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Perks Coffee is one of the local coffee shops in the city of Port Charles. It is located in a boardwalk area with a courtyard, outdoor coffee kiosk, and an indoor coffee shop which are managed by Aaron Roland.

Siblings Kristina Corinthos-Davis and Morgan Corinthos have been employed there. Perks serves Corinthos Coffee which is also owned by Sonny Corinthos.

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The Perks Coffee logo

On April 27, 2016, Aaron met Kristina Corinthos-Davis at the Freedman Clinic. He pretended to be a patient so he could continue to talk to her. She eventually finds out he is there visiting a relative too. Kristina was there visiting her brother, Morgan Corinthos. Morgan lets her know that Aaron was flirting with her.

On May 4, Aaron is seen arriving at the Davis-Jerome house to take Kristina out on a date. He also meets a stunned Molly Lansing-Davis. Eventually, Aaron was hired to work at Sonny Corinthos' coffee shop Perks Coffee. Aaron had always wanted to run his own coffee shop. Morgan later got a job there serving coffee. Unfortunately, Morgan had anger issues (like when the new Perks shirts were misprinted) due to his bipolar disorder and eventually he was fired.

A few weeks later, Aaron and Kristina sleep together at his place. Later on, Kristina tells him that she slept with Parker and he ended their relationship. The next year Kristina mentioned that Aaron was still managing Perks Coffee.

After Morgan's death in 2016, a memorial was held for him in the courtyard outside of Perks.


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