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Peter August is a fictional character and main antagonist on the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital. He is the son of the late supervillain, Cesar Faison and Dr. Alex Devane.

He is infamously known to be responsible for Jason Morgan's five year disappearance (and later his presumed death), for Drew Cain's two year disappearance and for the death of Franco Baldwin.


On October 26, 2017, TVLine and Soap Opera Digest confirmed that Wes Ramsey would be joining the cast as Peter August, debuting on November 14.

He is known for his roles on Charmed as Wyatt Halliwell (where he portrayed Finola Hughes' grandson), Guiding Light as Sam Spencer and on Days of Our Lives as Owen Kent.

On February 6, 2021, Ramsey made a vague Instagram post that made it sound like he was leaving GH. He later edited the post to clarify he wasn't leaving.[11]

On June 10, 2021, Soap Opera News confirmed that Ramsey is done on GH.[12] He made his last appearance on June 3, 2021 when his character was presumably killed off, although he appeared as a hallucination on June 17, 2021 and appeared in flashbacks until July 28, 2021.

Ramsey returned as Peter from August 23[13] to December 14, 2021 when the character fell into a coma. He was next seen on January 3, 2022.


In late 2017, after mysterious man named Peter August arrived in Port Charles, he was hired by Drew Cain to be COO of Aurora Media.

In 2018, Obrecht revealed that Cesar Faison had a son named Henrik. Faison wanted nothing to do with Henrik because while the boy was Faison's son, he wasn't Anna Devane's son. His mother disappeared right after birth. Faison had him sent off to boarding school as soon as he was able to go. For many years, Henrik wanted to have his father's approval and when he grew up, he became smart and devious. On January 31, 2018, it was revealed that Peter August is Henrik.

Henrik is a professional writer, under his father's pen name "P.K. Sinclair", he wrote a book called The Severed Branch, that is based off of his childhood and his relationship with his father, and it was published in 2018, he received an early copy in late March.

On February 1, 2018, it's revealed that Anna supposedly has a child with Faison, hinting that Henrik is Anna's long lost son. Henrik was conceived just before Anna met Robert Scorpio, when she was still a trainee at the W.S.B.. She believed that she went undercover to get some intel on Faison and found him heavily drunk at a bar so he couldn't notice who she was and she took advantage. At the end of the night, she got the intel she wanted a long with something she didn't expect, a child. In 2019, however, Robert Scorpio suggested to Anna that Peter might not be her son after all, he might actually be her twin sister, Alex Devane's son with Faison. Anna didn't tell Peter about her suspicions since she wanted to be Peter's mother at the time. On Halloween Night in 2020, Anna learned that Peter had the genetic marker for rheumatoid arthritis, which confirmed to her that Peter is Alex's son, not her's. On March 3, 2021, Peter finally learned that Alex was his mother all along and that Anna and Valentin had known for months.

Peter's book The Severed Branch

Fearing Faison might find out about their child, after Henrik was born, Alex gave him away without even holding or seeing him, fearing she won't be able to let go of her first born. Unfortunately, Henrik was found by Faison and he was raised unfairly by him. He was sent to a boarding school at a very young age in Switzerland under a different name, for years he wanted his father's approval, for him to love him as his son but Faison only saw him as a servant nothing more. He never even attended any of his school plays.

He used to be close friends with his mentor, Valentin Cassadine. On May 8, 2018, it's revealed that Valentin knew Henrik since he was a child. He became a father figure to Henrik, loving and caring for him like he was his own son; he taught him how to be devious and a brilliant strategist like him. On May 23, it was revealed that after Alex gave Henrik away; Valentin tracked down the family that had adopted him and threatened them into giving him the infant before he then delivered him to his father.

He, his father and Helena Cassadine were behind The Jason Morgan Conspiracy and after months of being hunted down, on May 22, 2018, he was captured and taken into custody by the P.C.P.D. and the W.S.B.. However, he escaped with Valentin's help till he was recaptured after being held captive by Dr. Liesl Obrecht and Nina Reeves for nearly two months. In August, the WSB cleared Peter of all his charges and after being released from hospital, Peter bought a new gossip magazine called "The Invader" with Valentin's help.

On May 21, 2018, Peter helped deliver Maxie's baby...his nephew, James West. On June 29, while being held captive, he saw a hallucination of Maxie, to which he revealed that she's the first person in his life to ever need him and he wanted to redeem himself in her eyes.

Peter acted like he was on a good path in late 2018 and throughout most of 2019, but when Hank Archer blackmailed Peter about how he had a bigger role in the conspiracy to replace Jason with Drew and how he orchestrated Drew's abduction with help from Helena, Peter grew desperate to hide the truth and ordered a hit on Drew before having Bryce Henderson stab Andre Maddox. Peter also paid Bryce to help Hank escape from custody so he could take him out. When Sam McCall killed Hank in defense of Jason, Peter had Bryce frame Sam for hiring him to help Hank escape so she could kill him. In December, Peter hired David Black to kill Franco Baldwin and Andre Maddox, but changed his mind and killed David instead. On March 6, 2020, Peter framed Liesl for his crimes to throw everyone off of his trail.

On August 19, during the 2020 Nurses' Ball, Maxie accidentally reveals to everyone that she is pregnant after a microphone malfunction with Lulu, before her Deception Cosmetics pitch. Peter finds Maxie afterward and she confirms that she is pregnant. They embrace and share in their excitement for the baby. Mac and Anna join them and they confirm the news to the grandparents-to-be who are both overjoyed.

On February 8, 2021, Peter confided in Valentin and revealed that he was responsible for Drew's presumed death (although Drew was actually alive), he tried to have Franco and Andre killed and he framed Liesl for his crimes. On March 4, Valentin finally exposed Peter's crimes to everyone at Peter's double wedding with Maxie, Anna and Dr. Hamilton Finn. Since then, he and Valentin have become enemies.

On June 3, 2021, Peter was thought to have been killed when Finn ended up throwing him down the stairs. Finn and Nurse Elizabeth Webber covered up his "death" by putting Peter in a freezer in the hospital's sub basement. In July, when Finn confessed the truth to Anna while leaving Elizabeth's involvement out of it, he went to show her Peter's body, only to see that the freezer was empty, which shocked Finn. Peter was later seen alive and stalking Maxie in Nixon Falls on August 23, 2021.

On November 22, 2021, Peter was finally captured by the W.S.B.


On November 14, 2017, Peter August first appeared when he arrived at The Metro Court Hotel in Port Charles, New York for a job interview for a corporate position, meeting Drew Cain, who along with Sam Morgan, had purchased Derek Wells Media (formerly one of the front companies for The Jerome Crime Family), which was previously owned by Julian Jerome and had been renamed Aurora Media in the hopes of making the company totally legitimate and crime-free.

On November 29, Sam Morgan revealed in a press conference to formally and publicly launch the company, that Peter August is the new Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Aurora Media.[5] Peter soon quickly begins impressing Drew and Sam, by working alongside not only them both, but with Nina Reeves, who Sam kept in charge of Crimson Publications, which remained the top division of Aurora Media, and worked with her and Maxie Jones in covering popular news bulletins and national events to gain high revenue and corporate influence for Crimson. As the COO of Aurora, Peter is also one of Nina's bosses.

He later also meets and interviews Lulu Spencer for a job at Aurora the week after, from whereupon Lulu joins the company as a tabloid reporter and journalist. For the rest of 2017, Peter comes to highly respect his new employers and colleagues, forging a partnership with Sam and Nina, while gaining the respect of Drew and also harboring a friendship with Lulu, Maxie, and Nathan West.

In mid January of 2018, Lulu conducts an interview with Nathan, after the latter discovers that the infamous criminal mastermind, Cesar Faison is his biological father. Nathan, who was shocked at this revelation, begins working alongside Dante Falconeri and then seeks the help of Lulu and Crimson to lure Faison out of hiding, so that the PCPD can capture him and incarcerate him for good. Lulu then calls upon Peter and Nina to aid Nathan in using Crimson's influence to expose Faison to the Internet, but Maxie panics after she becomes pregnant with Nathan's child, though Nathan is determined to find Faison nonetheless. In addition, the interview soon ends up garnering the attention of Sonny Corinthos, Jason Morgan, and Anna Devane.

