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Peter Harrell, Jr. (AKA Levi Dunkleman) and Maxie Jones are fictional characters, a former couple and became enemies on the ABC Soap opera General Hospital.


The role of Peter Harrell, Jr. was originated by Australian actor, Zachary Garred on April 9, 2014, although the character was originally introduced as Levi Dunkleman. Levi's true identity was revealed on August 27, 2014 and the character was killed off on September 15, 2014 - although Garred's final appearance was on September 16, 2014 as Peter Jr.'s corpse.

The role of Maxie Jones has been portrayed by actress Kirsten Storms since 2005.


Peter Harrell, Jr. is the son of Peter Harrell. Peter Jr. pretended to be an Australian environmentalist named Levi Dunkleman in order to get close to Maxie Jones so he could steal Felicia Scorpio's Aztec Jewels.

Maxie Jones is the daughter of Frisco Jones and Felicia Scorpio, plus the adoptive daughter of Mac Scorpio.


On April 9, 2014, Maxie Jones returned to Port Charles after taking some time away when she previously lost custody of her daughter, Georgie Spinelli. Detective Nathan West had been living in her apartment while she was away. Unbeknownst to Nathan, a man named Levi Dunkleman came to Port Charles with Maxie and it was revealed that they met while she was out of town on her Eat-Pray-Love journey. It was also revealed that they're dating.

Levi didn't see eye to eye with Nathan and also Maxie's adoptive father, Mac Scorpio. He also convinced Maxie to forget about ever trying to see her daughter Georgie again. He reluctantly attended the Nurses Ball with Maxie when he saw how badly she wanted to go. Levi got very upset when Maxie told him that she has decided to fight for her daughter and that Nathan lied to a judge for her.

On June 20, Maxie lost custody of her daughter again because someone tipped off the judge about Nathan's lie. Later on, Nathan accused Levi of tipping off the judge - Levi didn't deny it but he didn't admit to it either. It was later revealed that he did indeed tip off the judge and also lost his Aussie accent in the process.

In July, Levi turned his attention to stopping the ELQ waterfront renovation project, aimed at renovating Bobbie Spencer's brownstone to revitalize the neighborhood, because he felt this project would have ill effects on the people already living there who wouldn't be able to afford the rent in a newly renovated neighborhood. It was revealed that Levi has been arrested multiple times before. Levi and Maxie went to the Brownstone to protest and staged a sit-in. They refuse to leave even when ELQ CEO Michael Corinthos arrived and asked them to leave his property. Michael called the police and Nathan and two other officers respond to the scene. Both Levi and Maxie were arrested and Levi was dragged out the building as he resisted arrest.

After being released, it was revealed that Levi's Visa had expired and he's facing deportation. He only revealed this to Maxie, Nathan and his lawyer, Diane Miller. In order to drive a wedge between Nathan and Maxie, Levi called Immigration on himself while using Nathan's phone in order to frame Nathan.

On July 10, an Immigration Agent named Jeffrey Scribner showed up at Maxie's doorstep. Levi gave himself away, putting himself in even more trouble and at risk of being deported back to Australia.

Maxie immediately began to suspect Nathan, who denied calling Immigration on Levi, but admitted that the only other person who he told about Levi's situation was fellow officer, Dante Falconeri. Maxie went down to The Floating Rib to confront Mac, whom she also thought could have been responsible because he talked about calling immigration on Levi months earlier. Finding Dante also at the bar, Maxie confronted them both, but they denied that they were responsible. At the end of the confrontation, Maxie was back to accusing Nathan. Nathan offered to let her check his phone so she would know that he never placed the call. Maxie looked through the phone and found the number because Levi planted it there. The evidence piled up against Nathan and Maxie became furious. Ultimately believing that Nathan was responsible, Levi was pleased when Maxie kicked Nathan out of the apartment. Levi and Maxie then began to talk about how to keep him from being deported. Maxie told Levi that if he was deported back to Australia, she would go with him. Levi told her that she can't leave her family so she suggested that they should get married.

