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The Pautauk State Park is a fictional wooded area located in the small town of Pautauk in upstate New York.


In May 2021, Maxie escaped from the Country House that Marie Hopkins took her to and ran into the nearby woods. Peter August hired Marie to kidnap Maxie. Dr. Austin Gatlin-Holt finds Maxie in the woods and helps her give birth. He saves her baby who isn't breathing and is then knocked out by Marie.

Maxie kicks Marie in the shin and runs over to a boarded up spot on the ground. She puts some rocks on the boards and Marie comes after Maxie and falls through the boards into a mine shaft. Maxie finds a phone and calls Brook Lynn who is waiting for her in Beechers Corners.

Mac Scorpio searches the woods with the P.C.P.D. for Louise. Maxie convinces Anna Devane to search for Peter instead.

In June, Austin shows up, as Dante's team covers and clears grids on a Pautauk map. Austin points to a spot that topographically changed thanks to winter storms, and they agree to search there. There was a winter storm which caused the area to loose a bunch of trees, roots and all. It destabilized the earth, now the riverbed is gone, it's now a landslide you can cross. Dante Falconeri is convinced, and lets Austin lead him and as the man tells him he is trying to preserve these woods. He pushes Dante out of the way before he falls into a mine shaft. Austin says there used to be mining in the town. Dante finds a body (later revealed to be Marie) at the bottom of the shaft.

Later Valentin Cassadine and Anna visit the park to look for clues and Austin tries to help them but he doesn't remember much. Anna wonders if Marie fell or was pushed into the mine shaft.

On January 26, 2022, Maxie and Austin return to the house and the woods with Anna and Felicia Scorpio to help them remember what happened. Austin recalls hearing Maxie talk to another female voice.

On June 14, Hamilton Finn and his father Gregory Chase take his daughter Violet Finn, and her cousins Aiden and Jake Spencer to the park for a camping trip. Their brother Cameron Webber initially doesn't want to go with but changes his mind. Austin is joined by Maxie as scout Wyatt Hoover helps them out at a nearby campsite. Maxie explained to Austin that she was hesitant to return at first but she realized she never will be and there are plenty of people around this time. While the kids were singing around the campfire, Maxie notices Austin is gone. He is meeting a stranger in the woods.