Peter meets his aunt, Anna Devane

That same month, when Drew and Sam go on their honeymoon, Peter is left in charge of Aurora. On January 23, Peter rejects Anna's offer of making a fake story to lure Faison (by making it based on his other son) since it apparently violated the company's ethics commission. Anna is left shocked of Peter's unwillingness to cooperate and before leaving, she said that she didn't believe him. On January 25, Peter was held hostage at gunpoint by Cesar Faison, then Maxie Jones arrived. In an attempt to stop Faison, Peter tried to shoot him, but he got shot instead. However, he was wearing a bulletproof vest and was uninjured. After the hostage situation ended with Faison shooting Nathan and Jason shooting Faison, Peter left the Metro Court and was stalking Anna Devane at the very location where she is waiting to meet Faison's son Henrik, possibly hinting that Peter is Henrik. He also burned his bulletproof vest and by doing so, he destroyed evidence.

Peter taunts his father Cesar on his deathbed at GH

On January 31, Peter visited Faison at his hospital room and called him "Dad" revealing himself as Henrik. They exchange threats and insults before Peter tells his father he killed the wrong son as Nathan had died from his wound that night. Peter is gleeful that he outmanoeuvred his father. He further gloats over holding all the cards including the flash drive containing Drew's memories. Faison had trouble breathing and grabbed for the emergency button, while begging his son for help. Peter whips the button out of Faison's hand and says, "You taught me better than that." Peter proudly saunters out of the room, leaving Faison to gasp for air and ultimately die. Peter attended his brother Nathan's funeral and later on February 19, he mourned and apologized to him in his gravesite for being indirectly responsible for his death.

Peter embracing Maxie

After finding out from Maxie that his father had Huntington's disease, he did a blood test with Dr. Griffin Munro's help, and on March 16, like his nephew or niece, it's confirmed that he hasn't inherited Huntington's disease from his father. Soon he began having an interest in his brother's widow Maxie Jones constantly being there for her without her knowing who he really is. Griffin soon found out about Peter's true identity and soon confronted him. Peter was able to manipulate him into not reporting him to the authorities.

Peter unknowingly meets his cousin, Robin

In May, Peter escorted Maxie to the Nurses Ball of 2018. During the Nurses Ball, he met his long-lost cousin Robin. Later when leaving the Nurses' Ball, Maxie's water breaks in Peter's car. Peter helps Maxie deliver a healthy baby boy on the side of the road. Afterwards, he confronts Anna Devane at the pier, before being held at gunpoint by Jason Morgan. On May 22, to save his life, Anna reveals to both Peter and Jason that he is her son. In the end, Peter was taken into custody by the PCPD and the WSB. On May 25, despite Robert and Dante's opposition, Anna refused to testify against her son. Through Valentin's help he was able to escape, however, he was kidnapped by Liesl Obrecht with the help of Nina.

Peter with Drew and DA Margaux at the hospital

Liesl and Nina held Peter captive in a cabin in the woods for being indirectly responsible for Nathan's death and Liesl tortured/starved him several times, even trying to kill him on a few occasions despite Nina's opposition to murder. Peter, who was failing to convince Nina out of the plot, almost got lucky when a scout named Wyatt Hoover attempted to rescue him, but Lisel came in and caused Wyatt to hide under the bed. After she left, Peter had Wyatt take her notebook and give it to Franco and Finn, who soon discovered the whole kidnapping. Lisel later brought Peter to Spoon Island and started to hold him captive there, but Peter was finally able to persuade an unwilling Nina to help him escape, only for Lisel to catch them. Enraged, Liesl sets Spoon Island on fire with the two of them inside and gets arrested. Valentin and Finn save the two and Peter is hospitalized as a result of being held captive for two months.

Peter meets with his cousin Robin

In August, the WSB cleared Peter of all his charges and after being released from hospital, Peter bought a new gossip magazine called The Invader. He is determined to reshape the media company, so he hired Lulu Spencer to help him in doing so. On September 13, he met with his cousin Robin at the Metro court, they talk about his father. She points out that they both grew up in Faison's shadow and she doesn't want that for her children. He assures her he doesn't plan to hurt her or her children. Robin says she won't lobby on her mother's behalf. If he chooses to have a relationship with Anna, that's his choice. She admits that Emma is curious about him. Peter says he may give her a reason to introduce him to her children one day.

Peter meets Britt

In November 2018, Peter met his half-sister, Britt Westbourne.

On January 11, 2019, Peter met with Anna at a cafe and was committed to getting to know her and her extended family, even asking about her twin sister Alex Marick. Anna mentioned that the less said about Alex the better and as they were chatting Anna suddenly got a headache and lost consciousness. When she woke up, she started panicking because she couldn't see anything and Peter was concerned so he took her to the hospital where she was treated by Finn. He restored her sight and neutralized a virus that made her go blind.

After Lulu had been stabbed by the serial killer, Peter was initally a suspect but was proven to be innocent and he came clean since he had nothing to hide.

On March 1, Robert and Anna confronted Peter about anything he knew about Patients 1-5 and Peter swore he didn't know much and he never met this man named Dr. Arthur Cabot.

In April, Anna encouraged Peter to tell Maxie how he feels and he did plus she confessed her feelings for Peter. They shared a kiss and Peter thanked her by saying it was a very "mom" thing to do.

At the 2019 Nurse's Ball, Peter congratulated Anna and Finn after they just got engaged when Finn proposed to her on stage.

In June, Peter agreed to help Maxie find Dante and bring him home for Lulu. Peter was initally against the idea since Dante was suffering a severe case of PTSD but since Maxie was bound and determined he agreed to help. Maxie's dad Frisco Jones gave her and Peter temporary clearances to enter a WSB facility in Ithaca where Dante was being treated. On July 15, after Maxie learned that Dante refused to see them she pushed her way into the room he was in. Dante quickly grabbed an agent's gun and shot Peter in the shoulder, but thankfully it was a clean wound and required no surgery.

On August 21, it was revealed that Peter had aided and abetted Helena Cassadine in her plan to kidnap Drew from his post in Afghanistan back in 2012. When he had shown up to the spot, nobody knew it but Hank Archer caught a glimpse of him. Later that day, Hank (now known as Shiloh) called Peter for a visit in prison and blackmailed him into helping him get out of Pentonville or else he would reveal Peter's part in the Jason Morgan Conspiracy. As a result, Peter had someone crash Drew's flight to Afghanistan, presumably killing him.

On September 3, Peter had someone stab Dr. Andre Maddox twice in the abdomen upon his return to PC which was orchestrated by Drew prior to his presumed death. Andre survived at GH and Peter tried to kill him himself, but was forced to leave. It was only on September 10 that Peter was revealed to be the perpetrator of Drew's presumed death and Andre's attempted murder.

On September 19, Peter tried to have Shiloh killed, but the hit man helped him escape custody instead and Shiloh called Peter to give him $35,000 in cash so he would not expose him. While on his way to deliver the money at the docks, Peter sees Dev and "Wiley" at the pier after Shiloh freed them from being his hostages. As Jason goes to rescue Sam from Shiloh, Dev asks Peter for help and Peter eventually helps Dev and "Wiley" go to GH. Maxie then confronts Peter about withdrawing a lot of money and going to the docks. Peter lies to her by saying that he wanted to look for a new place to live by the docks. Later, Shiloh's dead body was brought to GH after Sam killed him in Jason's defense.

On October 10, Peter and Bryce framed Sam for helping Shiloh escape.