On August 11, it was revealed that Levi stole an Aztec necklace from a guy named Paul Murphy, who got the necklace from Felicia after she gave it away. When Levi was getting dressed up in a tuxedo and was getting ready to get married to Maxie, Nathan showed up on the Haunted Star and confronted Levi about the necklace after finding it in his belongings. At first Levi denied it and asked Nathan if he was going to arrest him, so Nathan pointed out the crimes committed to steal that necklace and said he's pretty sure that he's gonna arrest Levi. Levi later said that he wished Nathan hadn't found the necklace, pulled out a gun and aimed it at him. Levi eventually spoke without an accent and revealed that he's not even Australian, confirming Nathan's initial suspicions that everything about Levi Dunkleman was an act. When Levi ordered Nathan to hand over the necklace, Nathan threw it up in the air before fighting with Levi for the gun. Levi knocked out Nathan and tied him up.

Meanwhile, Maxie was getting ready for the wedding and she accidentally revealed to Lulu Spencer-Falconeri that she didn't have any feelings for Levi, but she later covered her slip-up and claimed that she meant to say Nathan.

Once Levi (who picked up his fake Aussie accent again) and Maxie went out into the open for the wedding, Lucy Coe began to officiate the wedding. Marie's closest family and friends were there, as was Agent Jeffrey Scribner. After Lucy asked Levi if he would take Maxie as his wife, he said I do, so Lucy asked Maxie if she would take Levi as her husband. Maxie hesitated for a bit before she eventually said that she didn't think she could do this. Levi pulled her aside and claimed to understand that this was sudden, but reminded her about him facing deportation. He claimed that he would make her the happiest woman in the world if they go through with this. After some convincing, Maxie decided that she was ready, so Levi apologized to everyone and said that Maxie had last minute bride-to-be jitters. Lucy asked if Maxie would take Levi as her husband and Maxie said "I do," so Lucy started to officially pronounce them husband and wife, but she was interrupted by Nathan before she could. Nathan (who was freed by Dante) aimed his gun at Levi and said that he was placing Levi under arrest.

Maxie wondered what was going on and what happened to Nathan's face. Nathan warned Maxie to get away from Levi before he revealed that Levi's a con man and he was only using Maxie to steal Felicia's Aztec Jewels. Everyone was shocked and Maxie wanted Levi to tell them that it's all a mistake but when Nathan went to arrest Levi for assault and told him that he's coming down to the station right now, Levi pulled out his gun, aimed it at Maxie and said "I'm not going anywhere just yet!" in his true American accent. Maxie was stunned and angry to learn that Levi was not Australian, that he'd been lying this whole time and that he cost her her daughter. Levi said it wasn't his fault she was deemed unfit and Nathan threatened to blow his head off. After Levi asked if he'd risk hitting Maxie, Maxie said to shoot him and that she didn't care if Nathan hit her before blaming herself for everything getting out of control. Levi demanded to get Felicia's Aztec earrings and Felicia went to give them to him in order to save Maxie.

Dante revealed himself, aimed his gun at Levi, ordered him to drop his weapon and said that it was over. Scribner suddenly took Lulu hostage at gunpoint and said it wasn't over unless he wanted to see his wife bleed out in front of him. It was revealed that Scribner was not an Immigration agent after all and that he and Levi were in on the long con together. Scribner and Levi ordered Nathan and Dante to drop their weapons while holding Maxie and Lulu at gunpoint. When Mac ordered Levi to let the girls go, Levi shot Mac in the shoulder. Eventually, Levi and Scribner went to leave with Maxie and Lulu as their hostages and Nathan promised Maxie that he would find her before warning Levi that he's not gonna get away with this. Levi claimed that he already did before he and Scribner left with Maxie and Lulu.

On August 18, it was revealed that Levi and Scribner took Maxie and Lulu to a safe-house. It was also revealed that they made it look like Maxie and Lulu had drowned in the water so that nobody would know where they were.

On August 25, after getting supplies out of a car for Levi and Scribner, they went to go tie Lulu back up, but Lulu was able to turn the tables on them briefly and aimed a gun at them. Lulu revealed that she killed someone in self-defense before and Maxie backed up her statement. Levi turned the tables back on Maxie and Lulu by threatening to shoot Maxie if Lulu didn't drop the gun. Lulu was forced to comply, so eventually she dropped the gun before Levi and Scribner tied them up again. Later on, Scribner said that he and Levi were gonna meet with their buyer and have cash in their hands, they would let Maxie and Lulu go. However, Levi revealed to Scribner that he had no intention of letting the girls go.

