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Peter August and Maxie Jones are fictional characters and a former couple on the ABC daytime soap opera, General Hospital.


Peter is the late son of supervillian, Cesar Faison (deceased) and Alex Devane via one night stand. He is a member of the Devane and Faison families.

Maxie is the daughter of GH supercouple Frisco and Felicia Jones. She is a member of the Jones family, Ramirez, and Scorpio family.

The couple went to the 2019 and 2020 The Nurses Ball together.


After finding out from Maxie that his father had Huntington's disease, Peter did a blood test with Dr. Griffin Munro's help, and on March 16, like his nephew or niece, it's confirmed that he hasn't inherited Huntington's disease from his father. Soon he began having an interest in his brother's widow Maxie Jones constantly being there for her without her knowing who he really is. Griffin soon found out about Peter's true identity and soon confronted him. Peter was able to manipulate him into not reporting him to the authorities.

In May, Peter escorted Maxie to the Nurses Ball of 2018. During the Nurses Ball, he met his long-lost half sister Robin. Later when leaving the Nurses' Ball, Maxie's water breaks in Peter's car. Peter helps Maxie deliver a healthy baby boy on the side of the road. Afterwards, he confronts Anna Devane at the pier, before being held at gunpoint by Jason Morgan. On May 22, to save his life, Anna reveals to both Peter and Jason that he is her son. In the end, Peter was taken into custody by the PCPD and the WSB. In May 25, despite Robert and Dante's opposition, Anna refused to testify against her son. Through Valentin's help he was able to escape, however, he was kidnapped by Liesl Obrecht with the help of Nina.

In April, Anna encouraged Peter to tell Maxie how he feels and he did plus she confessed her feelings for Peter. They shared a kiss and Peter thanked her by saying it was a very "mom" thing to do.

In June, Peter agreed to help Maxie find Dante and bring him home for Lulu. Peter was initially against the idea since Dante was suffering a severe case of PTSD but since Maxie was bound and determined he agreed to help. Maxie's dad Frisco Jones gave her and Peter temporary clearances to enter a WSB facility in Ithaca where Dante was being treated. On July 15, after Maxie learned that Dante refused to see them she pushed her way into the room he was in. Dante quickly grabbed an agent's gun and shot Peter in the shoulder, but thankfully it was a clean wound and required no surgery.

On August 21, it was revealed that Peter had aided and abetted Helena Cassadine in her plan to kidnap Drew from his post in Afghanistan back in 2012. When he had shown up to the spot, nobody knew it but Hank Archer caught a glimpse of him. Later that day, Hank (now known as Shiloh) called Peter for a visit in prison and blackmailed him into helping him get out of Pentonville or else he would reveal Peter's part in the Jason Morgan Conspiracy. As a result, Peter had someone crash Drew's flight to Afghanistan, presumably killing him.

On September 3, Peter had someone stab Dr. Andre Maddox twice in the abdomen upon his return to PC which was orchestrated by Drew prior to his presumed death. Andre survived at GH and Peter tried to kill him himself, but was forced to leave. It was only on September 10 that Peter was revealed to be the perpetrator of Drew's presumed death and Andre's attempted murder.

On October 10, Peter and Bryce framed Sam for helping Shiloh escape.

On November 28, Peter learned that Franco decided to get his memories back which upset him, so on December 9 he eventually hired a hitman named David Black to kill him and Andre. However, after having a talk with Anna, he later tried to call off the hit, but he could not get a hold of him. Peter eventually grabbed a gun and shot David Black. When Anna found him, he spun the story and claimed that he found David and something didn't seem right about him and when he tried to kill both Andre and Franco, he killed him in their defense. On December 16, David Black died from his gunshot wound.

On December 20, it was revealed that Peter worked at EuroTech, which was a shell company for the DVX. He was there at the same time as David Black.

On February 10, Peter overheard Robert and Anna discussing the fact that Sam and Jason were helping him find evidence on Peter in exchange for help with Sam's parole problem. He played it off as if he didn't know what was going on but he later called the attorney general and sabotaged the investigation which got Robert pulled off the case and put Sam and Jason back at square 1.

On March 6, Peter framed Liesl Obrecht for Drew's presumed death and for both counts of attempting to murder Andre Maddox and for attempting to murder Franco Baldwin back in December of 2019, which resulted in Anna gleefully having two WSB agents arrest her for Peter's crimes. Maxie was devastated and he consoled her while still keeping his secrets and lies under wraps.

On April 14, Peter was at Anna's house to help get Violet Finn's birthday party set up and Robert asked for his help with balloons. Robert pretended to try to make peace with Peter who was skeptical but played along. Robert then claimed that while they would never be best buds that they could co-exist. Later on, Peter called his henchman and let him know to go ahead with a distraction for Robert since he could still be a problem.

On April 20, it was revealed that the distraction that Peter created was Holly Sutton's death. Robert received a call that seemingly confirmed her demise, much to his heartbreak.

On May 6, Peter met with his henchman and told him that he only wanted a distraction and not Holly’s death. The henchman claimed that he had nothing to do with the incident that caused Holly’s death.

On August 19, Peter finds out at the Nurses’ Ball that Maxie is pregnant.

On October 13, at the hospital, after getting a clean bill of health on the baby's genetic testing and reuniting with his sister Britt, Maxie proposes to Peter. Peter gets down on one knee and accepts, professing his love and commitment to Maxie.

On October 30, a genetics test revealed to Anna, Valentin, and Finn that Alex is Peter's mother, not Anna as first assumed. Anna refuses to tell Peter the truth, and he and Maxie both still believe Anna is his mother.

Peter and Maxie plan to have a double wedding with Finn and Anna in January 2021.

On December 21, 2020, Peter and Maxie find out they are having a baby girl.

Double Wedding Sign for Maxie/Peter and Anna/Finn (2021)

After many preemptions and impeachment interruptions, the double wedding will now take place on the first week of March 2021 in the Metro Court Crystal Ballroom.

On March 1, 2021, Maxie can’t be found as she is at Nathan’s grave talking to Liesl. Maxie ignores Liesl’s warnings about Peter and heads back to prepare for the wedding. Valentin asks Anna if she is ready to go through with their plan. Later Valentin calls someone who puts a bag over Peter’s head and kidnaps him before the wedding.

On March 4, the wedding is interrupted by first Liesl Obrecht, then Valentin Cassadine, both exposing Peter's many crimes, as well as the truth that he is Alex Devane's son. Maxie has braxton hicks contractions and is rushed to the hospital, while the guests turn on Peter, knowing the truth of who he is. Finn runs out, angry that Anna kept the truth of Peter's maternity from him but schemed with Valentin. Peter is able to get away, vowing vengeance upon all who deceived him, especially Anna and Valentin, as well as a commitment to embracing the darkness of his parents.

After getting home from the hospital, Maxie vows that the man she loved never existed. Peter shows up at her apartment, desperate for them to run away together. She firmly believes he committed his crimes, and they are over - throwing their relationship, his belongings, and especially him, out of her apartment. She vows to her unborn baby girl Lu, that she will protect them.

Peter was seen alive and stalking Maxie in Nixon Falls on August 23, 2021.

On February 23, 2022, Peter was killed by Felicia in defense of Maxie.

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