On November 28, Peter learned that Franco decided to get his memories back which upset him, so on December 9 he eventually hired a hitman named David Black to kill him and Andre. However, after having a talk with Anna, he later tried to call off the hit, but he could not get a hold of him. Peter eventually grabbed a gun and shot David Black. When Anna found him, he spun the story and claimed that he found David and something didn't seem right about him and when he tried to kill both Andre and Franco, he killed him in their defense. On December 16, David Black died from his gunshot wound.

On December 20, it was revealed that Peter worked at EuroTech, which was a shell company for the DVX. He was there at the same time as David Black.

On January 3, 2020, Peter and Maxie went to Nina and Valentin's wedding and eventually the wedding was crashed when a not-so-dead Nikolas Cassadine came in with Ava in his arms and revealed that Valentin is not the rightful Cassadine heir and that he is not even a Cassadine at all, he is Helena's son. While the confrontation was happening, Peter and Maxie took Charlotte to her room as to make sure she didn't hear any of it. Eventually, Valentin came and picked up Charlotte since he was planning to run but Maxie and Peter tried to stop him. Maxie took Charlotte out of the room before Valentin kneed Peter in the stomach and he took off with her. Maxie found Peter who later convinced her there was nothing more they can do at Wyndemere.

On January 9, Peter went to see Anna and when she asked him about Eurotech, he admitted to working there from 2011 until 2013, but spun the story and didn't give her a lot of useful information. He later told Anna that he didn't want to be "Henrik" ever again and she said he is so much more than his father's son before hugging him. On January 13, Anna withheld the part about Peter being at Eurotech to protect him. Later on, when Peter found out, he was grateful to Anna and said he wanted to be the son that she deserves.

On February 10, Peter overheard Robert and Anna discussing the fact that Sam and Jason were helping him find evidence on Peter in exchange for help with Sam's parole problem. He played it off as if he didn't know what was going on but he later called the attorney general and sabotaged the investigation which got Robert pulled off the case and put Sam and Jason back at square 1.

On March 6, Peter framed Liesl Obrecht for Drew's presumed death and for both counts of attempting to murder Andre Maddox and for attempting to murder Franco Baldwin back in December of 2019, which resulted in Anna gleefully having two WSB agents arrest her for Peter's crimes. Maxie was devastated and he consoled her while still keeping his secrets and lies under wraps.

On April 14, Peter was at Anna's house to help get Violet Finn's birthday party set up and Robert asked for his help with balloons. Robert pretended to try to make peace with Peter who was skeptical but played along. Robert then claimed that while they would never be best buds that they could co-exist. Later on, Peter called his henchman and let him know to go ahead with a distraction for Robert since he could still be a problem.

On April 20, it was revealed that the distraction that Peter created was Holly Sutton's death. Robert received a call that seemingly confirmed her demise, much to his heartbreak.

On May 6, Peter met with his henchman and told him that he only wanted a distraction and not Holly's death. The henchman claimed that he had nothing to do with the incident that caused Holly's death.

On August 19, during the 2020 Nurses' Ball, Maxie accidentally reveals to everyone that she is pregnant after a microphone malfunction before her Deception Cosmetics pitch. Peter finds Maxie afterward and she confirms that she is pregnant. They embrace and share in their excitement for the baby. Mac and Anna join them and they confirm the news to the grandparents-to-be who are both overjoyed.

On October 12, Peter and Maxie officially get engaged while they were at the hospital for a check up on their baby.

On October 26, Peter decided to hire Dante (who just came back to Port Charles) as his Head of Security at The Invader after Dante claimed that he was looking into some security work. Unbeknownst to Peter, however, Dante was actually brainwashed to complete a mission to take Peter down.

On February 3, 2021, Peter fired Dante from his position as the Head of Security at The Invader after a talk with Maxie, especially since he overheard Dante saying that he has a hard time with Peter since he is Nathan's half-brother.

On February 8, Peter finally revealed to Valentin that he's responsible for Drew's presumed death, the murder attempts on Andre and Franco and for framing Liesl for his crimes. He admitted that it felt good to get it off his chest but asked Valentin to keep his secrets. Valentin agreed to do so.

On February 24, Peter went to see Anna who asked him about his connection to David Black. She gave him plenty of opportunities to tell the truth since she now knows the crimes Peter has committed to cover up his involvement in Drew's abduction in July 2012. Peter didn't tell the truth and instead stuck to his story before he threw the evidence that Anna withheld into her fireplace.

On March 1, Peter was getting ready for his double wedding with Maxie, Anna and Finn and he was gloating to Faison about how nobody was going to stop him. Dante came by with a "friendly" warning and said that Peter would answer to him if he made Maxie regret their wedding day. Peter thought that something was off with Dante, especially since Dante talked about Peter's mission when he first came to town and revealed that he has a mission of his own. As Dante clenched his fists, Valentin came by and Dante left. Valentin and Peter shared a heart-to-heart before he gave Peter a gift. After Valentin left, a mysterious man came and put a bag over Peter's head before dragging him down to a closet in the parking garage. Dante eventually found him and untied him before they made their way to the double wedding ceremony.

As the wedding got back on track, Liesl showed up and revealed to everyone that Peter is not Anna's son, he is actually the son of Anna's twin sister, Alex Devane. This revelation devastated Peter and it stopped the wedding between Finn and Anna since it was revealed that Anna knew since Halloween of last year and she didn't tell Finn or Peter. Maxie felt like that didn't change how she felt about Peter and still wanted to marry him which led to Valentin finally exposing Peter's crimes to Maxie. Peter kept lying despite the fact that his cover was blown and all the stress led to Maxie having Braxton Hicks contractions. After she was taken to the hospital, Peter was determined to go to her but Robert, Anna, Dante and Sam tried to keep him away from her. Peter couldn't be arrested because there's no evidence against him but Robert vowed that the day would come - hopefully sooner rather than later. He managed to leave and made his way up to his room at the Metro Court before opening his safe and pulling out his gun. As he went downstairs, he was hit with a tire iron before he was kidnapped by Franco.

Franco dragged Peter to his art studio and tied him to a chair before turning on a flood light which shone on his face. Franco scared Peter and threatened him with his tools that he has. Peter demanded Franco to untie him and to let him go but Franco threatened to kill him. He revealed to Peter that he knows what Peter did - he knows that Peter was responsible for Drew's abduction from his post in July 2012 and that he was responsible for Drew's presumed death. Peter kept claiming that he was coerced by Helena and his father but Franco slapped him and warned him not to make himself out to be a victim again. When Franco threatened to cut Peter's tongue with a scalpel, he finally got Peter to confess everything he did - he hired Hank Archer to ambush Drew and deliver him to Helena, he orchestrated the memory transfer between Jason and Drew, he caused Drew's presumed death in 2019, he hired David Black to kill Andre and Franco before he killed David himself and he framed Obrecht for his crimes.

Franco finally admitted that he was not going to kill Peter and that he recorded Peter's confession. Peter said that his confession would not hold up since it was made under duress. Before Franco could call 9-1-1, Peter escapes his restraints and takes his gun back from him after a struggle. Peter tries to shoot Franco, but only succeeds in shooting him in the chest after a second struggle for the gun. Peter exits the gallery after deleting the recording of the confession, and leaves Jason to find Franco's bleeding body. Elizabeth arrives moments later and tries to resuscitate her husband while Jason calls 9-1-1. Franco tells Elizabeth that he loves her and the boys before passing away.

Peter made his way to the hospital and tried to see Maxie but Valentin warned him that he shouldn't be there. Peter insisted that he was not going anywhere and that he was not going to run.

On March 17, Peter visited Nathan's grave where he was approached by Cyrus Renault. Peter initially pulled out his gun and aimed it at Cyrus, who had a sniper aimed at Peter in self-defense. When Peter put his gun down, he and Cyrus schemed to frame Jason for the crime. Cyrus proceeded to use Gladys Corbin, who also disliked Jason for perceived (but not true) rejection of her son into the family business. Gladys witnessed Peter's killing of Franco and disposal of the gun. Cyrus convinced her to tell the police that she saw Jason. In return, Peter became an associate of Cyrus' and would publish an article which exposed the scandal of Chase's paternity.