On August 26, it was revealed that Levi betrayed Scribner, shot him in the stomach and took off with Maxie and Lulu. Nathan and Dante found him and tried to keep him awake so they could get some answers from him. Scribner cooperated but was in pain so he was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

On August 27, at the hospital, when Scribner was questioned by Commissioner Anna Devane, Scribner revealed that the name "Levi Dunkleman" was only an alias and that Levi's real name is Peter Harrell. Felicia was shocked since Peter Harrell was her fiancee, so Levi was revealed to be his son. Scribner later died from his gunshot wound.

On August 28, it was revealed that Peter Jr. had cut his hair. He brought some breakfast for Lulu and Maxie in the from of drinks, so he ungagged Maxie and Lulu before telling them to drink up. Maxie asked if "Levi's" form of a disguise was to cut his hair, but "Levi" said that he had his hair long to convince her that he was a hippie before revealing that he can go back to being the "real me."

Maxie and Lulu learned that "Levi's" operation was much more than just about stealing Felicia's Aztec jewels - it was much more personal than that. Maxie told "Levi" to keep her and let Lulu go, but "Levi" claimed that while he would love to since she and Lulu are double the trouble, he revealed that Lulu is just as much a part of this as Maxie is.

Maxie wondered how since Lulu had nothing to do with the Aztec treasure but "Levi" said that they'd find out soon enough. Lulu and Maxie began to taunt "Levi" about shooting Scribner, about Nathan and Dante hunting him down and how they may end up shooting him which annoyed "Levi" enough to the point where he threw something to knock the cup out of Maxie's hands and said that she was just as bad as her mother. "Levi" said bad things about Felicia, especially when it came to her ex, Frisco Jones. After more time passed, "Levi" became so annoyed with Maxie and Lulu that he went outside. Lulu pointed out to Maxie that "Levi" left his phone on the floor.

Maxie kicked the phone into Lulu's hands so she could get a call out to Dante and Nathan. Dante answered and they both put each other on speaker. Dante asked where "Levi" was holding them and Lulu explained that they're being held hostage in some house. After Maxie explained that "Levi" was saying a bunch of bad things about her mom and wondered how she had anything to do with this, Dante explained that "Levi Dunkleman" was an alias and that "Levi's" real name is Peter Harrell. Maxie asked if that was supposed to mean something and Dante revealed that Felicia was engaged to a man named Peter Harrell 30 years ago, which led Maxie to realize that Peter Sr. played Felicia just like "Levi" played her and that "Levi" is Peter Harrell's son.

After Lulu explained that Maxie tried to get Peter Jr. to let her go but he said that she was just as much a part of this as Maxie was, Dante revealed that he's trying to figure out the connection but that her parents (especially Luke Spencer) were a part of the original Aztec treasure hunt, which surprised Lulu.

Peter Jr. suddenly came back inside, aimed his gun at Lulu, took back his phone and said "Well this is unfortunate." Dante tried to figure out what Peter Jr. wanted but Peter Jr. wouldn't reveal what it was that he wanted before revealing that he knew they were tracing the call and said that Maxie and Lulu are staying with him. Dante tried to get Peter Jr. not to hang up but he hung up anyways. Peter Jr. said that Maxie and Lulu made things much more difficult but Maxie said "For you." She also said that the police were onto him and called him Peter. Peter Jr. said that his name is Levi but Maxie revealed that Scribner ratted him out and revealed that his (Levi's) real name is Peter Harrell, which is the same name as the man who Felicia was engaged to before she met Frisco. Maxie asked if this was some lame vendetta against her family since Peter Sr. lied to Felicia so Peter Jr. felt justified in lying to Maxie.

