notable locations Gatlin's
Gatlin House
Country House
Pautauk Woods
Notable people Charity Gatlin
Jimmy Lee Holt
Jonah Gatlin
Austin Gatlin-Holt

Pautauk, New York is a fictional small town located in upstate New York.


Map of Pautauk (2021)

Charity Gatlin was introduced as the widowed store owner of Gatlin's, in Pautauk. Alan Quartermaine stumbled upon her store in July of 1986 after he had faked his death and pretended to have amnesia.

Alan’s brother Jimmy Lee Holt faced a financial ruin when some of his waterfront properties collapsed. His wife Celia could not tolerate being destitute. She left Jimmy Lee and Port Charles for good. In a strange turn of events, Jimmy Lee married Charity Gatlin and moved to Pautauk to help her run Gatlin's.

In May 2021, Maxie is at GH with Dr. Navarro while Peter talks to Maxie’s live-in nurse Marie Hopkins (Kimberly J. Brown) who posed as nanny Chloe Jennings. He wants Maxie to grow to trust her new nurse before she is taken to Pautauk, New York to deliver her baby. Peter says that he will disappear with Maxie and the baby afterwards as a new family.

Marie makes Maxie get in a wheelchair and injects Maxie to knock her out. She drives an unconscious Maxie to Pautauk and holds her captive in a Country House. Maxie throws hot water in Marie’s face and knocks her out with a firepoker.

Dr. Austin Gatlin-Holt finds Maxie in the woods and helps her give birth. He saves her baby and is knocked out by Marie. Maxie kicks Marie in the shin and runs over to a boarded up spot on the ground. She puts some rocks on the boards and Marie comes after Maxie and falls through the boards into a mine. Maxie finds a phone and calls Brook Lynn who is waiting for her in Beechers Corners.

In June, Sam and Dante are investigating the country house as Marie has disappeared and Maxie’s baby is missing. Austin comes in and says he owns the house. Dante asks about a video camera in the house and Austin says he doesn’t know about it.

On June 18th, Austin shows up, as Dante's team covers and clears grids on the Pautauk Woods map. Austin points to a spot that topographically changed thanks to winter storms, and they agree to search there. Marie’s body is found in the mine shaft that Dante almost falls into. Austin pushes him out of the way to save him.