On March 19, Peter returned to the gravesite expecting to meet with Maxie but found Dante instead. Dante revealed that Maxie didn't text him, he did. When Peter asked why, Dante pulled out a gun, aimed it at him and said he had to complete the mission. Peter became scared and tried to talk Dante down before saying that he's never done anything to Dante. Dante said that Peter is a threat to Maxie and the baby but Peter said he would never hurt either one of them and said that Dante would be hurting them. Dante said that they would be better off without him and Peter told Dante that he's confused and is having a PTSD episode. When Dante said "I have to complete the mission" again, Peter asked what mission and who gave him this mission. Peter tried backing away as Dante walked up closer to him with his gun and Peter fell down. Sam found Dante holding Peter at gunpoint and tried to talk him down. Dante said that he had to complete the mission and Sam asked Dante if someone ordered him to kill Peter. Dante said this was justice for Maxie and Drew but Sam said that justice would be Peter getting arrested, standing trial and going to prison for life and told him not to throw away his life for Peter. Sam tried to appeal to him by getting him to think about the people who love him and to think about Rocco. When Dante had a flashback to a happy memory of him and Rocco, he started shaking and managed to lower his gun with Sam's help. After Sam ordered Peter to get out of there, she asked Dante what he was thinking. Dante was confused and admitted that he wasn't thinking before he added that he was outside of himself when he almost killed Peter. Dante teared up and told Sam that the WSB told him he was better and he realized that he needed help. Sam gently took his hands and promised to get him some help, so she took him to GH so he could get in to see Kevin for a psych evaluation.

After Peter and Cyrus successfully framed Jason, a chain of events led to Jason being sent to Pentonville, getting stabbed, getting shot in the back, and becoming a fugitive with Britt by running off to Canada. Meanwhile, Peter attempted to kill Finn to get back at Anna, but ended up poisoning Chase instead, leaving him severely hospitalized. When Gladys accidentally revealed to Cyrus that his obsession, the beautiful model Sasha Gilmore was pregnant, he realized she was a liability. Peter mentioned witnessing Gladys' son Brando Corbin and Sasha's closeness, which led to Cyrus and Peter kidnapping Gladys and holding her hostage. Peter then went to the hospital and encountered Maxie, who told him that the crazy nurse he hired took baby Louise and ran away. She then went on to say how he never changed from his evil Henrik persona and how he ruined everything, roasting and devastating him. In the process, Peter accidentally admitted that he killed Maxie's real nurse before hiring the fake. Maxie had recorded the entire conversation and sent it to Mac, while a rescued Gladys told the police that she really saw Peter the night Franco was murdered.

Peter is pushed down by Finn

Realizing that he was a fugitive, Peter went to the hospital roof and planned to escape via helicopter. When the pilot told him that he could not land, Finn appeared and demanded an antidote for Chase, saying that he will not be escaping. Peter threw the vial of antidote off the roof and proceeded to walk away, but in an act of rage, Finn grabbed Peter and tossed him down a flight of stairs. Elizabeth soon reached Peter's body at the bottom of the flight, noticing his bleeding head and then realizing that he had no pulse. Peter seemed to be dead, so Finn and Elizabeth covered it up.

Finn and Elizabeth hide Peter's body in a freezer in the GH subbasement (2021)

On June 16, it was revealed that Cyrus had shut down the security cameras on the hospital stairwells to smuggle out drugs. That's why Peter was not shown on camera as he escaped to the roof. It was shown in flashback that Liz and Finn hid Peter's body in a freezer in the secret lab below GH by taking a service elevator hidden on the roof. They will move his body later.

Anna finds out the stairwell cameras were shut off by Cyrus and goes to investigate the roof where she finds the elevator door. Later Monica tells Finn that the hospital cameras were back up so Liz and Finn can't get to Peter's body.

Anna and Valentin investigate Pautauk and find out Marie's true identity after her body is discovered. Marie's brother is David Hopkins, the pilot who was going to pick up Peter from the GH rooftop. Anna and Valentin go to New York Methodist Hospital where David works and meet him at Ryan's Bar across the street. David eventually admits that he worked for Peter but he never picked him up from the GH rooftop. He instead reveals that he saw another man on the roof with Peter and describes him to look like Finn.

On July 26, Anna figures out that Finn "killed" Peter and has him confess to her at his GH office. They then go to the secret lab and open the freezer to find no body inside. Earlier, Liz told Jason about what Finn did, but Jason went to the lab and also found no body in the freezer.

On August 23, Peter was revealed to be alive and stalking Maxie when she showed up in Nixon Falls. After Maxie left Nixon Falls, Peter was stunned to see Sonny Corinthos alive and well, however he was surprised when he learned that Sonny had lost his memory and he didn't know who Peter was. Sonny wondered if he should know Peter, who claimed that he was an author and he introduced himself as "Peter Sinclair." Sonny introduced himself as "Mike" and he wondered what Peter was doing in Nixon Falls. Peter claimed that he went on a bit of wanderlust and had been searching for his place. “Mike” told him that the Tan-O is closed but he could give him some water for his journey.

After “Mike” went inside with Peter, Nina was stunned to see him and dropped a tray of glasses. Peter said, “Nina Reeves! What a small world.” “Mike” assumed that they know each. Peter quickly introduced himself to Nina as Peter Sinclair and said that they ran in the same publishing circles, which Nina went along with. Peter saw that she too found herself in Nixon Falls and she found “Mike.” “Mike” explained how he found himself there because he woke up nearby with no memory. “Mike” left to check on Phyllis Caulfield and deliver an old photo album to her. When they were alone, Peter wondered what Nina’s gotten herself into now. Nina, behind the bar, reached for the gun in the lockbox.

Peter pulled out his gun and aimed it at Nina in order to stop her from pulling the Tan-O's gun. Once she complied, Peter ordered her to give him her phone and to sit down at a table with him. Peter wanted Nina to give him a base of operations in Nixon Falls, plus he began to blackmail her into helping him find his daughter, Louise and threatened to kidnap his nephew, James West of she refused to comply. He also threatened to tell Carly Corinthos and everyone else that Sonny's alive, living with amnesia as "Mike" and that Nina's been keeping him away from everyone he loves. Later on, when "Mike" came back, Peter revealed that he'll be staying in Nixon Falls for a while.

On August 26, Peter and Nina went back to the Tan-O and Peter thanked her for letting him stay with her. He also reminded her that he could always take James if he didn't get Louise back. When they went inside, Peter met Phyllis and offered his condolences over her husband, Lenny's passing. Peter revealed that he slept on Nina's couch, which annoyed "Mike." Peter also said that he and Nina are simpatico because they've both lost a child and Phyllis revealed that she knows that kind of pain since she and Lenny have lost a daughter. "Mike" asked how long Peter was staying in town and Peter said that he thinks he'll be staying for a while because he and Nina were discussing a project of mutual interest.

The local sheriff stopped by the Tan-O and offered his condolences to Phyllis about Lenny. When he saw Peter, he thought he recognized him. Nina revealed that Peter was a writer and Peter claimed he was just passing through. When the sheriff asked where he was from, Nina blurted out that he's from Port Charles, but Peter claimed that he's also from Manhattan and Los Angeles, noting that he's from all over. Peter went to grab the gun from behind his pants but the sheriff eventually left. After "Mike" went to take Phyllis home, Peter warned Nina that she just made a fatal mistake in dropping clues to the cop before smugly saying that it would be a shame if something happened to "Mike" and Phyllis.

When "Mike" returned to the Tan-O, he wondered if everything was okay and Peter claimed that he pitched an idea to Nina about a True Crime story in a small town. When Peter decided to take a walk and learn about Nixon Falls, "Mike" offered to give him a tour. Once they were outside, "Mike" asked Peter why he got the feeling that Nina doesn't like him. "Mike" knew that Peter made Nina uncomfortable and suggested that it's time for him to get out of town. Peter claimed to be publishing rivals with Nina but "Mike" knew he was lying. Phyllis returned to the Tan-O and scolded "Mike" for his behavior before she apologized to Peter for "Mike's protectiveness over Nina.