Peter Jr. revealed that his father was going to marry Maxie's mother to get his hands on her family's fortune but thanks to Maxie's parents and Lulu's parents, his father ended up a fugitive and was as good as dead. Peter Jr. said that what goes around comes around and to just watch. Maxie asked if that's what this was about - that Peter Jr. blamed Maxie's parents for what happened to his dad so he kidnapped her, but Peter Jr. said that Maxie would find out soon enough. Maxie went on about how Nathan was the hottest guy she's ever met just to get under Peter Jr.'s skin (even though it was true to Maxie). Peter Jr. eventually figured out that Dante, Nathan and the PCPD would soon find them since they were tracing the call so they needed to get out of there. He later said that he hated to move up "The Boss's" schedule but it would be better to arrive early than not at all. Maxie was stunned to learn that Peter Jr. had a boss and asked where he was taking them. Before he could take off with them, Dante, Nathan and the PCPD showed up and surrounded the house.

Peter Jr. eventually grabbed Lulu at gunpoint and held her hostage. Dante tried to negotiate with Peter Jr. and tried to get him to let the girls go, so Peter Jr. made his demands and said that he's willing to let Maxie go but Lulu stays with him no matter what. Dante was unwilling to let him take Lulu away, so the cops eventually moved in and Dante shot Peter Jr. in the shoulder as Nathan tried to find a way in to save Maxie. Peter Jr. fell on the ground as Dante reunited with Lulu, but someone threw in a smoke grenade which knocked everyone in the room unconscious.

A few men in yellow suits and gas masks walked in with guns before "The Boss" walked into the room with a gas mask on. After the gas dissipated, the men took off their masks and said that it was safe for "The Boss" to remove his mask. "The Boss" took off his mask and was revealed to be Victor Cassadine, the director of the W.S.B. and the man who Peter Jr. was working for.

Victor was disappointed that Peter Jr. had gotten himself shot but he acknowledged that it wasn't a total waste as Peter Jr. at least managed to steal Felicia's Aztec Jewels. After tauntingly apologizing to Dante for his reunion with Lulu being cut so short, Victor realized that someone was missing and called out for Nathan, who was watching Victor and his men through a window. When Victor threatened to kill Maxie, Nathan went in and confronted Victor at gunpoint. After Victor made Nathan drop his gun, Victor pulled out a gun and aimed it at Nathan as Victor's men also held Nathan at gunpoint. When Nathan asked if he would at least know who Victor was before he killed him, he introduced himself to Nathan as Victor Cassadine. Nathan figured that Victor was related to Nikolas Cassadine, which led Victor to reveal that Nikolas is his nephew before pointing out that Nathan didn't look like he traveled in Nikolas' circle. When Victor asked how Nathan knew Nikolas, Nathan revealed that one of his sisters was engaged to him, which surprised Victor as he lowered his gun. When Nathan revealed that Dr. Britt Westbourne was his sister, Victor asked Nathan if Dr. Liesl Obrecht was his mother. After repeating himself, Nathan said yes but was more concerned about his friends than Victor's questions. Victor was shocked that Nathan was Liesl's son because he figured that she would have told Cesar Faison that she had his son, so he asked Nathan who his father was. Nathan said he didn't know and didn't care who his father was and when Victor asked Nathan if Faison was his father, Nathan said he didn't know but he had no reason to think that Faison was his father. Eventually, when Nathan told Victor to get on with it if he was going to kill him, Victor told Nathan that he'd have to be little patient that plan for the moment was on hold as he put his gun away.

On September 8, it was revealed that Victor and his men had kidnapped Dante, Lulu, Nathan and Maxie and were holding them all hostage at Crichton-Clark, along with help from Peter Jr., who had recovered from his gunshot wound.

On September 12, after Maxie had somehow managed to escape from the room she and Nathan were being held in, she found patient in another room. It turned out that the patient was Felicia's ex-fiancee and Peter Jr.'s father, Peter Harrell, Sr.. After Peter Jr. found her, he held her hostage at gunpoint and told her the story of how her parents had shot his father in the head. Peter Sr. called Maxie "Felicia" but Peter Jr. revealed to his dad that she was Felicia and Frisco Jones' daughter, Maxie. Peter Sr. thanked his son and said that it was time for Maxie to die.


  1. (MOC, for immigration status & a long con on part of Peter Harrell Jr.)