When Peter went inside, he caught Nina on the phone and wondered who she was talking to. Nina claimed that it was Crimson business but said she'd call Valentin soon and Peter once again threatened to kidnap James and ruin her life if she betrayed him. After "Mike" and Phyllis went inside, Nina agreed to show Peter out. Once Peter and Nina went outside, Peter gave her 24 hours and threatened to let everyone she loves suffer the consequences.

On August 30, Peter went back to the Tan-O and when "Mike" saw him, he wondered if Peter knows who he really is. Peter said yes, but he claimed that he knows the kind of guys that Nina goes out with. "Mike" eventually got so angry that he grabbed a bat and threatened to hit Peter in the head with it, but Nina came by and diffused the situation. After Nina took Peter outside, she told him about a lead on Louise in St. Lucia. Peter was curious but he warned Nina that she'd regret it if she was lying to him. Peter later left Nixon Falls to follow that lead.

On September 10, Peter returned to Nixon Falls and was angry with Nina because he found out she lied to him about the lead in St. Lucia - it was actually a trap so Liesl could ambush Peter and have him killed. After Phyllis entered the Tan-O, she asked Peter what brought him back to Nixon Falls and as he spun a tale, Phyllis secretly opened the gun box and she aimed the Tan-O's gun at Peter, who took Nina hostage at gunpoint. After Phyllis was forced to put the gun down, Peter ordered her to grab some rope and tie Nina up before he tied her up with Nina. Peter then taunted Nina about Sonny and when Phyllis wondered who Sonny was, Peter gleefully revealed that "Mike" is actually Sonny Corinthos and that Nina has known all along. Phyllis was hurt and disappointed in Nina for lying about Sonny over and over but they tabled that for the moment since Peter was holding them hostage. Peter then poured kerosene all over the Tan-O and lit it on fire as Phyllis and Nina were still tied up inside before he left them to burn. Phyllis and Nina were saved by Jasper Jacks, but "Mike" ended up trapped inside for a bit when he was trying to save Nina and Phyllis. After he woke up and got free, "Mike" remembered being Sonny Corinthos and got his memories back.

On September 20, Peter was seen on the phone with someone and was trying to make arrangements to get out of Nixon Falls, but Anna showed up and aimed a gun at Peter, who tauntingly asked her what brought her to Nixon Falls. Anna said that she was there to catch a killer (meaning Peter) and bring him to justice before she ordered him to lay face down on the ground. Peter went to pull out his gun but Anna threatened to shoot him in the gut which would give him a very little chance of surviving. Anna later asked Peter where Drew Cain is since she learned that Drew's alive and that the plane crash in 2019 was staged as a cover to kidnap Drew. Peter told her to make him an offer and maybe he would decide to tell her, which disgusted Anna. As Peter went to pull out his gun, Anna shot him in the shoulder, which took Peter by surprise. Peter wondered if she tried to kill him and missed but Anna claimed that she didn't miss. Valentin later showed up, stood by Anna and aimed his gun at Peter before revealing that his guide was handcuffed to a post. Peter tauntingly called Valentin a man of law and order as Anna went to see who Peter's contact was on his phone. Valentin told Anna to call him back and tell him that they have Peter in custody, but Peter told them to think again before he jumped off a cliff.

Anna got in contact with the Pennsylvanian authorities and wanted them to set up roadblocks because this was a hunt for a fugitive. Anna revealed to Valentin that based on Peter's call with his contact, it sounded like Peter wasn't the one with the power - his contact has the power.

On September 27, Peter showed up on a Cassadine Compound in Crete, Greece, where it was revealed that Liesl was being held hostage by Victor Cassadine, who was recently revealed to be alive and well. Peter aimed his gun at Liesl in defense of Victor since she was holding a knife to Victor's throat and it was revealed that Peter and Victor are working together. Peter wanted to kill Liesl, but Victor stepped in and reminded Peter that he's calling the shots. Victor had his guards take Liesl down to the prison level of his compound, where Drew and other prisoners are being held.

On October 5, after Peter got settled in, he and Victor began to talk. It was revealed that Peter had made a deal with Victor - if Victor would help Peter find Louise then Peter would give Victor the key to accessing Drew's conditioning. Several years ago, Drew had not one, but two levels of mental conditioning installed in his head because that was Faison's M.O., but the first level had been disabled in 2015. Victor believed that Peter was stalling and wondered why he was putting up with him at all. Eventually, Peter managed to convince Victor to keep helping him.

Peter later went down to the prison level of the compound to see Drew. Peter aimed a gun at Drew and claimed that he would hate to shoot him but he would. Drew told Peter to screw himself and Peter tauntingly asked if he was going to thank him for keeping him alive all this time. Drew pointed out that this was the same thing he did to Jason and Peter said that there were some problems with Jason that he wouldn't have with Drew. Drew told Peter that he can't force him to do anything, but Peter said wrong, pulled out a tarot card of "The Tower" and said "You're active", which put Drew in a trance. When Peter called Drew "Soldier", Drew said "Reporting for duty" and Peter said that he has a new mission.

On October 7, it was revealed that Peter had programmed Drew to eliminate Robert and Anna at a Tavern in Panapolia. Drew was forced to shoot at Robert and Anna, who shot back at him and they engaged in a shootout - not realizing who was sent to ambush them. When they grazed Drew's left arm, Drew took off.

On October 15, after Drew was put back in his cell and after he woke up not remembering what happened, Peter dragged Liesl down to Drew's cell and ordered her to patch Drew up before he left. Just as Liesl and Drew realized that Peter's controlling him, Victor appeared with a few of his guards and was angry that Peter activated Drew and sent him on an op without his permission. When Victor ordered his guards to kill Peter, they didn't act and Peter revealed that he bought off Victor's guards, especially Russel, Victor's head guard.

After Peter had the guards move Victor into the lavish room where Valentin was being held, Peter revealed to Valentin that Victor's no longer his captor, he is. Peter ordered Russel to kill Victor and Valentin if they moved before he left the room.

Peter went back down to Drew's cell and told him that he has a job for him, but Drew looked at his daughter, Scout's name on the wall, said "Never again" and angrily attacked Peter.

Drew was later seen wearing a long, black-sleeved shirt and he shot Russel in the leg in defense of Valentin, which gave Victor the opportunity to escape. Drew and Valentin later escaped from the compound and made their way to Anna and Robert, but Peter found them and shot Valentin in the back. Drew fired a machine gun at Peter, who shot Drew three times in the chest and caused him to fall into the water.

Later on, Drew was revealed to have been wearing a bulletproof vest and had survived the gunshot wounds. It was also revealed that Peter had activated Drew's conditioning again earlier in order to force Drew help him kidnap Liesl again and stage Valentin's rescue before having Peter fake his death again. Drew was also forced to help Peter escape from the W.S.B..

On November 1, it was revealed that Peter took Liesl to Cassadine Island and began holding her hostage there. Liesl woke up and wondered what happened to Drew, but Peter told her not to worry about Drew. Peter revealed that while he wanted to kill her, he kept her alive because he wanted her to condition Maxie into forgiving him and loving him again. Liesl threw hydrochloric acid on Peter's hand and managed to escape. Peter ordered his men to find her. Later on, Jason found Peter and began holding him at gunpoint. Peter told Jason that he shouldn't have come. Jason forced Peter to give his guards a fake idea on where Liesl was before he took Peter down to a shack where Britt was.

When Jason and Peter got there, they saw that Drew was down there, holding Britt hostage at gunpoint while Liesl was on the ground, injured from a sphere. Peter told Jason to say hello to his brother before he pointed out that the brothers were together at last and on opposite sides. Jason told Drew to let Britt go but Peter ordered Drew to kill her if Jason kills him. Peter revealed that in order to save Britt, he had to either lower his gun or kill his brother. In order to save Britt and because he didn't want to kill Drew, Jason was forced to lower his gun. Drew then let Britt go and was forced to tie Jason up and hold him at gunpoint.

On November 8, Peter went to see Britt, who wondered where Liesl was. Peter said that she was resting and refused to let Britt see her. Britt sarcastically congratulated Peter on becoming the man that Faison wanted and Peter wanted her to accept that the two of them are part of his legacy. Later on, Peter forced Britt to come with him down to the wine cellar.

When they got down to the wine cellar, Drew (who was back in his right mind) threatened to kill Peter, who said that that's not going to happen but he did say that Drew would be killing someone, causing Drew to nervously look at Jason. Peter ordered his guards to duct tape Jason's mouth shut and to release Drew from his shackles before Peter pulled out "The Tower" tarot card and programmed Drew. Peter had Drew hold a knife to Jason's throat and to stand by. Britt begged Peter not to kill Jason, so Peter relented and had Drew stand back before having him cut his own arm. Peter then had Drew return the knife and allow the guards to re-shackle him before Peter pulled out "The Chariot" tarot card and said "Stand down", which deactivated Drew.

Crimes Committed

  • Hired Hank Archer to ambush Drew Cain and deliver him to Helena Cassadine [Jul 2012; revealed to be in cahoots with Helena on Aug 21, 2019; full involvement revealed on Mar 8, 2021; arrested on Nov 22, 2021]
  • Had Dr. Klein hold Jason Morgan captive in a clinic in Russia for 5 years [Oct 2012-Oct 2017; revealed Jan 31, 2018; arrested on May 22, 2018 and released on Aug 8, 2018]
  • Orchestrated the memory transfer between Jason and Drew with help from Helena [Oct 2012; revealed on Mar 8, 2021; arrested on Nov 22, 2021]
  • Plotted to use Jason to have his father, Cesar Faison killed [Oct 2012-Jan 31, 2018; revealed Jan 31, 2018; arrested on May 22, 2018 and released on Aug 8, 2018]
  • Stole the flash drive containing Drew's memories [Dec 2017; revealed Jan 31, 2018; arrested on May 22, 2018 and released on Aug 8, 2018]
  • Tried to shoot his father, Faison in defense of Maxie Jones [Jan 26, 2018]
  • Stalked his aunt, Anna Devane [Jan 26, 2018]
  • Destroyed evidence by burning his bullet proof vest [Jan 29, 2018]
  • Left his father to die by swatting away his emergency button while he was going into cardiac arrest [Jan 31, 2018]
  • Held Anna hostage at gunpoint and was going to kill her before being stopped by Jason [May 21-22, 2018; charges were dropped by Anna on May 25, 2018]
  • Escaped from jail with the help of Valentin Cassadine and tried to flee town [May 31, 2018]
  • Fugitive; hunted by the W.S.B. and the P.C.P.D. [May 31-Jul 23, 2018; arrested and released]
  • Had Bryce Henderson hijack Drew's plane and ensured that Drew was kidnapped and put in Victor Cassadine's foreign prison in Greece [Aug 23, 2019; Drew's plane was revealed to be missing on Sep 5, 2019; more details revealed on Sep 10, 2019; Drew was declared dead in absentia on Oct 9, 2019; Bryce's involvement revealed on Dec 13, 2019; Drew was revealed to be alive and captive on Aug 16-17, 2021; Victor's involvement revealed on Sep 27, 2021; Peter was arrested on Nov 22, 2021]
  • Ordered Hank Archer to have Dallas Kirby and her team to make it look like Drew's chartered plane to Afghanistan crashed over the Gulf of Aden with no body in order to fake Drew's death after [Aug 23, 2019; revealed on Oct 5, 2021; arrested on Nov 22, 2021]
  • Conspired with Victor to access Drew's second level of conditioning that his father, Faison installed in Drew's head [Aug 23, 2019-Oct 15, 2021; revealed on Oct 5, 2021; arrested on Nov 22, 2021]
  • Withheld the information that Drew was alive and being held captive in Victor's foreign prison [Aug 23, 2019-Oct 18, 2021; revealed on Sep 21, 2021; arrested on Nov 22, 2021]
  • Had Bryce stab Dr. Andre Maddox twice in the abdomen [Sep 3, 2019; revealed on Sep 4, 2019; Peter's involvement revealed on Sep 10, 2019; Bryce's involvement revealed on Oct 14, 2019; arrested on Nov 22, 2021]
  • Snuck into Andre's hospital room and maliciously tampered with his hospital equipment, furthering his complications [Sep 5, 2019]
  • Paid Bryce to help Shiloh escape from custody so he could kill him [Sep 18-20, 2019; arrested on Nov 22, 2021]
  • Framed Sam McCall for being involved in Shiloh's escape to make her look guilty for premeditated murder (with help from Bryce and Roz Venta) [Oct 10, 2019-Mar 4, 2021; Sam was arrested on Oct 14, 2019 and then released on parole on Dec 27, 2019; Sam's parole ended on Sep 17, 2021; Peter was arrested on Nov 22, 2021]
  • Bribed Roz to represent Bryce as his lawyer [Oct 14, 2019]
  • Ordered David Black to kill Andre and Franco [Dec 6, 2019; he later called the hit off; arrested on Nov 22, 2021]
  • Shot and killed David after David knocked Andre out [Dec 10, 2019; David died on Dec 16, 2019; arrested on Nov 22, 2021]
  • Tampered with Franco's memory reversal procedure [Dec 10, 2019; arrested on Nov 22, 2021]
  • Worked with the Attorney General and Gabriel Burke to get Sam sent back to Pentonville [revealed on Feb 11, 2020; Attorney General's part revealed on Feb 12, 2020]
  • Framed Liesl Obrecht for the presumed murder of Drew and the attempted murders of Andre and Franco with the help of an unknown person and a man named Davis [Mar 6, 2020-Mar 4, 2021; Liesl was arrested on the same day and then wrongfully extradited to the Hague on Apr 13, 2020; Liesl was revealed to have been exonerated on Dec 10, 2020; Peter was arrested on Nov 22, 2021]
  • Assaulted his henchman [May 6, 2020]
  • Threatened Damian Spinelli [Nov 3, 2020]

  • Illegally downloaded Franco Baldwin's patient chart from the hospital computer [Jan 21, 2021]
  • Had an article published concerning Franco's private medical information [Jan 27, 2021]
  • Threatened his half-sister, Britt Westbourne [Jan 27, 2021]
  • Burned a police file that linked him to David Black [Feb 24, 2021; arrested]
  • Attacked Franco in self-defense after escaping his restraints and fought him for a gun [Mar 8, 2021; arrested]
  • Kneed Franco in the stomach during the fight for the gun and tried to shoot him [Mar 8, 2021; arrested]
  • Shot and killed Franco during a second struggle for the gun [Mar 9, 2021; arrested]
  • Stalked Maxie Jones [Mar 16-Jun 3, 2021; arrested]
  • Pointed a gun at Cyrus Renault [Mar 17, 2021]
  • Framed Jason Morgan for Franco's murder with help from Cyrus [Mar 17-Jun 1, 2021; Jason was arrested on Mar 17, 2021 and exonerated on Jun 4, 2021; Peter was arrested on Nov 22, 2021]
  • Published an article in "The Invader" about Chase's paternity drama under Cyrus' orders [Mar 19, 2021]
  • Threatened Carly Corinthos and her family [Mar 31, 2021]
  • Threatened Anna Devane and Valentin Cassadine [Apr 9, 2021; arrested]
  • Ordered a waiter to kill Hamilton Finn by poisoning his drink, but Chase ended up drinking the drink instead [Apr 9, 2021; Chase revealed to be poisoned on Apr 12, 2021 and was hospitalized from Apr 14-Jun 21, 2021; arrested]
  • Threatened to kill Anna and Valentin's loved ones if they did not let him go [Apr 13, 2021; arrested]
  • Extortion; blackmailed Anna to set Maxie up with him in exchange for the antidote to improve Chase's condition [Apr 21-26, 2021; arrested]
  • Sent Chloe Jennings to Victor Cassadine's secret prison on his compound in Crete, Greece and disposed of her identification [May 10, 2021; Chloe was revealed to be alive and kidnapped on Aug 24, 2021; Victor's involvement revealed on Sep 27, 2021; arrested]
  • Hired Marie Hopkins to assume the identity of Chloe Jennings and had her pretend to be Maxie's nurse [May 10-28, 2021; revealed May 11, 2021; arrested]
  • Knocked out Carly's guard, Frank, who was protecting Gladys Corbin [May 24, 2021; revealed May 25, 2021; arrested]
  • Kidnapped Gladys under Cyrus' orders and brought her to him [May 24, 2021; arrested]
  • Had Marie knock out Maxie with a sedative in order to kidnap her [May 25, 2021; arrested]
  • Had Marie hold Maxie captive in a cabin [May 26-27, 2021; arrested]
  • Fugitive; hunted by the P.C.P.D., the authorities across the state of New York and the W.S.B. [revealed Jun 2-Nov 22, 2021; arrested]
  • Threatened Maxie [Jun 2, 2021; arrested]
  • Destroyed a vial of the antidote required to treat Chase [Jun 3, 2021; arrested]
  • Fled Port Charles, knowing that he was a wanted fugitive [Jun 3, 2021; Peter was revealed to have fled on Aug 23, 2021; arrested]

  • Stalked Maxie Jones by following her to Texas and then Nixon Falls [Jul 19-Aug 23, 2021; revealed on Aug 23, 2021; arrested]
  • Withheld the information that Sonny Corinthos was alive and living as "Mike" [Aug 24-Sep 17, 2021; arrested]
  • Held Nina Reeves at gunpoint [Aug 25, 2021; arrested]
  • Blackmailed Nina into helping him find his daughter Louise Jones or else he'd kidnap their nephew James West and tell Carly that she hid Sonny as "Mike" [Aug 25-Sep 14, 2021; arrested]
  • Threatened Sonny (as "Mike") and Phyllis Caufield [Aug 26, 2021; arrested]
  • Held Nina at gunpoint after Phyllis pulled a gun on him [Sep 13, 2021; arrested]
  • Held Nina and Phyllis hostage at gunpoint in The Tan-O [Sep 14, 2021; arrested]
  • Had Phyllis tie Nina up before tying her up and setting fire to the Tan-O with both women inside [Sep 14, 2021; arrested]
  • Tried to blackmail Anna Devane into either killing him or letting him go by threatening to reveal to the authorities how Dr. Hamilton Finn had pushed him down a flight of stairs [Sep 21, 2021; failed]
  • Tried to shoot Anna [Sep 21, 2021; arrested]
  • Held Liesl Obrecht at gunpoint in defense of Victor Cassadine [Sep 27, 2021; arrested]
  • Held Drew Cain at gunpoint and threatened to shoot him [Oct 5, 2021; arrested]
  • Programmed Drew to eliminate Anna and Robert Scorpio by activating Drew's second level of conditioning that his father, Faison and Helena Cassadine had set up years ago [Oct 5, 2021; revealed on Oct 7, 2021; arrested]
  • Bought off Victor's guards [revealed on Oct 18, 2021; arrested]
  • Had the guards take Victor hostage and move him to his (Victor's) lavish room in the compound where Valentin was being held [Oct 18, 2021; arrested]
  • Took over as Valentin Cassadine's captor [Oct 18, 2021; arrested]
  • Ordered Russel to kill Victor and Valentin if they tried to move [Oct 18, 2021; arrested]
  • Programmed Drew to stage Valentin's rescue, help fake his (Drew's) death again, help kidnap Liesl again and help him escape from the W.S.B. [Oct 18-19, 2021; revealed on Oct 19, 2021; arrested]
  • Shot Valentin in the back [Oct 18-19, 2021; arrested]
  • Shot Drew in the chest three times and caused him to fall into the water in order to fake his death again [Oct 18-19, 2021; Drew was uninjured due to bulletproof vest; arrested]
  • Held Drew hostage in a wine cellar on Cassadine Island when his conditioning is inactive [Oct 19-Nov 16, 2021; revealed on Nov 8, 2021; arrested]
  • Held Liesl captive on Cassadine Island [Oct 19-Nov 19, 2021; revealed on Nov 1, 2021; arrested]
  • Tried to blackmail Liesl into finding a way to condition Maxie to forgive him and take him back [Nov 1, 2021; failed; arrested]
  • Programmed Drew to kill Britt Westbourne if Jason Morgan killed Peter [Nov 2, 2021; Jason lowered his gun; arrested]
  • Programmed Drew to tie up Jason and hold him hostage at gunpoint [Nov 2, 2021; arrested]
  • Held Britt at gunpoint [Nov 2, 2021; arrested]
  • Held Britt hostage in a room on Cassadine Island [Nov 2-16, 2021; revealed on Nov 8, 2021; arrested]
  • Held Jason hostage with Drew in the wine cellar on Cassadine Island [Nov 2-18, 2021; revealed on Nov 8, 2021; Jason escaped; arrested]
  • Temporarily moved Britt down to the wine cellar at gunpoint in order to show her a demonstration of how he can control Drew through his conditioning [Nov 8-9, 2021; arrested]
  • Had his guards duct tape Jason's mouth shut and ordered Jason not to resist or else he'd shoot Britt [Nov 9, 2021; arrested]
  • Ordered his guards to grab Drew after un-shackling him [Nov 9, 2021; arrested]
  • Programmed Drew to take a knife and hold it to Jason's throat [Nov 9, 2021; arrested]
  • Programmed Drew to cut his own arm, to return the knife and to allow the guards to re-shackle him to the wall before deactivating him by displaying "The Chariot" tarot card and saying "Stand down" [Nov 9, 2021; arrested]
  • Programmed Drew to return to Port Charles, kidnap Maxie and bring her to him so he could have Liesl condition Maxie into loving him again [Nov 16, 2021; revealed on Nov 18, 2021; Jason deactivated Drew before that could happen; arrested]
  • Ordered one of his guards to kill Jason [Nov 18, 2021; arrested]
  • Programmed Drew to kill Jason [Nov 18, 2021; Jason deactivated Drew after they fought; arrested]
  • Held Britt hostage at gunpoint to make Liesl drop her gun [Nov 18, 2021; arrested]
  • Threatened to kill either Liesl or Britt if Liesl didn't stop talking [Nov 19, 2021; arrested]
  • Tried to activate Drew's programming when he saw that Drew was back in his right mind and aiming his gun at him [Nov 19, 2021; Jason shot Peter to protect Drew; arrested]
  • Engaged Jason in a shootout which caused a tunnel collapse and Jason's presumed death [Nov 19, 2021; arrested]
  • Tried to smash Drew's head with a rock [Nov 22, 2021; failed; arrested]
  • Tried to grab his gun after he saw that Robert Scorpio showed up and threatened to shoot him [Nov 22, 2021; arrested]
  • Threatened Maxie over the phone [Nov 22, 2021]
  • Threatened to reveal Sonny's secret romance with Nina if Sonny tried to have him killed [Dec 8, 2021; failed]

  • Health and Vitals

    • Given up for adoption by his birth mother, Alex Devane [Jun 13, 1976; revealed Oct 30, 2020]
    • Kidnapped from his adopted family by Valentin Cassadine and delivered to his father, Cesar Faison [pre-1990s; revealed May 23, 2018]
    • Nearly drowned [1983; revealed Oct 5, 2018]
    • Held hostage at gunpoint by his father, Faison [Jan 25-26, 2018]
    • Shot by Faison and rendered unconscious [Jan 26, 2018; uninjured due to bulletproof vest]
    • Assaulted by Jason Morgan in defense of Anna Devane [May 22, 2018]
    • Held at gunpoint and almost killed by Jason [May 22, 2018]
    • Threatened by Det. Dante Falconeri [May 25, 2018]
    • Kidnapped and held hostage by Dr. Liesl Obrecht and Nina Reeves [May 31-Jul 20, 2018; revealed on Jun 4, 2018]
    • Almost had his finger cut off by Liesl [Jun 6, 2018; Nina stopped her]
    • Cut his wrist with a piece of glass while trying to escape [Jun 12, 2018]
    • Hit in the hand with a bat by Liesl (probably broken) [Jun 12, 2018]
    • Blood poisoning [revealed on Jun 15, 2018]
    • Infected wound [revealed on Jun 29, 2018]
    • Nearly smothered with a pillow by Liesl (stopped by Nina) [Jul 10, 2018]
    • Trapped in a burning barn by Liesl and left unconscious (along with Nina, who was saved by Valentin Cassadine) [Jul 20, 2018; saved by Hamilton Finn]
    • Hospitalized after being kidnapped for nearly two months [Jul 23-Aug 8, 2018]
    • Shot in the shoulder by Dante [Jul 15, 2019]
    • Blackmailed by Shiloh into helping him get out of prison [Aug 21-Sep 20, 2019]
    • Kneed in the stomach by Valentin [Jan 7, 2020]
    • Targeted by Dante, who was being programmed at the time by Dr. Warren Kirk under Liesl's orders to do their bidding [revealed Sep 28, 2020-Mar 26, 2021]
    • Stalked by Dante [revealed on Oct 15, 2020]
    • Blackmailed by who he thought was Helena Cassadine (it was actually Damian Spinelli and Sam McCall pretending to be her) [Oct 30-Nov 3, 2020]

  • Attacked and strangled by Franco Baldwin [Jan 27, 2021]
  • Threatened to be thrown under a bus driven by his half-sister, Britt Westbourne [Jan 28, 2021]
  • Attacked, tied up, and locked in a storage room in the Metro Court parking garage by Valentin Cassadine's henchman [Mar 1-2, 2021; revealed on Mar 2, 2021]
  • Nearly attacked by Sam McCall [Mar 4, 2021]
  • Punched across the face by Mac Scorpio [Mar 4, 2021]
  • Rendered unconscious after being clobbered over the head with a tire iron by Franco [Mar 5, 2021]
  • Kidnapped and held captive by Franco at his art gallery before being subjected to the following forms of abuse by him in the process [Mar 5-9, 2021; revealed on Mar 8, 2021]
    • Tied to a chair
    • Had his own gun pointed at him (Franco also pretended he was going to shoot him with it)
    • Slapped/punched across the face
    • Threatened at scalpel-point and was going to have his tongue cut out of his mouth if he didn't confess to taking down Drew's plane
    • Had an unknown object thrown at his stomach to give Franco time to fight him for the gun again
  • Almost got shot by Franco during two struggles for the gun [Mar 8-9, 2021]
  • Threatened by Jason Morgan to stay away from Anna Devane [Mar 15, 2021]
  • Had two laser sights held on him by Cyrus Renault's men [Mar 17, 2021]
  • Held at gunpoint and almost killed by Dante Falconeri, who was under Liesl Obrecht's control [Mar 19, 2021; Sam talked Dante down]
  • Assaulted by Hamilton Finn [Mar 29, 2021]
  • Nearly attacked by Elizabeth Webber [Mar 29, 2021]
  • Held at gunpoint by Valentin [Apr 9-12, 2021]
  • Tasered by Anna [Apr 12, 2021]
  • Duct taped to a chair and held captive by Valentin and Anna [Apr 12-14, 2021]
  • Nearly attacked by Anna [Apr 13, 2021]
  • Threatened by Valentin [Apr 13, 2021]
  • Threatened by Anna [Apr 21, 2021]
  • Threatened by Finn [Apr 22, 2021]
  • Assaulted and threatened by Scott Baldwin [Apr 28, 2021]
  • Presumed dead after being pushed down the hospital stairwell in rage by Finn and suffered a bleeding head [Jun 3-Aug 23, 2021; Peter's body was revealed to be missing on Jul 27, 2021; Peter was revealed alive on Aug 23, 2021]

  • Threatened to be hit with a bat by Sonny Corinthos (as "Mike") [Aug 30, 2021]
  • Held at gunpoint by Phyllis Caulfiled in defense of Nina Reeves [Sep 13, 2021]
  • Held at gunpoint and threatened by Anna Devane [Sep 20-21, 2021]
  • Shot in the shoulder by Anna in self-defense [Sep 21, 2021]
  • Held at gunpoint by Valentin Cassadine [Sep 21, 2021]
  • Jumped off a cliff to escape arrest [Sep 21, 2021]
  • Nearly killed under Victor Cassadine's orders [Oct 15-18, 2021; Peter turned the tables by revealing that he bought off Victor's guards]
  • Attacked by Drew Cain [Oct 18, 2021]
  • Shot at by Drew with a machine gun [Oct 18-19, 2021; it was later revealed that Peter programmed Drew to stage Valentin's rescue and fake his (Drew's) death again]
  • Shot at by Robert Scorpio [Oct 19, 2021]
  • Had hydrochloric acid thrown on his hand by Liesl Obrecht [Nov 1, 2021; hospitalized]
  • Held at gunpoint and almost killed by Jason Morgan [Nov 1-2, 2021]
  • Threatened to be killed by Drew [Nov 8-9, 2021]
  • Threatened to be killed by Jason [Nov 9, 2021]
  • Threatened to be killed by Liesl if he hurt Britt Westbourne in any way [Nov 16, 2021]
  • Held at gunpoint by Jason again [Nov 18, 2021]
  • Held at gunpoint by Liesl [Nov 18, 2021]
  • Held at gunpoint and threatened by Drew in defense of Liesl and Britt [Nov 19, 2021]
  • Shot in the arm by Jason who wanted to prevent him from programming Drew [Nov 19, 2021; hospitalized]
  • Rendered unconscious and pinned underneath a board after a tunnel collapse which was caused by Peter's shootout with Jason [Nov 19-22, 2021]
  • Nearly knocked down by Drew in self-defense [Nov 22, 2021]
  • Held at gunpoint and threatened by Robert [Nov 22, 2021]
  • Had his injured hand stepped on and held at gunpoint by Anna again [Nov 22, 2021]
  • Nearly attacked by Drew [Nov 22, 2021]
  • Threatened to be injected with either bleach or drain cleaner by Britt and Liesl [Nov 22, 2021]
  • Threatened to be killed by Drew if Jason died in the tunnel collapse [Nov 22, 2021]
  • Forcefully jabbed twice with a needle in the arm by Dr. Austin Gatlin-Holt on purpose [Dec 3, 2021]
  • Slapped by Carly Corinthos [Dec 6, 2021]
  • Threatened twice by Mac Scorpio, who threatened to shoot him if he made one wrong move [Dec 7, 2021]
  • Threatened to be killed by Sonny Corinthos in prison [Dec 8, 2021]
  • Poisoned by Brad Cooper through the actions of Selina Wu, who made a deal with Sonny to have Peter killed in exchange for Sonny promoting Brad's parole for her [Dec 10, 2021; hospitalized from Dec 13, 2021-present]
  • Nearly killed with a scalpel by Elizabeth Webber [Dec 13-14, 2021]
  • Fell into a coma [revealed Dec 20, 2021-Jan 3, 2022]

  • Family tree


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    1. Spelling was confirmed on February 6, 2018.
    2. Stated April 10, 2018.
    3. Shown on his passport on May 31, 2018.
    4. Shown on a faked passport on May 27, 2021.
    5. Revealed by Peter on March 8, 2018.
    6. On April 23, 2018, Anna said Henrik/Peter was born just before she met Robert.
    7. Revealed on May 22, 2018.
    8. Revealed on August 17, 2018.
    9. Revealed on December 20, 2019
    10. Stated April 30, 2018

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